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February 6 2016, 5PM

The process envisioned for the creation of e-Clavis: Christian Apocrypha is to enlist members of NASSCAL to contribute entries on texts on which they have already completed, or are in the process of completing, a substantial body of work. Essentially, the... [Biblical Studies Resources] [Modern Culture]
The Christian Church in Germany acts in a social context which is characterized by significant cultural and religious changes. On the one hand there is a loss of interest in Christianity and its expressions, on the other hand various religious orientation... [Modern Culture]
Dear Jim, I attend a church which has cancelled its evening service so that our members can watch the Super Bowl without feeling conflicted.  In my opinion you owe those churches which have made this choice an apology.  We are just as much Christians as... [Modern Culture]


How do you evaluate the life and ministry of someone whose views are different from your own? That's the conundrum faced by many of us who in former days were part of a religious group that we have since abandoned. In most cases we didn't leave because of...


Jacob Sadoleto’s an able and learned man, and the papists took him up into the number of the cardinals in the hope that he might write against us. But he has no understanding, as may be seen clearly in his commentary on Psalm 51. What alien and absu... [Luther]


If your church has to supplement its members lives with adverts on the radio or TV this only means that they aren’t living the Gospel.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]

12 PM

Source: Gerald_G I’m going to be teaching my home Sunday School class for the next four weeks, and it happens that the topics are all from the Israelite feasts. Tomorrow I’ll be talking about Passover, the next week about the F... [Christianity] [religion] [Worship] [celebration] [Feasts]


Credit: J_Alves Evolution is one of those issues we often don’t discuss in church. There are actually quite a number of Christians who accept evolutionary theory in general or just a part of it, but quite often they just don’t ... [Christianity] [Creation and Evolution] [intelligent design] [religion] [Creation] [debate] [Discovery Institute] [discussion] [evolution]
Interview with Martin Brokenleg worth reading. [Links]


Below you will find the introduction to the NABRE NT revision, as found on the Catholic Biblical Association website.  I will have Mary Sperry's responses for you on Monday.The Revision of the New American Bible New TestamentIntroduction:At their Jun... [NABRE NT Revision]
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Hiskias dam ligg midt inne i Gamlebyen i Jerusalem. Bildet er frå 1865. Bygningane rundt den nå tørre dammen inneheld i dag små butikkar ut mot gatene og bustadar i etasjane over. Eg er relativt godt kjent i den uoversiktelege (og fascinerande) Gamle... [Israel og dei palestinske områda] [Jerusalem] [Amygdalon] [dammer i Jerusalem] [Gamlebyen i Jerusalem] [Hezekiah´s Pool] [Hiskias dam] [Patriarch´s Pool] [Patriarkenes dam] [Pool of Patriarch´s Bath]
E-books may be convenient and cheap, but they aren’t displacing paper just yet, at least in the hearts and minds of college kids. That’s what Naomi Baron, linguistics professor at American University, found out as part of the research she cond... [Books] [Modern Culture]


Tim Challies has a great post here on the hidden beauty of a bad sermon. Make sure to read the whole post but this final paragraph is gold.Young preachers, new preachers, preach bad sermons. They preach bad sermons as they learn to preach good sermons. An... [Preaching] [Sermons]


Glad to see that Kevin Emmert at CT lists my Anomalous Jew: Paul among Jews, Greeks, and Romans as one of the must read theology books of 2016! An Anomalous Jew: Paul among Jews, Greeks, And Romans, by Michael Bird (Eerdmans, October). Paul was a comple... [Uncategorized]
Gentlemen- if you wish to avoid being charged with rape- don’t rape women. Ladies- if you don’t wish to be raped- don’t go to a frat house. Ever. Young people- the best way to avoid the horror of a life scarred by the consequences of rap... [Modern Culture]
Heretic! Bloody Heretic! So you think a game should displace our service?  Great, next time my kids have a game on Sunday or Wednesday I’ll be there because you said it’s more important. You’re doing it to attract the non-attenders?  T... [Modern Culture]
A farmer on a hike with his family near the Horns of Hattin discovered a scarab depicting Thutmose III. “An ancient canal system used 2,000 years ago to irrigate terraced agricultural plots has been unearthed at an excavation near the Roman-era fortres... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Jerusalem] [Lectures] [Shephelah] [Temple Mount] [Turkey]


Take a look- Faces&Voices The Archaeology of Religion in the Roman World group is organizing a panel on old and new methods in the dating of early Christian papyri at the next Annual Meeting of the Society for Biblical Literature (San Antonio, Texas... [Modern Culture]
I remember seeing my first steel penny. At first I didn’t think it was real. Like many poor kids, I was a collector. I collected anything cheap: cancelled stamps, bottle tops from glass pop bottles, fossils, just to name a few free trinkets. And I... [Current Events] [Memoirs] [movies] [popular culture] [Posts] [Social Consciousness] [Casablanca] [Lisbon] [Middle East] [Purgatory] [steel pennies] [wheat back]
The brain can be cheated. We do it all the time for several reasons. When I buy a lottery ticket, I do it pretending that the odds are reasonable. It's a pretend game, deep down I know I'm just fooling myself. But when I'm buying the ticket, I don't care ...


There was an interesting convergence around the topic of ancient people allegedly using computers this week. Of course, the example that the Daily Mail highlighted is old news to most of us, the modern eye seeing what is presumably a wax tablet in an anci... [Archaeology] [art] [history] [Technology] [ancient] [computers] [Eisenbrauns] [Greek] [Inscription] [laptop] [logo] [motherboard] [time travel]


THAT WOULD BE A GOOD NAME FOR A BAND. OH, WAIT. Meet Delaware County's Dead Sea Squirrels (Brian Bingaman, Delaware County News Network).Where did that name — a zany spin on the name for a set of ancient Jewish historical and religious parchment/papyrus...
Zeitschrift für Theologie und Kirche 112:4 (2015)Reinhard Müller, "Treue zum rettenden Gott. Erwägungen zu Ursprung und Sinn des Ersten Gebots," 403-428 (abstract) [ZThK] [Παλαιά Διαθήκη]
ACADEMIA.EDU: Guy G Stroumsa, Hidden Wisdom: Esoteric Traditions and the Roots of Christian Mysticism (Studies in the History of Religions 70; Leiden: Brill, 1996). This is actually the 2005 revised and enlarged edition. The Amazon book blurb reads:This b...
NEW BOOK FROM ABELIAN ACADEMIC PRESS:Biblical & Qur'anic Traditions in the Middle East Authored by Cornelia B. Horn, editor, Sidney H. Griffith, editor Edition: First Edition As the threat to the existence and continuation of the diversity of people...
JAMES MCGRATH: Jewish Christianity and the Origins of Islam #CFP.


PHOTO OF THE DAY: Sifting for Ancient Treasures (The Jewish Express). Actually there are several nice photos. It's always good to see the Temple Mount Sifting Project getting some attention. Background here (cf. here, here, and here) with oh so many links...

February 5, 11PM

Grandma and grandpa, mom and dad — read to ‘em: (CNN)When parents read to their children the difference shows in children’s behavior and academic performance. And according to a new study, the difference also shows in their brain activit... [Uncategorized]
The latest issue of The Journal: News of the Churches of God is devoted in large part to Ron Dart, who recently died after a long period of ill health. I can recollect few if any other figures in the Church of God movement who have been held in this kind ...


I am delighted to have the opportunity to participate in the Patheos Book Club about Brant Pitre’s recent book, The Case for Jesus: The Biblical and Historical Evidence for Christ. Pitre’s book touches on a number of points that have been men... [book review] [Christology] [New Testament] [authors] [Authorship] [Bart Ehrman] [Brant Pitre] [C. S. Lewis] [eyewitnesses] [gospels] [James D. G. Dunn] [jesus] [trilemma]
The current issue of Word & World (Winter 2016) has an editorial by Frederick Gaiser called The Malleable Jesus. It's a reminder that your Jesus may not be mine. Being a church publication (out of ELCA's Luther Seminary in St Paul, Minnesota) Gai...


I imagine you knew this wouldn't be far behind Exodus 20. The whole law is really quite wonderful. Christians should learn to read it. Notice the present tense emphasis in verse 3. Not with them, but with us. The presence of the past. If all would pay att... [Deuteronomy]