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February 12 2016, 9PM

At Caesarea Maritima, visitors may see the high-level aqueduct at the point where it comes to an end likely due to erosion from the waves of the sea. According to Murphy-O’Connor the eastern channel (on the right) was “built by a Roman Procurator abou... [Archaeology] [Bible Places] [Bible study] [Book of Acts] [israel] [New Testament] [Photography] [Travel]
Some people celebrate Valentine’s day and some do not. Both categories of people though tend to talk about Their OpinionTM of the day. Every year, you will probably be able to find statements from both sides of this “debate” that are ass... [ethics] [Feminism and LGBT] [history] [Resources, Food and Environment] [society]


I guess they’d be ok with people being eaten, because it’s ok to kill people (evidently).   Apparently the Vegan’s are not a very bright tribe since for them killing people is acceptable but killing animals is worthy of death. A pub h... [Modern Culture]


Kudos to Gary Leonard and Ian Boyne for a letter appearing on Gary's blog today. The response so far has been positive.Mind you, no comment from Douglas yet...
In case you missed it, Dave Pack is now claiming to be "that prophet" of John 1:21-25 (KJV). That's contrary to what he's said in the past. Why the sudden about face?If you're wondering who Dave is, stop reading now, it's complicated and you might wa...


Let’s go! Di, 01.03. | 19:00 Uhr | Luthers Geburtshaus, Lutherstadt Eisleben | Eintritt frei Wunder oder Zufall? Ein Porträt des Reformators überlebte einen verheerenden Stadtbrand im Eisleber Petriviertel. Um das Bild rankte sich fortan eine Lege... [Conferences] [Luther]


This is an important essay the subject of which should concern every academic. After getting shut down late last year, a website that allows free access to paywalled academic papers has sprung back up in a shadowy corner of the Internet. There’s a batt... [Modern Culture]
Oh, the depth of his worthlessness, covetousness, and robbery; how unsearchable are his thefts and how inscrutable his greediness! For who has known the shrine of his heart? Or who has first given anything to the church that he did not afterward snatch aw... [Luther]
Not the Onion… A Kentucky lawmaker filed a bill Friday that would limit the distribution of erectile dysfunction drugs. The bill would require men to get consent from their current spouse. CBS Affiliate WYMT reports, the bill filed by House Repres... [Modern Culture]


Ex believers are as boring and tiresome to listen to as ex marrieds who whine about their former spouse.   Get a grip.  No one cares about your precious feelings.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Click here to view the embedded video.Another interesting archaeology video, this one courtesy of Israel Today. The temple mount is not a place where archaeological digs can legally take place. But there has been a project to sift through the dirt moved ... [Archaeology] [israel] [archaeological] [Excavation] [mount] [project] [sifting] [temple] [treasures] [video]
I’m currently reading Evidence for the Rapture: A Biblical Case for Pretribulationalism.  I received a complimentary review copy of this book from Moody Press, but this is not my official review.  Rather, in this post, I want to wrestle wit... [Bible] [religion]


This is Mary Lou Bruner. Mary Lou believes that baby dinosaurs lived on Noah’s ark, school shootings are a product of kids learning evolution, and the New World Order is working to reduce the world’s population by about two-thirds. Mary Lou also just ... [Modern Culture] [Texas and Texans]


“Rhetoricians use this method: so that they say nothing rough or unpleasant, first with some color they soften their audience. Now the scorpion—that deadly beast—clasps [its prey] with its forearms or its front claws, so that it can strike bette... [Vermigli]
A.Destro – M.Pesce have a great essay posted on their page.  Give it a read.Filed under: Biblical Studies Resources [Biblical Studies Resources]
There’s a new podcast called OnScript that he’s co-hosting with his friend Matthew Bates (NT, Quincy University). OnScript features interviews on new and noteworthy titles in biblical studies. Here’s a link to the most recent episode wit... [Biblical Studies Resources] [Modern Culture]
Click here to view the embedded video.Happy Darwin Day! Thank you to Biologos for sharing the above video on the evidence for evolution.And don’t forget to celebrate Evolution Weekend in your religious community! If you need some inspiration, click ... [evolution] [charles darwin] [Darwin Day] [Evolution Sunday] [Evolution Weekend]

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Ever wonder about the Temptations of Jesus in the Desert? Check out my next video explaining this Sunday's Scripture Readings (1st Sunday of Lent). Don't forget to like and share!
Marco Rubio doesn’t think we should take Syrian refugees.  But Cuban refugees… they’re ok…. right?  Racism wears many masks.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
  A couple of days ago, a colleague asked me, “Nijay, don’t you have a book coming out this week?” I replied – “no…I don’t think so.” Actually, he was right; it had slipped my mind that the Festschrift... [Uncategorized]


This is pretty appalling stuff.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Click here to view the embedded video.Thanks to the Khan Academy for making the above video, and George Athas for sharing it. This is a recreation of what Rome looked like in the era of Constantine. I hope you enjoy your virtual visit to the ancient worl... [Archaeology] [history] [Academy] [Constantine] [Khan] [model] [recreation] [Roman] [Rome] [video] [virtual] [YouTube]
joekeysor again, who teaches at a university in Saudi Arabia:I don’t believe I am disparaging reason when I say that there are things beyond reason, that its reach is limited and it cannot encompass all of reality. I believe this is a simple fact, not d...
It’s good to remember things for what they are.  In the case of Valentine’s day, maybe Servetus-izing someone is more to the point… Via Joel ‘The Guy Who Deserves to Be Servetus-ized’ Watts.Filed under: Church History [Church History]
  In his journal, John Wesley records a conversation that he had with his mother Susanna in London on September 3, 1739. I talked largely with my mother, who told me that, till a short time since, she had scarcely heard such a thing mentioned as the ... [Strangely Warmed] [communion] [salvation] [wesley]


GNOSIS: JOURNAL OF GNOSTIC STUDIES is now taking subscription orders on the Brill website.Gnosis: Journal of Gnostic Studies Gnosis: Journal of Gnostic Studies is a peer-reviewed publication devoted to the study of Gnostic religious currents from the anc...


For those who may have forgotten, a reminder that this coming Sunday is Valentine’s Day. Here are some Song of Solomon Valentines for you to share with your loved ones. [Song of Songs] [humor] [romance] [Song of Solomon] [Valentine's Day] [Valentines]
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THE UNDEAD: Did Jews Once Believe in Vampires? Secure in their monotheism, Jews may scoff, but some of the earliest texts on vampires were written in Hebrew by their coreligionists. (Elon Gilad, Haaretz).The vampires that abound in popular culture today a...
Wesley’s journal entry from June, 1744: Monday, 25, and the five following days we spent in conference with many of our brethren (come from several parts), who desire nothing but to save their own souls and those who hear them. And surely, as long a... [Reflections] [Strangely Warmed] [wesley]
Well, it’s been hard to keep this quiet, but I didn’t want to announce it until the plans were made final: E.P. Sanders has agreed to present at a new Institute for Biblical Research study group on Pauline Theology (the Friday when SBL begins,... [Uncategorized]
Yes, romance and all that is included under that rubric belong to that divine Lover: Saint Valentine and all his retainers, from the red roses to the candle-lit dinners, even down to the tiny candy hearts — they all point to Jesus, the great Wooer, who... [pseudo-christianity] [pseudo-theology]


A Commentary on the Manuscripts and Text of the New Testament by Philip Wesley Comfort Kregel | Amazon | CBD I’ll readily admit that textual criticism of the NT is an area of study I prefer not to travel (during my comps I dreaded it more than the rest!... [Ancient Literature] [Bible] [Biblical Studies] [Books] [Greek] [New Testament] [Textual Criticism] [Manuscripts] [Papyri] [Philip Comfort]
Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
James 1:1 indicates that he is writing to “the twelve tribes in the Dispersion.” Assuming that this line is to be read literally, we need to understand what a Jewish writer would have meant when he said “twelve tribes” and Diaspora. Simply put, a ... [Hebrews] [Jewish Christian Literature] [Always Saved] [election] [Once Saved]
The entire chapter is worth reading, but St Bonaventure (a mythic and a theologian (really, can you be one or the other?) writes regarding the proper senses/lens in reading Scripture as Christians: 1. Finally, there is depth in the Scriptures, deriving f... [hermeneutics] [scripture] [Saint Bonaventure]
NEW FROM MAGNES PRESS:Traum und Traumdeutung im Talmud (Dreams and their interpretations in the Babylonian Talmud) By Alexander Kristianpoller Publisher: The Hebrew University Magnes Press Categories: Jewish Thought, Talmud Publish date: January 2016 ...
From Lucy Peppiatt’s blog where you can read the rest of her article: When I wrote Women and Worship I was still undecided about exactly what I thought Paul meant by kephale or ‘head’ in 1 Cor 11:3, so I left it a bit open, explaining what I... [Uncategorized]
I’m not sure if they still count as blog contributors, but later today Mike Bird and Simon Gathercole will be participating in the annual Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum. The topic this year is “How Did Jesus Become God?” with other participant... [Bart Ehrman] [Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum 2016] [Larry Hurtado] [Michael Bird]


When guns become idols and life seems too dangerous to be without them, one’s ability to reason, cherish community, love neighbors, and depend on God for security are often surrendered. One does not think about such things as cause and effect or the val... [Books] [Gun culture] [idolatry]
Oxford University Press is having a 30% off sale on all their titles this weekend only.  This includes all their NRSV, NABRE, and RSV bibles, including the soon-to-be-released The Catholic Study Bible 3rd Edition.  Here is a link you can use. [Oxford University Press]
If you are in the New Orleans area this weekend, you might be interested in catching this year's Greer-Heard Point-Counter-Point Forum concerning the question, "How Did Jesus Become God?" But if you can't be there you can also live stream it here. Speaker... [gospels] [jesus] [New Testament] [theology]


Marvin Vincent Matthew 11:20 Mighty works (δυνάμεις) The supernatural works of Christ and his apostles are denoted by six different words in the New Testament, exhibiting these works under different aspects and from different points of view. The... [Bible] [Bible Commentary] [Bible study] [commentaries] [esword] [Quotes] [SBC] [southern baptist convention] [sunday school notes] [bible lesson] [explore the bible] [lifeway] [matthew 11:20-30] [sunday school lesson]
"The Bible claims to contain a message which will not merely instruct you, not merely inform you about the distant past, not merely teach you certain ethical principles, or map out a satisfying hypothesis to explain your place in the universe and give you... [Thomas Merton]
My second monograph, François Laruelle’s Principles of Non-Philosophy: A Critical Introduction and Guide [UK link], was recently published by Edinburgh University Press. (As an aside, I have had really lovely experiences working with Carol Macdo... [blog posts]


On 12 February 1527 Zwingli wrote his friend Conrad Sam.  In it he remarks “Archetelem”  ante annos quinque scripsi ad episcopum Constantiensem, quo  rationem reddidi doctrinę. Liber adeo mendose fuit excusus, ut  nihil debeas de eo esse ... [Zwingli]
The Epistle of James is one of the most practical books in the Bible. The exhortations within the letter encourage believers to put what they have learned in Christ into action. For James, knowledge and wisdom are not the end goal, but rather a means to a... [Misc.]


Via ‘obvious plant’ on Facebook Filed under: Humor [humor]
Not.As unified as our theology and Bible professors are against this popular idea, our culture assumes it. Yesterday in my biblical theology class, we were trying to tease out the true from the false in this popular sentiment.What is true?Before we come t... [sin]
At Bible and Interpretation.  Check it out.Filed under: Bible and Interpretation, Modern Culture [Bible and Interpretation] [Modern Culture]
The above cartoon by David Hayward got me thinking about how theology is like a drug.Some drugs alter your state of mind. Some are designed primarily to do that. Others do that as a side effect, and it is worth tolerating that because of some other benefi... [theology] [cartoon] [David Hayward] [drug] [drugs] [ideology] [Medicine] [religion] [side effects] [theologians] [worldview] [worldviews]
By John Frye. “Give us today our daily bread.” Jesus cloned a bunch of bread. The disciples must have sounded like the Dr. Pepper man, “Get yer bread heah! Hot bread heah!” Let’s continue to explore the theme of bread (aka “loaves”) in Mark.... [Uncategorized]


NAASR Notes is a feature with the Bulletin where we invite members of the North American Association for the Study of Religion to describe books they are reading and/or research and writing projects that will be of interests to scholars in the field. For ... [NAASR Notes] [Brett Kaplan] [Committed to Memory] [Holocaust Icons] [Holocaust Memorial Museum] [Holocaust Studies] [James Young] [Jane Mixer] [Jennifer Hughes] [Laura S. Levitt] [Maggie Nelson] [NAASR] [Oren Stier] [WJT Mitchell]


THE KARAITES ARE ALIVE AND WELL: Karaite Jews: The readers of Hebrew scriptures (EKREM BUĞRA EKINCI, Daily Sabah).The Karaim are a Jewish community that completely reject the Talmud oral law and only recognize the Torah. They continue their existence in ...
THE ASOR BLOG: Yigael Yadin’s Last Night in America: ASOR and the Biblical Archaeology Movement (Eric M. Meyers).Whatever inspired Yadin, be it the Dorot program or the simple fear that in the greater and ever-changing Middle East Israel’s place in it...
Having been in academia for nearly two decades, and having watched from the sidelines ever since being benched, I found Dear Committee Members a little too true to life. This novel by Julie Schumacher is presented as a series of letters of recommendation... [Books] [Current Events] [higher education] [literature] [Memoirs] [Posts] [Social Consciousness] [At the Altar of Wall Street] [Dear Committee Members] [fiction] [free market economy] [Julie Schumacher]


I have a confession to make: I feel rather ambivalent about Karl Barth. As a theology undergraduate, I absolutely loved reading his Evangelical Theology. But when doing my PhD on hermeneutics and Revelation, I came across some of his later writing on sag... [Book Reviews] [ethics] [Grove] [Grove Books] [Karl Barth] [Michael Leyden] [theology]