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October 1 2014, 8AM

A couple of recent posts by fellow United Methodists have caught my attention. Each suggested a better way to say something important. Talbot Davis: “A Living Relationship with Jesus Christ” instead of “a personal relationship.” Matt Lipan: “Lo... [Noted]
Back before I joined the Women in Theology blog, a theologian-blogger friend asked me if I wanted to write something about modern-day Jansenism in the Catholic Church. I told him that I wasn’t yet comfortable making such claims. Part of my discomfor... [WIT Posts]
This is not not new news, but you can download free audio books of some of Josephus' works at LibriVox. Currently available are The Antiquities of the Jews (in four volumes), The Wars of the Jews, and  Minor Works of Josephus which includes Against A... [Audio] [backgrounds] [Josephus]


In an unprecedented move, the Dean and President of New York’s General Theological Seminary (GTS), the Rev. Kurt Dunkle, has either accepted the resignations of eight members of the Episcopal seminary’s faculty or flat-out fired them. Which is i... [misery] [Modern Culture]
The Bible seems to present humans as consisting of three parts: body, soul, and spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:23; Hebrews 4:12). This is called the “tripartite” nature of man. Much like the divine Trinity, the three parts of a human make one being. Thoug... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Man] [Theology of Sin] [1 Thessalonians 5:23] [body] [Hebrews 4:12] [soul] [spirit] [tripartite]


According to The Times of Israel more than 40 graves have been vandalized at the Mount of Olives cemetery. You may be able to access the short article here. Jewish graves on the Mount of Olives. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins. The western slope of the Mount of ... [Bible Places] [Bible study] [Culture] [israel] [Photography] [Travel] [mount of olives] [Protestant Cemetery]
I don’t care much about getting into the details of this, but for sometime now the one and only Tony Jones has been held up as someone important in progressive/emergent circles, so much so that you’ll see him on various UMC blogs  (this, I gu... [Controversial] [Julie McMahon] [Tony Jones]
I saw this ad for the upcoming Left Behind movie on the blog Speculative Faith:There is no sense in which Left Behind is “based on a true story” – even one that hasn’t happened yet. It is based on an impressionistic reading of Reve... [eschatology] [Revelation] [Fred Clark] [Left Behind] [movie] [Nic Cage] [theology]
by Eleanor FinneganNote: the following is a commentary on the Reflections on Islamic Studies series, which appeared on the Bulletin blog earlier this year.My department has gained attention on campus for giving out buttons. A recent example boldly read &... [Uncategorized] [Edward Curtis] [Eleanor Finnegan] [Islamic Studies series] [Ruth Mas] [Social Constructionism]


The Friedberg Genizah Project (FGP) is pleased to announce that, following an Agreement with the Oxford Bodleian Libraries, high-quality digital images produced by the Oxford digitization services for all Genizah manuscripts and fragments in these Librari... [judaismo]
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Seleção de postagens dos biblioblogs em setembro de 2014.Biblical Studies Blog Carnival | September 2014Trabalho feito por Mike Skinner, do blog Cataclysmic. [Biblioblogs]
Mike Skinner has posted the September Carnival at cataclysmic.  The theme is college football, which appears to be some sort of mid-western cult that takes over the entire culture for a few months each fall. Maybe the two top teams in the NTC (New Test... [Biblioblogs] [Biblical Studies Carnival] [Biblioblogs] [blogging] [carnival] [Huzzah!]
A Facebook page shared this image:I tried typing in those words and didn’t get the same suggestion, and so this is presumably either photoshopped or an indication of what the person who made it usually searches for. When I tried typing in variatio... [American Academy of Religion] [Society of Biblical Literature] [Travel] [academic] [Conferences] [expensive]
From the FGP- The Friedberg Genizah Project (FGP) is pleased to announce that, following an Agreement with the Oxford Bodleian Libraries, high-quality digital images produced by the  Oxford digitization services for all Genizah manuscripts and fragments ... [Biblical Studies Resources]
The activity of 'ministry' is only possible among those with a surplus of leisure.I have been thinking about this a bit lately.The model of thinking that was prevalent in my ecclesial background was that money paid to employed ministry staff is not so muc...
“Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching.” —1 Timothy 5:17 Pastor Appreciation Month is upon us and it’s time to let our pastors know how much we value them. This yea... [Products] [Baker Academic] [daily deals] [free book] [Paideia] [pam] [pastor appreciation month] [Preaching]


Earlier this week there was a fascinating Horizon on BBC2 exploring whether there are basic differences between male and female brains. Horizon is sometimes a little thin on content and big on special effects, but this one was different—it was packed wi... [Life & Ministry] [Alice Roberts] [brain science] [Gender] [men] [Michael Mosley] [Paul] [women]
Ho rilasciato una nuova versione del programma per Macintosh. Ho aggiunto una Biblioteca, in cui possibile installare molte altre versioni della Bibbia, e nelle Preferenze possibile cambiare l'aspetto del testo visualizzato.


I'm creating six sermon outlines to go along with a devotional I wrote called, The Wisdom of Jesus on the Sermon on the Mount. These also go along with a book I wrote on the special themes of the Gospels.  I already wrote one on the "Be perfect"... [beatitudes] [sermon on the mount] [sermon starters]
This post is by my friend, Josh Ross @joshualouisross, who is author of the book Scarred Faith and preaching minister at the Sycamore View Church in Memphis. Remembering Love What cities come to mind when you think of the most evil, sexually charged, immo... [Uncategorized]
MODERN ARAMAIC WATCH: Op-Ed: Is There Really an Aramean Nation? Are the Israeli Christians part of the ancient Aramean people rather than Arabs? (Dr. Mordechai Kedar, Arutz Sheva).One of the last things Israel's Interior Minister Gideon Saar did before ...


DOROTHY KING: RIP the Jobar Synagogue, Syria. With pre-destruction photos.Background here and links.
Implosion is a word frequently associated with demolition. Implosions are episodes where buildings collapse in upon themselves, in theory, harming no one on the outside. In 1992, as a starry-eyed, fresh Ph.D., I was hired by one of the then eleven Episc... [Current Events] [higher education] [Memoirs] [Posts] [Religious Violence] [Sects] [Social Consciousness] [Episcopal Church] [General Seminary] [General Theological Seminary] [Huffington Post] [Nashotah House] [New York City]
COSMIC SYNCHRONICITY WATCH: Is lunar eclipse at Sukkot an ominous sign? (Edmon J. Rodman, JTA). Excerpt:Jeremy Schnittman, a research astrophysicist at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland and an observant Jew, is putting up his, so maybe we...

12 AM

Bible Odyssey is a site presenting information about the Bible and it world. It is relatively new, but still growing, and do already contain a lot of material relevent to the study of the Bible. Several institutions are behind the … Continue reading... [Bible] [bibliography] [education] [New Testament] [old testament] [website]
Als je de Bijbel leest is het altijd handig om te weten waar het zich afspeelt, zo lezen we nadat Jeruzalem werd verwoest in 586 v.C. veel Joodse vluchtelingen, met inbegrip van Jeremia, naar Tachpanhes (Jeremia 43-44) trokken. Tachpanhes is een plaats a... [Atlas] [Plaatsen] [Tachpanhes]
"I have a bit of a strange question that I wondered if you or your readers might have an answer for. Does anyone have any good ideas on how to reinforce a paperback Bible? Originally I was trying to make due with my Lighthouse App with the Ignatius Study ... [reader questions]

September 30, 11PM

This series is about Israel’s policies in Gaza. I think they’re so unconscionable that I can’t believe they’re up for debate even among Jews — and yet they are. Instead of criticising Israel, I invite you to explore the bas... [Atrocities and Oppression] [history] [Race]


There is something to be said for the argument (see pp. 1378-79) that in Rom. 7.13-25 Paul is framing his discussion with one eye on what the pagan moralists said about the ethical dilemma of knowing better but not doing better. Aristotle, Nic. Ethics 7; ... [Uncategorized]
The Bible you carry is a political act. By “Bible” I mean the Translation of the Bible you carry is a political act. Because the Bible you carry is a political act the rhetoric about other translations is more politics than it is reality. The ... [Uncategorized]


Durham University has announced a conference on Neglected Texts and Early Christian Identities. These texts include Hebrews.Chuck Grantham has assembled antique commentary quotes on Hebrews 1:1–4, Hebrews 2:1–4, and Hebrews 2:14–18, Hebrews 3:7–15... [blogs] [Conferences] [discipline] [Hebrews 1] [Hebrews 12] [Hebrews 2] [Hebrews 3]
I didn’t post a Carnival on 1 September because the previous weeks I was preparing for a lecture in Zurich and was then busy in Zurich attending ICCR and giving said lecture.  But I’m back at it this month, harvesting, for your reading pleasu... [Archaeology] [Bible] [Biblical Studies Carnival] [Biblical Studies Resources] [Biblioblogs] [Books] [Conferences]


1 October it is, when Mao Zedong declared in his Changsha accent the people’s republic: [china] [Mao Zedong] [National Day] [People's Republic]
    Although I bought the leather Apple case for the iPhone 6 Plus, I was concerned that it would prevent scratches but not hard drops. Therefore, I bought the i-Blason case to have as well. The case is better quality than what I thought it w... [Technology] [i-Blason] [iPhone 6 Plus] [iPhone cases]


Title: The Emergence of Christianity: Collected Studies III Series: WUNT 319 Author: François Bovon Editor: Luke Drake Bibliographic info: x, 276 pp., 32 pp. Publisher: Mohr Siebeck, 2013. Buy the book at Amazon. With thanks to Mohr Siebeck for the revie... [book review]


The three ways Jesus read the Bible that Evangelicals are told not to do are these:1. Jesus didn't stick to what "the Bible says," but read it with a creative flare that had little if any connection to what the biblical writer actually meant...
How did I not know about this? The Platties honor ideas that are interdisciplinary: a bit duck, a bit beaver, a bit otter. These are the new ideas and innovations that made us do a double take. At first, we wondered whether they could be real. And when th... [Wealth of Egypt]
According to Tertullian, Children of believers are called holy because they are as it were candidates for the faith and have suffered no pollution from idolatry. A nicely phrased way to put it, wicked Montanist.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Stay curious has this amazing set of pictures of a giant prehistoric science fiction deep sea creature yuch. (we have a little one that is fossilized.) And Ken Schenck has an interesting set of posts on his own theology - very tidy indeed. I have not rea... [carnival]


‘The Dovekeepers’ CBS Mini-series lands in Malta with filming to start shortly4-hour CBS Mini Series ‘The Dovekeepers’ is due to start shooting in Malta shortly. ‘The Dovekeepers’ is a CBS mini-series event from executive producer Roma Dow... [media]
I bet cats are the source of #ebola.  Cat owners will go first in the #Ebolcalypse 2014 (copyright, me).Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
An international symposium, London, 29-30 June 2015 Jericho is an iconic site with a long and impressive history stretching from the Epipalaeolithic to the present day. Once dubbed the ‘Oldest City in the World’, it has been the focus of intense archa... [Archaeology]


After I had written my former letter, containing a few remarks on some Hebrew words, a report suddenly reached me that certain contemptible creatures were deliberately assailing me with the charge that I had endeavored to correct passages in the gospels, ... [jerome]
I never grow weary of reminding my students of the importance of studying the Old Testament. Here's a couple of lines from one of the most important pieces I ever read on biblical interpretation to that effect. It was originally delivered in 1989 by Jose...
So this will be the go-to place to find out the point of view of the fired (for all intents and purposes) faculty. Eight of the ten full-time faculty members teaching at General Theological Seminary, New York City, have reported very serious problems with... [Modern Culture]
If you dont order the commentary you’ll get ebola. All who have ebola have never ordered the commentary. #fact. Think of the children…Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


No, this isn’t some epic battle or what not, but more a brilliant metaphor for what can be seen when one looks at the New Testament through Aramaic eyes. When one recites Shakespeare in its original accent, there are puns and wordplay that leap off ... [Aramaic Blog] [Neat Stuff ()] [aramaic] [awesome] [Galilean Aramaic] [puns] [Shakespeare] [wordplay]
Well what are the chances that a formerly unknown letter of Jerome would surface today? Here it is: facere quae dicit Jacobus Wow- you heard it here first- do what Jim says! That’s obviously a reference to the previous post!!!!!! It’s almost... [jerome]
Ok dear friends, i think it’s time to show your friendship in a concrete and tangible way. How, you ask? Preorder the commentary. If you don’t it just means that you hate me more than you hate Satan. [Modern Culture]
We all love a good science fiction creature. Well, here’s one that really exists! The amazing bathynomus is an isopod that begs for stories to be written about it! I saw this specimen with Chris Mah at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Lear... [Animals] [biology] [Photographs] [bathynomus] [echinoblog] [Smithsonian]
For ten days, the gates are open and the world is fluid. We are finally awake, if only in fits and starts, if only to toss and turn. For ten days, transformation is within our grasp. For ten days, we can imagine ourselves not as fixed and immutable beings... [Days of Awe] [teshuvah]
If what he writes is true, why is he afraid of the public? if it is false, why has he written it? – St. JeromeFiled under: Jerome [jerome]

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Διαβάστε τη βιβλιοκρίσια του βιβλίου των Devorah Dimant and Reinhard G. Kratz (eds.) Rewriting and Interpreting the Hebrew Bible από τον Andrew Perrin στην ηλεκτρονική σελίδα των M... [Κουμράν] [Παλαιά Διαθήκη] [βιβλιοκρισίες] [πρόσληψη]
Revue Théologique de Louvain 45:3 (2014)Emmanuel Pisani, "Herméneutique biblique et christologie de l'Excellente Réfutation de la divinité du Christ du Pseudo al-Ġazālī," 389-408 (abstract) Didier Luciani, "Trente-huit ans (Jn 5,5): Jésus et ... [Revue théologique de Louvain] [κατά Ιωάννην] [χριστολογία]
Σύμφωνα με δημοσίευμα των Times of Israel οι αρχαιολόγοι εντόπισαν υπολείμματα δημοσίων κτιρίων της Ηρωδιανής περιόδου στην περιοχή της πλατεία... [Ηρώδης] [Ιερουσαλήμ] [Ισραήλ] [αρχαιολογία]


I am doing an informal study on attitudes/opinions about the authorship of 2 Thessalonians. Please cast your vote! Take Our Poll [Uncategorized]
The Bible and Critical Theory 10:1 (2014)Terje Stordalen, "Dialogism, Monologism, and Cultural Literacy: Classical Hebrew Literature and Readers' Epistemic Paradigms"Youzhuang Geng, "The Rhetoric of Icons: From Image to Voice"Deane Galbraith, "Interpellat... [Bible and Critical Theory] [Παλαιά Διαθήκη] [ερμηνεία] [κατά Λουκάν] [φεμινιστική μέθοδος]
Jaren geleden werd mij in de kerk eens gevraagd wat de naam Rebekka betekende en toen flapte ik eruit dat het in modern Nederlands een “femme fatale” was. Ik zag ze nog kijken en besloot toen een daar een artikeltje over te schrijven. Vandaag ... [Personen] [Rebekka]
Churches remain but what about pastors? Thom Rainer has a list of 10 traits he sees as essential to pastors who have healthy (key word) long-term tenures at their church. They pray daily for their church members and staff. Many of the pastors kept the ch... [Pastoral Vocation] [church] [Longevity] [Ministry] [Thom Rainer]
Is discussed on the T&T Clark page. Here is an interview with author Kurt Noll, about his textbook on Canaan and Israel, of which Bob Becking says: “This book delivers what it promises. In clear prose, Dr Noll offers an introduction in the art of hi... [Books]


Nearly a year ago (last October 11, 2013), I published the following post on my previous blog. Today during a the Q & A portion of a fabulous lecture given by Dr. Willie Jennings (Duke Divinity School), a stranger from the audience stood up to sermoni... [Duke Divinity School] [ethics] [Gospel of John] [Inability to apply nuance] [nuance] [politics] [Race] [Willie Jennings]
Lynn Austin.  Return to Me.  Minneapolis: Bethany House, 2013. Return to Me is the first book of Lynn Austin’s Restoration Chronicles.  It is Christian historical fiction about the return of the Jews from Babylonian exile in the sixth c... [Bible] [religion]
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I’m not alone in the experience, but here it is: a deep and lengthy immersion in the language and thought of the Synoptic Gospels followed by a reading of any passage in the Gospel of John. The change of texts can befuddle even the most experienced ... [Uncategorized]
Yesterday I asked Twitter for recommendations of paintings on the subject of The Temptation of St. Anthony, and Brad shared this very comprehensive blog post. They’re all worth investigating, but for me the prize definitely goes to Joos van Craesbe... [art]
Dit is de honderdentiende aflevering van de Livius Nieuwsbrief, een maandelijks verschijnend mailtje voor mensen met belangstelling voor de antieke wereld. Het wordt uitgegeven door Livius. De nieuwsbrief is gratis en u kunt hem doorsturen aan wie u maa... [Livius Nieuwsbrief] [LiviusNieuwsbrief]
In a previous post, I relayed that God’s punishment of his elect is a painful but necessary ordeal.  While undergoing such seasons, there are times, sometimes lengthy, when the Lord seems to have abandoned his children.  Read the psalms and no... [origen] [punishment] [sin]
Be sure to listen to General Jack Keane beginning at 1:09:13: