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October 31 2016, 9PM

Unapologetic offers the Philosophy of Religion the swift, ugly end it has long deserved. This single book will cause the death of a discipline.-- Dr. Peter Boghossian, philosophy professor at Portland State University, and author of A Manual for Creating ...

October 21, 7AM

Our time is up.  And it’s ok.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Both are in evidence over at the Jesus Blog, where Rafael Rodríguez has shared some correspondence he’s recently had with one of his students. The student writes, I have a question that has been on my mind. It might be somewhat obvious, but nonet... [New Testament] [theology] [Judaism] [Paul]
Because every Pastor sees this face, usually attached to numerous heads, every sermon… Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
EPIGRAPHY: Discovery: ‘Jerusalem’ on Hebrew Papyrus (David Israel, The Jewish Press).A unique, 2,700-year-old Papyrus which mentions the Hebrew word “Yerushalma” (possibly meaning “to Jerusalem”) will be revealed next week at a conference on I...


Submit an article to this journal in Biblical ResearchOctober 2016; Vol. 15, No. 1
The Expository Times November 2016; Vol. 128, No. 2 Articles ----------------------------------------------------------------- Inhabiting the ?Resur...
By sending his Son, God accomplished what the law could not. But to what does the law refer in this Romans 8:3? Law may refer to the Mosaic Law, keeping to the context of Romans 7:1-12 or as a “principle” as in 7:21 (the “sin principle”). James Du... [Romans] [Book of Romans] [Paul]


Given that I’ve now had my first plagiarism case of the semester, the time seems right to comment on this topic. Let me begin with an infographic that explains different kinds of plagiarism and evaluates them in terms of their severity, since it see... [Academia] [education] [music] [academics] [borrowing] [commentaries] [commentary] [dishonesty] [honesty] [intellectual] [John Cage] [Plagiarism] [Professors] [scholars] [Silence] [students] [Theft]
“For centuries people have laughed at the old Douay version, because in Galatians v.4 it gave the rendering, ‘You are evacuated from Christ’. In 1940, what metaphor could be more familiar, or more significant?” -On Englishing the Bible (28) [Knox on Translation]
And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.  Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe a... [tertullian]


I'll post this here in case anyone else is searching for this issue Since my computer updated to Windows 10, build number 1607 (also known as the "Anniversary Update", because it was a feature release timed to coincide with a year since the first release ...
The second post in the math/science part of my "Gen Eds in a Nutshell" series. It's a series of ten subjects you might study in a general education or "liberal arts" core at a university or college. I've already done the subject of philosophy, and I'... [Friday Science] [Gen Eds in a nutshell] [Mathematics]
Imagine if you could peer inside the mind of a young theologian, before he penned his most influential works. What would we find? Would his later works be illuminated further by an understanding of his foundational thoughts? What connections could you dra... [Products]


This is precisely why ‘Evangelicals’ have lost the battle for society’s soul: they long ago simply became a part of the political ideology game.  You can’t challenge culture when you embrace it wholeheartedly and you can’t c... [politics]
Those who are wise learn from their forebears- even if what they learn is to leave them to the side.  Von Rad, however, can never be left aside.  He stands – even now – as the greatest Everest to grace the theological landscape. Gerhard von ... [von Rad]


My new book, An Anomalous Jew: Paul among Jews, Greeks, and Romans (Eerdmans) is now out and available for purchase! Only $16.66! Let me explain why I think this book will interest folks into Pauline studies: The introduction gives a fresh overview of ... [Uncategorized]
NEW BOOK FROM MOHR SIEBECK:Borders: Terminologies, Ideologies, and Performances Ed. by Annette Weissenrieder [Grenzen: Terminologien, Ideologien und Eigenschaften.] 2016. IX, 508 pages. Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 366 149,00 €...
JEWISH AND SAMARITAN: Two very different Sukkot celebrations in Israel ( many ways, the unusual sukkah customs of Israel’s little-known ancient Samaritan community can’t hold a candle to the country’s most expensive “desert” huts...
HISTORY AND TRADITION: Opinion - Islam Has Never Denied the Jewish Connection to Jerusalem. On the contrary, anywhere you look in early Islamic literature, if it discusses the city at all you’ll find its Jewish connection (Salman Masalha, Haaretz). Exce...
That’s the question posed in this essay in the Atlantic. The essay is titled There Is No Excuse for How Universities Treat Adjuncts.  It’s a great essay.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
TEMPLE MOUNT WATCH: Arab MK: No Jewish Temple Ever Existed on Temple Mount (David Israel, The Jewish Press).In a zeal reminiscent of the ISIS hordes destroying archaeological treasures belonging to cultures and religions before the birth of Islam, and a f...
PHOTO ESSAY: Welcome to Breichot Shlomo (Solomon’s Pools) (Photo of the Day, The Jewish Press).The Kfar Etzion Field School gave a special tour during Succot to Breichot Shlomo / Solomon’s Pools, just north of the town of Efrat in Gush Etzion. Solomo...
By John Frye When ministry becomes a job, the pastor/preacher skates on thin ice. Too many pastors lose their souls in the tedious, seemingly endless demands of their calling. Disillusionment is a dark set of lens that distorts life, filtering out all the... [Uncategorized]
Apparently there is a burgeoning interest in swearing. Not necessarily in doing it, but in studying it. Over the past couple of years I’ve easily found a book every twelve months that devotes itself to the topic. After I finished reading the most rec... [Bible] [Books] [Current Events] [Just for Fun] [Posts] [Religious Origins] [Social Consciousness] [Benjamin Bergen] [Blasphemy] [george carlin] [swearing] [The Guardian]

October 20, 11PM

In a guest post, rural minister and General Synod member Tiffer Robinson writes: “Rural churches have experienced falling congregations for decades” or so says the Guardian article about the Church of England proposals to remove the need for weekly Su... [Life & Ministry] [growth] [Ministry] [mission] [rural] [simplification] [Tiffer Robinson]


Theologische Zeitschrift 72:3 (2016)Niklaus Peter, "Alles zu seiner Zeit. Katja Tolstajas Edition aller Thurneysen-Briefe aus der Zeit derNeubearbeitung von Karl Barths «Römerbrief»," 328-333 (abstract) [Barth] [ThZ] [προς Ρωμαίους]
Οι σημειώσεις των αναγνωστών περισσότερο ή λιγότερο γνωστών χειρογράφων αποτελούν το θέμα της χτεσινής ανάρτησης στο γνωστό ιστολόγιο τη... [χειρόγραφα]
Στην ιστοσελίδα The Bible and Interpretation ο Bert Jan Lietaert Peerbolte δημοσιεύει ένα σύντομο άρθρο του που εξετάζει κριτικά τις πιθανές μαρτυρίες της Παλαιά... [Παλαιά Διαθήκη]
I have been a reader, appreciator and fan of Larry Hurtado for a long long time and one of my earliest books — A Light among the Gentiles — got published by Fortress because Larry spoke enough on my behalf to John Hollar. My favorite of his b... [Uncategorized]


If you’re the praying sort, remember the folk there.  All of them, but most especially the staff and students and faculty at Ming Hua Theological College.  It is a wonderful place and they are wonderful people. Filed under: Ming Hua Theological Co... [Ming Hua Theological College]
The papers from the Greek Verb Conference at Tyndale House in Cambridge are now available on Amazon…that is, shipped, not merely pre-ordered. The Greek Verb Revisisted  Filed under: Books [Books]
There is abundant evidence of the presence of the Romans in Jerusalem and the land they would later call Palestine. Now comes specific evidence of the place where Titus’ army breached the Third Wall of the city. The excavation site in the Russian Co... [Archaeology] [Bible Places] [Bible study] [israel] [New Testament] [Photography] [Travel] [Roman Army]


Esther 4 by Bob MacDonald via Dust (#81175)
The presence of the harvest word, garner, may indicate a part of a metaphor. Still unclear to me. The faith of Mordecai is expressed in his confidence that the Judeans would not perish but be delivered from some other quarter if not through Esther. Ther... [Esther]
This is the unintentional third part of my discussion of this topic. Last week I talked a bit more about the initial statement of the gospel in Galatians and then began looking at how Paul talked about the gospel elsewhere, first in 2 Corinthians 5 and th... [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [religion] [2 Corinthians] [Galatians] [Paul] [Romans]
Ann Michael thinks so in this post. [Books]


Madeleine L’Engle.  Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith & Art.  Preface by Sara Zarr.  New York: Convergent Books, 2016.  See here to buy the book. Madeleine L’Engle is perhaps best known for her renowned children’s book, ... [Madeleine L'Engle] [religion]
With thanks to Danny McClellan for tracking it down and mentioning it on twitter.  I found this link on google.  If you go to the app store and search SBLAAR16 you’ll find it as the second (!) listing. Filed under: SBL [SBL]
There’s a brief history of German Bible translations here if you’d like to read it. It’s grand. It remarks Allein auf Deutsch sind 72 Bibelübersetzungen vor Luthers berühmter “Dolmetschung” bekannt, wenngleich die meisten T... [Bible]


12 PM

The American edition of this volume is being published by Fortress. N. T. Wright’s magnum opus Paul and the Faithfulness of God is a landmark study on the history and thought of the apostle Paul. This volume brings together a stellar group of inter... [Books]
Here's the last video in the Trinity series this past summer on the Bible and Marriage, this time on "Scripture Choices for Same-Sex Marriage services."
Having described the wretched condition of people who know what the law demands but cannot keep it (7:21-24), Paul now declares that those who are in Christ have been set free from the Law of sin and Death (8:1-4) Condemnation refers to a “the punishmen... [Romans] [Book of Romans] [Paul]
In an effort to cut down on lines for badge reprints at registration, name badges will no longer be sent via postal mail. Instead, check your e-mail in early November for a special link that will allow you to print your name badge and tote bag ticket to b... [SBL]


Due to the church’s dangerous overuse of hundreds of lasers, pulsating effects, and strobe lighting, a local judge ordered Elevation Church to post a photosensitive seizure warning outside its church building before every service, sources confirmed Thu... [Modern Culture]
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Esther 3 by Bob MacDonald via Dust (#81163)
This is as plain as can be. Verse 10-11 reminds me of Job being delivered into the hand of the Accuser. The council of the gods in this case is lower than we might imagine the picture in Job, but perhaps we should not think this. Perhaps we should not cap... [Esther]


He just out-Trumped Trump. He’s insane.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]