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May 25 2015, 11AM

Today we remember America’s heroes, reflect on our faith, and relate to the freedom we experience, all because of those who died while serving in the armed forces. If you haven’t been keeping up with our three-part miniseries with Jeff Struecker, the ... [Misc.] [Products] [base packages] [Bible study] [black hawk down] [chaplain ministry] [chaplain's library] [Chaplaincy] [commentaries] [counseling] [jeff struecker] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [memorial day] [patriotic] [sale] [us army]


There’s a lovely little book which examines the main features in Zwingli’s theology which readers can pick up for free in pdf.  Here. You’ll like it.  You’ve got my word on it. Filed under: Zwingli [Zwingli]


You’ll find this interesting: On May 25, 1521, after many of the princes had left the Diet of Worms, leaving only four electors present, the emperor called them to his apartments. To their amazement he issued an edict, composed by a papal nuncio, wh... [Church History]
And in return, they were no fan of his.  Emser wrote a poem that some of his Swiss students got hold of. The part of the poem that was particularly offensive to the Swiss was as follows: Switzer, thou art a tyrant, an enemy of our faith and God, Good-for... [Zwingli]
In the town of Fountain Hills, Arizona, 8 local churches have come together to preach a series of sermons about the differences between progressive “Christianity” and traditional Christianity. The above is from a newspaper ad taken out by the ... [Controversial] [United Methodist Church] [Fountain Hills]
The previews look great. In the Book of Genesis, the first words God speaks to humanity are “Be fruitful and multiply.” From ancient times to today, these words have been understood as a divine command to procreate. Fertility is viewed as a sign of ... [Books] [Candida Moss] [Joel S. Baden] [Princeton University Press]


Source: NEWSER) – As California enters its fourth year of drought, with fines that the Los Angeles Timesreports could range up to $10,000 for water wasting, citizens are taking to social media to not only rat on their neighbors but call out the state&#... [Uncategorized]
The EABS meeting starts on Sunday evening at 7 pm with the Opening Session followed by a reception. The work of the research units of the EABS meetings runs from Monday morning until Wednesday evening. The programme mainly consists of ca. 10 parallel semi... [Modern Culture]


I recently learned two things I didn’t know: (1) there are five editions of the Hebrew Bible in various stages of production and (2) there is a new Hebrew Bible journal with a number of good articles on these editions.The journal is calle... [bhq] [Biblia Qumranica] [Eclectic Hebrew Bible] [Hebrew Bible] [Hebrew Bible: Critical Edition] [Oxford Hebrew Bible] [Samaritan Pentateuch]
And it has just begun, on the delightful book, Evangelical Faith and the Challenge of Historical Criticism ed. by Christopher M. Hays and Christopher B. Ansberry. You can read my brief introduction, here. Kent Sparks’ response has just gone live, he...
The book of Joel is known for its use of locusts as a metaphor for coming judgment. Many of us in the Western world have little personal experience with locusts or locust plagues. And I have always wondered what the difference was between grasshoppers and... [backgrounds] [Joel] [old testament]
English: Pope John Paul II at a Papal Audience on 17 July, 1985—St. Peter’s Square, Vatican City. Behind him, Camillo Cibin, former Inspector General of the Vatican Gendarmerie. Français : Jean-Paul II, Pape de l’Église catholique romaine, à ... [Holiness] [Catechesi Tradendae] [Pope John Paul II]


Wholeheartedly pursing obedience isn’t legalism—it’s happy holiness. We fall off the cliff of legalism when we think our status with God depends on how well we obey. We can also fall off when we live our lives by a list of rules that exceed those in... [Books] [gospel] [Radically Normal] [theology]
Stained glass window of the sacred Heart of Jesus Christ in the former Mosque (Cathedral) of Cordoba, Spain (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Jesus Christ has not come to establish social justice any more than he has come to establish the power of the state or th... [Quotes] [Jacques Ellul]
Stained glass at St John the Baptist’s Anglican Church ” (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Dear Duggar Family Children. This is for Jana Maria, John-David, Jill Michelle, Jessa Lauren, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah,  Joy-Anna, Jedidiah, Jeremiah, Jason, Jam... [Controversial] [Duggar Family] [michelle duggar] [quiverfull]


Today marks the anniversary of the birth of the eminent Zurich historian Peter Opitz.  He has written extensively in the field of Reformation history and his contributions to the field are impressive and important.  His very full bibliography is availab... [Modern Culture]


Is turning into a whole thing.  Marcion is back. Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
In this moving and disturbing photo report: It’s impolite to stare. But when it comes to severely injured soldiers, maybe we don’t look enough; or maybe we’d rather not see wounded veterans at all. That’s the message you get from p... [Modern Culture]
The other night I came home to discover that my copy of Chris Tilling’s Paul’s Divine Christology had arrived. This is the Eerdmans edition with a foreword by Douglas Campbell. I had the privilege of viewing the proofs and providing some feedb... [Books (Misc.)] [In the Mail] [Review Books]
Me ha parecido interesante esta explicación de Fr. Robert Barron acerca de esos “pasajes bíblicos difíciles” que por su violencia resultan complicados de interpretar. A ver que les parece. Los subtítulos del vídeo están también en esp... [Historia de la salvación] [Libros Históricos] [pasajes dificies] [violencia]
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My pastor recently mentioned the fact that, because Earth’s water is a closed system, the water we drink is likely to include, sooner or later, water that was part of the wine at the last supper, or in the Jordan river when Jesus was baptized.Pliny ... [Christianity] [humor] [scams] [science] [holy] [jesus] [recycled] [water]
Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. If you’re like me, when you study a ... [Misc.] [Training] [Bible study] [free desktop training] [free training] [how to use Logos Bible Software] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [logos training] [Morris Proctor] [Morris Proctor Seminars] [mp seminars] [search] [tips and tricks] [tutorial]


Because they don’t know who they are or where they’re from or what they believe.  Or anything that matters. On a recent evening, Andrew Seng dressed up in a suit to officially become a Lutheran and an Episcopalian. The 16-year-old was rai... [Modern Culture]
Following up today on a post from Saturday on theories of Western decline.I remain unsure about the word, "decline." There are aspects of American culture right now that I consider in decline. I thus wouldn't at all want to say that we are on some traject... [philosophy of history]
I hope it’s a pleasnt one for you.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


by Ian CuthbertsonI suppose I had better just come out and say it: I’m interested in lucky charms. My research in Montréal, Québec involves an online survey and in-depth semi-structured interviews with individuals who possess and use lucky or protecti... [NAASR Notes] [Religion and Popular Culture] [Religion and Society] [Religion and Theory] [Theory and Method] [Uncategorized] [Bronislaw Malinowski] [Christopher Partridge] [E.E Evans-Prichard] [Emile Durkheim] [Ian Cuthbertson] [James George Frazer] [Keith Thomas] [magic] [Marcel Mauss] [Max Weber] [Randall Styers] [Simon During]


“Parochial” is a name we small-town types dread. Growing up with television, which gave us a magical view into New York and California, as well as other cosmopolitan locales, we could easily feel the accusations of being small-minded and unsophistica... [Current Events] [Holidays] [Memoirs] [Posts] [Social Consciousness] [Travel] [media] [memorial day] [racial profiling] [racism] [social justice]
LARRY HURTADO: Edinburgh Canon Conference. I was not able to attend this day conference, but I heard it was very good. I noted the announcement of it here.
Earlier, I commented on a glorious pleasure of age: the afternoon nap with snoring. I have them now on an almost daily basis. But I have always envied the ability of an old professor to nod off during a lecture given by someone else. He or she may give an... [pastimes] [nap] [pleasures of age] [snoring]
AN OLDIE: Blu-ray Review: Stigmata (Adam Frazier, Geeks of Doom). Blu-ray resurrects (heh) another forgettable movie. I reviewed it on PaleoJudaica many years ago.
At the ‘Jesus on Trial’ event that I attended the other night, two expert witnesses gave completely contrasting answers to this question. The pro-resurrection witness (ancient historian Edwin Judge) said that differences in the Gospel accounts... [resurrection]
ASKING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Does Rapha’ appear on a 9th-Century BCE Jar at Tell es-Safi/(“Gath”)? (Deane Galbraith, Remant of Giants). Possibly it does, and that would be really cool, but the reading is uncertain.
ASSIMLATED TO THE BLOGOSPHERE: STEVE KAUFMAN - ARAMAIC STUDIES TODAY.This blog is intended to serve as a vehicle for the academic community to review and discuss new (and previously published major) publications in Aramaic Studies. We welcome contributio...
BIBLIOGRAPHIA IRANICA: Dictionary of the Old Persian royal inscriptions. By Rüdiger Schmitt; Wiesbaden: Reichert, 2014.

12 AM

Today, the Journal of Contemporary Ministry was launched. It looks like it comes out of Harvest Bible College in Melbourne, which is a Pentecostal theological training institution. [Uncategorized]
Malcolm Gladwell delivered a TED Talk in 2013 on the subject of the biblical narrative of David versus Goliath (1 Samuel 17): “The unheard story of David and Goliath”. This is also the subject of a chapter in his 2013 book, Underdogs, Misfi... [1 Samuel 17] [2 Samuel 21 and 23] [Goliath] [acromegaly] [David and Goliath] [Malcolm Gladwell] [TED talk] [The unheard story of David and Goliath] [Underdogs Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants]
In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Vatican II's Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, I will be posting twice a month, on Mondays, a paragraph from this important document.  There are a total of 26 paragraphs, so this will take us t... [Dei Verbum at 50]

May 24, 10PM

Ben: What, in your estimation is the real importance and contribution of Irenaeus in church history? Are their salient ideas and actions of his that were game changers or made a big difference in the formation and defense of orthodoxy in the second centur... [Uncategorized]
This is Mother Theresa’s version of the “St Francis” Prayer, and it can guide us as we remember those who have lost their lives in service to their country: Make us worthy Lord to serve others throughout the world, who live and die in po... [Uncategorized]
By Allan Bevere:[SMcK: Civil religion equates what God wants for his people with what God wants for the nation, and then soon equates nation and church/Israel.] In his book, To Change the World, James Hunter persuasively argues that the religious right a... [Uncategorized]


One Sunday a year we don’t have evening service at our church- it’s ‘homecoming day’. That was today. Every year I’m made keenly aware that there is absolutely nothing interesting going on outside church from 7-8 pm. This ... [Modern Culture]
Today I received my hot-off-the-press copies of All That the Prophets Have Declared: The Appropriation of Scripture in the Emergence of Christianity. As well as my introduction and conclusion, the book has twelve chapters, by various contributors. So over... [Bible] [Books] [hermeneutics]
God has raised this Jesus to life, and we are all witnesses of it. Exalted to the right hand of God, he has received from the Father the promised Holy Spirit and has poured out what you now see and hear. Acts 2:32-33 We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lor... [Church and Theology]
In some ways, Episode Eight is the best episode of the series thus far. It centers on the dramatic events recorded in Acts 8 and 9. The portrayal of Peter and John’s clash with Simon Magus and the portrayal of Saul’s Damascus road vision, the ... [Uncategorized]


On Pentecost Sunday, it is instructive to look at just how many times we appeal to the Holy Spirit in the course of liturgical Christian worship. Most of this content comes from the United Methodist Book of Worship. At the Beginning of Worship Almighty ... [Church and Theology] [Worship]


Whether accidentally, like the High Priest who inadvertently confessed that Jesus’ death would be important for all Israel, or intentionally, like an actual (non-Methodist) theologian. Amen.  And Amen.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
  I should be good at chess. I’m a big picture guy with an eye for strategy. Problem solving is my wheelhouse. And when it comes to the serious, I play to win.  But for the life of me I cannot win a game. It’s a wonder that I even ma... [Personal] [chess] [games] [Life] [losing] [Reflections] [Winning] [Writing]
Like anything Roma Downey and Mark Burnett produce about the Bible: Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


Ha! by Jim via Zwinglius Redivivus (#55848)
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Jim:Joseph is one of my favorite agnostics because, unlike too many, he’s sensible and intellectual and balanced. Originally posted on The New Oxonian: “Put the kids in the basement Mother, there’s one of them scientist fellers at the door.” ... [Modern Culture]


I was surprised to get twitter and facebook notices that Daniel Boyarin had used me as a negative foil in his lecture on “Two Pharisees: Flavius Josephus and Paul the Apostle” recently given in Rome. See it here: He quotes a review (at 16:08) ... [Uncategorized]


Leave it to the Swiss to have clear sight. In a landmark decision issued on Thursday, the supreme court struck down the ruling of a Saint Gallen administrative court last August that recognized the two fathers.  The two men, originally from Saint Gallen ... [Modern Culture]
Now there were devout Jews from every nation under heaven living in Jerusalem. And at this sound the crowd gathered and was bewildered, because each one heard them speaking in the native language of each. Amazed and astonished, they asked, “Are not ... [Acts of the Apostles] [Doctor Who] [humor] [babel] [foreigners] [Jerusalem] [languages] [Pentecost] [sermon] [TARDIS] [tongues] [translation] [translator] [universal]
John Shuck interviews Harvey Cox in his latest Religion for Life podcast (follow the link or search on iTunes). Cox is a former Harvard professor and a leading progressive theologian who first made his mark with the ground-breaking 1965 book The...

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I attended the Methodist church again this morning.  I particularly enjoyed the sermon because the pastor referred to the Babylonian creation myth Enuma Elish, and also looked at the Hebrew of Genesis 2. The pastor was saying that she doubts that t... [Bible] [church] [religion]