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April 18 2014, 10AM

Voici le dixième épisode de la Saga semitica ! Métamorphosé par sa rencontre avec Dieu sur le mont Horeb-Sinaï, Moïse mène le peuple d’Israël à travers le désert jusqu’à la terre des patriarches. Les Hébreux sont-ils pour autant à l’ab... [Presse] [publications] [anges] [archéologie] [démons] [Égypte] [Hénoch] [Exode] [Bible hébraïque] [histoire] [Jubilés] [Mésopotamie] [Moïse] [Nombres] [Pharm’Aviv]


With a few very slight modifications, Bob Dylan’s song I Shall Be Released (1967) is an appropriate song for Good Friday. They say everything can be replaced, yet every distance is not near, so I forgive every face of every man who put me here. I... [Other Posts]
Almighty God, we pray you graciously to behold this your family, for whom our Lord Jesus Christ was willing to be betrayed, and given into the hands of sinners, and to suffer death upon the cross; who now lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one... [Uncategorized]
In the previous three reviews of How Jesus Became God, I focused on summary and positive assessments of the book. Today I want to lay out some of my quibbles. First, Ehrman has rightly challenged us to imagine that in the first century the relationship be... [Book Reviews] [Bart Ehrman] [Christology] [How Jesus Became God]
Vandaag verscheen in de Volkskrant een artikel onder de noemer “Lijdensverhaal Jezus is plagiaat“, waarin assyriologe Henriette Broekema betoogt dat het lijdensverhaal van Jezus grotendeels is overgenomen van Sumerische mythen. Al meteen valt ... [Pasen] [Uncategorized] [Pseudo-Wetenschap]


O sacred Head, now wounded, With grief and shame weighed down, Now scornfully surrounded With thorns, Thine only crown. O sacred Head, what glory, What bliss, till now was Thine! Yet, though despised and gory, I joy to call Thee mine. Men mock and taunt... [Devotional] [Easter] [God] [Good Friday] [hymns] [jesus christ] [Pascha] [religion]
The throne in Revelation 4 is a good opportunity to think about our interpretive method for apocalyptic literature. In my previous post, I pointed out that throne room scenes are common in Second Temple apocalyptic and that the imagery John uses here is s... [Jewish Christian Literature] [Revelation] [eschatology] [theology]
Adam’s post brings to the fore a question I was asked repeatedly when I would present papers based off my research or when I would go in for the doctoral annual review process. More than once I was surprised to find a theologian ask, “but isn&... [A Non-Philosophical Theory of Nature Book Event]
Another pretty decent week, although I’ve now given up on Greenland.  I can only conclude that there are people there who do not love God. Country Views United States 27,610 United Kingdom 3,016 Canada 2,345 Australia 1,350 Germany 1,3... [Biblioblogs]
Via Bob Cargill Looking for something to do this summer? Come dig at The Lautenschläger Azekah Expedition in Azekah, Israel with the University of Iowa! Watch the YouTube video playlist: [Archaeology]
Image: The Shroud of Turin   Today is Good Friday, the day when Christians everywhere meditate on the suffering of Jesus as he went to Calvary and as we think of the agony he endured as he died on the cross. No other text in the Bible depicts the suf... [Cross] [Crucifixion] [jesus christ] [Shroud of Turin] [Suffering Servant]
Surely he has borne our griefs        and carried our sorrows;yet we esteemed him stricken,        smitten by God, and afflicted.But he was pierced for our transgressions;&nbs... [Cross] [hippolytus] [sin] [suffering]
Learn how to edit your tagline, customize comment prompts, and schedule posts -- three great tips to have in your blogging back pocket. [Better Blogging] [Customization] [Dashboard] [personalization] [post scheduling]
Learn how to edit your tagline, customize comment prompts, and schedule posts -- three great tips to have in your blogging back pocket. [Better Blogging] [Customization] [Dashboard] [personalization] [post scheduling]


Here’s mine.  Don’t judge me.  But…  I LOVE peeps.  LOVE them!  Could eat them non stop every day of my life. Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Ben C. Blackwell:Good stuff here. Thanks Brian for the recommendations…. Originally posted on NEAR EMMAUS: This week’s recommendations: 5. The Growth of Global Pentecostalism by Marc Cortez 4.a Jesus the Widower by James McGrath and b. Jesus’... [General]
Dates & Times: Sunday May 4th at 9:15 am, and Saturday May 24 at 11 am at Christ Church New Brunswick. Information: Galilean Aramaic, the language of Christ, is an obscure dialect that has nearly been lost to time and some well-intentioned negligence.... [Events] [Galilean ()] [Neat Stuff ()] [News ()]
IO9 shared this quote from Ibn al-Haytham’s book Doubts Concerning Ptolemy: The seeker after truth is not one who studies the writings of the ancients and, following his natural disposition, puts his trust in them, but rather the one who suspects hi... [science] [Ibn al-Haytham] [quote]
I watched three movies recently: Crossroads, I Am Gabriel, and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.  The first and the third are not explicitly Christian movies, whereas the second one is. 1.  Crossroads: A Story of Forgiveness. Crossroads is said to ... [movies] [politics] [religion]
Yes. I know. My books are now available on Amazon. Praying in God's Theater, Meditations On the Book of Revelation, Mimetic Criticism and the Gospel of Mark: Introduction and Commentary, and From Fear to Faith: Stories of Hitting Spiritual Walls is in ... [Devotional] [Easter] [Good Friday]
Creation as well as redemption flows from the Trinity as pure gift. God did not invent grace when sin entered the world. What happened then was that grace abounded all the more (Rom. 5:20). The goal of redemption as union with God was not thought up later... [Books] [theology]
Christianity is not primarily a set of ideas to which we give intellectual assent. Christianity is not primarily a moral code to which we agree. Christianity is not primarily a set of ethical standards to which we adhere. Christianity is a life that has b... [Books] [Holiness]
Of what use would it be to have a thousand members added to the church, to be just such as are now in it? Would religion be any more honored by it, in the estimation of ungodly men? One holy church, that are really crucified to the world, and the world cr... [Finney]
Matt Capps has a helpful list of free theology books that are available for Kindle. You can see Matt's post here. [Books] [Technology] [theology]


Source: You’ve put your keys somewhere and now they appear to be nowhere, certainly not in the basket by the door they’re supposed to go in and now you’re 20 minutes late for work. Kitchen counter, night stand, book shelf, work bag: Wait... [Uncategorized]
That’s one way of depicting the resurrection. Via Christian Funny Pictures. [humor] [cake] [Easter] [funny] [jesus] [resurrection]
J. Warner Wallace is a cold-case homicide detective. As a former atheist he rejected the claims of the resurrection, but after examination of the evidence he came to believe. This book is available free in Kindle format today. Click on the book image for... [Bible Places] [Bible study] [book review] [Books] [israel] [New Testament] [resurrection]


Today I am posting the third and final installment of my interview with Bill Arnal. (CWS) 5. In light of your answer to question 5, I’m wondering if you are planning any future projects on the Gospel of Thomas? (WA) I’m currently working on a commenta... [Gospel of Thomas] [historical Jesus] [William Arnal]
This article by Randy Buth is quite technical but well worth working through, even if you are not fluent in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Be sure to look over the Table of Contents for the volume as a whole, which … Continue reading → [Christian Origins] [Greco-Roman Culture] [history] [Judaism]
On Good Friday we remember the story of Jesus’ death. We participate in that death through eucharist in faith. And we celebrate the good news of that death in thinking and pondering the immense love of God for us — to clear our debt, to should... [Atonement]
Marcus Borg, Kimberly Winston, and Jim Naughton both raised the question of whether Christians need to believe that Jesus rose bodily from the dead. Their conclusions are different, in interesting ways. What do readers of this blog think? Of related inter... [Progressive Christianity] [Bart Ehrman] [Daleks] [Easter] [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [Karen King] [resurrection]
Saint Catherine of Siena. From chiesa di Santa Maria del Rosario in Prati, Roma (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This Word played life against death and death against life in tournament on the wood of the most holy cross so that by his death he destroyed our dea... [The Mystics] [Catherine of Siena] [Good Friday]
I’ve recently begun reading through the Jacques Ellul Legacy Series published by Wipf and Stock. The Subversion of Christianity is one of Ellul’s more well-known books (translated from the French edition, La Subversion du Christianisme, 1984). Ellul... [book review] [Jacques Ellul]
In Oxford, they seem unable to tell the difference. (We lived on Cowley Road for three years.) Oxford City Council apologises for cancelling Passion Play ‘it mistook for live sex show’ A council has apologised after it cancelled a Good Friday... [Christianity] [religion] [Easter] [Good Friday]
The Church services were held on Sundays from seven to eight o’clock in the morning and between three and four in the afternoon. In the Great Minster there was a service for children and servants from eleven to twelve o’clock. During the week there wa... [Zwingli]
I have tried to avoid this question for a long time… But recently a reader wrote in asking what I believe about predestination, and since I have written about other difficult “-ation” questions (such as masturbation), I decided to answer... [Bible and Theology Questions] [Theology of Salvation] [election] [Ephesians 1] [predestination] [romans 8]


They do that, nonetheless, in the Philippines… every year… including this one. Den als Jesus gekleideten Freiwilligen wurden knapp acht Zentimeter lange Stahlnägel durch die Hände gerammt, als sie ans Kreuz genagelt wurden. Hunderte weitere ... [Pentebabbleism] [Pentebabbleists] [pseudo-theology]
Het schild van zijn helden is rood geverfd, de dappere mannen zijn in karmozijnrood gekleed. Nahum 2:3 (HSV) In het verleden had ik al eens over deze tekst geschreven en toen vermeldde ik dat er ten tijde van Nahum geen legers bekend waren die een rood un... [Oorlog] [Nahum]
Phyllis Tickle is one of the most interesting and important voices speaking to and for Christians today. A force in the Christian publishing world for nearly a quarter of a century, Phyllis has a lot to say about the trends of Christian belief and practic... [Misc]


To one and all.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Via Oded Lipschits- The Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University is pleased to announce the names of the two candidates chosen to receive post-doctoral grants for the academic year beginning October 2014. Dr. Eleftheria Pappa... [Modern Culture]
Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church.Good Friday, 10.30am, 18th April 2014John 18:10-11  Then Simon Peter, who had a sword, drew it, struck the high priest's slave, and cut off his right ear. The slave's name was Malchus.  11 Jesus said to Peter, "... [sermon]


From John Frye, Jesus the Radical Exegete Good, proper biblical exegesis is a key task to be learned in seminary. With the caveat that exegesis is both a skill and an art, most schools want to train students to rightly divide the Word of truth. My seminar... [Pastoring and Leading] [Pastoring and Preaching]
This is a fitting topic for Good Friday.  An old quagmire is whether Jesus’ last meal was a Passover Seder.  In Mark the Passover lamb was sacrificed on the 14th of Nisan in 14:12 and Jesus made arrangements to eat the Passover in Jerusalem in 14:... [exegesis]
In a number of previous years (e.g., 2007 and 2008 especially), I walked through Passion Week with Jesus and the disciples. Here are some of those posts:Palm SundayMonday: Jesus in the TempleTuesday DebatesWednesday PlottingThursday: Getting Ready for Pas... [Good Friday] [passion week]


NEW BOOK FROM PEETERS:In the Footsteps of Sherlock HolmesStudies in the Biblical Text in Honour of Anneli AejmelaeusSeries: Contributions to Biblical Exegesis & Theology, 72Editors: De Troyer K., Law T. M. , Liljeström M.Year: 2014ISBN: 978-90-429-3041...
Ham, in the movie Noah, is a conflicted figure. I felt a slight chill, I’ll have to admit, when the carnivore Tubal-Cain asked him his name, reminiscent as it is of pork. Of the sons of Noah he alone bears the impossibly stylish short hair his father ... [Bible] [Genesis] [movies] [popular culture] [Posts] [Religious Violence] [Canaanites] [curse] [Genocide] [Ham] [Japheth] [Noah] [Shem] [slavery] [Tubal-Cain]

12 AM

Golgatascenen er tom. Det er langfredag aften. Kristi legeme er tatt ned, men tilbake på korset er det et avtrykk, som aldri kan viskes ut av vår verden. Hinna kyrkje har ein heil vegg med monumental glaskunst av Victor Sparre (1919-2008). Kunstnaren h... [Den norske kyrkja] [Hinna] [Kyrkjekunst] [glaskunst] [glasskunst] [glassmaleri] [Golgata] [Hinna kirke] [Victor Smith] [Victor Sparre]
We adore You, O Christ, and we praise You because by Your holy cross You have redeemed the world. [Liturgical]

April 17, 10PM

In the April number of 1871, of La Revue Critique published in Montreal, we find a paper upon the laws of Louisiana and their sources, read by Judge Merrick before the New Orleans Academy of Science, January, 23, 1871. Among the most striking features ...
One of the most crucial sections in Wright’s whole exposition begins on pp.815ff. Here he argues that the purpose for which God had intended Israel was fulfilled in and through Jesus the Messiah. Christ is the place where the God of Abraham and the ... [Uncategorized]
Bultmann, Bultmann, Bultmann! Fortress Press was good enough to send along review copies of Rudolf Bultmann’s New Testament & Mythology: And Other Basic Writings; What Is Theology?; and Rudolf Bultmann: Interpreting Faith for the Modern Era ed... [In the Mail] [Review Books]


Brian Fulthorp:fun! lol Originally posted on Zwinglius Redivivus: Via Dr. Michael Scott View original [Uncategorized]


Pulpit Commentary Mar_15:16 And the soldiers led him away within the court, which is the Praetorium; and they call together the whole band. This was the principal court of the palace, where a large number of soldiers were always quartered. “The whol... [Bible] [Bible Commentary] [Bible study] [commentaries] [Easter] [esword] [Quotes] [SBC] [sunday school notes] [bible lesson] [empty tomb] [explore the bible] [gospel of mark 15:16-20] [gospel of mark 15:33-34] [gospel of mark 15:37-39] [gospel of mark 16:1-8] [jesus' resurrection] [lifeway] [sunday school lesson]
Pulpit Commentary Mar_15:16 And the soldiers led him away within the court, which is the Praetorium; and they call together the whole band. This was the principal court of the palace, where a large number of soldiers were always quartered. “The whol... [Bible] [Bible Commentary] [Bible study] [commentaries] [Easter] [esword] [Quotes] [SBC] [sunday school notes] [bible lesson] [empty tomb] [explore the bible] [gospel of mark 15:16-20] [gospel of mark 15:33-34] [gospel of mark 15:37-39] [gospel of mark 16:1-8] [jesus' resurrection] [lifeway] [sunday school lesson]
Well if you don’t have the sense to know this… Perhaps a Posthumous Darwin Award is in your future… Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


Deane Galbraith is a fine chap, but he suffers from occasional bouts of delusion... one being that Otagosh is frequented by folks who might be interested in the kind of seminar described below. But I'm passing it on anyway, if only to ruffle a few feather...
John 19:28-37 – Jesus and the Faithfulness of God: Part 1 In the end it didn’t take long. 3 hours in fact. 3 hours after being hoisted onto the cross Jesus breathed his last breath. To those who remained with him his last words, “It is finished” w... [Easter] [Good Friday] [Crucifixion] [jesus] [sermon]
I give the Jesus mythicists a lot of hassle. But theirs is nowhere near to being the most ludicrous claim about Jesus one can find on the web. All Mesopotamia pointed out an article which mentions a view found among Hungarian nationalists: the Hungarians ... [mythicism] [Hungarian] [jesus] [Magyar] [nationalists] [Sumerian]
I suppose we all wish we could live several lives. In one of them, I would teach physics.I finished the last few chapters of The Perfect Theory: A Century of Geniuses and the Battle over General Relativity and enjoyed it immensely. There's rarely a b... [book review] [relativity]


All the info is here. De Gruyter Open offers an opportunity for early-career scholars to publish books based on their dissertation research ABOUT THE COMPETETION The 2014 Emerging Scholar Monograph Competition is a contest for young talent in the fiel... [Books]
I still have a few notes on my memories, reaching back into a distant life that began in earnest in me some 40 years ago in my late twenties. Fearful, confused, yet responsible to my obligations, I began to learn about the one they called 'the' Anointed. ... [Mysticism] [personal theology]


Via Jack Sasson- Lectures by Aren Maeir, Bar-Ilan University. On Tuesday, April 22nd, I’ll be lecturing at the Jewish Studies Program at the University of Kansas – the lecture will be entitled: “Canaanites, Philistines, and others at Tell es-Safi/Ga... [Archaeology]
As far as I am aware, Prof. Karen King has not been interviewed about the Jesus Wife Fragment in public since the story first broke in September 2012.  But now WGBH has interviewed Prof. King about the fragment (broadcast yesterday).  I am delig... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [Jesus' Wife Fragment]
I have been convinced for several years now, as I explain in my book, The Jesus Dynasty, that Jesus died on Nisan 14th, which in the year A.D. 30, fell on a Thursday not a Friday. So this is indeed, … Continue reading → [Biblical Expositions] [Christian Origins] [history] [Jesus Dynasty]


Almighty Father, whose dear Son, on the night before he suffered, instituted the Sacrament of his Body and Blood: Mercifully grant that we may receive it thankfully in remembrance of Jesus Christ our Lord, who in these holy mysteries gives us a pledge of ... [Uncategorized]


Dear Joel, Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Wouldn't an Egyptian cataloging clerk at Tulane, a man who was so skilled at ancient Egyptian that he was accepted by the prestigious university to teach a course on ancient Egyptian writing, who happened to work at Brown-Tilton Memorial Library for ...


Morreu hoje o escritor colombiano Gabriel García Márquez (G1).Um dos grandes autores das letras mundiais faleceu aos 87 anos. O escritor e jornalista colombiano, ganhador do Nobel em 1982, foi o criador de obras clássicas como ‘Cem Anos de Solid... [homenagens]
Demotic (from Greek: δημοτικός dēmotikós, "popular") is the ancient Egyptian script derived from northern forms of hieratic used in the Nile Delta, and the stage of the Egyptian language written in this script, following Late Egyptian...
I just discovered today that my article on the Gospel of John in the latest Horizons in Biblical Theology (36.1, 2014, 60-78) has been published on Brill Online (accessible to those with subscription access). The title of the essay is this: “Gloria... [Uncategorized]


From time to time, Protestants will stick their foot in their mouth about Catholic theology. From “worshipping Mary” to “works righteousness,” the more Evangelical/Reformed you are, the worse off you are going to be in describing b... [justification] [Ellen G. White] [Francis Beckwith] [Pope Francis] [Roman Catholic Church] [Tim Challies]
Hey, everybody, check out this Good Friday homily on Zenit News about my new book  on the Passion of Christ: Jesus the Bridegroom: the Greatest Love Story Ever Told.  Let us pray for one another as we prepare to celebrate the great day that "the ...
Revelation 4-5 are often read only for their value in describing worship (worthy is the Lamb….) or their angelology (who are the elders?  What are the four living creatures?)  While these elements are certainly there, the function of these chapter... [Jewish Christian Literature] [Revelation] [eschatology] [theology]
In 2011, I wrote – I hope that you and yours begin this Resurrection season with the appropriate memorial. This will be a different season for us, seeing that this will be our first Maundy Thursday. We will be attending service this evening, and the nex... [Devotional] [Maundy Thursday]

12 PM

It’s exceptionally good. My review should appear next week, DV.Filed under: Books, Church History [Books] [Church History]
I have not had a chance to review this…I’ve not been asked (HINT) but these two really stand out: The first is the Pontifical Biblical Institute: Immerse yourself in ancient-language texts and detailed Scripture exegesis with the Pontifical B... [Logos Bible Software]
2014 was a big year for the Justice Conference, especially because they managed to line up a number of highly respected pastors, scholars, activists, and Christian leaders as speakers. I was disappointed that I could not be in attendance, but I was elated... [Uncategorized]
Nothing says “Spring” like fiddleheads! The post Fiddleheads=Spring appeared first on Stay Curious. [Beauty] [iPhone] [Photographs] [plants]
Let me offer a round-up of the latest Bart Ehrman and Christology blogging. Ehrman shared the first and second parts of his interview with Dale Tuggy: Click here to view the embedded video. Click here to view the embedded video. Greg Carey writes: Most Ch... [Christology] [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [Bart Ehrman] [Chris Tilling] [Dale Tuggy] [jesus] [Simon Gathercole]
Doing research for your dissertation? Looking to further your investigation of the Christology of John and Paul, or of Hebrew poetics in the Minor Prophets? Check out these three new bundles from Sheffield Academic Press, Augsburg Fortress Press, and... [Misc]
Fictive is about your style, your look, and your story. With plenty of ways to customize, it's a great option for a travel blog or personal website. [Themes]
Fictive is about your style, your look, and your story. With plenty of ways to customize, it's a great option for a travel blog or personal website. [Themes]


CNN: (CNN) – “Chilling” leaflets warning Jews to register and document their property with the pro-Russian government that has claimed power in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk are “the real deal,” the U.S. ambassador t... [Uncategorized]