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April 19 2015, 1AM

ETC: New Book on Codex Sinaiticus (Peter M. Head). The 2009 conference that produced the papers was noted here.
BRYN MAYR CLASSICAL REVIEW:C. T. Hadavas, Lucian, On the Death of Peregrinus: An Intermediate Ancient Greek Reader. [Beloit, WI]: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014. Pp. xxviii, 154. ISBN 9781500303099. $12.95 (pb). Reviewed by Serena...
The CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s largest, most powerful, and (at $10 Billion) most expensive particle accelerator. Or is it? Mike from around the world suggests otherwise. In an interview with Paul Begley, Mike from around the world c... [Biblical Giants] [Conspiracy theorists] [Nephilim] [science] [CERN] [dark matter] [Large Hadron Collider] [Mike from around the world] [particle accelerator] [Paul Begley] [scientist guys don't really want to go there]

12 AM

I’ve previously thought that Eegah (1962) was the worst ever movie made about a giant. But in 2013, along came… Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan. If the trailer is anything to go by, this would provide Eegah with some stiff competition. Al... [film] [Axe Giant] [Eegah!] [Paul Bunyon]
Loving God of living water, we come now to pray for ourselves and for your world. In Christ, you meet us in the everyday stuff of our lives. As you once entered the waters of the Jordan at your own baptism, so you continue to immerse yourself in... [Prayer]
Ormai sul mondo del gioco d’azzardo è stato detto quasi tutto: “demone od acquasanta” è a discrezione di ognuno che si appresti a sottoporre la propria attenzione a questo settore. Indubbiamente, gli spot sulla pubblicità del gioco non posson... [Uncategorized]
I have been working on the parable of the pearl for months, looking at the text in both Thomas and Matthew, reading what others have written about it, trying to get things into some kind of order and come to a position about the issues for myself. I have ... [Uncategorized]
To mark the 10th anniversary of the election of our beloved Pope Emeritus Benedict, I am very happy to announce a new monthly (bi-monthly?) column by Llanbedr.   Some of you may know him from interactions in the comment section of this blog. &nb... [BXVI] [Monthly Benedict] [Verbum Domini]

April 18, 10PM

I grow weary of the nonsense that has as its lead lament ‘there is no Trinity in the NT’. Actually there is. There is plenty on the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit being part of the divine identity in the NT, and The Shadow of the Almighty... [Uncategorized]


During the ministry of Jesus at Capernaum four men brought a paralyzed man to see Jesus, likely seeking healing, but there were so many people in the house that it was not possible to get in to see Jesus. And when they could not get near him because of th... [Archaeology] [Bible Places] [Bible study] [Culture] [israel] [New Testament] [Photography] [Travel] [Construction] [Housing] [Ministry of Jesus]


I must admit that I have given in to buying an air cleaner for my apartment in Beijing. In general, the air is improving here, with weeks at a time having clear skies. On these days I go for a run outside, and use some outdoor exercise equipment. But the ... [china] [air cleaner] [Beijing]
I realise that the question of socialist exploitation may seem like an oxymoron, since socialism is supposed to abolish exploitation of one person or group by another. But I am interested in whether socialist exploitation is possible and perhaps necessary... [socialism] [exploitation] [modes of production] [synchronicity of non-synchronicity]


Click here to view the embedded video.I’m sure everyone has already seen the above trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. But I still wanted to share it, just to join in the excitement, and to give regular readers a place to talk abou... [Star Wars] [action figure] [awakens] [Battlefront] [episode] [Force] [trailer] [video game]


And you can’t get good theological advice from a journalist.  And you can’t get good parenting advice from Gwenyth Paltrow.  These are three facts you need to keep in mind.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


I lose my faith many times, each and every day. Or you could say, I confess my faith many times, each and every day.   [Christianity] [faith]


As he prepares to leave to take up a new position at Vanderbilt (so he could be nearer to me I imagine), Princeton celebrates his many decades of fantastic teaching and research. Princeton’s loss is our region’s gain.Filed under: Modern Cultur... [Modern Culture]
Here– on the ASOR blog.Filed under: Biblical Studies Resources [Biblical Studies Resources]
The University of Wisconsin-Madison will eliminate about 400 positions, most of them vacant, and will close or restructure several academic programs across campus over the next two years in response to anticipated state budget cuts, Chancellor Rebecca Bla... [misery] [mockery] [Modern Culture]


Here’s a photo of the blogger get together last year in San Diego.  It was a blast.  We hope you can join us this year in Atlanta.  Contact Joel Watts for all the details. Filed under: biblioblogs, Conferences [Biblioblogs] [Conferences]
STEVE CARUSO: How to Know When You Shouldn’t Publish Your Own “Translation.” Also a cautionary tale about Google Image searches. Cross-file under Aramaic Watch (sort of).


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Contrary to the theses of this morning's Globe and Mail editorial on the end of prayer at the start of government working sessions, I think the end of prayer, both its terminus and its purpose (for in case you didn't notice, end is ambiguous) was announce... [Links] [politics]


Leen Ritmeyer comments on the report that the stone floor inside the Dome of the Rock is being removed. The Temple Mount Sifting Project posts a recent photo with a note that more details will be posted soon. A shrine from the 30th Dynasty Pharaoh Nectan... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Mesopotamia] [Resources] [Temple Mount] [Weekend Roundup]
At the CNN piece by Baden/Moss/Goodacre.  Concerning the observations made in the CNN essay, T. writes … they proceed to go through these “pieces” of evidence, one-by-one, seven in all, asserting that not a single one of them hold up. The Bade... [Modern Culture]
Vom freien Willen wird gelehret, daß der Mensch etlichermaßen einen freien Willen hat, äußerlich ehrbar zu leben und zu wählen unter denen Dingen, so die Vernunft begreift; aber ohne Gnad, Hilfe und Wirkung des heiligen Geistes vermag der Mensch nich... [Melanchthon]
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I just saw the funniest tweet!  It used the phrase ‘millenials and their church commitments’!  That right there is a precious oxymoron!!!Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Miscellany by Bob MacDonald via Dust (#53648)
From younger selves who were nevertheless the same self though different, Kurk vs Ker, from glory days. This post from BLT is a carnival in itself, and some of the ancient links, treasure. Here is a guest post on a recent trip to Israel - pomegranate in ... [carnival] [Links]


At the end of a letter that Bullinger composed on the 18th of April, 1534, he remarks of Luther: De Lutheri impudentia nuper libellis quibusdam de privata missa et in Erasmum scriptis (15) vehementer doleo. Video enim hunc hominem ecclesiae dei plus incom... [Bullinger]
These people aren’t simply inhuman- they are demonic. A 17-year-old daughter of a Ugandan Christian pastor was allegedly gang-raped by five Muslim men after her father ignored the men’s threats warning him to stop having worship services at h... [Modern Culture]


continued from Wednesday... There is another intuition underlying this most fundamental one. This is the sense that God is more interested in who we are--our motivations and intentions--than even in what we believe or what we do. This is a theme we find i... [hermeneutics]
Solchen Glauben zu erlangen hat Gott das Predigtamt eingesetzt, Evangelium und Sacrament gegeben, dadurch er, als durch Mittel, den heiligen Geist gibt, welcher den Glauben, wo und wann er will, in denen, so das Evangelium hören, wirket, welches da lehre... [Melanchthon]
George Whitefield: America’s Spiritual Founding Father?! Thomas Kidd is Professor of History at Baylor University.  Kidd is the author or editor of many works in the field of early American history.  His latest book, George Whitefield: America’s Spi... [Church History]


I recently had a dream in which I was at an academic conference of some sort. After listening to a paper, in which Orphism had been mentioned, I asked a question, asking the presenter to say more on that subject because it is an area that I’ve long ... [American Academy of Religion] [academic] [conference] [dream] [dreams] [Orphic] [Orphism]
Erbsünde (peccatum originale) ist eine angeborene Neigung, ein anerzeugter Drang und Kraft (nativa propensio et quidam genialis impetus et energia), durch die wir zum Sündigen weggezogen werden und die von Adam auf die gesamte Nachkommenschaft fortgepfl... [Melanchthon]
I was recently reading Bainton’s Christian Attitudes Toward War and Peace, which is a history of pacifist thought within Christianity. In his chapter on Waterloo to Armageddon (19th century up to WWI), the following quotation caught my attention, e... [Uncategorized] [charity] [David Lipscomb] [fraternal orders] [gospel] [Institutionalism] [Missionary Society] [non-institutional] [pacifism] [pacifist] [peace] [Queries and Answers] [societies] [War]


One problem I have perceived in Shimer’s general approach to course design is that there is not much room for students to fully “digest” all the difficult texts that they’re working through. In part, this is due to the Iron Law of... [blog posts]
In the afterlife reality, Nadia is married to Sayid’s brother Omar. His brother is in trouble, having borrowed money from someone. He asks Sayid to help convince the man who says he owes interest for as long as he has the business he started. Sayid ... [LOST] [Sayid Jarrah] [smoke monster] [temple]
Today’s the day for a little football and a lot of reading.  No writing on the agenda.  Here’s the volume in hand: And of course, Chelsea play Manchester United (also known as ManU(re)). Go Chelsea!!!!!!Filed under: Books, Church History, ... [Books] [Church History] [soccer]


Yesterday morning I read “a” chapter of “a” book of “a” gospel in “a” few versions of “the” Bible. One of my own children had just experienced a profound tragedy the day before, and she was grie... [Interpretation] [blogging] [experience] [interlation] [missionary kid] [MK] [stereotextuality] [Subjectivity] [TCK] [text] [third culture kid] [translation]
So expect to see a good bit of stuff about him today and tomorrow.  Because. PHILIP MELANCHTHON, or MELANTHON (often incorrectly spelled Melancthon), born 1497; professor at Wittenberg, 1518 to his death, 1560. The foundation of Lutheran Systematic Theol... [Melanchthon]


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Here are three blurbs for my next book to be released in the Fall. It's provocatively titled, "How To Defend The Christian Faith: Advice From an Atheist."Read more »
DAY 14: FORTNIGHTTwo weeks out of Egypt, were our ancestorsfootsore? First, the jubilation of skipping townwithout even a sourdough starter --then sandal-blisters, manna, and fear.We don't know where this invisible Godwill take us. We don't know how long ... [NaPoWriMo2015] [Omer] [Omer poems] [poetry]


The Revd Dr Alister McGrath, Professor at Oxford University, and an Associate Priest, offers a reflection this weekend on the proposed changes to theological training and formation for ministry. I chaired the Fulcrum Pivot^Point Thursday just go...