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December 20, 12 AM

Colloquium: The Australian and New Zealand Theological Review 46:2 (2014)David G. Horrell, "Ecological Hermeneutics: Reflections on Methods and Prospects for the Future," 139-165Elaine M. Wainwright, "'Ecological Hermeneutics: Reflections on Methods and P... [Colloquium] [οικολογία]

December 19, 11PM

Timothy George on Bonhoeffer at Advent in prison: At this point, Bonhoeffer still hoped he might be released, perhaps even in time to spend Christmas with his family and his nineteen-year-old fiancée Maria von Wedemeyer. It was not to be. Though he would... [Uncategorized]
Some neat articles in the latest issue of JSHJ 12.1-2 (2014): Fernando Bermejo-Rubio Jesus and the Anti-Roman Resistance: Reassessment of the Arguments Michael R. Licona Historians and Miracle Claims Robert J. Miller The Domain and Function of Epistemol... [Uncategorized]
Whether you call such a person a guide or a guru, it has become increasingly and painfully clear to me that pastors need some personal guidance about the use of online resources for preparing sermons, Bible studies, etc. The first point I would stress is ... [Uncategorized]


Over a week ago, NBA basketball star LeBron “King” James found himself in hot water after breaking a rule. While hanging out with Prince William and Duchess Kate, LeBron violated British royal protocol by wrapping his arm around Kate’s b... [Political Jesus] [Advent] [Ferguson] [Hebrew Bible] [incarnation]


Well, it’s that time of the year when we look back on 2014 and proclaim the best academic New Testament books of the year! To be honest, I did not review as many books in 2014 as I have in previous years – mostly due to a cross-country move a... [Uncategorized]
In seminary I took an exegesis course on 1 Corinthians with Dr. Sean McDonough. We read Thiselton, but I benefited much from engaging with Gordon Fee’s magisterial NICNT volume for my exegesis paper. It demonstrated Fee’s expertise in textual ... [Uncategorized]


Next week, if history holds true, will be a bit slower. Still, let’s be fair, a bad week is still better than your best good week, Joel…   Bahahahahaha.Filed under: biblioblogs [Biblioblogs]
Those interested in the Psalms might also be interested in The Psalms as Christian Lament: A Historical Commentary. This volume written by Bruce K. Waltke, James M. Houston, and Erika Moore offers “Informed historical-theological-pastoral insights into ... [Books] [old testament] [Psalms]
The Fifth St Andrews Scripture and Theology Conference: The Book of Jeremiah From 6-9 July 2015, biblical scholars and theologians from around the world will gather in St Andrews, Scotland, to consider the Book of Jeremiah, using this ancient text to brin... [Conferences]
Good exegesis starts with the text. But it doesn’t end there. You rightly examine lexicons, commentaries, and all sorts of other references as you wrestle with a text. But what did the ancients say about the text you’re wrestling with? How was this ve... [Products] [Ancient Literature] [exegesis] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software]


Bruce Lengeman.  To Kill a Lion: Destroying the Power of Lust from the Root.  Apopka, Florida: Certa Publishing (Second Printing), 2010.  ISBN: 9780982785874.  See here to purchase the book. A number of men within evangelical Christian... [religion]
Matthew nowhere says there were 3 magi and Luke never specifies the number of shepherds. If someone tells you otherwise you’ll know right off that they ignore scripture and embrace tradition alone. Or, worse, distort Scripture.Filed under: Modern... [Modern Culture]


Click here to view the embedded video.I am delighted that quite a number of pieces of music by Vladimir Vlasov have been shared on YouTube. This is wonderful music that I might not otherwise have discovered. [music] [Symphony] [Vladimir Vlasov]
Fortress Press has changed its review policy. They write We have recently updated our review copy policy and are offering digital versions to bloggers and reviewers via since it is hard for us to measure what retu... [book review] [Books]

12 PM

Kellum, L. Scott. Preaching the Farewell Discourse: An Expository Walk-Through of John 13:31-17:26. Nashville: B&H, 2014. 350 pp. Pb; $129.99.   Link to B&H Academic; Click here for a 51-page sample from the book in PDF format, including front-... [Book Reviews] [exegesis] [Expository Preaching] [Gospel of John] [Hermenutics] [John]
Darlene Franklin.  A Ranger’s Trail.  Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2012.  See here for Moody’s page about the book.A Ranger’s Trail is part of the Texas Trails series, also known as the Morgan Family Series.  This series focuses on... [religion]
Each of our tradition-specific tracks is currently hosting a Christmas sale with deals on a total of 69 titles or collections. Within these six different sales, you’ll find notable resources like the rarely discounted 55-volume Luther’s Works, R.C. Sp... [Products] [Baptist] [christmas sale] [luther's works] [Lutheran] [Orthodox] [pentecostal & charismatic] [reformed] [SDA]


Matt Shipman: A new study shows that college students in online courses give better evaluations to instructors they think are men – even when the instructor is actually a woman. “The ratings that students give instructors are really important, because... [education]
the lonely, the broken, the forgotten. This is a reminder that the pleasant Hallmark movie scenes don’t reflect the lives …Continue reading → [Day of the Lord] [Ministry] [New Testament] [Personal Reflection]
Next summer (June 2015) you can expect a new book from John Goldingay called Do We Need the New Testament?: Letting the Old Testament Speak for Itself (IVP). In his provocative title, Goldingay is playing off this notion that many Christians assume that... [Uncategorized]
Every Christmas season the good folks at Paraclete Press send Kris and me a little package — cinnamon raisin bread with Apple Pie Jam! We do our best to spread this out over a whole week of tasty snacks. It’s one of the highlights of the Chris... [Uncategorized]


This phrase and those associated with it semantically are ridiculous and absurd lies for one simple reason: Jesus calls us to repentance (cf. Mt 4:17). If Jesus didn’t want to change you he would let you wallow in your self destructive wretchedness.... [theology]


If you haven’t checked out Ancient Jew Review yet, you ought to.  I’m putting it on the blogroll because of my abiding respect for the scholarship of its chief honcho- Annette Yoshiko Reed, under whose name you’ll find it.Filed under: M... [Modern Culture]
Eugene (Gene) Lemcio, Professor Emeritus of New Testament, Seattle Pacific University, was kind enough to alert me to a video of Professor C.F.D. Moule's lecture "Reconciliation: Metaphor and Reality," delivered at Seattle Pacific University on Novem... [C.F.D. Moule]
This, for me, is what is so infuriating about the modern Republican Party: it’s blatant and unashamed forked tongue.  On the one hand it wants ‘freedom’ for Cuba but on the other it’s more than happy to bow down to corporations in... [media] [misery] [mockery] [Modern Culture] [politics]
Although the post is about women ordination, the take-away line reveals a serious issue with hermeneutics as practiced by far too many: You can't base a theology on one verse, especially one that goes against whole Scripture principles. This is one of th... [Idle Musings] [scripture] [theology]
Received this book in the mail today from the author: I'm grateful for the copy. I have the unpopular opinion that it can actually be detrimental for a President to let specific faith ideas determine his or her decisions too much as President. Let theolog... [leadership] [politics]
John 6 contains some of the most important texts on the topic of election. It is not uncommon for Calvinists to frequently reference some of the texts of John 6 in their defense of Unconditional Election. Here is what these verses say: All that the Father... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Calvinism] [election] [John 6] [John 6:44] [Tulip] [Unconditional Election]


Brad Brisco: This past week I posted a short excerpt from a Thom Rainer article where he discussed the disdain that many people have for the “Stand and Greet” time that is a part of many Sunday morning worship services. He argues that churches are a... [church]
This is not another post on Bible reading plans. There are about a thousand different reading plans out there, and I have no intention of adding to the list. What I will say first is that if you really want to read through the Bible in 2015, use a plan th...
The life that the Lord Jesus Christ lived for you nineteen hundred years ago—condemns you; but the life that He now lives in you—saves you! The Christian life is the Life which He lived then, lived now by Him in you.—The Mystery of Godli... [Books] [gospel] [Ian Thomas]
We must consider the mind-numbing claim here by Jesus” he is claiming that he fulfills—in a salvation-historical, theological, and moral manner—what the Torah and the Prophets anticipated and predicted and preliminarily taught. What kind of ... [Books] [sermon on the mount] [theology]
There have been many times when I’ve tried to lead the Holy Spirit. I’ve wanted to direct Him and tell Him what to do and when to do it. The irony is that the Holy Spirit was given to direct us. Desiring the Holy Spirit means we allow the Holy Spirit ... [Books] [Holy Spirit] [Idle Musings]
Dan Gullotta nominated me for a Liebster Award. I thank him kindly for this honor, and I am thrilled there is someone out there reading this blog who is not a Brazilian spammer trying to get me to buy Uggs. I am also happy to be on a list with Jim West th... [humor] [Shameless self promotion]
A contest took place recently based on the new book by Lex Bayer and John Figdor, Atheist Mind, Humanist Heart: Rewriting the Ten Commandments for the Twenty-first Century.The essence of the book is a list of non-commandments that every secularist should ...


People are wont to ask how much a man has done, but they think little of the virtue with which he acts. They ask: Is he strong? rich? handsome? a good writer? a good singer? or a good worker? They say little, however, about how poor he is in spirit, how p... [Thomas à Kempis]
The episode begins with Jin being recaptured along with Michael and Sawyer by “others.” They are thrown into a pit. Eventually another person, a woman, is thrown down there. It turns out to be Ana-Lucia, from the tail section. We eventually le... [LOST] [button] [Desmond Hume] [Dharma Initiative] [John Locke]
Here is Candida Moss of Notre Dame's reminder that there was more female leadership in the early centuries of Christendom than we often assume. I do disagree a little with her reading of 1 Timothy 2:12, which I think was about the first century husba... [women in ministry]


If Japan had surrendered during World War II as swiftly as Sony surrendered to North Korea the Pacific War would have lasted about 24 hours…  and countless lives could have been spared.Filed under: misery [misery]
Director Ridley Scott ’s $140 million “Exodus: Gods and Kings” isn’t exactly drowning in a red sea, but its $24.1 million opening box office last weekend wasn’t spectacular, either—nearly $20 million below that for March’s “Noah,” anothe... [media] [Modern Culture]
Okay, I really do not hate Christmas.  I hate what commercialization and cultural expectation has done to the season that begins in late November after both the turkey and the Detroit Lions have been devoured, and then ends a month later when everyon... [Advent] [Christmas]


This arrived last night- with my thanks to Herman Selderhuis for sending it.  It’s a real resource for Church historians.  It’s encyclopedic really, and I was happy to play a very, very minor part in helping it along. There’s nothing i... [Books] [Church History]
No doubt because it's something President Obama is doing, a good deal of the American church will mindlessly and predictably condemn the idea of opening up relationships with Cuba again. I don't know enough to have an opinion that matters, although it see...
We are all of us afraid of the dark. At night, anxieties suppressed or repressed come swimming to the surface of consciousness: am I safe? Am I loved? Am I needed? Is there meaning in the world, or is it all, ultimately, just a swirl of chaos?... Judaism... [chanukah]
John MacArthur is one of the most influential pastors of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Known for his adherence to Scripture as the inerrant Word of God, MacArthur used his preaching ministry to touch the lives of millions throughout the globe.... [Products] [John MacArthur] [john macarthur sermon archive] [logos 6] [passage guide] [sermon starter guide] [shipping soon]


It’s the anniversary of the official invitation to a disputation in Zurich by the Council of that city!   Yay! The immediate effect of the second disputation upon the Church in Switzerland was very marked. Many priests who were in attendance return... [Church History] [Zwingli]


Het Joodse Chanoeka feest is weer begonnen en een goede reden om daar wat over te schrijven. Komt het voor in de Bijbel en hoe is het ontstaan zijn maar een paar vragen die je je kan stellen. In het Nieuwe Testament lezen we dat Jezus naar de tempel in Je... [Feesten] [Chanoeka]
Little Town, Tiny King (by John Frye) Imperial power, unwitting accomplice Of ancient promises tucked in Jewish scrolls, Arranged the birth of the tiny King and Edict sealed its own imperial doom. Israel’s hope, tempered by shameful exile, Fragmented by... [Advent]


For all of my life that I can remember, I have felt an affinity with animals. Even when I was relentlessly taught that evolution was wrong—Satanic even—I still held onto the idea that animals are more like us than they are different. I know this is ... [Animals] [Books] [Consciousness] [evolution] [Posts] [Social Consciousness] [Animals] [Anthropomorphism] [Can Animals Be Moral?] [ethics] [Mark Rowlands] [morality] [philosophy]