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April 21 2015, 2AM

Le quotidien régional “Le Pays” m’a interviewé au sujet des manuscrits de la mer Morte. À l’occasion de ma conférence à Roanne le 29 mars 2015, j’ai répondu aux questions de Philippe Grégoire pour le quotidien régional Le Pays. Cette int... [Presse] [apocryphes] [archéologie] [épigraphie] [Bible hébraïque] [histoire] [judaïsme] [Le Pays] [pseudépigraphes] [Qumrân] [religion]


A helpful discussion with illustrations of the recent re-binding of one of the manuscripts in the Goodspeed collection in Chicago (connected with a project to put complete digital images of all the Greek manuscripts in the Goodspeed Collection).

12 AM

The following review is largely photo image driven and it's focus is on the physical book itself including contents but not speaking to the "translation." Thanks for Timothy for the invitation to do this when I mentioned that I had acquired a copy.Th... [Guest Review] [King Bible]

April 20, 11PM

The latest issue of Themelios 40.1 (2015) is out with some good articles on Abraham, covenant, and baptism; Romans 4 and justification; plus book reviews on books by Jason Sexton, Jason Hood, Craig Koester, and Timothy Michael Law. [Uncategorized]


MEDITATION ON ROMANS 12 Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to keep on offering your bodies as a living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship. 2 Do not conform to the pattern of this... [Uncategorized]
Marilynne Robinson’s gift must be the ability to think about the life of a pastor though she is neither a pastor nor the daughter of a pastor. But somehow she gets to the heart of so much of what pastoring is in her deft conversations between Ames a... [church]


When Jesus was questioned by the scribes of the Pharisees about how His practices differed from those of John the Baptist, He gave three similar illustrations to teach the newness of His teaching and practice. And Jesus said to them, “Can the wed... [Bible Places] [Bible study] [Culture] [israel] [Jordan] [New Testament] [old testament] [Photography] [Travel] [Ministry of Jesus]


Originally posted on The New Oxonian: “If revolutionary rational thoughts were expressed in the Age of Reason, they were only made possible because of the long medieval tradition that established the use of reason as one of the most important of human ... [Uncategorized]


The Telegraph posted this map on the twitter- evidently drawn by someone who doesn’t know the difference between Syria and Iraq. We expect this kind of thing from Fox News, but the Telegraph? Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


Click here to view the embedded video.The above segment from the Daily Show looks like it could have been inspired by my book chapter, “Robots, Rights, and Religion” in Religion and Science Fiction.The video came to my attention via Atheist R... [religion] [androids] [artificial intelligence] [Christianity] [churches] [comedy] [Daily Show] [Jon Stewart] [robots]
With A.D. The Bible Continues airing on NBC at the moment there's a little talk around about other films based on the Acts of the Apostles and, as it happens, today I received in the post a new book about Roberto Rossellini's whose own take on the book of... [A.D. (NBC)] [Atti Degli Apostoli] [Paul]


Thanks to Milton Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


“Pastor can you do my granny’s funeral?” “I would but i stayed up late last night and cant make it”.   #IfPastorsUsedTheSameExcusesAsChurchPeopleFiled under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Jordi Cervera, professor at the Facultat de Teologia de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain, has informed me that his book on Hebrews is coming out soon:Jordi Cervera i Valls. Jesús en la Carta als Hebreus: Una cristologia de Matriu Jueva. Col·lectània Sant ... [New Books]
This post highlights one of the newest features in the Logos Bible App. If you aren’t using this free app on your mobile device, you’re missing out! Download it for iOS or Android now! Faithlife Today episodes showcase powerful insights, biblical insp... [Apps & Web Tools] [Announcements] [dr. mark futato] [Evangelical Theology] [faithlife today] [logos bible app] [logos mobile apps] [mark futato] [mobile apps]


Dom Sérgio da Rocha, arcebispo de Brasília, foi eleito hoje presidente da CNBB.Dom Sérgio foi meu aluno na PUC-Campinas e, alguns anos mais tarde, ao terminar seu doutorado, meu colega. Sérgio era Professor de Teologia Moral quando foi nomeado bispo e... [homenagens]
I've noticed that a few of your readers have highly praised the Revised English Bible (REB), and after seeking more information on this translation, I have a question that perhaps you or your readers could answer: As far as I can tell, a Catholic edition ... [REB]

12 PM

When City Church in San Francisco announced that it was altering its policies with regard to the inclusion of LGBTQ folks, they indicated that an important voice guiding them forward was that of Ken Wilson, founding pastor of the Ann Arbor Vineyard Church... [Bible Thoughts] [church] [Community] [homosexuality] [Jesus Have I Loved but Paul?] [Ken Wilson] [narrative theology] [Romans 14] [Romans 15]
Title: The Sign of the Gospel: Toward an Evangelical Doctrine of Infant Baptism after Karl Barth Author: W. Travis McMaken Bibliographic info: 352 pp. Publisher: Fortress Press, 2013. Buy the book at Amazon This volume is a revised version of the author... [book review]


“Honestly, Joel, don’t you think they get it? “John Wesley (1703-1791), founder of Methodism (Photo credit: Wikipedia) In 1788, John Wesley wrote in his journal, “There is no other religious society under Heaven which requires nothing ... [United Methodist Church] [John Wesley]
On April 5th, 2015, Haaretz, Israel’s most respected newspaper, published a Hebrew article by Nir Hasson, their archaeology correspondent. Here is an English Translation provided by Simcha Jacobovici. Jesus was buried in Jerusalem’s Armon Ha’Natziv/... [Archaeology] [Christian Origins] [jesus discovery] [Talpiot Jesus Family Tomb]
The past few months have seen the release of two important new study Bibles in the Reformed world. Get nearly 45% off the print price when you pre-order the Logos editions today! Get a major update to a modern classic The Reformation Study Bible (2015) is... [Products] [Joel Beeke] [R. C. Sproul] [reformation study bible] [reformed] [Reformed theology] [Study Bibles]


Hoje, 20 de abril de 2015, foi lançada a versão 10 do programa BibleWorks. Compatível com Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 e Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4 ou superior. E Linux? While BibleWorks does not have a specific Linux version, some users have reported that Bib... [software]
“There is no sweeter union than that in a good marriage. Nor is there any death more bitter than that which separates a married couple. Only the death of children comes close to this; how much this hurts I have myself experienced.” — Martin ... [Luther]
Anne Elisabeth Stengl.  Heartless.  Bethany House Publishers, 2010.  See here to buy the book. This book won a Christy Award for a first-time novel.  It is a work of Christian fantasy.  It is also the first book in the Tales of ... [Books] [religion]
What is happening at Northern Seminary these days is so exciting. I am right now reading papers of my students and I am so grateful to see the quality of their papers — excellent command of background sources as students work to show how that backgr... [Uncategorized]
My original Seuss-like rendering was that chapter 4 is 'out the door'. In those days the software was simpler and I had a more efficient copy and paste from web form to blog. For a while I was copying via Word, but it is painful html so now I am just omit... [Ecclesiastes]


The latest issue of the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society includes: Thomas Schreiner, “Some Reflections on Sola Fidei“ Gregory Goswell, “Having the Last Say: The End of the OT” Terrance Wardlaw, “Shaddai, Provi... [bibliography] [Ben Witherington] [Brian Tabb] [Denny Burk] [Glenn Butner] [Gregory Goswell] [Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society] [Ross Blackburn] [Russell Moore] [Terrance Wardlaw] [Thomas Schreiner]
One of my dearest friends and colleagues told me that years ago and whilst I then did not fully agree, having seen both historically and in the present what people do to distort Scripture to their own ends and for their own purposes, I tend to now concur.... [Modern Culture]
The latest reviews from the Review of Biblical Literature include: Bill T. Arnold, Introduction to the Old Testament, reviewed by David W. Baker and by Anselm C. Hagedorn Mark A. Chancey, Carol Meyers, and Eric M. Meyers, eds., The Bible in the Public... [Book Reviews and Summaries] [Andrew Crislip] [B. C. Hodge] [Bill Arnold] [Burton MacDonald] [Carol Meyers] [Eric Meyers] [Gordon McConville] [Jey Kanagaraj] [Julius Wellhausen] [Katherine Low] [Laurel Koepf-Taylor] [Mark Chancey] [Raymond Collins] [Review of Biblical literature]
I was talking to the Anglican pastor of an isolated rural parish today about ministry among Australian Aboriginal people. He spoke about the spectacular lack of success of Anglican ministry among Aboriginal people, and pointed out that Australian Anglican... [Uncategorized]
I have been beta testing BibleWorks 10 for the last few months. I will get around to a fuller review after the semester ends, but here is my quick take on this release.BibleWorks 10 is an attractive update to a long-respected program. Existing users will ...


If dramatic inequality and profound immiseration are the phenomenological appearance of the manifold contemporary economic technologies for extracting surplus value and enacting surplus populations, these ever more primitive accumulations require thinkin... [Chicago] [Interccect] [neoliberalism] [politics]
This poem excoriates Doeg the Edomite at first, but then morphs into a metaphor about the tongue in its tent. The poem is unique in its recurrence pattern in Hebrew. Even including the most common words, each word that repeats is used exactly twice. There... [personal theology] [Psalms] [recurring words]
Slated for a September release date marks another book from the prolific pen of Luke Timothy Johnson, R.W. Woodruff Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins at Emory University, Candler School of Theology. The volume, The Revelatory Body, addresse... [Luke Timothy Johnson]


Are you a knuckle popper? (I am.) From Sarah Knapton: The wince-inducing sound of knuckles cracking is caused by a small bubble building up in the fluid of the fingers then ‘popping ‘, scientists believe, and it could even be beneficial to health. For... [Uncategorized]
In conclusion, basic word order in the typological sense is the pragmatically unmarked order. Basic word order is usually established by the criterion of statistical dominance. The mainstream view that BH is typologically VSO is strongly supported by the ... [Books] [grammar] [Hebrew] [Linguistics] [Word Order]
Some time back I posted an extended quote from an article by Stewart Custer entitled “The Theology of First Corinthians” looking at the titles of Christ used in 1 Corinthians (see here). I thought I would post another article by Custer on the titles o... [1 John] [Christ] [New Testament]
I’ll be giving a paper at SBL in November comparing sci-fi canons (with particular focus on Star Wars, given the new direction the franchise is taking) and Biblical canons. And so I was struck when a couple of items came to my attention today, all ... [Bible] [Star Wars] [canon] [canonical] [Expanded Universe] [Force] [humor] [midi-chlorians] [Nerds] [Protest] [science fiction] [signs]
The condition of the newone points forward to the reality that we are dependent creatures: the secret to the meaning of human life—our need of each other—is given away by its newest members.—Ethics at the Beginning of Life, page 115 <idle mus... [Books] [ethics] [Idle Musings] [theology]
You don't have a choice as to whether to think metaphorically. Because metaphorical maps are part of our brains, we will think and speak metaphorically whether we want to or not. Since the mechanism of metaphor is largely unconscious, we will think and sp... [Books] [Linguistics] [Metaphors We Live By]
It is interesting to note that, as H. Windisch has pointed out, Jesus’ view of who and what a peacemaker is stands in stark contrast with the view, current in the Hellenistic world, of what this office entailed. Those who were to establish peace, securi... [Books] [Idle Musings] [lord's prayer] [pacifism] [theology]


The last words of the book of Acts in the Greek are “boldly and without hindrance.” This is a good theme to leave the book of Acts, that Paul preached the gospel boldly and without hindrance. To speak “boldly” (παρρησία) is to have freedom... [Luke / Acts] [Observations on Acts] [Acts] [Acts 20] [elders] [Luke] [Miletus]
The episode begins with Sawyer making Jin some tea. Then Smokey and his group return. Kate asks Claire about the thing in the crib, and she says it was all she had. When Cindi asks Smokey what happened to the people who stayed behind at the temple, he say... [LOST] [baggage] [Charles Widmore] [Claire] [island] [Kate] [Parents]


I've been an external examiner now for three doctoral dissertations on Hebrews. This is a great honor and also a good way to keep your pulse on Hebrews' studies. It is also very interesting because I'm usually asked in relation to confessional communities... [PhD dissertations]
Calvin was a hard and industrious worker. His achievements were marvellous. He was pastor, professor and statesman. The Genevan edition of his works consists of twelve folio volumes. Besides these, there exist at Geneva two thousand of his sermons and lec... [Calvin]
Click here to view the embedded video.The composition is by Andrew Violette, and the score, which is visible in the video, is also available on IMSLP. [Gnosticism] [music] [Andrew Violette] [Nag Hammadi] [Pistis Sophias] [Song]
DAY 16 - SHOE SEEKERHow much of your life will you spend seeking shoes?Hunting the keys you're certain you left in a pocket,sunglasses resting unnoticed on top of your head?Meanwhile the Holy One hides in plain sight.Practice moderation even in your boot ... [NaPoWriMo2015] [Omer] [Omer poems] [poetry]
For over 17 years, I’ve had the privilege of training users to better use Logos Bible Software through live seminars called Camp Logos. I’m often asked if it’s worth the investment of time and money to attend. As objectively as possible, I’d l... [Training] [Camp Logos] [Logos Bible Software] [logos training] [Morris Proctor] [mp seminars] [Proctor]


Some photos: And books. And Bible and Interpretation. And Philip, knowing you is a pleasure and a true delight.  I hope today is a brilliant one for you.  Here’s your cake.  Enjoy! Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


Filed under: Biblical Studies Resources [Biblical Studies Resources]
Here’s how he sums up the problem: Let’s face it, the Christian notion that heaven will wipe away all tears is a staggering thought. If heaven is real, no doubt there are many rapists, murderers, and terrorists who will be there along with the... [heaven]