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January 17 2018, 9AM

The stresses of the job hit rural priests particularly hard.
"You are the new Magi in our time, who teach us all to keep our heads up, and amid the darkness of the night at times, to take heart that God is still in the heavens, guiding us like that Bethlehem star."
She was Dickensian, if Dickens had written a Gaelic warrior-waif, a hero with a voice that could thrill and comfort.


Let’s be real. How much do you pay attention to the book of Revelation? How do you read the Book of Revelation? How many arguments are there about the Book of Revelation? Why are so many of the battles about this book about such — if I may —... [Uncategorized]
1. Alleged Christian Crosses in Herculaneum and Pompeii John Granger Cook. Volume 72, Issue 1, pages 1 - 20, 2018 Die arithmetische Feinstruktur im Traktat De oratione des Evagrios Pontikos Christoph Joest. V...
Pope Francis has visited other prisons, but this was the first time on his travels as pope that he visited one just for women. He was greeted by women standing with their babies in their arms. 


A common motif found in Ancient Near East reliefs shows a monarch placing his foot on his enemy. One illustration of this is the large relief showing the Assyrian King Tiglath-Pileser III (reigned 745-727 B.C.) with his foot on the neck of an enemy. Tigla... [Archaeology] [Bible study] [Culture] [New Testament] [old testament] [Photography] [Assyrian Empire] [British Museum]


Susan, a friend and a fellow missionary kid, has written of a time of terror, a moment of fear, when she was four or five years old. She starts her story like this: The early 1960s in Indonesia were years of political upheaval. The Communist party was str... [Uncategorized]
Leviticus 6 by Bob MacDonald via Dust (#101810)
Given that the prior post is mid-chapter depending on whether one is reading the English or the Hebrew, I have done the two in succession. Lifting high or exalting the fat after it has been a burning mass all night seems to imply that דשׁן means ashe... [Leviticus]
Rarely are biblical scholars unanimous, but NT scholars pretty well all agree on one thing: the kingdom of God is the central theme of Jesus’ preaching. Some students of Scripture have argued that the kingdom of God is also the central theme of all Scri... [articles]


The new law, which takes effect Feb. 1, establishes a 50-meter, no-protest zone around eight abortion facilities in Ontario.
Walk a Mile in a Refugee’s Shoes from COIN on Vimeo. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE From: Coalition for Our Immigrant Neighbors    COIN Releases “Walk a Mile” Documentary The Coalition for Our Immigrant Neighbors brought together over 400 people at its... [movies] [Documentary] [Immigrants] [refugees] [simulation]
The king of Judah is panicked, and all Jerusalem with him (Isaiah 7). Judah has been invaded by the combined armies of Pekiah, King of Israel, and Rezin, King of Aram. They have come against Jerusalem and are besieging it, but they cannot conquer it. But ... [Bible - OT - Isaiah]


THE TEMPLE MOUNT SIFTING PROJECT BLOG: ISIS-Style Destruction of Antiquities, Right Here in Israel. The staff of the Temple Mount Sifting Project made a very disturbing discovery at the site of Archelais, north of Jericho, while on a recreational field tr...
THE HOLY LAND PHOTOS' BLOG: Seldom Visited Aqueduct at Caesarea (Carl Rasmussen). Visit PaleoJudaica daily for the latest news on ancient Judaism and the biblical world.
APPLICATIONS FOR 2018 GRANTS ARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED – DOWNLOAD THE POSTER HERE: PEF Grants 2018.pdf Application Form and Procedure — The following forms and notes are available to download here:  PEF grant form (PDF | DOC)  PEF referenc... [Archaeology]
Over at the blog for the Bulletin for the Study of Religion, Stacie Swain has done the important work of interrogating the construction of the syllabus. [teaching] [Uncategorized] [classroom] [higher ed] [higher education] [NAASR] [pedagogy] [syllabus]
By Chris Seidman. Since 2001, Chris has served as lead minister of The Branch Church, a multi-site church in Dallas with more than 100 years of rich history.  Chris is privileged to preach occasionally in churches, on college campuses, and in conferences... [Uncategorized]
The Greek session went very, very well, I think.  Such perceptive and quick students.  In two class sessions they have nearly mastered the Greek alphabet and are already easily reading the list of names in Matthew 1.  Plus, we had a great time discussi... [Ming Hua Theological College]
FORTHCOMING BOOK FROM BLOOMSBURY/T&T CLARK:What Did Jesus Look Like? By: Joan E. Taylor Published: 08-02-2018 Format: Hardback Edition: 1st Extent: 288 ISBN: 9780567671509 Imprint: T&T Clark Illustrations: 77 colour illus Dimensions: 216 x 170 mm...
NEW BOOK FROM BLOOMSBURY/T&T CLARK:Jude on the Attack A Comparative Analysis of the Epistle of Jude, Jewish Judgement Oracles, and Greco-Roman Invective By: Alexandra Robinson Published: 14-12-2017 Format: Hardback Edition: 1st Extent: 272 ISBN: 978...
It must be very difficult to write books that make the future believable. With the speed of technological change, it’s getting more difficult all the time. Some exceptions are modern dystopias that take civilization back to square one. We’ve come c... [Books] [literature] [popular culture] [Posts] [Religious Violence] [dystopia] [Kurt Vonnegut] [messianism] [Player Piano] [Technology]


This is part 5 of a series of posts covering A.D. episode by episode & are initial impressions not a review. You can read them all hereAfter the focus on and death of Saul in the last episode, this episode picks up the start of the story of Saul. In c... [A.D. (NBC)] [Paul]


Matthew Curtis Fleischer.  The Old Testament Case for Nonviolence.  Oklahoma City: Epic Octavius the Triumphant, 2017.  See here to purchase the book. Matthew Curtis Fleischer is an attorney.  In The Old Testament Case for Nonviolence,...
Thallus, se sabe muy poco ya que ninguno de sus escritos ha llegado hasta nosotros. Pero sabemos que escribió una Historia del mundo meditarreneo a mediados o finales del siglo I, porque Eusebio de Cesarea habla de ella. Pero ha sido gracias al cosmógra... [Documentos] [General] [Jesus de Nazaret]

January 16, 11PM

There are some movies that are far more than entertainment. They are actually important in other ways. The relevance of this film in an age where truth is in danger, and actual facts are called ‘fake news’ should be obvious, regardless of one&... [Uncategorized]
This post, by Cherith Fee Nordling, my colleague at Northern Seminary, provides book suggestions — post seminary — on theology with a twist toward diversity and theology. From Resurrection to New Creation: A First Journey in Christian Theolog... [Uncategorized]



Honestly, friends, spare yourselves the misery of all this rubbish and get a Revised English Bible. [Modern Culture]
So far in this series:I. Sermon Introduction (1:1-2:18)     A. Exordium (1:1-4)     B. Celebration of the Enthroned Son (1:5-14)_____________________________C. Background of Salvation (2:1-18)     1. exhortatio... [Concentrated Hebrews]


Role or Esoteric and Apocryphal Sources in the Development of Christian and Jewish TraditionsInternational Conferenceconvened under the auspices of the Leibniz Programme, DFGGoethe Universitat Frankfurt am Main, Department of Ancient HistoryForschungskoll...


You can read or listen to John Piper's comments on the value of the Old Testament for the Christian life here. [John Piper] [old testament]
This is an expanded version of a prize-winning essay that summarises the arguments for and against the Mosaic authorship of Deuteronomy. This title entered the public domain on 1st January and still retails for around £10, so I trust that it will prove u... [Deuteronomy] [Moses]


This afternoon (15 January) our Centre for the Study of Christian Origins hosted a very informative presentation by Dr. Brent Nongbri on how we go about attempting to date undated literary manuscripts, especially Greek papyri.  The thrust of his presenta... [Uncategorized] [Manuscripts] [NT Textual Criticism] [Papyri]
Francis focused for the second time today during his visit to Chile on the abuse scandal that has rocked the Chilean church. “I know the pain resulting from cases of abuse of minors, and I am attentive to what you are doing to respond to this great and ...
The ESSENTIAL question is- who are you ‘Coram Deo‘.  Every other question is absurdity in comparison. [theology]
An Irish woman fed up with searching for the perfect man has married the ghost of a 300-year-old pirate instead – and says he’s her “soulmate”. Amanda Teague, from Drogheda in Co Louth, has married a Haitian pirate named Jack who d... [Total Depravity]
I took a class with D.A. Carson in seminary that completely changed how I read the Bible. Prior to the class, I understood the Bible’s general storyline, but you couldn’t drop me somewhere in 1 Chronicles and ask me to relate it to Christ and his rede... [articles] [Products]


Mark MittelbergMark Mittelberg is a bestselling author, sought-after speaker, and the Executive Director of the Center for Strategic Evangelism, in partnership with Houston Baptist University. He wrote the book Confident Faith: Building a Firm Foundation ... [Mark Mittelberg]
Pope Francis began his first Apostolic Visit to Chile and Peru on January 15, 2018. He addressed the issue of nuclear war, asked for forgiveness for clerical sexual abuse and urged the faithful to be a people of peace.
Detalhe artístico da Sinagoga de Burlington com o decálogoO Livro dos Atos dos Apóstolos no seu capítulo 21 nos mostra um evento crítico para a vida de Paulo de Tarso quando este foi à Jerusalém pela última vez. Segundo o relato, havia naquela cid...


Pope Francis dove head-first into Chile's sex abuse scandal on his first full day in Santiago.
Via Richard Steiner- Here is a preliminary attempt to read two lines of the papyrus as Aramaic with Hebrew admixture: [kz]hr h$[m]$ ywm ‘l ywm pqy hzhry — like the shining/brilliance of the sun every day come out (fem.) and shine (fem.) The ol... [Biblical Studies Resources]
How strange would it sound if a friend described what they did this morning like this? “After she got out of bed, she took a shower and then made a quick breakfast for herself—just some coffee and a bagel. I was in such a hurry that I didn’t even fi... [articles]

12 PM

Let’s take a poll on this statement from Carl E. Armerding: “Moreover, the development of an authoritative text is a natural corollary to an authoritative list of books.”*Is the development of an authoritative text a natural corollary to an aut... [canon] [Poll] [theology]
The Justice Department is vowing to enforce a federal ban on marijuana, even as some states try to move toward full legalization.