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December 5 2017, 12 PM

Although nonviolent offenders get the most attention from reformers, they account for less than 20 percent of all prisoners.

June 24, 7PM

David Burnett returns to the podcast to discuss Paul’s defense of his apostleship and his heavenly ascent in 2 Corinthians 11-12. This episode expands upon an earlier episode on Paul’s ascent, specifically linking it to Second Temple Jewish apocalypti... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [Naked Bible episodes] [New Testament] [podcasts] [Satan and demons] [ascent] [demon] [flesh] [heaven] [Paul] [thorn]


We find a strong “experiential correlation” (Tyler and Evans 2003, 32) between actions and the consequences that result from those actions (i.e. cause and effect): Causes are understood to precede their consequences. If one event immediately precedes ... [grammar] [Greek] [Language] [Linguistics] [Semantics] [Ancient Greek] [Cause Expressions] [cognitive grammar] [Greek Prepositions Workshop] [metaphor] [prepositional phrases] [prepositions]


SPOILERS AHEAD! The episode begins with the Doctor exiting the TARDIS on a frozen landscape and beginning to regenerate, and shouting “No!” That’s certainly a dramatic way to lead into the first part of a season finale! After the credits... [Doctor Who] [Exodus] [Genesis] [black hole] [conversion] [cybermen] [Master] [Missy] [Mondas] [upgrade]
“Anybody who wishes to be a theologian must have a mastery of the Scriptures, so that he may have an explanation for whatever can be alleged against any passage.”  –  Martin Luther If someone has no skill in accurate exegesis he or she is ... [Luther]
Anyone who says the Bible is easy to read has not read Leviticus or struggled with the sacrificial system. If anything is foreign to us, it is this. And though we too enjoy burning the fat in the fire, we in this country don't butcher our own animals. The... [Leviticus]


This is the third week of Module 9, "Relationships of Current, Counter EMF, and Voltage in LR Circuits." These modules are part of the Navy Basic Electricity and Electronics series from the 1970s. The third section of this module is titled, "Using the Uni... [Navy Basic Electricity and Electronics]


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Downloads vs. The Duty to Worship God He pulled his earbuds out. He was working out on the crotch machine. You know the piece of equipment. The one where you exercise your thighs by pushing in and out like the levers of a pinball machine; the one that app... [Uncategorized]
Here’s an interesting essay you will enjoy very much. In the late 15th century, when Martin Luther was born and grew up, death was very much present. Family, friends, and neighbors seldom reached what we today would consider a middle age, and women ... [Luther]


The ‘Person in the Pew’ commentary series is the only series of Commentaries written by a single person on the entire Bible and aimed at layfolk in modern history. The books are all available from yours truly for a paltry $199 by clicking my PayPal... [Biblical Studies Resources]
I leave Sunday afternoon for Zambia to participate in a pastor’s Bible conference. The conference is July 3-7 and we are expecting pastors from Zambia, Tanzania, and Malawi. There are a two theology sections and two practical theology sections. I wi... [Biblioblogs] [Travel]


“Melanchthon began the preparation [for the Confession] at Coburg, with the aid of Luther, in April, and finished it at Augsburg, June 24. He labored on it day and night, so that Luther had to warn him against over-exertion. “I command you,” he ... [Church History] [Melanchthon]
North Carolina televangelist Todd Coontz – author of numerous books on faith and finances – has been indicted on charges of tax fraud spanning more than a decade. “As a minister, Coontz preached about receiving and managing wealth, yet he failed... [Total Depravity]
One of the truly frustrating things for the honestly curious is a lack of good resources. Specifically here I’m talking about ghosts. More generally, about the supernatural. “Don’t worry,” laugh the reductionists, “there’s no such thing.”... [Books] [Consciousness] [Just for Fun] [Monsters] [popular culture] [Posts] [demonologists] [Ed and Lorraine Warren] [Ghost Hunters] [Materialism] [Perron family] [Robert David Chase] [Roman Catholicism] [The Conjuring]


I watched the first couple of episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale miniseries. It does a good job of moving Margaret Atwood’s story into the present day, and of exploring the inner life of Offred’s thinking. The story explores a world in whi... [politics] [science fiction] [Donald Trump] [dystopia] [dystopian] [Gilead] [Margaret Atwood]


LARRY HURTADO: Is the New Testament a Field of Study?. Professor Hurtado discusses an article with that title by Leander Keck, published in 1981. Read the whole post, but here are two excerpts:Referring to “the Mandaean fever of the 20s and a severe cas...
THE BIBLE AND INTERPRETATION: A Brief Response to the Reviews of Qumran Revisited by Magness (RQ 104, 2014: 638-646) and Mizzi (DSD 22, 2015: 220) (David Stacey). This essay deals with technical details of the archaeology of the site of Qumran and those i...
BIBLE HISTORY DAILY: Biblical Sidon—Jezebel’s Hometown. Who were the Sidonians? As usual, the BAR article (“Sidon—Canaan’s Firstborn,” by Claude Doumet-Serhal) is only available via a paid subscription. But the BHD essay gives you an overview....
DIGITIZATION: See An Ancient Ten Commandments Fragment Digitized By Cambridge Digital Library (Jake Romm, The Forward). That fragment is, of course, the Nash Papyrus, on which more here and links. It's from Egypt and was recovered in 1902. It is as old as...