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April 23 2014, 2AM

MARK GOODACRE: More doubts surface on the Jesus Wife Fragment. The doubts are raised by Owen Jarus at LiveScience: 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife': Doubts Raised About Ancient Text. The problem is that, according to an estate representative, the now dead Wes...
BIBLE HISTORY DAILY: The Tomb of Queen Helena of Adiabene. Steven Notley and Jeffrey P. García disagree with the widely accepted position that the Aramaic-inscription-bearing sarcophagus from the "Tomb of the Kings" in Jerusalem belonged to Queen Helen...
Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of interviews with former scholars of religion who have, for one or another reason, decided to leave the world of academia. In this series we hope to open up a conversation that can be of use to other sch... [Religion and Society] [Uncategorized] [Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario] [Life After Religious Studies] [McGill University] [Nicholas Dion] [Stanford University] [University of Toronto]


SLIDESHOW: A Passover ceremony at Mount Gerizim (Haaretz). The Samaritan Passover runs on a slightly different calendar from that of the Jewish Passover.Past posts on Samaritan Passover are here and links.
Rather like an embarrassing personal blemish, many universities tend to hide the fact that they were originally servants of the church.  Ouch!  I know that hurts.  When I was working at Routledge I had to educate some of my fellow employees about the s... [civil religion] [higher education] [Posts] [Religious Origins] [Social Consciousness] [Gobekli Tepe] [Ivy League] [New Brunswick Theological Seminary] [Reformed Church in America] [Routledge] [Rutgers University] [universities]
Thanks to Rob Bradshaw, I’m part of his survey of several theological colleges from around the world, and I give a promo of Ridley Melbourne. [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Tithes for the Clergy and Taxes for the King: State and Temple Contributions in NehemiahPeter AltmannThe Integrity of Job 1 and 42:11-17Paul Kang-Kul ChoEzekiel's Image Problem: The Mesopotamian Cult Statue Induction Ritual and the Imago Dei Anthropo... [CBQ]

April 22, 10PM

It would be difficult, in a work so large, to pin point certain sections that were most crucial to understanding Tom’s approach to Paul, but certainly one of them must be pp. 852-60, which are the subject of this post. Here Tom is dealing with the c... [Uncategorized]
In our last post on the rise of the Nones, we looked at James Emery White’s The Rise of the Nones to describe what the Nones are like. But the question is How did the get there? What precipitated the rise of the Nones? White calls it the “per... [Uncategorized]


In this recent monograph in the LNTS series, Edward Adams suggests that the early Christians may have met in such places as shops, workshops, barns, warehouses, hotels, inns, bathhouses, rented dining rooms, gardens, watersides, open urban space... [Adams] [Erastus] [houses] [Justin]


Get your Carnival submissions in before it’s too late! Filed under: Biblical Studies Carnival, biblioblogs [Biblical Studies Carnival] [Biblioblogs]
This will be an epic contest, with, of course, the Bayern-Munich team victorious by 30 goals… Filed under: soccer [soccer]


Behold… Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


Live Science has been doing some digging in connection with the story associated with the Jesus Wife Fragment and this interesting article was published today:'Gospel of Jesus's Wife': Doubts Raised About Ancient TextBy Owen Jarus, Live Science Contributo... [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [Jesus' Wife Fragment]


Esta entrada pertenece a Vocabulario Paulino En los profetas, las palabras «Día» y «Día del Señor» designan de ordinario el momento decisivo de la intervención victoriosa de Dios en el mundo (ls 13,6; Sof 1,7), aludiendo al castigo (Am 5,18), a l... [Corpus Paulinum] [Nuevo Testamento] [vocabulario biblico] [Vocabulario paulino] [Día del Señor] [hemera tou Kyriou] [parousía] [parusia] [Zac 12-13]
The full text in Hebrew and English with an English and Hebrew underlay and also showing the cantillation symbols as deciphered by Suzanne Haik-Vantoura is now available at the shared location in PDF form. Who would want to sing or to interpret that ancie... [Singing the Bible] [Song of Songs]


Fortress Press is moving Christian education in the classroom beyond the four walls, the dry erase boards, and the dead trees of textbooks to something rich and vibrant, something that is going to grasp the imagination of the student. Tim Dowley’s (... [Books] [Technology] [Fortress Press] [Inkling] [Tim Dowley]
ELIJAH WAITSElijah walks the streetswith Moshiach's phone numberprogrammed into his cellphone.In his messenger baggift cards and cigaretteshe hands out to the homeless.He always buys roses and gumfrom the kids who peddleat busy intersections.He doesn't vi... [NaPoWriMo2014] [pesach] [poetry] [Tikkun olam]

12 PM

In response to Mark Goodacre’s RBL review of Zeba Crook’s Parallel Gospels: A Synopsis of Early Christian Writing, a lively debate on Facebook broke out between Zeba Crook, Mark Goodacre and Stephen Carlson.  Loren Rosson has posted the discu... [Q] [Source Criticism]
This post temporarily down. I need to clean a few things up. It’ll be back by the end of the week. Apologies! [Book Reviews] [How God Became Jesus] [Michael Bird]
Darren Aronofsky’s film Noah has created quite the stir. Regardless of whether we agree with his portrayal of Noah, we must admit he does raise some interesting questions about this important biblical account. After seeing the movie, I left the theater ... [Misc]


There's been some lively to-and-fro on Facebook over the utility of Zeba Crook's Parallel Gospels. Readers may recall Zeba's SBL Response to Mark Goodacre's session critique back in Novemeber 2012. Now he calls attention to Mark's official RBL review whic...
“He said to me, ‘Do not fear, Daniel, for from the first day you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words have been heard, and I have come because of your words. But the prince of the kingdom of Pe... [empire] [Ezekiel] [Prophets] [Biblical languages] [Latin] [resistere] [theological languages] [Vulgate]


Pulpit Commentary Pro_20:1 Wine is a mocker; or, scorner, the word (luts) being taken up from the last chapter. The liquor is, as it were, personified, as doing what men do under its influence. Thus inebriated persons scoff at what is holy, reject reproof... [Bible] [Bible Commentary] [Bible study] [commentaries] [esword] [Quotes] [SBC] [sunday school notes] [bible lesson] [explore the bible] [lifeway] [proverbs 20:1] [proverbs 23: 19-21] [proverbs 23: 29-35] [proverbs 31:4-7] [sunday school lesson]


On another level, however, the phrase “God is love” refers to the inner life of God. God loves sinners in history because, prior to that, God loves the Son and the Spirit, and loves us in relation to them. John is saying that the love God has for sinn... [Books] [theology]
Since the weather turned brutal this winter, I have been thinking about debates over global warming and the idea of care for creation as a principle of Catholic social teaching. This post is obviously a bit outside my main area of research, but in honor o... [WIT Posts] [Catholic Social Teaching] [Creation] [Earth Day] [environment] [global warming] [stewardship]
Let us compare with Scripture the rest of His dispensation.  Whatever that poor despised body may be, because it was an object of touch and sight, it shall be my Christ, be He inglorious, be He ignoble, be He dishonored.  For such was it announ... [humility] [Isaiah] [suffering] [tertullian]
I’m so happy to say that Chris moved here to Tennessee a few months ago and he has been doing really well staying out of trouble.  Until recently… Is this Chris Tilling’s motivation? Steal undies to get close to Bieber? A Tennessee man... [Total Depravity]


I was reading in a book recommended to me long ago on lexical semantics, and I found something I was not expecting for a book written by an evangelical scholar. The recovery or reconstruction of an Urtext or original text has long represented the prim... [Textual Criticism] [Emanuel Tov] [Francisco Rico] [Moisés Silva]
Source: Helen Felumlee, of Nashport, Ohio, died at 92 on April 12. Kenneth Felumlee her 91-year-old husband, died the next morning. According to the Zanesville Times Recorder, Kenneth had his leg amputated 2.5 years ago due to circulation problems. Ever... [Uncategorized]
Because, well why not. Filed under: Schadenfreude, soccer [Schadenfreude] [soccer]
How shall we keep the commandments of God’s covenant? How shall we live the holy life that is necessary if we are to enjoy God’s fellowship? Through the Holy Spirit! The same Spirit through whom the Father raised his Son has been made available to us ... [Books] [Holiness]
Ecologists and entomologists. Natural history buffs. Bloggers with green thumbs. We're among many users focused on nature and the environment. Today, let's celebrate the work of some of these bloggers. [Community] [] [Writing] [Earth Day] [environment] [nature] [outdoors]
Ecologists and entomologists. Natural history buffs. Bloggers with green thumbs. We're among many users focused on nature and the environment. Today, let's celebrate the work of some of these bloggers. [Community] [] [Writing] [Earth Day] [environment] [nature] [outdoors]


Cal Thomas.  What Works: Common Sense Solutions for a Stronger America.  Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2014.Cal Thomas is a conservative syndicated columnist.  In What Works, Thomas bemoans what be believes are problems in America, and he prop... [Political Philosophy] [politics]
After the World Vision drama that spread all over the interwebs, there have been a few posts on postevangelicals farewelling evangelicalism (well, sorta?). Over at Christ And Post Culture, Hannah Anderson wrote an excellent post putting post-evangelicalis... [blogging] [Christianity] [evangelicalism] [liberalism] [male bias] [postmodernity] [Technology] [blogging bishophoric] [christendom] [conservative evangelicals] [emergence Christianity] [emerging church] [jerry falwell] [Moral Majority] [postevangelicalism] [progressive evangelicals]
The latest edition of Themelios is out and available here. The main articles include:D. A. Carson | EDITORIAL: Do the Work of an Evangelist Michael J. Ovey | OFF THE RECORD: The Covert Thrill of Violence? Reading the Bible in Disbelief Brian J. Tabb ... [Journals] [Themelios]
Today is Earth Day! Regent College Audio is offering several free audio courses and lectures on “creation care.” They have two whole courses available worth nearly $60 – but absolutely free (from speakers such as Iain Provan and Rikki Wa... [Uncategorized]


Such persons always need to be crowded up to do duty, with an express passage of scripture, or else they will apologize for sin, and evade duty, and think there is no great harm in doing as they do. The reason is, they love their sins, and if there is not... [Finney]
In the new issue of Themelios, Tom Schreiner writes a response to Gerald Bray’s critique of his biblical theology, “The King in His Beauty.” In the first few paragraphs he offers a clear and helpful overview for how biblical and systematic theology ... [Book Reviews] [Books] [Interpretive Challenges in the OT] [old testament] [theology]
Isaiah prophesies the return of the redeemed to Zion, a promise that would be fulfilled with the return from the Babylonian exile. The illustration is one that would be vivid to those who lived on the ridge above the wilderness of Judah. The wilderness a... [Bible Lands] [Bible Places] [Bible study] [israel] [Jordan] [New Testament] [old testament] [Photography] [Aerial photography] [flowers] [Isaiah] [streams in the desert]
Young-earth creationists say that housecats, tigers, and all felines descended from one pair of cat “kind” after the flood, positing ultra-fast evolution in order to do so. They also say that humans could not have descended from a common ances... [evolution] [young-earth creationism] [apes] [cats] [DNA] [feline] [genome] [humans] [primates] [young-earth creationists]
I give this book two thumbs way up. In addition to courageously sharing his personal story, Loftus applies his considerable training and expertise into developing a cumulative case against Christianity and for atheism. I cannot think of another book like ... [Lowder]


Like the 24 elders, the four “living creatures” worship God at his throne (Rev 4:6b-8a). The NIV places these creatures “in the center, around the throne.” This reflects the difficulty of the syntax of this line in Greek. It could mean they are si... [Jewish Christian Literature] [Revelation] [eschatology] [Ezekiel] [theology]
(Post by A.D. Riddle)The Pictorial Library of Bible Lands is an extensive collection of high-resolution photographs. The photos come two ways: in folders of jpeg images and in pre-made PowerPoint presentations. With the massive revision of the c...
The quote is from a post by Fred Clark’s blog Slacktivist, “When moral codes codify immorality.” Here is a longer excerpt: Whenever you question the “traditional morality” of any moral code that’s not aging well, you’ll be accuse... [morality] [Fred Clark] [quote]
There has been a huge push toward unity in the church over the past 40 years or so. People are tired of the numerous divisions and splits that seem to occur with increasing frequency within the church. And while some of our divisions involve important iss... [discipleship] [Theology of the Church] [body of Christ] [church] [conformity] [synchroblog] [uniformity] [Unity]


I think from now on every time Hollywood pukes out a bible themed movie I shall respond with the hashtag #GetYourDoctrineFromTheBibleNotFromHollywood.  Feel free, gentle reader, to use it as you wish.  I’m sure you will have reason to use it widel... [Modern Culture]
[Obligatory disavowal of any implicit claim to be saying something original about Milton.] In the wake of the #CancelColbert saga, I’ve been thinking a lot about the attempt to “subvert from within” — not just Colbert’s metho... [Milton] [popular culture]
Click here to view the embedded video. Diarmaid MacCulloch lectures on this speculative alternative history, covering a lot of interesting real history in the process. HT Mike Bird. [Christianity] [Arian] [arianism] [Catholicism] [Diarmaid MacCulloch] [history] [Lecture] [Orthodoxy] [Princeton] [protestant] [Reformation]
I mentioned this book the other day and marveled that there seemed to be no review of it that I could locate, and the kind folk at Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht have sent along a copy. It is a commonplace that the history of ancient Israel (that is, Israel a... [book review] [Books]
Last Saturday, with some misgivings, I gave in and went to see Noah with my 13-year-old daughter. Some commentators have noted that it is a dark film, but perhaps I was concentrated too much on analysing it to take that in. In fact, overall I found it an ... [Life & Ministry] [Apologetics] [Aronofsky] [film] [Interpretation] [Noah] [old testament]
Will be the subject of a launch and discussion this week! Dal 23 aprile (forse il 24) è in libreria il nostro nuovo libro:  A.Destro-M.Pesce, La Morte di Gesù. Indagine su un mistero, Saggi Rizzoli. Gesù viene catturato nel cuore della notte da un gru... [Biblical Studies Resources] [Books]
It’s part of life: whether you’re a licensed counselor or a compassionate friend, people are going to come to you for advice. When they do, it’s important that you be ready with counseling that’s both helpful and biblical. Why walk... [Misc]


Readers might be interested in a series of posts being written by David Driedger, who is of course a long-time participant at AUFS. Titled “Excessive Love,” they address the intersection between immanence and Hadewijch. From my understanding, ... [Hadewijch] [immanence]
Ronald Osborn (Death Before the Fall) finds the cosmic theodicy provided by C. S. Lewis as an effort to think through the problem of death and suffering in creation both thought-provoking and insufficient. The conflict with rebellious non-human powers is ... [Creation] [Job] [Problems for Faith]
Some time back, in a posting over on the blog site of our Centre for the Study of Christian Origins, I drew attention here to Matt Novenson’s book, Christ Among the Messiahs:  Christ Language in Paul and Messiah Language in Ancient Judaism (Oxford... [Uncategorized] [Important publications] [Jesus-devotion] [NT religious ideas] [Paul]
Some time back, in a posting over on the blog site of our Centre for the Study of Christian Origins, I drew attention here to Matt Novenson’s book, Christ Among the Messiahs:  Christ Language in Paul and Messiah Language in Ancient Judaism (Oxford... [Uncategorized] [Important publications] [Jesus-devotion] [NT religious ideas] [Paul]