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February 26 2018, 9PM

Here's a listing of the top three Christian apologetics books. Several Christians and apologists were asked for their recommendations. Then the top three books were compiled from their suggestions. Of those who comment here from time to time, neither Davi...

February 24, 5PM

What does it mean to read the Bible “devotionally”? Does reading the Bible for content compete with reading the Bible devotionally? My guess is that most Christians would see contrary purposes in the two ways of reading. As part of the requirements fo...
“You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.” ~ Harlan Ellison [Modern Culture]



The world’s most notorious heretic is headed your way.  Prepare for more blarney than your islands can hold. [Heresy and Heretics] [pseudo-theology]


Yes, it seems that about every three months or so First-Century Mark reappears. I hate to keep adding fuel to the fire, but there is some value to keeping a record of these things.This latest mention of the fragment came to me in my Twitter feed via Sean ... [First-century Mark] [Gary Habermas]
Charles Spurgeon, the famous Baptist preacher of the 19th century, filled over 60 volumes with sermons—making him one of the most prolific preachers in Christian history. What would he have written in the margins of his own Bible? Now B&H has brough... [Products]


On April 14, 1525, Zwingli was chosen rector of the Carolinum, the Great Minster school; consequently he moved into the official residence of the rector, and lived there until death.4 He used his new position to improve the schools and took part himself i... [Zwingli]
When the doctor had gone to bed a man came who had been sent by the widow of the pastor in Belgern to ask for a husband. He [Martin Luther] said, “Give [her a husband]? She’s over seven years of age! Let her find her own husband! I can’t provide one... [Luther]
Dave Black comments some on linguistics and teaching biblical languages in a post today. (Check out the linguistics conference coming up!) The difficulty is the difference between teaching someone a language in a classroom and in discussing and describing... [Bible study] [Bible Translation] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Linguistics] [teaching]


The fear of man lays a snare, but he who trusts in the LORD is safe. (Prov. 29:25) [Modern Culture]
So why are you a member of that organization after many, many more?  Read Bush’s letter.  Maybe it will speak to you. [Modern Culture]
Estudiosos agem de modo irresponsável quando encorajam reportagens sensacionalistas da mídia. Mesmo sendo mais tarde desmentidas, para muitas pessoas determinadas hipóteses já se transformaram em certeza.Em Jerusalém, uma descoberta recente de um sel... [Arqueologia]
I flatter myself to think that some people enjoy my daily musings, although they’re sometimes grim. Religion often is. One curious example of this is the “Hell-Mouth.” Some time back a friend sent me a link to a British Library blog post “Highw... [Bible] [Britannia] [Current Events] [Deities] [Monsters] [Posts] [Religious Violence] [Sects] [Ugarit] [British Library blog] [Hell-Mouth] [KTU 1.23] [Ras Shamra] [Revelation] [Ugaritic] [Ugaritic Texts]


Journal of the Bible and its Reception 4:2 (2017)Nathan MacDonald, "The Bible in America and Britain at War," 175-180 (abstract)Cindy Wesley, "Making the Bible Safe for Democracy: American Methodists and the First World War," 181-192 (abstract)Charlotte M... [JBR] [πρόσληψη]
The pope said Rebecca Bitrus and Asia Bibi are models for a society that today has ever more fear of suffering.
The latest issue of the Journal for the Study of the New Testament is out. Here is a list of the articles and links to abstracts.Trusting in Jesus - David Konstan Pistis as Relational Way of Life in Galatians - Peter Oakes A Map of Understanding: The R... [Journal for the Study of the New Testament]


I met Billy Graham two times. The first was on his first London Crusade in March, 1954. It was his first crusade abroad and he went on to Holland, France, and Germany.  I had just turned eight years old but I remember it well. In addition to preaching at... [Culture] [Event] [in memoriam]
Sorry for the catchy post title.  Anyway, in case you haven’t been following along- BAR published a bit of nonsense about a seal, claiming it proved Isaiah the Prophet was a real guy, etc. Many raised questions about the claim, including Rollston,... [Modern Culture]
A 12-minute video on the discovery of the Isaiah seal impression describes the background and significance of this find. The video includes interviews with Eilat Mazar and Shmuel Ahituv. Christopher Rollston issues some cautions about identifying that se... [Discoveries] [Excavations] [Galilee] [Jerusalem] [Jordan Rift] [Lectures] [Philistines]


They shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more;  but they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree, and none shall ... [Modern Culture]


Samson und Delila is an Austrian-made silent by the Hungarian-born director Alexander Korda, one of two Samson themed films which were released in 1922 (the other being a British production directed by Edwin J. Collins). Flushed with the success of a... [Samson] [Silent Bible Films]
Nehemiah 7 by Bob MacDonald via Dust (#103566)
Knocking off another long chapter. The numbers here do not agree with those in Ezra 2. One can only imagine the process, the copying, the registration, the counting, and so on. How many variations of a document happen today?  There are many differences: ... [Nehemiah]
Through February 28, you can still get two top-rated commentaries from John Stott for just $1.99. But during this short month, the deal goes away sooner than you might expect. Stott, of course, is an evangelical legend—a preacher and evangelist, former ... [Products]


I am really delighted to have had the chance to watch the first three episodes of the brand new CBS series “Living Biblically” and then to talk with the show’s executive producer Patrick Walsh about it. Readers of this blog will know tha... [Bible] [CBS] [literalism] [Living Biblically] [sitcom] [Television] [TV]


SCROLLS FROM THE JUDEAN DESERT: Babatha & the Role of Women in the 2nd Century. Exploring the mysterious 2nd-Century find in the Cave of Letters (Dr. Henry Abramson, two thousand years ago, a Judean woman hiding from Roman soldiers bu...
NEW BOOK FROM MOHR SIEBECK: EVA CANCIK-KIRSCHBAUM / JOCHEM KAHL, Erste Philologien. Archäologie einer Disziplin vom Tigris bis zum Nil. Unter Mitarbeit v. Klaus Wagensonner. [First Philologies. Tracing a Discipline between Tigris and Nile.] 2018. XVI, 47...
A week that draws many of us to prayer, to fasting, to yearning, to striving to make things right. I am wearied by the many who ridicule “prayers and thoughts,” as if prayer doesn’t matter, while seemingly suggesting that action without ... [Uncategorized]
EXHIBITION: National Library of Israel brings rare, ancient manuscripts to New York University (JTA).Two dozen rare manuscripts from the collections of the National Library of Israel are on display in New York. The illustrated and illuminated manuscripts...


PHOENICIAN WATCH: For Doctors in Training, a Course on Phoenician (Edward Fox, Al-Fanar Media).Last fall, the medical school of Saint Joseph University of Beirut offered, for the first time, a course in a subject not usually associated with the study of m...
Whereas certain pockets of medieval theology treated Scripture as simply the genetic origins of a living and authoritative tradition, the Reformers were adamant that Scripture was the highest and most important authority, over and against tradition and in... [Uncategorized]

12 AM

Σε ημερίδα που πραγματοποιήθηκε χτες, 23.2.2018, αρχαιολόγοι παρουσίασαν τα ευρήματα που ήρθαν στο φως με αφορμή την κατασκευή του μετρό της πό... [Θεσσαλονίκη] [αρχαιολογία] [ελληνορωμαϊκός κόσμος]

February 23, 11PM

There are so many outstanding exhibits in the Museum and the Bible, it is difficult to know which ones to highlight. Here’s a shot of me filming on the fourth floor where we have the history of the Bible and many manuscripts exhibits— One of t... [Uncategorized]