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December 5 2017, 12 PM

Although nonviolent offenders get the most attention from reformers, they account for less than 20 percent of all prisoners.

October 20, 5PM

Just a reminder :  Generals are not above questioning or being dead wrong and soldiers are not all paragons of virtue or sacrifice.   Maybe it’s best not to pretend otherwise and thus fall into idolatry.  After all, worship of the mil... [Modern Culture]
Because too many Deacons and Pastors are divorced and Churches are filled with divorced people and it’s just too darn uncomfortable to discuss it, that’s why.  So, good for you, Bee– Many people claim to be proponents of traditional mar... [Modern Culture]


And if you vote for ANY of these reprobates, you are as guilty as they are because you have winked in silence at their disgusting and unvirtuous sin: “Some girls rape easy.” – Rep. Roger Rivard (R-Wi) “Rape is kinda like the weath... [Total Depravity]
It is astonishing to think that God would choose to enter the world this way: as a fragile newborn who could not even hold up his own head without help.
By Tim Bertolet. This article proposes a better source for the Son’s cry in Hebrews 5:7. It begins by surveying sources previous scholars have identified, including Jesus’ cry in Gethsemane and Golgotha, several Psalms, and the Maccabean martyr litera... [Bible] [Biblical Studies Resources]

12 PM

Around 200,000 Salvadorans and 57,000 Hondurans have been residing in the United States for more than 15 years under Temporary Protected Status. But that status is set to expire in early 2018.
At the heart of Anne Frank’s life and witness is a hopeful faith in humanity.
Rarely does the death of a private citizen elicit a formal letter of condolence from the Pope.


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I found my voice in the cries of the ancient psalmist.


The quadriga is a Roman cart or chariot drawn by four horses abreast. This was commonly used as a racing chariot and each horse was thought to share an equal part of the burden. It is little wonder then why medieval theologians called their approach to sc... [Other Posts]


Almighty God, be with your people in California now in the midst of the fires.
Some church leaders in Ireland say the World Meeting of Families, to be held next year in Dublin, should be open to all kinds of families, including gay couples.


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The documents include letters showing church leaders knew of sexual abuse allegations.
Desperation for purpose in the Cosmos It’s a pretty good bet that not one in a thousand churchgoers today could pick out Karl Barth in a line-up—or be able to tell you what he did. Yet he was one of the most prolific theologians of the 20th century...
And those advocating for gay marriage are in absolutely no position to object to prostitution because ‘love is love’.  Purchasers love cheap sex and sellers love money. A federal appeals court gave the go-ahead Thursday to activists seeking ... [Modern Culture] [Total Depravity]
Robert Bellamy states the thrust of his “republican defense of constitutional democracy” up front (Political Constitutionalism, viii). He rejects the common assumption that “a written, justiciable constitution, incorporating a bill of... [constitution] [democracy] [Political Theory]
Benedict rejects the notion that Catholic social theory treats social and political institutions – the state, the economy, civil society, for instance – as – autonomous, extrinsically-related “subjects” with different logics. On this view, the e... [Benedict XVI] [Catholic Social Teaching] [love]
David VanDrunen, has worked out an understanding of natural law and the “two kingdoms” Christologically. He writes, “The Son of God rules the temporal kingdom as an eternal member of the Divine Trinity but does not rule it in his capacity as the in... [natural law] [Two Kingdoms]


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Is being Catholic the last, true way to be a rebel?
Is being Catholic the last, true way to be a rebel?


Jeremiah’s intimate prayer dialogues were not canonized merely in order to preserve the prophet’s personal prayer life. If Jeremiah’s prayers were ever (auto)biographical, they are no longer only about him. In the canonical process they have become ... [Books] [Intercession] [Prayer] [Standing in the Breach] [theology]
23 The Lord’s word came to me: 24 Human one, say to her, You are an unclean land without rain on the day of reckoning. 25 The conspiracy of princes[c] in her is like a roaring lion ripping up prey. They’ve piled up wealth and precious goods and made m... [False Prophets] [Prophecy] [scripture] [Thought for the day]
“Everyone will report what happened here tonight differently,” Mr. Ryan joked.
In the previous post I pointed out a few historical details which indicate Philippi was more or less Roman city in the mid-first century. How does this background effect our reading of the letter? There are quite a few things in the letter which are illum... [Pauline Literature] [Philippians] [Paul] [Philippi]
Baum was the author of the first draft of "Nostra Aetate."
Adam Kirsch can’t bring himself to say that poet Richard Wilbur, who died last weekend, was a Christian. In a 2004 New Yorker review, he comes close – recognizing religious themes and describing him as a “Transcendentalist.” Kirsch... [poetry] [richard wilbur]
The California Catholic Conference said the bill "deliberately" targeted religious employers.
The trouble began when nine students at a weekend party played “Jews vs. Nazis” beer pong.
For our gospel did not come to you in word only, but also in power, and in the Holy Spirit and in much assurance, as you know what kind of men we were among you for your sake. (1 Th 1:5)Thus, the obedient and responsive soul gives itself over to the virtu... [gregory nyssen]
Evolutionary theorists want to present evolution as a theory of everything. Benedict XVI (Truth and Tolerance, 180-1) doesn’t buy it. Philosophically, the question is “whether reason, or rationality, stands at the beginning of all things and i... [Benedict XVI] [evolution] [rationality] [reason]
In Benedict XVI: A Guide for the Perplexed (33-4), Tracey Rowland takes note of the Pope’s sharp critique of popular music, including contemporary Christian music. Benedict “quotes Adorno’s judgement that ‘the fundamental characteristic of... [Benedict XVI] [music]


In Truth and Tolerance, Benedict XVI argues that the Western world is in a crisis that can only be solved if “reason and religion . . . come together again, without merging into each other” (144). He insists this isn’t a matter of protec... [Benedict XVI] [reason]
Gaul is still divided into three parts, according to Stefan McDaniel in a 2016 essay in First Things. Three parties are vying to determine the future of France – deconstructionists, children of 1968; reconstructionists, in search for new values to g... [France]
Oakley, Kingship, 90-1. the Augustine whom one usually encounters in the Latin Middle Ages is the Augustine of the City of God only insofar as that work was reinterpreted in light of the tracts he wrote during the course of his long and bitter struggle ag... [augustine] [middle ages] [Political Theology]
1 Samuel by Bob MacDonald via Dust (#97745)
A short chapter while I move my office back home. 1 Samuel 5 Fn Min Max Syll וּפְלִשְׁתִּים֙ לָֽקְח֔וּ אֵ֖ת אֲר֣וֹן הָאֱלֹהִ֑ים וַיְבִאֻ֛הוּ מֵאֶ֥בֶן הָעֵ֖זֶר אַשְׁדּ... [1 Samuel]
Sound Christian doctrine and good Christian living are intimately tied together. You cannot have one without the other. This is especially true for church leaders. In his letter to Titus, the Apostle Paul implores the reader to take truth seriously and to... [articles] [Products]


THE BIBLE PLACE BLOG: 19th Batchelder Conference for Archaeology and Biblical Studies (Todd Bolen). Coming in early November at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Visit PaleoJudaica daily for the latest news on ancient Judaism and the biblical world.
FOR YOU, SPECIAL DEAL: Dream of owning your own private island off Ireland? This is epic (Frances Mulraney, Irish Central).West Skeam Island is a small 33-acre island with a monumental history from the Vikings to the Great Hunger and for a cool $2.3 milli...
Catholics are following the general public in a broader acceptance of cremation.
The Census must be done right.
A suicide prevented is often more than only one life saved; it often is a whole family preserved.
For what we and our forebears have done and failed to do, we ask for forgiveness.
An unprecedented ecumenical and interreligious cooperation is the museum’s greatest accomplishment.
Only three Sundays remain in the church year. Each of them includes a Gospel about the end times.
Only those who understand true humility can walk with Christ each day into the presence of the Father.
In talking with a mythicist on Facebook who seemed blissfully unaware of how nonsensical his stance comes across, the similarity between creationism and mythicism became apparent yet again. Ironically, however, the mythicist tried to claim that in fact it... [mythicism] [young-earth creationism] [creationists] [mythicists]
MUSEUM: Breathtaking 1,700-year-old Lod mosaic to finally have a floor to call home. Decades after its discovery, country's 'finest' tile art will be displayed to the public at the central Israeli city's Mosaic Archaeological Center - when it's completed ...


I really enjoy the History of Byzantium podcast by Robin Pierson. Just came across a couple of episodes about the life of John Chrysostom (part 1 and parts 2, 3, 4), documents John’s career, including some great info on Antioch and Constantinople. [Uncategorized]
By John Frye Eugene Peterson opens up Revelation 12-14 under the title “The Last Word on Politics” in Reversed Thunder: The Revelation of John and the Praying Imagination. Don’t you dream of that in these endless politically-infested days—the last... [Uncategorized]
Surely one of the most controversial haunting stories of my own lifetime was that which came to be known as The Amityville Horror. After the tragic deaths of the DeFeo family in 1974, the next occupants of the fatal house, the Lutz family, claimed to hav... [Books] [Monsters] [movies] [popular culture] [Posts] [Amityville] [Demons] [George and Kathy Lutz] [horror movies] [Jay Anson] [New York] [The Amityville Horror] [The Exorcist]
DR. RABBI DAVID FRANKEL: Noah, Ham and the Curse of Canaan: Who Did What to Whom in the Tent? ( does Noah express such a severe curse for the seemingly minor sin of observing his nakedness? Why does Noah curse his grandson instead of his ...
Over the weekend I managed to read the new book by Candida Moss and Joel Baden called Bible Nation: the United States of Hobby Lobby. The book is an attempt to understand the motivations and actions of the Green family in relation to their plans for ...


Indeed… HODEL'S MADNESS Those living in the UK will probably have already realised that we are just entering the ‘open season’ for Britain’s most favourite hobby – predicting that we are about to experience the worst winter weather on r... [Modern Culture]
Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! [Uncategorized]

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Over on his blog, Richard Fellows has written up the results of his measurements of the paragraphoi in Vaticanus and plotted them against the measurements of Philip Payne from his recent NTS article. Fellows has linked to his blog in the comments of my la... [Codex Vaticanus] [Distigmai] [Phil Payne] [Richard Fellows]
On October 20, 1880, through the work of Abraham Kuyper and cofounders, the Amsterdam Free University was opened, dedicated to a Calvinistic orientation, a tribute to Kuyper’s persistence in striving for the right of private higher education in the Neth... [Church History]

October 19, 10PM [Uncategorized]


Kevin Woodruff has posted an updated (and relocated) Bible Study Resources Guide. It's a good page to bookmark! [biblical resources]
Brian Zahnd.  Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God: The Scandalous Truth of the Very Good News.  Waterbrook, 2017.  See here to buy the book. Brian Zahnd is founder and pastor of Word of Life Church, which is in St. Joseph, Missouri.  ...


This HuffPost article points out that some obscure Old Testament names are being given to babys today. The author notes concerning Azriel that, "This name of three minor characters in the Old Testament is set to join more prominent figures like Ezra and ... [old testament]