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August 5 2015, 2AM

CENTER FOR ANCIENT CHRISTIAN STUDIES BLOG: BRIAN W. DAVIDSON INTERVIEWS KEN PENNER ON THE HEBREW OF THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS. This with reference to Penner's new book, The Verbal System of the Dead Sea Scrolls, noted here.
EXCAVATION: UNCC archaeology team in Jerusalem unearths 1st-century mansion UNC Charlotte team unearths lavish, lower-level rooms from the time of Jesus Remains of early Roman mansion ‘extraordinarily well preserved,’ says dig director Shimon Gibson T...


DIGITIZATION: World's oldest Hebrew Bibles, prayer books to go online (AP/Israel HaYom).Project is part of National Library of Israel's million-dollar global initiative, together with British Library in London, to digitize tens of thousands of rare Hebrew...
TEMPLE MOUNT WATCH: PA Minister: Israel Steals Muslim Artifacts on Temple Mount. In absurd reversal of fact, religious affairs minister claims Israel trying to 'Judaize' Mount in 'carcinogenic plan' via 'desecration' (Dalit Halevy, Arutz Sheva).The Palest...
DISCOVERY: Ancient Mikveh With Rare Inscriptions Found in Jerusalem. Second Temple period ritual bath found during construction of kindergarten, with highly 'significant' wall paintings of Temple artifact (Arutz Sheva).But the most unusual aspect of the m...
I remember when flying involved going to a travel agent, explaining where and when you wanted to go, and how much you could afford. The agent would contact airlines, get you your best price, and you left knowing that you’d just have to show up at the a... [art] [Holidays] [Just for Fun] [Memoirs] [popular culture] [Posts] [Travel] [Alaska Airlines] [All Souls Day] [Arizona] [Day of the Dead] [last supper] [Phoenix] [Routledge]
Constant zijn we met verbeteringen en toevoegingen op onze website bezig, hieronder een aantal artikelen waar we de afgelopen week aan hebben gewerkt Artikelen Sieraden (zie ook blog) Didachè Graffiti Bijbelteksten Alle verwijzingen van de Dode ... [Website news] [website]

August 4, 11PM

Growing up Motherless in Antiquity: A Conference on Mother Absence in the Ancient MediterraneanOrganizers:Prof. Dr. Sabine R. Huebner, Universität Basel, SwitzerlandDr. David M. Ratzan, New York UniversityLocation: Basel, SwitzerlandDate: 26 – 28 May 2... [αρχαίος κόσμος] [οικογένεια] [συνέδρια]
Σύμφωνα με δημοσιεύματα στο διαδίκτυο η ομάδα αρχαιολόγων του Πανεπιστημίου Bar-Ilan, της οποίας επικεφαλής είναι ο καθ. Aren Maeir έφερε στο φως τη... [Ισραήλ] [Παλαιά Διαθήκη] [βιβλική αρχαιολογία]


Here are two interviews with me about textbook, Invitation to the NT. See what you think…. (cut and paste the links into your browser) BW3 Your second interview with Bible Gateway is now live at [Uncategorized]
James M. Hamilton Song of Songs: A Biblical-Theological, Allegorical, Christological Interpretation Focus on the Bible Fearn, Ross Shire: Christian Focus, 2015. Available at By Jill Firth James M. Hamilton Jr. is professor of biblical theology ... [Uncategorized]
The Bible Translator 66:2 (2015)David J. Clark, "Translation as Reincarnation?," 117-128 (abstract)John Makujina, "The Futurum Instans and the Translation of Two Hebrew Participles in Genesis 38.29 and 40.10," 129-137 (abstract)Yongbom Lee, "Judging or Ru... [Bible Translator] [Γαλάτας] [Παύλος] [κατά Ιωάννην] [μετάφραση]
I decided to search for these carnivals and the people behind them so I can see what the former content has been. It is likely that several of these links no longer work. But why? I wonder. Have people slipped away without our knowledge? Is there a missed... [carnival]
Sometimes we can get tied up into a conversation that is peripheral and relatively unimportant, and the emphasis given to that theme can lead us to ignore what is far more important. Like focusing on how clean or unclean the glove compartment is when we o... [Holy Spirit]


This looks interesting – a major (600+ pages) new book on hermeneutics by Craig Bartholomew, due in November. I know what I’ll be bringing back from SBL! You can find it here. [Books] [hermeneutics]


Two months ago tonight my wife and I returned from leading a tour of Alpine Europe and spending 10 days in Israel on a personal excursion. We knew before we arrived that our house had been flooded as the result of a break in the water line leading to the ... [Bible Places] [israel] [Jordan] [Photography] [Travel] [flooding] [Mandelbaum Gate] [olives] [Tampa] [Weather]
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According to New Jersey Transit, rates for services will go up by 9 percent in October. I may still be on this bus by then. It was like many evening commutes–late. My usual driver didn’t make it to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and a new... [Uncategorized]


The community rallied behind a same-sex couple after their home burned to the ground, but in a twist, a jury found the couple intentionally set fire to their house. After five days, a jury found Carol Anne and Laura Stutte deliberately set fire to their h... [Modern Culture]


“What does Planned Parenthood have to do to get de-funded? Put barcodes on embryos?” – Tim Stanley Apparently not even that will get the job done.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
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先日古物市場で装丁の美しい聖書の古書を見ました。 聖書と言えば、ビジネスホテルなんかに泊まると、 引き出しの中に必ず聖書が入っているのはご存知でしょうか。 仕事や旅行でビジネ... [福音書]
As this report makes clear- Ever since settlers in the occupied West Bank burned to death the Palestinian baby Ali Dawabsha last Friday, the Israeli government has put on an ostentatious show of contrition. For effect, it has included vows from defense m... [Modern Culture]


Nice work AT&T. I expect we will all be getting pro-rated billing for services not delivered. Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Adam and Eve sinned; they died. Sin leads to death. The sin they committed was the sin of usurping, of wanting to be God-like instead of god-ly. They died for the sin. We, too, are usurpers. From the moment we become conscious to the moment we die we want... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [Kingdom Conspiracy]
In 2003, the bishop-scholar N. T. Wright wrote a lengthy tome on Paul of Tarsus called Paul and the Faithfulness of God. NT Wright with first draft of his Paul and the Faithfulness of God (photo C. Tilling) Just last month, Derek Vreeland provided the fi... [1 Samuel 17] [n.t. wright] [PFG]


I’m reading David Potter’s Constantine the Emperor, partly just for my own edification but partly as “deep background” for the Trinity project I’m beginning to think about considering planning. The first third of the book is... [Christian Theology] [Erik Peterson] [Political Theology]

12 PM

Not appalled yet? What the devil is wrong with you? These people are ghouls and evil soul-less murderers. Filed under: Total Depravity Tagged: #PlannedParenthood [Total Depravity] [#PlannedParenthood]
You have two years to save up.  You’ll doubtless need it.Filed under: Books [Books]
Do you want to stay connected with Mobile Ed? Here are some great ways to jump in. #1 Mobile Ed Conversations Get free podcasts featuring today’s top Christian scholars—Darrell Bock, Tremper Longman, Craig Keener, William Varner, John Walton, and man... [Misc.] [education] [mobile ed] [podcasts] [social media]


Richard J. Mouw and Robert L. Millet, ed.  Talking Doctrine: Mormons & Evangelicals in Conversation.  Downers Grove: IVP Academic, 2015.  See here to buy the book. Mormonism and evangelicalism have not always had a positive relationshi... [history] [religion]
The newsletter arrived today. Here’s all the info.Filed under: Church History, Conferences, Reformation Day [Church History] [Conferences] [Reformation Day]


Sheffield Phoenix has it- This Guide provides a concise introduction to the ways the book of Jeremiah has been interpreted by scholars, and to new possibilities of interpretation still open to readers. Outlining approaches the reader encountering the book... [Bible] [Biblical Studies Resources] [Books]


Mit seinen Verweisen auf Stellen im Alten Testament der Bibel zur Homosexualität hat der Churer Bischof Vitus Huonder weitherum für Empörung gesorgt. Der Freiburger Bibelwissenschaftler, Dominikaner-Pater Adrian Schenker, hat im Rahmen seiner Tätigkei... [Adrian Schenker]
Pew Research Center What surprises? the Roman Catholics are doing very, very well. The typical mainlines are not. Both preach diversity; the former does it better. [Christianity]
In case you missed it, Tim Tebow is back on the football field, vying for a 3rd-string quarterback position with the Philadelphia Eagles behind Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez. If you haven’t heard because you don’t care about football, don̵... [Redeeming Life] [z] [discipleship] [evangelism] [Prayer] [witnessing]


Yesterday, I provided an excerpt from William G. T. Shedd's Romans commentary. What I failed to not was that this out-of-copyright work can be downloaded as a free PDF here. [commentaries] [New Testament] [Romans]
This petition, again, has to do with allowing researchers the freedom to make use of materials and images held by the Zurich Central Library.  Please, sign it.  It won’t cost you a penny and it will insure that those responsible for these materials r... [Modern Culture]
This is not the usual word used for “fear of the Lord.” This word (פַּחַד) has the connotation of terror or dread, the kind of fear that makes you tremble. It is used in passages where God’s wrath is poured out on an enemy (“the dread of the... [Psalms] [Fear of the Lord] [meditation] [old testament] [wisdom]
Eddie Kouya drew attention to an article in the Daily Telegraph, about plans to use anti-terrorism legislation against teachers who use the classroom to tell students that same-sex marriage is wrong.I think we need to be careful about over-using the ter... [education] [morality] [politics] [bill] [classroom] [extremism] [freedom of speech] [Law] [laws] [MP] [same-sex marriage] [teachers] [terrorism] [United Kingdom]
Especially when the perpetrators of hatred towards Christians are right wing extremist Jews?  Anti-semitism is NEVER ok, so why is anti-Christianity?  Right is right.  Wrong is wrong, and hate is wrong no matter who is the hater and who the hated.  Or... [Modern Culture]
…Which is good news for the orthodox. Larry Hurtado explains: I continue to see some scholars stating as unquestioned fact that “orthodoxy” and “heresy” really only emerged after Constantine, that only with the power of imperial coercion could t... [Bible] [Mere Catholicity] [Christian Origins]


The Jerusalem Post carries a brief notice of the discovery of the Iron Age gate along with two photos. Archeologists at Bar-Ilan University, headed by Professor Aren Maeir, have discovered the fortifications and entrance gate to the biblical city of G... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Philistines]
Rudolf Bultmann, the father of demythologization, urged people to get behind the text. On that, I agree. I also agree that sometimes the superstition of the age, or the need […] The post Dammit Bultmann! Stop rationalizing the miracles! The Bread, L... [Gospel Criticism] [Mark] [mimesis] [Rudolf Bultmann]


Paul Levinson has been putting together a really fantastic volume which will be called Touching the Face of the Cosmos. He has shared a provisional list of contributors, and also a podcast of an interview with John Glenn, the transcript of which will app... [science fiction] [exploration] [fiction] [John Glenn] [Paul Levinson] [religion] [Robert J. Sawyer] [short story] [space] [theology]
The Annual Meeting of the British New Testament Society (BNTC) is being held this year at the University of Edinburgh from 3–5 September and there are a number of text critical papers on offer. There are enough, in fact, to make you wonder why there isn... [BNTC 2015] [Darius Müller] [ECM] [GA P47] [Garrick V. Allen] [nomina sacra] [Peter Gurry] [Peter Malik] [Revelation] [Scribal habits] [Zachary Cole]
But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.  (Ac 1:8)To complete his teaching on the book of Acts, our pastor mentioned someth... [evangelism] [gospel] [witness]


Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church2 August 2015 11.00amJonah 1.1-17  Now the word of the LORD came to Jonah son of Amittai, saying,  2 "Go at once to Nineveh, that great city, and cry out against it; for their wickedness has come up before me."&n... [sermon]
Hanson is a superb scholar so this will undoubtedly be quite a book: This substantial work explores the interplay of religion and politics throughout the history of the United States. Paul D. Hanson traces American history back to colonial times, paying c... [Books]
Every month, we offer a special discount on one of our top products. August’s deal is N.T. Wright’s Christian Origins and the Question of God Series. Here are 4 reasons to get it this month: 1. You’ll get 24% off the collection’s regular price. An... [Misc.] [Christian Origins] [cultural context] [N. T. Wright] [new perspective on Paul] [NT backgroung] [resurrection]


The quote comes from p. xxiii of Nahum Sarna’s book Understanding Genesis. [Genesis] [astronomy] [Bible] [Darwin] [evolution] [literalism] [Nahum Sarna]
When I see how the Muslims and Orthodox Jews justify treating women as second class citizens at best, and the male brutality at worst, I think of Christian justifications for their faith and morals. It's the same word salad intended to skirt around the...