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March 6 2015, 12 PM

March’s deals are here, and you can save on more than 100 products. Not sure where to get started? Here are some of this month’s best offers: The top-selling products on sale: the Handbook on the Old Testament Series and I. Howard Marshal’s ... [Products] [Baker Academic] [bryan chapell] [f.w. farrar] [h.a. ironside] [John MacArthur] [Kirk Cameron] [march sale] [monthly sale] [New Testament] [old testament] [R. C. Sproul] [Ray Comfort]


My good friend Yochanan Lavie  sent me some time ago one of the best Purim stories that I have read in a long time. Now, who says the Haredim don’t have a good sense of humor? ======== Posted by Yochanan Lavie on 28.02.10 at 4:18 pm ‘Twas the... [Holidays] [Uncategorized]
I was getting together a handout for a seminar on Monday on the topic of Greek Lectionary manuscripts of the New Testament. But it is an area in which I readily confess my ignorance (and usually don't even get to in courses I have taught), so I thought I ... [lectionaries]
Just to be upfront- Josephus made up the story of the 900 at Masada and their death by suicide pact.   It is a myth.  A legend.  A clear and purely ideological bunch of nonsense.  And Nachman ben-Yehuda proves it.  Proved it years ago at that. But th... [media]


Barnabas and Saul arrive at Paphos they are challenged by a “sorcerer and false prophet” named Bar-Jesus, or Bar-Joshua. Bar-Jesus was a counselor for Sergius Paulus, the Roman proconsul on Cyprus. Thus Bar-Jesus was a very powerful man in the governm... [Observations on Acts] [Hellenistic Jews] [Luke / Acts] [The Book of Acts]
Drew Smith, author of Energion title Reframing a Relevant Faith, has posted an article, Mark’s Presentation of Jesus’ Vindication and Exaltation as an Act of God, which shows some of the nuts and bolts of biblical theology in process. Drew will be my ... [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [Biblical Theology] [Mark]
Louvain Studies 38:1 (2014)Barbara Baert, "The Dancing Daughter and the Head of John the Baptist (Mark 6:14-29) Revisited: An Interdisciplinary Approach," 5-29 (abstract) David G. Hunter, "'Accompanied by a Believing Wife': Raymond F. Collins on Mini... [Louvain Studies] [αρχέγονος Χριστιανισμός] [κατά Μάρκον]
As I settle into Beijing for a while, with much peace and quiet and opportunities for writing (and the pleasure of being in a country where the government is mainly the Communist Party), I have been enjoying my favourite restaurant. I treat myself to a me... [china] [food] [Beijing heaving] [eating in China] [lung slice]
Στην ιστοσελίδα του Center for the Study of the New Testament Manuscripts έχουν αναρτηθεί δύο πάπυροι της Chester Beatty Library με εξωβιβλικά κείμενα:(α) Ιαννής και Ιαμβρ... [χειρόγραφα] [ψευδεπίγραφα]
Stalin and women: this conjunction usually evokes salacious details of Stalin’s somewhat active life as a young man, leaving a number of offspring across Russia. But in this he was no different from many other young Georgian males. Far less known is... [another world is possible] [socialism] [feminism] [reading Stalin]


I get daily encouragement e-mails from Joel Osteen’s ministry.  Sometimes I skip them, sometimes I skim them, and sometimes I actually read them.  A few days ago, I read one of them.  It was about Christian unity. Joel was encouraging ... [Bible] [religion]
In the midst of the foi furieuse of the Stakhanovite period, when everything was being made anew at extraordinary speed (and with massive disruption), the government of the USSR felt keenly the lack of trained specialist in all areas of work. So in an add... [hairy creatures of God] [Stalin] [reading Stalin]
I’m embedding the viewer here. I spent a great deal of time on Psalm 82, and I think that trying to do that just straight talking until I was out of breath may not have been my best choice. I’ll consider posting further on Psalm 82 and John 10... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [Deuteronomy 8:3] [John] [Matthew 4:4]
More snippets as I near the end of my reading of Stalin’s works – not a task too many take on, assuming all manner of positions without reading what the man himself wrote (and edited). The first concerns ‘Bolshevik grit’ – st... [Lenin] [Stalin] [Bolshevik grit] [reading Stalin]
It is happening and will be released later this year.  I was informed about this by a representative from Midwest Theological Forum.  Official announcement will be made in the next month or two. [Didache Bible] [NABRE]
I am currently in Baltimore with some colleagues, at a workshop focused on information fluency in the disciplines of religion, philosophy, and the history of ideas. It started yesterday, and has already offered a lot of fascinating perspectives from facul... [education] [information literacy] [philosophy] [religion] [AAR] [academics] [American Academy of Religion] [classes] [colleges] [Council of Independent Colleges] [information fluency] [librarian] [librarians] [Libraries] [library] [SBL] [Society of Biblical Literature] [students] [teaching] [universities]
A commenter on my post Words from the Mouth of God asks: Would you please comment on Matthew 4:4 in this connection. Yes, and it’s a most helpful passage to bring up here, and it suggests quite a number of things to me. I’m going to look at th... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [Matthew 4:4]


I was having a bit of writer’s bloc the other day and in an attempt to break it I decided to translate a recent interview conducted with François Laruelle by Florian Forestier for Actu Philososphia. I have posted that draft translation for you belo... [blog posts] [Laruelle]
by Mitchell via Mitchell Lewis (#50870)
Philip Jenkins offers some very interesting thoughts about the emergence of anti-Jewish Gnosticism and the Judean revolts of 1st and 2nd century: The Gnostics and the Interwar Crisis. That 70-130 period, then, marks not only a crisis within Judaism itsel... [Noted]
Figures 003 Eve gives the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of which she had eat to her Husband (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Paradise. A garden to care for and to be cared for by, but in this garden was something terrible. In the center was forbidden fruit. God... [Society and Religion] [Douglas Gissendaner] [Gregory Owen] [Janay Palmer] [Kelly Gissendaner] [Ray Rice]
Testing may come by the initiative of God, or it may be expressed in the actions and attitudes of the people. “Lead us not into testing” means ‘don’t put us to the test,’ even as it articulates the plea: ‘don’t let us test you.’ In either ... [Books] [lord's prayer] [theology]
The verbal character of lay curses in illiterate societies contributed not only to their dangerousness but also to their ubiquitousness. They are dangerous because once declared, curses enjoyed an independent existence that could not be readily supervised... [ANE religion] [Books] [Cursed Are You!]
Perhaps because we are impatient and addicted to quick fixes, one-answer solutions, and shortcuts, we love the three steps to a healthy marriage, the four keys to finding your calling, or the top ten ways to financial freedom. These tips may be helpful, b... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology] [What's your secret?]


Jesus identifies the cup as “the new covenant in my blood” (22:20). In this statement and his acceptance of suffering just noted, Jesus is forswearing the use of violence to bring about the kingdom of God; he is prepared to shed his own blood, rather ... [Books] [gospel] [Michael Gorman] [pacifism] [theology]
My short meditation for the Shalom Center's Purim to Pesach project is now on their website. It's called Shmita and interconnection. (Shmita is the Hebrew word usually rendered in English as "Sabbatical" -- it means the year of rest which Torah mandates w... [pesach]
[T]hat which is alloyed with self-interest is not pure and perfect.Ask, therefore, not for what is pleasing and convenient to yourself, but for what is acceptable to Me and is for My honor, because if you judge rightly, you ought to prefer and follow My w... [Prayer] [theology] [Thomas à Kempis]
Why haven’t we met here before?  The hotel is fantastic.  The price for attendees is amazingly reasonable.  There’s a Starbucks in the lobby.  And, best of all, there’s free wifi in the meeting rooms and lobby.  What more could you ... [Conferences]
The episode opens with Sayid praying. In flashes forward, we see Sayid working as a hitman for someone we will later learn is Ben Linus. That is interesting, because in another scene in this episode, earlier on the island, Sayid says that the day he start... [LOST] [Economist] [Qur'an] [Sayid Jarrah]
Ha! Thiselton’s memoirs are quite entertaining… I’m up to p84, in which he explains how he mock-threatened to strip his clothes off in front of the Church of England General Synod! Who would have thought? [Uncategorized]
Check out this article by David Drury that relates especially to a course we are offering at Wesley Seminary in May that will train a person to help someone move toward legal status. It is part of God's mission to care for those who are stuck in the middl... [Immigration]


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Accordingly the prophet Nathan,… makes a promise to David for his seed, “which shall proceed,” says he, “from your loins.”*  Now, if you explain this simply of Solomon, you will send me into a fit of laughter.  For David will evidentl... [Christ] [tertullian]


A friend shared this picture of a comment someone had written in an academic book. I am surprised I don’t get similar comments on some of my blog posts… [humor] [Academia] [academics] [book] [excitement] [research]
A few weeks ago, Lexham Press announced an exciting partnership with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Over the next few months, Lexham Press will be publishing three new books in collaboration with SEBTS. The first of these books is written by D... [Products] [bruce riley ashford] [cultural engagement] [every square inch] [lexham press] [Modern Culture] [Pre-Pub] [pre-publication]


DOCUMENTARY: Smithsonian Tells Real Story Inspiring CBS' The Dovekeepers in SIEGE OF MASADA, 3/27 ( More on The Dovekeepers is here and links. And some past posts on the historicity of Josephus' Masada narrative are collected here.


The Closing of a Church, by John Frye Last Sunday the local church where I have served as pastor for nine years closed. Thankfully, it closed well, but not without tears. The church had a faithful, yet roller-coaster history and for reasons too cumbersome... [church]
GOLEM WATCH: How the Golem Got His Groove Back. Gustav Meyrink Made Jewish Frankenstein a Household Name (Benjamin Ivry, The Forward).This year marks the centenary of the book publication of Gustav Meyrink’s serialized novel “Der Golem.” Until a 2...
ASKING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS (BELATED PURIM EDITION): Who wrote the Book of Esther? Tradition says Mordechai wrote the Book of Esther, but surely he wouldn't have gotten the timing of his own expulsion a century wrong? (Elon Gilad, Haaretz). Excerpt...
... continued growth by new venues1. In our fourth year, 2012-2013, Wayne facilitated the launch of two new venues for the Seminary--a contextualized, urban MDIV cohort in Indianapolis and a contextualized MA cohort based out of 12Stone® Church.Somehow, ... [Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University]


It’s pretty white out there. For many parts of the eastern United States it has been a season of snow on snow on snow (why does that sound familiar?). The wisdom back in old white Wisconsin was there’d be three snows on the crocuses. This year the ... [Holidays] [Just for Fun] [literature] [Posts] [Sects] [Weather] [Hinduism] [Holi] [Jasper Fforde] [religious holidays] [Shades of Grey] [vernal equinox] [winter]
Tom Wright provides some wonderful reflections in his obituary for Charles Cranfield. My own personal gratitude to Cranfield dates to one evening in the early 1970s when I had been reading other writers on ‘Paul and the Law’, and had found myself incr... [Uncategorized]


There are a number of reasons why we often feel we want to present the Christian faith to different groups of people in different ways, either expressing ideas by different means or addressing quite different issues. The most obvious context is that of wo... [Life & Ministry] [all-age] [faith] [James Fowler] [Ministry] [Paul Ricoeur] [stages] [Worship]

March 5, 11PM

Yet another harangue you hear these days after the exclamation “it’s just common sense” is “we should demand our rights”. Unfortunately, we now live in the ‘entitlement’ age, where everyone wants to demand their r... [Uncategorized]
autobiographical memory VS remembering biographies,& cognitive psychology VS narratologyLife is very much unlike a story, except in our minds. In retrospect, the chaotic experience of “one damn thing after another” becomes a linked series of perso...
Brian Zahnd, that prophet-like pastor and author on the edge of Missouri, is no stranger to calling American Christians to distinguish between America and the Christian church. It’s not that he wants Americans to abandon the country and head north t... [Uncategorized]


I know I’m late on this, but while scanning through the latest issue of BAR I saw an add for Bart Ehrman’s lecture series How Jesus Became God available through The Great Courses. The opening promo certainly does whet the appetite a bit ̷... [Uncategorized]


March 6, 2015 Hosted by: Beth Mardutho Research Library, Piscataway, N.J. Rutgers University Libraries Rutgers Department of African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Languages and Literature Rutgers Center for Middle Eastern Studies The Syria... [Aramaic Blog] [AMESALL] [digital humanities] [Hugoye] [Rutgers] [Symposium] [syriac]
One of the aims of this site is to help disseminate information about the most recent scholarship on the Pastoral Epistles. To that end, please feel free to send us an abstract of your successfully defended thesis or dissertation related to the Pastorals.... [Uncategorized]
Over on Apocryphicity, Tony Burke has a characteristically lively discussion of the first episode of the CNN documentary Finding Jesus:Finding Jesus Episode 1: Giving in to the Apocryphal UrgeTony argues that the episode "demonstrates the apocryphal urge"... [Apocryphicity] [Finding Jesus]


 One of the interesting facets of the Purim story is the tradition of giving a Purim Torah talk during the holiday. “Purim Torah” is a humorous and often satirical way of using biblical and Talmudic narratives in a manner that is creative and imagina... [American Jewish Issues] [Anti-Semitism] [Biblical Theology] [ethics] [good and evil] [Jewish in San Diego] [Obama's Failed Middle East Policies]


From ‘Grad School Elitist’ on the twitter- Amen and amen.Filed under: Humor [humor]


The heathen in Green Bay never let this sort of light snow keep them from the Temple of Baal (Ball)… Filed under: Humor [humor]
There’s a truly sad story about domestic violence and the church in the SMH. Ten years ago I was in the middle of a situation that an anti-domestic expert called “intimate partner terrorism” on Q&A this week. My then husband was su... [Uncategorized]


And discovered that where the sun hit the road all was well but where it didn’t… well it wasn’t.  If you’re coming to SECSOR check the TDOT smartmap for road conditions. It’s very useful. Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Cadernos de Teologia: outra revista citada em minhas publicações e, assim como os Cadernos do Cearp, por não ter sido indexada junto aos órgãos competentes, talvez seja pouco conhecida.Esta foi uma revista acadêmica da FTCR - Faculdade de Teologia e... [revistas]
Em minhas publicações tenho citado esta revista. O que é? Ou, o que foi?Cadernos do Cearp: uma revista acadêmica do Curso de Teologia do CEARP - Centro de Estudos da Arquidiocese de Ribeirão Preto - que teve 13 números elaborados (entretanto, apenas... [revistas]


My sister was going through my older YouTube videos and called my attention to the one titled Idolatry and Trust from six years ago. It relates to some of my more recent comments on God in my study on John. I’m amused to watch myself in this, as I c... [Christianity] [religion] [idolatry]
I’m running a little behind today, so I’m just going to give you the link. You can check out the details via the event on Google+. The YouTube viewer is embedded below. [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [John]


Foto do Codex Vaticanus aberto. O Codex Vaticanus é uma das mais antigas cópias da Bíblia, O assunto desse post talvez seja um daqueles que mais desperta o interesse do grande público: os famigerados apócrifos e porque eles não fazem parte do C...
It has been a long time since I last posted to my blog. My last post was on November 3, 2014. Since then I have received hundreds of emails from readers who are concerned about my well-being and who miss … Continue reading → [blogging] [Northern Baptist Seminary] [David Fitch] [Northern Seminary] [Scot McKnight]