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May 1 2016, 7AM

We're having a yard sale today. I'm even set up with our Square Reader in case someone says, "Well, I'd love to buy that quesadilla maker with a busted latch, but I only have my debit card." Heck, I can even take ApplePay! I keep referring to this activit... [Personal] [childhood] [garage sales]


One of the unadulterated pleasures of life—or maybe adulterated is the better adjective—is the used book sale. The year I missed the Hunterdon County Friends of the Library sale felt like a year without a summer. There are other book sales around, b... [Books] [higher education] [Just for Fun] [Memoirs] [Posts] [Hunterdon County Library Book Sale] [JSTOR] [used books]
ANCIENT JEW REVIEW: John Ma | Part Two: The Maccabees and Religious Persecution. Part one of the interview was noted here.
NEW BOOK FROM MOHR SIEBECK:Zwischen Exegese und religiöser Praxis Heilige Texte von der Spätantike bis zum Klassischen Islam Hrsg. v. Peter Gemeinhardt [Between Exegesis and Religious Practice. Holy Texts from Late Antiquity to Classical Islam.] 2016. ...
NEW BOOK FROM EISENBRAUNS:Language Change in the Wake of Empire Syriac in Its Greco-Roman Context by Aaron Michael Butts Linguistic Studies in Ancient West Semitic - LSAWS 11 Description Just arrived, April 11 It is well documented that one of the pri...

12 AM

BIBLIOGRAPHIA IRANICA: Iranian Studies: A volume in honour of Michael Morony. Notice of Iranian Studies, Volume 49, Issue 2, 2016. Special issue: “Sasanian Iran and beyond: A special volume in honour of Michael G. Morony and his contributions to late an...
NEW ISSUE OF ASJ REVIEW: 40.1 (2016). Follow the link for TOC. Some of the articles and reviews have to do with ancient Judaism. You can view the abstracts for free, but the site requires a paid personal or institutional subscription to read the articles ...

April 30, 10PM

May Day, in ancient Western culture, was the day that men and women took a big bath, after stinking most of the winter, and got all cleaned up and dressed up, and did the mating ritual known as the May pole dance, which in turn led to a season of courting... [Uncategorized]
O God, you have prepared for those who love you such good things as surpass our understanding: Pour into our hearts such love towards you, that we, loving you in all things and above all things, may obtain your promises, which exceed all that we can desi... [Uncategorized]


Henry Neufeld talks about Translating Hebrews 2:6–8. Then he discusses The Apologetics of Hebrews. [Hebrews 2; Blogs]
The posts collected in this month’s Carnival are all SBL-centric.  What did the SBL do?  What did it post, or email or publicize?  And it’s all assembled here to whet your appetite for the half-a-year-away-Conference-of-a-Lifetime meeting i... [Bible] [Books] [Modern Culture] [SBL]


I haven’t read it yet, but a new article is up at the Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism. The Distributive Singular In Paul: The Adequacy Of A Grammatical Category (JGRCJ 11.6) Looks interesting… HT: Rick BrannanFiled under: Greek... [Greek]


This sermon was delivered February 15th, 1998 at the Fairview Missionary Church in Angola, Indiana, for Laity Sunday. I was not an atheist at the time. I was a liberal in an evangelical church who was about to become an agnostic in just a few months. Afte...
Amos 6 by Bob MacDonald via Dust (#73505)
I keep on going. I have to stop on a dime and go shopping or tend the garden, but my bookmarks are kept and I sit down and am taken captive by the text, even if I have had to leave it for several days. It's a very big, nay gigantic puzzle. As I walked to... [Amos]
最近開始著手進行網上希臘文課程音視教材的汰舊換新,新格式不再需要安裝Quicktime外掛程式(plugin),符合HTML5標準。 回首網上希臘文課程的里程碑與更新歷史,從英文版到中文版,從文字版到... [Ministry]


I moved to Oregon recently, and I am checking out the local churches.  In contrast to my last move, which was to Washington, I am not particularly eager this time around to plant my roots at one church.  Right now, I want to explore.Last Sun... [church]


This video apparently comes from the wedding of two Star Wars fans. Hope you enjoy it! Should it be called an Organa Voluntary? [music] [Star Wars] [organ] [theme] [voluntary] [wedding]


Noam Chomsky’s (1965) Aspect of the theory of syntax presents a revised version of generative grammar that constrains the power of its syntactic transformations in order to maintain the predictive goals of generative grammar: produce all the grammatica... [Books] [grammar] [History of Linguistics] [Language] [Linguistics] [syntax] [chomsky] [Extended Standard Theory] [Generative Grammar] [Linguistic Theory] [Vilhelm von Humboldt]
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We're having a yard sale today. I'm even set up with our Square Reader in case someone says, "Well, I'd love to buy that quesadilla maker with a busted latch, but I only have my debit card." Heck, I can even take ApplePay! I keep referring incor... [Personal] [childhood] [garage sales]
Batismo. Pintura cristã primitiva (III seculo DC), via Wikipedia Commons"Todos os santos lhes enviam saudações, especialmente os que estão no palácio de César (Filipenses 4:22).Um dos maiores desafios para os historiadores da antiguidade é entender... [Anotações Ad Cummulus] [Cartas Paulinas] [Constantino] [Cristianismo Primitivo] [Roma]


This is another fine essay by Valerie Tarico. Here's a quote​ with the link: In the end, the issue of whether religion is addictive for you comes down to similar questions to the ones you might ask yourself about your drug use: Has your religion eaten y...
I haven't read Proverbs as a book. It seems too much at once. So maybe I should do one or two a day and see what emerges. I wonder if I am looking at frames in the few I have done so far? 14:12 and 16:25 are identical and similar to 21:2. 17:3 matches 27:... [Proverbs]
Governor Mike Pence at IWUIt is an honor to have a sitting governor speak at a university graduation, whether you agree with his or her politics. Today, IWU was honored to have Governor Mike Pence speak at our commencement. It was a very worshipful and en... [Indiana Wesleyan University]


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Dear Jim, If you had to recommend what you considred to be the most important book, what would it be (but not the Bible). Thank you, Allison H. Dear Allison, There are so many important volumes but I have thought for a very long time that the most importa... [Books] [theology]
On his step-daughter. A man, who is HIV positive, has been indicted on child endangering charges after prosecutors say he used the same tainted needle to tattoo his 15-year-old stepdaughter that he used on himself.  Jeremy Paul Huffman, 42, was indicted ... [Modern Culture] [Total Depravity]


Archaeologists have announced the discovery of a 13th dynasty scarab in a gold ring at Tel Dor. Excavations begin this summer at el-Araj, a candidate for the site of Bethsaida. Nyack College is participating and inviting others to join them. The Temple... [Discoveries] [Egypt] [Excavations] [Israel's Coast] [Jerusalem] [Resources] [Temple Mount]
I’m very happy to report that my NT Theology and Ethics (2 volumes) is now available on Kindle. Marc Axelrod, you have been put on notice BW3 [Uncategorized]
Mark Tietjen serves as director of religious life and Grace Palmer Johnston Chair of Bible at Stony Brook School. His latest book, Kierkegaard: a Christian Missionary to Christians framed this interview. The interview was conducted by David George Moore. ... [Uncategorized]


Send ’em along.  The Carnival will post tonight at 00:01.Filed under: Biblical Studies Carnival, Modern Culture [Biblical Studies Carnival] [Modern Culture]
It all depends on cultural interpretation. This morning, as I was enjoying a walk in a small park under some trees, I felt a spatter of something on my head and shoulders. Is it raining? I wondered. The sky was clear, or as clear as it gets in spring in B... [china] [pastimes] [walking] [golden gift] [luck]


This is the sixth post in the Pastoral Leadership stretch of my Seminary in a Nutshell series. The first five were:Categories of LeadershipStyles and Traits of LeadersHow does God leadThe Mission, Great and SmallIdentifying Mission1. In theory, the missio... [mission and vision] [seminary in a nutshell]
The energetic people at Canterbury University in New Zealand/Aotearoa, Cindy Zeiher and Mike Grimshaw, have launched a new journal call ‘Continental Thought and Theory‘. The first bumper issue contains more than thirty contributions on the que... [china] [Marxism] [Continental Thought and Theory] [intellectual freedom]
Let the one who has ears, hear… Filed under: Luther, Luther Burns Your Worthless Book [Luther] [Luther Burns Your Worthless Book]
What would you identify as the climax and completion of Jesus’ life and ministry? Surprisingly, this is not a trivial question. One of the key differences between John and the synoptic gospels is that, where the synoptics portray the crucifixion as ... [Biblical Studies] [ascension] [calendar] [Daniel] [eschatology] [Luke] [Matthew] [New Testament] [Preaching] [second coming]
Let him who has ears, hear- Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
What if my pastor preached to me like this: “Listen! I will now deliver a sermon. Three parts of it will be lies and the fourth part will be true”—and, moreover, he did not distinguish for me which were the three parts or which the fourth part? If I... [Luther] [Luther Burns Your Worthless Book]
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At a basic level filmmaking is all about choices. Where to position the camera, how to deliver a particular line, how to arrange the characters in the shot and so on. With Bible films these choices become all the more significant - you're adapting a text ... [40 Nights] [Quest Trilogy]
  Several more illustrations of the fact that the Bible is not children’s literature, that it isn’t cute and sweet. The above come from artist Tom LaMothe, via a post on Rachel Held Evans’ blog from several years ago. The artist... [art] [Bible] [David] [Jael] [John the Baptist] [Precious Moments] [Salome] [Sisera]