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August 28, 12 AM

"Part of God's design for the sanctification of your soul is the influence which husband or wife is going to have on you." -The Hidden Stream [Weekly Knox]

August 27, 10PM

In the 2nd chapter Tom Wright rehearses the in some ways unfortunate of the Reformation forcing all our reading of Paul into a discussion about justification and salvation. He then critiques even further reductionism like that of Bultmann who reduces theo... [Uncategorized]
By Allan Bevere Jesus Is Not a Poster Boy for Your Progressive or Conservative Cause– G.K. Chesterton’s “Mere Christianity” C.S. Lewis was thrust into fame with his work that led to the publication of his book, Mere Christianity. ... [Uncategorized]


Argument? nope - Read this book? - nope - read all these books then come back and talk to me. Such an advisor I have. At age nearly 70, have I time?  We'll see - so I keep the list for reference. All I can offer you - a bibliography. This list is not ... [cantillation] [te-amim] [Vantoura]
Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


Hemant Mehta drew attention to a statement by the dean of Liberty University’s law school, claiming that the government has no authority to legislate or require anything, except that which is scriptural.It was pointed out in a comment on the post on... [politics] [Romans] [authorities] [authority] [dean] [God] [law school] [laws] [legislation] [Liberty University] [Romans 13]

12 PM

I watched the 2014 Left Behind movie, starring Nicholas Cage.  Here are some thoughts:  I did not care for the movie.  Now, you may be thinking to yourself that I am the sort of person who would not like the movie—-progressive, an acade... [movies] [religion] [Social Skills]
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I was talking recently to a fellow liberal who happened to be a Hindu making correctly scathing attacks on UKIP (a right-wing pseudo-libertarian UK political party similar in many ways to the Tea Party), media bias and misrepresentation and, you guessed i...
Even if you spend time studying God’s Word in depth every day, chances are you read the Bible devotionally as well. But staying on track with your Bible reading can be challenging. One solution is to find a good Bible reading plan. There are lots out th... [Misc.] [Products] [Training] [bible reading] [D. A. Carson] [devotions] [Geerhard Vos] [how to use logos] [logos pro] [Martin Luther] [reading plans] [tutorial] [video]


Science fiction is full of cautionary tales about full automation: Skynet, the Matrix, the Cylons, etc. It is also full of thought experiments about artificial intelligence, such as Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. I think that these themes mak... [Agamben] [politics]


As one of the editors, I am delighted to announce that a new fine article has been published in the current volume of TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism.  Peter Malik, The Earliest Corrections in Codex Sinaiticus: Further Evidenc... [articles] [Codex Sinaiticus] [Peter Malik] [TC Journal]
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A- Real Madrid, B- Man United, C- Atletico, D- Man City, E- Roma (in an upset), F- Bayern, G- Chelsea, H- Zenit And Bayern will win it all, with Chelsea second and Man City third.Filed under: soccer Tagged: UEFA [soccer] [UEFA]
The media and a majority of Americans seem to think that religious faith and all that it implies has nothing to do with and can be nicely separated from political office or public work.  And, to be fair, for the majority of Americans religious faith mean... [Modern Culture]


I have written much on this blog of my progress in deciphering the meaning of the signs in the text of the Hebrew. Now for a simple example of uncertainty, science, and testing of the results. There is much more to do - particularly to teach scholars how ... [Jacobson] [Music of the Bible] [research] [the music project] [Vantoura] [Wickes]
On this Theme Thursday, we have two new free themes for you: Colinear and Franklin. Colinear Colinear — our update to the older Coraline — is a squeaky-clean theme featuring a custom menu, header, background, and layout. Colinear supports fea... [Themes]
On this Theme Thursday, we have two new free themes for you: Colinear and Franklin. Colinear Colinear — our update to the older Coraline — is a squeaky-clean theme featuring a custom menu, header, background, and layout. Colinear supports fea... [Themes]


Tonight I’m giving myself permission to ramble in my presentation. “How will that be different?” you ask. I would imagine largely in that I won’t feel guilty while I ramble! There are few areas that demonstrate differences in views... [Bible Commentary] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [eschatology] [Google Hangout on Air]
It’s no secret that there has been a surge toward liturgical traditions among Evangelicals. Some have opted into the Episcopal church, those who want to maintain the conservative theology go Anglican. And even folks who aren’t interested in ju... [church] [Beauty] [evangelicalism] [Worship]
Hemant Mehta shared some nice reworkings of a popular right-wing meme about prayer in schools. All of the depictions of children praying in the memes on his blog are ones that he would support – except for the one in which a teacher is leading chi... [politics] [religion] [children] [Christians] [freedom] [freedom of religion] [Hemant Mehta] [Muslims] [Prayer] [religious freedom] [school] [schools] [teachers]
In case you missed it, the hashtag #TrumpBible has been trending on Twitter. Several questions about the Bible have been addressed to Donald Trump lately, and several answers he has given suggest that he is – how shall we put it – not very fam... [Bible] [humor] [politics] [#TrumpBible] [Donald Trump] [funny] [tweets] [Twitter]
I was recently having a discussion with an atheist who had grown up in a Christian family and had gone to church for the first twenty years of her life. But she became an atheist in her 20s.When I asked her why she became an atheist, she said, “I st... [Redeeming Scripture] [z] [1 Peter 2:18] [2 Kings 2:23-24] [atheism] [Deuteronomy 22:20-21] [Deuteronomy 23:1] [Deuteronomy 25:11-12] [Exodus 21:20-21] [Genesis 19:8] [Leviticus 20:9] [Leviticus 21:18-19] [Leviticus 25:44-45] [Psalm 137:9] [slavery] [violence of God]


Jim:Oh neat. Originally posted on Rick Brannan: You may or may not have heard, but my employer (Faithlife, makers of Logos Bible Software) has shifted our flagship product, Logos Bible Software on the desktop, to a six-week release cycle. We’ve also int... [Modern Culture]
The Good Shepherd: A Thousand-Year Journey from Psalm 23 to the New Testament by Kenneth E. Bailey IVP | Amazon | CBD Many thanks to the always-generous folks at IVP for this review copy. The Good Shepherd: A Thousand-Year Journey from Psalm 23 to the New... [Books] [old testament] [Reviews] [Bible] [Kenneth Bailey] [Psalms] [shepherds]
If, as some critics have argued, the Song’s humanistic viewpoint represents an Israelite poet’s self-conscious attempt to “demythologize” ancient Near Eastern concepts of sacred sexuality — manifest in fertility rites […] The post Does Son... [Song of Solomon]


I have a fair number of friends (actual friends, not just the facebook sort) who live in Europe and Asia and Australia/ New Zealand and they all have one thing in common:  they don’t understand America’s love of guns. When the now daily m... [Modern Culture]
A few years ago I wrote about the knowledge of the Talmud among the scholars of the Shia intellectual center in Qom, Iran. The Forward has been publishing a series of articles by Larry Cohler-Esses based upon his recent visit to Iran. The most recent inst... [Jewish-Gentile Relations] [Talmud Study]
Let’s try to reconcile a few apparently contradictory propositions about the American school system: Most local school districts are funded through property taxes. Property values in most major urban areas have literally never been higher. Urban sc... [politics] [Race]
My alma mater, Ashland Theological Seminary, is partnering with Logos/FaithLife and their Mobile Ed curriculum to offer a Graduate Diploma in New Testament studies. This is a brilliant opportunity for those who desire to study from home. Want to study und...


To get your Carnival submissions in.  Send ’em.  The friendly kittens hosting this month’s fun are waiting.  Don’t make them angry…  You wouldn’t like them when they are angry… Filed under: Biblical Studi... [Biblical Studies Carnival] [friendly]


Even though he questioned the value of his innocence, the writer’s perspective is changed when he entered into worship. The wicked are not as prosperous has he once thought (73:18-20).  The writer knew his feet were in danger of slipping when he became... [Psalms] [meditation] [old testament] [wisdom]
The fourth section of Gary N. Fugle’s book Laying Down Arms to Heal the Creation-Evolution Divide looks at the value of biological evolution.  It is hard for the non-scientist, and even many scientists who are not conversant with biology, to apprec... [Uncategorized]
Always alreadyyou've forgiven me.I failed you.I turned away.I convinced myselfI didn't need you.I made myself forgethow much sweetereverything iswith you in it.I was afraidI wasn't enough.And when I woke upto how I need youhow I'm a better mewhen I'm with... [Elul] [poetry]
Three great opportunities to get more out of Logos are going away in just four days! Take advantage of these deals before they’re gone on August 31! Get all the capabilities of Logos 6 You’ve seen the power of Logos for yourself, and Logos 6 looks ent... [Misc.] [Products] [crossgrade] [crosstrack] [feature crossgrade] [logos 6] [Logos Now] [logos training]


Another instance of me sharing a post of mine on Facebook, and finding in the process of creating a “blurb” for it that those words might themselves be worth sharing. The Bible’s real usefulness is in its connecting us to people in the p... [Bible] [arguing] [human]
As referenced in the last post, I feel as though my family and I are emerging from a season in such a way that we can look back and recognize the past four years do indeed amount to a particular season. Our lives in England continue, of course, but the st... [Moving to England] [Featured]
TOO MUCH OF THE MEDIA just doesn't get the current scholarly discussion about the Gospel of Jesus' Wife. The issue, insofar as it is an issue at all, is whether the fragment is a modern forgery or the remains of an ancient manuscript dating to centuries a...
I have the privilege of serving on the board of the Institute for Biblical Research, and each year we provide an academic program on the Friday night of the beginning of SBL. This year we are honored to have Dr. Craig Bartholomew (Redeemer Univ College) a... [Uncategorized]


If it comes out on schedule, the book will be available next week! Here is the seventh post on John Byron and Joel Lohr's, I (Still) Believe. I probably won't do every person from here on out. You can buy the book and read them yourself!Previous post... [book review] [john goldingay]


PALMYRA WATCH: no new developments today, but some commentary and background are worth noting. Historical background: How Ancient Palmyra, Now in ISIS's Grip, Grew Rich and Powerful. A distinctly multicultural trading center grew rich on trade between ea...
THIS WILL BE WORTH SEEING: British Library will lend world's oldest bible to British Museum. British Museum exhibition, Egypt after the pharaohs, will feature the Codex Sinaiticus, one of the most important books in the world (Mark Brown, The Guardian).Th...
What do you get when you cross German literature, psychology, and the undead? The Vampire Lectures, of course. Laurence A. Rickels, one gets the feeling, must be one interesting guy in the classroom. When I was a student the thought that anyone would t... [Books] [higher education] [literature] [Monsters] [popular culture] [Posts] [Religious Origins] [Bram Stoker] [Dracula] [Frankenstein's monster] [Laurence A. Rickels] [monsterdom] [Mummies] [The Vampire Lectures] [vampires] [werewolves]
PRESS RELEASE: National Geographic Partners with The World’s Largest Children’s Museum to Create Sacred Journeys Exhibit.The United States is home to followers of hundreds of religious faiths, yet few know much about their neighbors’ beliefs, practi...
THIS ODD STORY IS NOW ODDER: Israel Museum changes account on broken artifact. After initially claiming girl accidentally smashed ancient glass object, officials now say cause of mishap unknown (AP and Times of Israel/Josefin Dolstein). Background here.