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December 21 2014, 1AM

I am going to continue this series of comparing one of the Sunday readings from the lectionary, using the Knox Bible and The Message.  While done in different ways, I think both Knox and Peterson desired to make the Bible more accessible to the avera... [Knox vs. The Message]

December 20, 9PM

Matthew Barnett.  Misfits Welcome: Find Yourself in Jesus and Bring the World Along for the Ride.  Nelson Books (An Imprint of Thomas Nelson), 2014. Matthew Barnett is a pastor in Los Angeles, California.  He also pastors the Dream Center ... [religion]


So I’ve been very busy over the past six months, but as some projects have recently come to a conclusion I have been able to get a few podcasts up. Consider subscribing to the podcast, which you can do by simply searching “My Name Is My Nam... [blog posts]


Upon a suggestion by Jona Lendering, I’m thinking of renaming the blog “Dodelijk commentaar van Jim West”.   It’s strangely suitable.Filed under: Humor [humor]


Impressions from ancient clay seals found at a small site in Israel east of Gaza are signs of government in an area thought to be entirely rural during the 10th century B.C., says Mississippi State University archaeologist James W. Hardin. This could indi... [media] [Modern Culture]


I sat down yesterday to talk to my friend and colleague Stephen Toback about my NT Pod and my future plans for the podcast, including venturing into video podcasting. We talked in Duke's new MPS studio, which I am greatly looking forward to using in the c... [Duke iTunes U] [NT Pod]


Huh? by Jim via Zwinglius Redivivus (#45890)
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Here's the d'var Torah I offered at my shul this morning. (Cross-posted to my From the Rabbi blog.) The first thing Joseph does, when summoned from Pharaoh's dungeon, is shave and change his clothes. Presumably he does this because it's not appropriate... [chanukah] [Torah]


Title: The Language Environment of First Century Judaea: Jerusalem Studies in the Synoptic Gospels – Volume Two Editors: Randall Buth and R. Steven Notley Series: Jewish and Christian Perspectives 26 Bibliographic info: vi + 421 pp. + 34 pp. of indices ... [book review]
Ellen White writes My mother always taught me that if I don’t have anything nice to say, I should say nothing at all. If I were to follow her policy, this review of Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) would end now. I should say I am not a pu... [Modern Culture]
After the immaculate conception[1]of Jesus, Joseph was instructed by an Angel to take his pregnant wife Mary[2]to his hometown of Bethlehem[3]where he was told Jesus would be born. Mary and Joseph, and their little donkey[4]all set off for Bethlehem led b...
Read here: Trouble with officialdom? Bother with the neighbours? Or with the publishing house? Dare we say it, even with Santa Claus? How about trying a spell? Take a thin lead tablet and inscribe some magical formulae onto it, such as: “Bind and na... [Biblical Studies Resources]


I am greatly looking forward to teaching a new course on Jesus in Film next semester here at Duke.  I'm encouraging those signed up for the class to begin their work over the break by seeking out Jesus films on the TV.  I have drawn up a list fo... [Jesus Films]
Christian churches in first world countries are facing problems in dealing with churches in third world countries, not unlike how modernized Muslims are facing problems in dealing with barbaric Muslims in the Middle East. In those churches homosexuality i...
Call for papers for the international conference “Lutheran Confessional Cultures in Early Modern Germany and Scandinavia” at Aarhus University, Denmark, 21-22 January 2016. Read the full description here.Filed under: Church History, Conferences [Church History] [Conferences]

12 PM

‘We live in a time that demands concise discussion, and repetition of what has already been presented in a suitable manner should not be tolerated’-  Walter Bauer [With thanks to David Lincicum for the nifty quote].Filed under: Bible [Bible]


Michael Eisenberg tells the story of trying to discover the synagogue of Sussita (Hippos). An Egyptian cemetery may contain more than a million mummies, say BYU archaeologists. No, it doesn’t, and you’re not working here again, says Egypt’s Ministr... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Exodus-Conquest] [Galilee] [Golan] [Holidays] [Lectures] [Museums] [Resources] [Weekend Roundup]
Several years ago, I shared a blog post which sought to rank the top three tiers of journals in New Testament studies. That list by Peter Head was as follows:PhD students often ask for advice on the top journals in the field. So here is the list, in three... [American Academy of Religion] [Society of Biblical Literature] [journal] [Journals] [New Testament] [rankings] [religious studies]
Mobile Ed has had a busy year. We have close to 50 courses available right now with even more in post-production! In addition, four courses are about to ship, which means this is your last chance to save 40% on each of them. Here’s a brief look at what ... [Products] [counseling] [evangelism] [logos mobile ed] [logos mobile education] [mobile ed] [pastoral care] [shipping soon] [western civilization]


Check it out. Adele Reinhartz writes on “Incarnation and Covenant: The Fourth Gospel through the Lens of Trauma Theory” In the review section, high praise from James Crenshaw for C.L. Seow’s new Job commentary. [Uncategorized]


I had a chance to interview Derek Flood recently about his new book, Disarming Scripture: Cherry-Picking Liberals, Violence-Loving Conservatives, and Why We All Need to Learn to Read the Bible Like Jesus Did. I had seen lots of interviews and blog posts a... [Bible] [morality] [Progressive Christianity] [book] [cherry-picking] [Christian] [Derek Flood] [hermeneutic] [Interview] [Liberal] [picking and choosing] [progressive] [scripture] [violence]
USA Today: HERNDON, Va. — An unsuspecting waitress got the tip of her life on Thursday. Megan Asadi was working her regular shift at the Virginia Kitchen, when she received a $1,200 dollar tip on a $128 tab. The tip came from an anonymous group that c... [Uncategorized]
From books to blogs to broadcasts to billboards and beyond, believers can no longer hide their heads in the sand. They are being confronted daily with the arguments and the presence of the godless. Here is an a advertisement recently placed not far from w...


Here's an interesting article on where UM pastors go to seminary (HT: John Kavanaugh). Interestingly, more than 1 in 7 new UM pastors go to Asbury--more than seven of the official UM seminaries combined (there are 13). One UM seminary had less than 1 in 1... [United Methodist Church]
The episode starts with a dream Hurley had in which he eats lots of food from the storeroom in the hatch, and Jin speaks to him in English while Hurley answers in Korean.Right after Hugo faints when the lottery numbers are announced, his mother talks abou... [LOST] [comedy] [Dharma Initiative] [Hurley] [lottery]
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Mouw, Richard J. Called to the Life of the Mind: Some Advice for Evangelical Scholars. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Eerdmans, 2014. 80 pages, pb. $10.  Link to Eerdmans This little book is a series of personal reflections from Mouw’s long career first as philo... [Book Reviews] [Evangelical Theological Society] [evangelicalism]
I deeply appreciate N. T. Wright. He has left his mark all over NT studies with generative insights all over the place. He was very impactful on me in the mid-90s. It would be fun to list all the little nuggets I have taken from him--it would be a signifi... [N. T. Wright]


Dr. Oz is to medicine what Rob Bell is to theology: rottenness and misinformation and deception.  Maybe people should smarten up and realize that taking Oprah’s advice or the advice of those she promotes is just a very stupid idea. … [a] Bri... [loathing] [media] [Modern Culture]
They are afraid that the Empire will strike back! via David Meadows on FBFiled under: mockery [mockery]
The history of the counter-Reformation in Britain would be incomplete if the making of Cardinal Pole were untold. Pole was at this time at Padua, where he had studied, and where he was resident by permission of the king. He avoided going to Rome lest he s... [Church History]
Ever since I read Daniel Kirk on this (around page 40 of his Unlocking Romans) I have tended towards the translation “designated” – for the reasons Daniel gives (a fact I didn’t see as problematic for a divine Christology in the way I present it)....


(Note: I’m (Joel) contributing to a daily Advent devotional. Each post proceeds from a lectionary reading.) John 7:40-44 When they heard these words, some of the people said, “This really is the Prophet.” Others said, “This is the Christ.” B... [Advent] [Daily Devotional.]
While pre-celebrating Christmas with some friends recently, the topic of cats came up. This really isn’t surprising since two of the families present had been members of the local 4-H cats club. For a while cats were ubiquitous on the internet, but si... [Animals] [Bible] [cats] [Holidays] [Just for Fun] [Posts] [science] [Sects] [aramaic] [BBC] [Blessed Virgin Mary] [etiology] [fossils] [Homo erectus] [mary]


Crystal St. Marie Lewis shared the above quote from Ibn al-Arabi on her blog.Do not praise your own faith so exclusively that you disbelieve all the rest. If you do this, you will miss much good. Neigh, you’ll fail to realize the real truth of the matte... [Islam] [creeds] [omnipresence] [Progressive Christianity] [truth]


II Chronicles 12 is about King Rehoboam of Judah.  Specifically, it focuses on the disasters that Judah experienced on account of Rehoboam’s spiritual neglect and transgression, and Rehoboam’s humbling of himself before the LORD, which influen... [Bible] [II Chronicles] [religion] [Weekly Quiet Time]