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November 30 2015, 11PM

In the next few posts, I’ll be sharing some of my church adventures from the events I did this Fall. I’ll start with West Market St. UMC in Greensboro N.C. where my Mom first joined the Methodist Church. This church has remarkable stained glas... [Uncategorized]
1.  Each post will be dedicated to one specific topic.  This topic will stay up until the evidence is presented and dealt with.  Thus, the post comment section will remain open and can be continued as new arguments arise.  So as not to conflate a late...
This blog has given plenty of attention to the works of NT Wright, in part because his books are valued by our readers and in part because his books are accessible for the blog and in part because he’s in “my camp” (the new perspective o... [Uncategorized]


I worked with this and the music 6 months ago but I hadn't completed the chapter - so here is the whole chapter. Can children understand politics and power? I really doubt that this chapter should be presented to children on flannel board. My God give th... [1 Samuel]


Years ago the place I worked would send out EDMs for Father’s/Mother’s Day to a database had around 40,000 users, who would get a message like “treat your father to XYZ this Father’s Day”. What do you think happened? We’... [ethics]
Joshua W. Jipp’s new book Christ Is King: Paul’s Royal Ideology perked my interest the moment I read the title. I picked up a copy at SBL last week and started reading it. Josh isn’t someone I know super well, but I have worked with him on a pr... [Uncategorized]


I’ve started my Christmas shopping and in the midst of getting gifts for others I decided to make a few purchases for myself. This morning I ordered an Apple Magic Trackpad 2 (from B&H), which is way overpriced, but something I need for my workf... [Books (Misc.)] [Just Ordered] [Technology]
(This is the seventh part of a review of Hyam Maccoby's 1986 book Mythmaker: Paul and the Invention of Christianity.)"Saint" GamalielSignificant to Maccoby's argument is the figure of Gamaliel, the leading Pharisee of his day."[There is a] failure of the ...
With Black Friday past and CyberMonday waning, it's time to get ready for "Giving Tuesday."What better way to show our thanks to God for all the blessings he has given us but to give to his ministries? You can give to emergency relief, church plantin... [Giving Tuesday]


“Size,” Julian Huxley once remarked, “has a fascination of its own.” – Stephen Jay Gould’s opening sentence in his article on the Irish Elk, “The Origin and Function of ‘Bizarre’ Structures: Antler Siz... [Biblical Giants' relatives] [science] [Irish Elk] [Julian Huxley] [Megaloceros giganteus] [Stephen Jay Gould]


Alas, it is true that with none of my great and numerous shortcomings have I wrestled harder than with such impatience.  Yes, I am making some progress but I have never reached the point yet of keeping this wild best completely under control. — Joh... [Calvin] [Modern Culture]


Peter Opitz’s new book was sent along by TVZ some time back and I’ve finished it and will post my review tomorrow.  Till then just one word: flawless. Ulrich Zwingli (1484–1531) ist nicht nur der Reformator Zürichs und der Vater der Schwei... [book review] [Books] [Modern Culture] [Zwingli]
Rachel Royster artistI am struggling lately to walk two dogs quickly enough through the allotments for the school run because figs have fallen from overhanging trees there and puppies think pudding is being served and will not walk on. One of the ancient ...


Because, really, what comment is necessary? Rats.  It’s fake.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
A. Chadwick Thornhill.  The Chosen People: Election, Paul and Second Temple Judaism.  Downers Grove: IVP Academic, 2015.  See here to purchase the book. In the New Testament, there is talk about election and God choosing people before the ... [Bible] [Calvinism] [religion]


The above photo came to my attention on Facebook. It is a very clever way of making the point about how much computers have changed over the past 58 years. The photo at the top is the first delivery of a computer. The photo at the bottom has one that has... [Technology] [computers] [delivery] [electronic] [Elliott] [England] [first] [Norwich] [years]
People like to say that big time college sports not only pay for themselves but that they actually fund academics.  Uh oh… false. At Texas A&M University, the president’s proposal to charge all 50,000 students $72 per year to help pay for a $... [Modern Culture]
In part 2 we will survey some of the text-critically relevant papers from SBL 2015, though there were many others I was not able to attend.The combined Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible/Philology in Hebrew Studies session with the theme "Theory a... [Conferences]
I am working my way through a fascinating journal series called Marxist Studies in China. The journal began in 2008 and, as one would expect, covers a range of topics. Last night I was particularly intrigued by an article by Cheng Enfu and Hu Leming, cal... [china] [Engels] [Marx] [Stalin] [Bureau for Translation] [reading Stalin]


Ezra 3 by Bob MacDonald via Dust (#65899)
Gradually knocking of at least 1 chapter from books I haven't yet started. It's easy to forget that when the text says month, it also means new moon. Only here and in Nehemiah 7:72 do I see נגה preceding חדשׁ. Ezra 3 וַיִּגַּע֙ הַ... [Ezra]
This post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. In keeping with our Christmas theme, let... [Training] [Christmas] [how to use logos] [Morris Proctor] [new testament use of the old testament] [tutorial]

12 PM

Jim:If only they had it on youtube… Originally posted on Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception: Ready or not, yesterday marked the beginning of advent and what better way to take time out and reflect upon this season than joining us... [Modern Culture]


This may not be only bookish post before the end of 2015, but I thought I might do at least one a bit earlier than normal. As many of you may know, I manager a bookshop in Oakland, and occasionally write here & elsewhere about bookshop sort of things.... [blog posts]
Mehta lists my new book as one of the top atheist books in 2015, for which I'm thankful.Unfortunately Dr. Hector Avolos's new book isn't listed.If I were doing such a list it would be.
I somehow missed this article when it came out in New Testament Studies a few years back, but Brice C. Jones has the scoop on Stephen Carlson’s interpretation of the κατάλυμα (katalyma) in Luke 2:7, traditionally—yet erroneously—rendere... [New Testament] [Infancy Narratives] [Luke]
This was announced last week but I thought I’d let it settle down and then notify the readers that Kent Dobson is leaving Mars Hill, and here’s a news report from MLive. GRANDVILLE, MI – Rob Bell’s successor at Mars Hill Bible Church i... [Uncategorized]
I’ve continued to work on the Schubert piano concerto I described in one of the least-read AUFS posts in history. I feel pretty confident on the first movement, though there are still places that need work. Now most of my efforts are directed at the... [music]
There is, I believe, a need for humans to develop community. When we don’t, we lose a substantial part of ourselves. This is part of a different project — clinical mental health — but I thought I’d share because it factors into religion, p... [science] [Henk de Vos]


Sermon: Ruth 1, 4 Ruth 1:1-17; 4:13-17 NAS 1    Now it came about in the days when the judges governed, that there was a famine in the land. And a certain man of Bethlehem in Judah went to sojourn in the land of Moab with his wife and his two sons. 2 Th... [old testament] [Personal Reflection] [Worship/Liturgy] [David] [Jesse] [Naomi] [Ruth]
Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Johnson Thomaskutty, Assistant Professor of New Testament and Editor of UBS Journal at the Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, India, on his recently published dissertation, Dialogue in the Book of Signs: ... [Interview; Johnson Thomaskutty]
St John’s College, Cambridge, has announced that there will be a memorial service for Professor J.A. Emerton at noon on 27th February, 2016. Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
I was reading in Psalms this morning, specifically Psalm 51, and it occurred to me: What is the first thing you think of when someone mentions David and Bathsheba? Do you think of the adultery? Or do you think of the death of Uriah the Hittite, her husban... [Idle Musings] [pacifism] [Psalms] [theology]
In Genesis 1:26, God refers to Himself in the plural. He says, “Let us make man in our image.” Why does He do that? Why does Moses write it that way? Is this the first verse in the Bible that proves the Trinity? No, I don’t think so. This podcast on... [One Verse] [Redeeming Scripture] [Creation] [Genesis 1:26-27] [One Verse Podcast] [Theology of God] [Trinity]


Ritualization both implies and demonstrates a relatively unified corporate body, often leading participants to assume that there is more consensus than there actually is. It leads all to mistake the minimal consent of its participants for an underlying co... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual]
The marvelous JPS 2011 Oxford Leather Jewish Study Bible—which I highly recommend, is for sale today, Cyber Monday, through for $27.99—regular price $79.99—that is 65% off! Here is the link: [Bible] [book review] [Hebrew Bible]
Here is a report from the session on Christian Apocrypha joint with Papyrology and Early Christian Backgrounds at SBL Atlanta on 21 November.The first paper in this session was presented by Geoffrey Smith who always has very interesting presentations. Som... [Geoff Smith] [Papyrus 134] [SBL Atlanta 2015]


Skimmed through Nijay's dissertation this weekend, far overdue. I was interested in what he thought the significance of Paul's temple imagery was with regard the cessation of the temple. It wasn't his primary focus but he set me on to a good footnote trai... [Nijay Gupta]
It has been funny to see what atheists have had to say about the Seven Tenets posted online by a Satanic Temple. You can read them below. What is interesting to me is the way these newly-minted tenets of a newly-minted religious group are used as a basi... [atheism] [Progressive Christianity] [Anton LaVey] [atheists] [Bible] [Christianity] [Christians] [Hemant Mehta] [Jews] [John Loftus] [Judaism] [Liberal] [Satan] [Satanism] [Supernatural] [superstition] [Valerie Tarico]
I need to highlight the book by Steve Stewart-Williams, Darwin, God and the Meaning of Life.The book description is as follows:If you accept evolutionary theory, can you also believe in God? Are human beings superior to other animals, or is this just a hu...
In some recent studies of early expressions of Jesus-devotion, there are some issues that need clarification.  One of these recent studies is Iesus Deus:  The Early Christian Depiction of Jesus as a Mediterranean God, by M. David Litwa (Fortress Press... [Uncategorized]


CNN reports a first of its kind in the Muslim world, a Study Qur’an, just like Study Bibles. This Qur'an includes a new translation along with commentary on the verses written by Shiite and Sunni scholars, who represent two warring sects in the Middle E...
Record 1. TI: Editorial AU: Edenburg, Cynthia; M?ller, Reinhard JN: Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel PD: 2015-06-01T00:00:00 VO: 4 NO: 2 PG: 145-147(3) IS: 2192-2276 URL: Cli...


Guy Harrison and I am on a quest to spit out book after book. His most recent one it Good Thinking: What You Need to Know to be Smarter, Safer, Wealthier, and WiserHere is a review of it by the SanFranscico Book Review. Look like another good one!
Doesn't seem right does it? Yet he does as told by Dr. Valerie Tarico in her post titled, Seven Satanic Precepts Beat Ten Commandments As Moral Guide.
Your time is almost up! All Black Friday Deals end today at 11:59 p.m. (PT). Don’t miss your chance to save on top resources like the B.B. Warfield Collection, Bible Biography Series, and Calvin’s Commentaries. Find the perfect deal now! Here’... [Misc.] [black friday] [Lexham] [Products]


In het Nederlands komen veel woorden voor die aan het Hebreeuws zijn ontleend, in deze reeks vandaag het hebraïsme Mokum. Als we het over Mokum hebben dan weet iedereen direct dat we het dan over Amsterdam hebben en sommigen zullen vreemd opkijken als... [Hebreeuws] [Plaatsen]
In an interview on NPR the head of planned parenthood expressed horror at the murder of people at one of their clinics, blithely ignoring the fact that PP murders people in the thousands every single day of the week. Planned Parenthood will now do everyth... [Modern Culture]
From Geoff Surratt: At the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City a rail-thin engineering student from Oregon State named Dick Fosbury stunned the world of track and field with his approach to the high jump competition. Rather than sprinting straight toward ... [Uncategorized]
Following Romans (Feb 2016), my next book due out is What Christians ought to Believe: An Introduction to Christian Doctrine Through the Apostles’ Creed available in July 2016 from Zondervan. And it is now ready for pre-order at He... [Uncategorized]


After having a discussion here at Exploring Our Matrix in which an atheist insisted that there cannot be atheist fundamentalists because atheists reject all dogmas, it was interesting to see Harry McCall dogmatically insist what atheists “must asse... [atheism] [mythicism] [Christianity] [debunking] [dogma] [dogmatic] [Harry McCall] [historians] [mythicists] [scholars]
I'M STILL SKEPTICAL: Is ‘The Gospel of Jesus’s Wife’ a revelation or a hoax? (Lisa Wangsness, Boston Globe). This is a good summary of the current state of the question, with a couple of pieces of new information. There are already blog posts noting...
Now that Black Friday and Thanksgiving are behind us, the holiday season compels us to think of what comes next. Whether it is Hanukkah or Christmas or Kwanza, people are preparing to celebrate during the longest nights of the year, hoping to encourage l... [civil religion] [Current Events] [Holidays] [Posts] [Religious Violence] [Sects] [Social Consciousness] [Arkansas] [Christmas] [Culture Wars] [religious holidays] [Starbucks] [The Baxter Bulletin] [war on Christmas]
AWOL: Petra, the Rose-Red City: Google Streetview Tour.
PHILIP JENKINS: The “Secret” Gospels that Have Been Hiding in Plain Sight (History News Network). Did the Gospel of Barnabas know ancient Gnostic sources? Professor Jenkins seems to think so. Some past PaleoJudaica posts on the Gospel of Barnabas are...
ARCHANGEL METATRON WATCH: Happy Birthday Curtis Armstrong: Best Metatron quotes from Supernatural (Mangala Dilip, International Business Times).You have been around since scaly things crawled out of the muck, would it have killed you to read a book?Backgr...
by Steven RameyNote: This post initially appear on the Culture on the Edge blog just after the Paris attacks on November 13. Given our goal at the Bulletin blog to keep this conversation going, a re-post is in order.The deadly attacks in Paris last Friday... [Politics and Religion] [Religion and Society] [Religion and Theory] [Religion in the News] [Steven Ramey] [Theory and Method] [Theory in the Real World] [Black Lives Matter movement] [Culture on the Edge]


WINE MAKING: Israel Aims to Recreate Wine That Jesus and King David Drank (JODI RUDOREN, NYT).HEFER VALLEY, Israel — The new crisp, acidic and mineral white from a high-end Israeli winery was aged for eight months — or, depending on how you look at it...