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September 3 2015, 2PM

John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion is among the most important works of theology in church history. It’s a central text for Protestantism, especially the Reformed tradition, and continues to be read and referenced widely today, just as... [Misc.] [Products] [calvin's institutes] [Calvinism] [institutes of the christian religion] [john calvin] [reformed] [Reformed theology]


[Originally posted at my personal site] The recently published Fortress Commentary on the Bible: New Testament contains 22 pages of commentary, written by Deborah Krause, devoted to each of the Pastoral Epistles. With Fortress one expects a more critical ... [Books]
I had hoped to do a bit more writing on how we interpret the Bible before tonight’s discussion. In diving into teaching a bit on eschatology, I have come to feel a bit like someone who has encountered one of the versions of the certification test fo... [Bible study] [Bible Study Method] [eschatology] [Interpretation]

12 PM

The latest issue of Interpretation is on economic justice (Oct 2015) “The Justice Imperative in Scripture” (Samuel L Adams) “You Shall Not Bow Down and Serve Them: Economic Justice in the Bible” (Richard Horsley) “How Econo... [Uncategorized]
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Wendy Doniger. The Hindus: An Alternative History. Penguin Books, 2009. See here to buy the book. The Hindus: An Alternative History is a diachronic study of Hinduism that highlights the complexity and diversity of the religion. Many non-Hindu Westerner... [Hinduism] [religion]
You do and you don’t need Hebrew to understand the Old Testament. You don’t, because the Bible has already been translated into English. You do, because there are different levels of understanding: There’s your certified mechanic and your weekend wa... [Products] [Training] [Bible] [exegesis] [Hebrew] [lemma] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [logos pro] [search] [software tutorial] [tutorial] [tutorials] [video training] [videos]


#Bam by Jim via Zwinglius Redivivus (#61426)
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Kim Davis isn’t a martyr.  Martyrs are killed, they don’t commit suicide.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


When I was an MFA student at Bennington many years ago, I had a poetry mentor named Jason Shinder who used to say, "Whatever gets in the way of the work, is the work." He was talking about poetry, of course...Whatever is getting in the way of my creative... [speaking / teaching]
Buzzfeed has collected them.  They’re all superb.Filed under: Modern Culture Tagged: Aylan Kurdi [Modern Culture] [Aylan Kurdi]


The Holy See’s congregation for the doctrine of the faith says gender reassignment is ‘against man’s nature’, hence those seeking it lack ‘moral requirement’.   In case your Catholic history is a tad weak, the Congregation for the Doctrine of... [Modern Culture] [gender reassignment] [Vatican]
Building contractors unearthed and then concealed a unique sarcophagus dating to the Roman period in the southern coastal city of Ashkelon. From a press release from the Israel Antiquities Authority: A unique and extremely impressive stone sarcophagus... [Discoveries] [Israel's Coast]
But we should oppose [the Devil] with great spirit and say: “You shall not sadden and frighten me at all. For He has arisen from the dead who has commanded me to be at peace. I shall, therefore, laugh and not wail, as you wish it, as though I were alone... [Luther]
And the last picture of this innocent little boy: This can’t be allowed to happen to another child.Filed under: Modern Culture Tagged: Aylan Kurdi, Refugee, Syrian [Modern Culture] [Aylan Kurdi] [refugee] [Syrian]
The word ακαταστατον ('unstable') in Jms 3:8 invites textual variation by its very meaning, and the alternative ακατασχετον is, as far as I am concerned, a full alternative (there is a case to have it in the margin, at the very least... [ECM] [GA 1739] [James 3:8]
I love seeing the beauty of God’s creation. Here are five images I recently found which I thought were spectacular.Read on to hear an exciting announcement as well!5 Awesome Pictures of CreationMy Exciting AnnouncementHere is my exciting announcemen... [Redeeming Life] [z] [Creation] [podcast]


From NPR: Fifteen years ago, Peoples Church in Cincinnati was called First Christian Assembly of God and was 98 percent white. After the riots of 2001, Pastor Chris Beard decided to take the church in a new direction. He drafted a mission statement and sa... [Uncategorized]
This week on LectioCast I had a chance to think about the juxtaposition of these two proverbs: Whoever sows injustice will reap calamity, and the rod of anger will fail. Those who are generous are blessed, for they share their bread with the poor. (Prover... [Bible Thoughts] [Culture] [generosity] [Justice] [Proverbs 22]
Emanuel University of Oradea together with the “Ethics and Society” Research Center is organizing a conference dedicated to the Reformation, under the title “The Reformation Revisited: A Revisitation of what the European Reformation Was, How It ... [Conferences] [Refo500] [Reformation] [Church History]
Dit is de 121de aflevering van de Livius Nieuwsbrief met nieuws over de Oudheid. De nieuwsbrief is gratis; voor adreswijzigingen en afmeldingen volstaan uitsluitend mailtjes naar Jona Lendering (redactie) ====================== HU... [Livius Nieuwsbrief] [LiviusNieuwsbrief]
When Peter calls Jesus Messiah (Mark 8:29), and Jesus responds by revealing that he will suffer and rise again (8:31) and by rebuking Peter’s perceptions (8:32), we enter into the unique interpretation of “Messiah” by Jesus and the church: the Messi... [Books] [gospel] [Kingdom Conspiracy]
Here.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Beale, G. K. and Benjamin L. Gladd.  Hidden But Now Revealed: A Biblical Theology of Mystery. Downers Grove, Ill.: InterVarsity, 2014. 392 pp. Pb; $27.00.   Link to IVP Greg Beale is well-known for his work on the Old Testament in the New, including Th... [Book Reviews] [Biblical Theology] [book review] [Hermenutics] [mystery]
May 2, 2016 I wonder what this means in regards to the completed Bible? [ICSB]
Francis Watson, one of the leading NT scholars in the world has already produced such groundbreaking works as Paul and the Hermeneutics of Faith  and Gospel Writing, has another work on the way that promises to break new ground on how one should read... [Baker Academic; forthcoming titles] [Francis Watson]


I am not sure how long this offer has been available, but Logos users can download Walt Kaiser's The Promise Plan for God for free. Use this link. [Bible] [Technology] [Walter Kaiser]
The Institute for Creation Research recently shared the above image on Facebook, claiming that Jesus quotes from Genesis more often than any other book in the Old Testament. That claim is verifiably false.This is a clear example of them (1) assuming that... [Genesis] [young-earth creationism] [Facebook] [false] [ICR] [Institute for Creation Research] [jesus] [lies] [meme] [old testament] [quoted] [Quotes] [scripture]


Here’s what you need to read.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
The Expository Times September 2015; Vol. 126, No. 12 Articles ----------------------------------------------------------------- Does the Reformati...
This past Sunday, Tim Challies posted a piece entitled Why You Should Not Wear a Crucifix.  Because of my social network connections, I saw several responses both pro and con on the issue.  The lines were typically drawn along lines with Protest... [icon] [idolatry]


I'M OFF TO EDINBURGH FOR THE BRITISH NEW TESTAMENT CONFERENCE. For the first time in many years I am neither chairing a session nor presenting a paper. I will still be attending the New Testament and Second Temple Judaism Seminar, which has a very good li...
Recently ICR posted the picture to the right on their Facebook page (HT JD). Although the claim that half of Jesus’s references were to Genesis is unsupportable (see below), the idea that we must take a literal (i.e. young earth) approach to Genesis... [Uncategorized]
I thought this a lovely report from a member of the Church which heard Broadus’s first sermon- Dr. William McGuffey, professor of moral philosophy in the University of Virginia, had charge of the church. Being sick on this particular Sunday, he sent... [Church History] [a.t. robertson] [John Broadus]
With my heart in my handsI approach the bench.No: my heartis in your hands.You read melike a book:what I've saidand left unsaidwhere I stumbledover my own tanglesand where I shonelike the light of creation.Only one thing do I ask,this alone do I seek:let ... [Elul] [poetry]
Creation. Baptism. The end times. Sometimes it feels like there are as many perspectives on these controversial issues as there are Christians. Sorting through them all—and coming to your own conclusions—can be overwhelming.  How do you separate the ... [Misc.] [Products] [baptism] [controversial topics] [counterpoints] [Creation] [end times] [rapture] [sale] [theology] [thomas nelson] [Zondervan]


An essay by Konrad Schmid.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
A quote from Dan McClellan, which I mentioned in another recent post, and have now turned into a meme. [Bible] [Inerrancy] [Daniel O. McClellan] [literal] [literalism] [literally] [scripture]
DISCOVERY: Unique 1,800-Year-Old Sarcophagus Found at Ashkelon Building Site. An extremely rare sarcophagus has been uncovered at a building site in Ashkelon (Hana Levi Julian, The Jewish Press).The find is among the rarest sarcophagi ever discovered in I...
MARGINALIA: MRBlog | The Birmingham Quran and the Palimpsest of History (Aaron W. Hughes). An essay that encourages us not to accept over-interpretation of the evidence in any direction. One comment:Third, it should not be a political act to claim that pa...


The guys at The Bible Project have produced probably the best intro video to Paul’s letter to the Romans that I’ve seen. I recommend this for churches, Bible study groups, and youth groups. Part 1 Part 2 [Uncategorized]
PALMYRA WATCH: The female solo backpacker who braved civil war to capture breathtaking images of Syria's magnificent Palmyra temples, now being systematically destroyed by ISIS ( BECKY PEMBERTON, Daily Mail)Traveller Teo Jioshvili, 29, was determined to p...
COL. MATTHEW BOGDANOS: Artifact rescuer says world must protect antiquities. US Marine Corps colonel says Mideast archaeological sites must be defended from extremists like the Islamic State (Daniel Estrin, AP). Background here and here and links. Col. ...
1. Family is a funny thing. I don't have any sisters that annoy me (no doubt I was an annoying child). But I do know families where some of the siblings love each other but don't really enjoy being around each other very much.I say that to make it clear t... [Prophets]
STILL GOING ON: Custody battle over rare Iraqi-Jewish historical documents (Tom Tugend, Jewish Press).On Sept. 4, an exhibition including 23 of the recovered items, along with videos of the painstaking restoration effort, will open at the Richard Nixon Pr...


Leonard Pitts Jr. is a national treasure. So many of his Op-Eds make such unwavering good sense that it is difficult to believe he’s not a household name. His recent piece in the Miami Herald concerning Jimmy Carter’s announcement that he has cancer i... [Current Events] [Posts] [Social Consciousness] [faith] [Jimmy Carter] [Leonard Pitts Jr.] [Miami Herald] [Op-ed] [Politics and Religion] [Reagan Administration]

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The lectionary is not a perfect way to read the Bible. Passages are sometimes edited in an odd way; the choice of coverage is at times frustrating; the way the gospels are presented is not always convincing. But it is a good deal better than not reading t... [Life & Ministry] [Biblical literacy] [discipleship] [Lectionary] [Prayer] [Simon Kershaw]

September 2, 10PM

I like testimony books, and having written something of that sort for Zondervan some time ago chronicling my journey of faith into being a Biblical scholar (entitled Is There a Doctor in the House?) I am especially pleased to commend to one and all a book... [Uncategorized]


One of my neighbors came to the USA from an Asian country spelled with five letters beginning with “I”. After he moved in, some strange plants that I had not seen in our part of the world began to grow. Perhaps he got then at  Exotic Plants R... [Archaeology] [Bible Places] [Bible study] [israel] [New Testament] [old testament] [Photography] [Travel] [Philistines] [Plants of the Bible] [the Philistines]


Matthew Ferguson has written a thorough and fair review of my book The Gospel on the Margins: The Reception of Mark in the Second Century over at his blog Κέλσος (his blog’s name alludes to a philosopher who composed one of the earliest learne... [Publications news]


And if you’re too squeamish to look or too bothered to stare death in the face, then you should do something about the policies of your government, as it is guilty of creating an environment where children die like this because they and their famili... [Modern Culture]


You need to listen to this. Especially those of you who think killing cops is anything but an act of spineless cowardice: Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Small British businesses and minor celebrities have been targeted by blackmailers who charged money to create positive profiles on Wikipedia.  The victims were asked for hundreds of pounds to “protect” or update online pages about their busin... [Pseudo-scholarship] [Total Depravity] [Wikipedia] [Fraud]