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August 20 2014, 10PM

What is the distinctive element of Christian prayer? Rowan Williams in his little book on the Christian life, called Being Christian: Baptism, Bible, Eucharist, Prayer, contends it is calling God “Father” so that the distinctive element of Ch... [Prayer and Formation]


The Baptism of ClovisHistory 311: Medieval Europe If you are looking to fill a history elective at Briercrest College this fall, may I recommend HIS311: Medieval Europe? Although I can't help but be a tiny bit biased, I have read the syllabus and tal... [Briercrest] [syllabi]
Sadly missed this beautiful visual reconstruction site throughout our Sunday School study of Ezekiel and Daniel, but the images will help Biblical and ancient history students better visualize one of the great ancient cities. Really great stuff. See it he... [Archaeology] [Bible study] [history] [Links] [Photos] [sunday school notes] [ancient history] [Babylon] [Bible] [biblical history] [Book of Daniel] [Book of Esther] [Book of Ezekiel] [Nebuchadnezzar]


Jim West's Person in the Pew Commentary Series is available on pre-pub from Logos Bible Software. Jim has been steadily working on his Person in the Pew Commentary series for awhile. And I have huge respect for him for doing it. Jim's task is a bit than... [Books] [New Testament] [old testament]


The introduction to Rudolf Bultmann's Jesus and the Word (p. 15) ends with the following sentences:"The essential difficulty in this book ... lies not in the theoretical understanding nor in the acceptance of it as a 'point of view,' but in the ... [Bultmann] [Quotes]
Conservative TV preacher Pat Robertson said this week that Americans needed to stage a “revolution” against President Barack Obama after a trip to the doctor that took too long because his nurse had to use a computer. What? Dear Pat, Please marry Ann ... [Modern Culture]


He goes on to say autistic babies may be “enhanced” so keep them… He’s like an atheistic version of Pat Robertson. My books are now available on Amazon. Praying in God's Theater, Meditations On the Book of Revelation, Mimetic C... [atheism] [Richard Dawkins]
David Allen identifies five characteristics of his ideal seminary student here. [education] [seminary] [Theological Education]


I saw this on a friend’s facebook page - “From 2006 to 2012, a white police officer killed a black person at least twice a week in this country.” This dreadful factoid raises a question for me: to whit, in that same period of time how ma... [Modern Culture]


Simply reacting to the title one can simply say ‘as if…’ 99% of the scholars working since Bultmann have not only not gone beyond him, they aren’t even close to catching up to him. But give them 100 years and they might. If the... [Bultmann]
Andrei Rublev’s Trinity, representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in a similar manner. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I was raised an anti-Trinitarian oneness guy. This view is based on ignorance of Christian Tradition, Scripture, and certain key con... [Church History] [Monotheism] [Trinity]

12 PM

For the first time, you can choose from a line of brand-new Pentecostal & Charismatic base packages that bring Logos’ powerful tools and hundreds of hours of research right to your fingertips. Plus, for a limited time, you can save 15%! Carefully se... [Products]


Had a most excellent class this morning with some onsite and some live online.  So grateful for the online and onsite students who were game to try something new! It seemed to be the best of both worlds.The onsite students didn't have to stay as long... [online] [Wesley Seminary at Indiana Wesleyan University]
Ron Hendel describes the “Hebrew Bible: A Critical Edition” in an essay at Bible and Interpretation.  In it, he remarks Editions that exist only in Greek translation will be retroverted into Hebrew to the extent possible. (Because these editi... [Biblical Studies Resources]
Writes Msgr Charles Pope: As you may know, the Catholic Faith was illegal in the Roman Empire prior to 313 AD, when the Emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan permitting the Christian Faith to flourish publicly. Prior to that time, … Continu... [church] [ancient] [Archaeology] [Biblical Archaeology] [Christianity] [early church]
I previously wrote about Army chaplain Emil Kapaun, a Medal of Honor recipient killed in the Korean War, whose cause for canonization is being considered by the Catholic Church. In an article about the diverse group of American Catholics being looked at ... [god and country] [Chaplaincy]
I wanted to post a quick reminder about our Spring (4.1) issue of Journal for the Study of Paul and his Letters. It was mailed out to subscribers a while back, but since I just moved, my copies arrived recently. This issue is a major review of N.T. Wrig... [Uncategorized]
Official seal of Dyersburg, Tennessee (Photo credit: Wikipedia) As you can imagine, when you rip away the “holler doors” and expose fundamentalism, especially the more pentecostally kind, people get upset. One of the statements I made was in r... [justification] [Oneness Pentecostalism]
Much can be said about Rudolf Bultmann. In my limited study of his work, I have perhaps found a reason he is feared and hated. Bultmann says to look inward to find evil, all men do evil. Jesus calls upon man to make a decision (a free decision) before God... [Bultmann]
The Catholic World Report: The news broke late yesterday that Islamic State jihadists executed freelance journalist James Foley and posted a video of his beheading. Foley, 40, had been missing for two years while covering the conflict in Syria. I … ... [church] [Christianity] [Culture] [death] [evil] [Falleness] [Isis] [Islam] [James Foley] [news] [Prayer] [Terror]
Back in 2009, Dr. Yona Sabar of UCLA wrote an article in The Jewish Week about his experiences as an Aramaic speaker. In recent light of the troubles facing Neo-Aramaic speakers in the Middle East it’s been circulating again, so I figured that I s... [Uncategorized] [neo-aramaic] [yona sabar] [Zakho]


As recently reported, CPART’s Kristian Heal and colleagues have started the work of producing new catalog descriptions for eighty Syriac manuscripts from the collection of the Vatican Apostolic Library. As part of this project, the Vatican Library has j... [Aramaic Blog] [BYU] [Kristian Heal] [manuscript] [syriac] [Vatican]
Dialectics for kids. HT James Crossley's blog. Check it out.
In his latest attempt to prove himself completely worthless (why does he continue to try- he has already proven the fact), Dawkins suggests that parents of Down Syndrome babies ought to abort them and ‘try again’. One of the most delightful yo... [Total Depravity]
I have been consulting Tony Attwood’s The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome (2007) as a reference.  (Asperger’s Syndrome is a form of autism that includes deficits in socializing.  I have it.)  Attwood makes a statement on page ... [Asperger's]
Tobin Grant reveals a very common approach to these sorts of issues: everything is seen through the lens of the public sector absent any ecclesial orientation. His sketch is through the lens of Christianity Today’s articles four views — shifti... [Uncategorized]
Robert T. George describes Emergent beliefs about God thusly: (1) Toleranz praktizierter “sexueller Vielfalt” in christlichen Gemeinden, und (2) strikte Leugnung des stellvertretenden Sühnopfers Christi: Es war keines nötig, weil Gott “... [theology]


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I do not prefer to write publicly about things that I do not understand. Especially over the internet. (Though I make attempts to write about the unfathomable grace of God, so there’s that). The more emotionally and politically charged, the more I want ... [Current Events] [Ferguson] [gospel] [Mo] [Race]
I’ve always been supportive of the Police.  They have a tough job, which I thoroughly understand given that I served in the Army as an MP.  Normally policemen and women have my unwavering respect.  But not now, not in Ferguson Missouri.  There, ... [Total Depravity]


[This is the second in a series of posts on texts to be featured in New Testament Apocrypha: More Noncanonical Scriptures edited by Brent Landau and I. The material here is included also on my More Christian Apocrypha page]. The Revelation of the Magi has... [More Christian Apocrypha] [Revelation of the Magi]
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Via The World of the Bible Professor Carol Harrison has recently been appointed to the Lady Margaret Professorship of Divinity in the Faculty of Theology and Religion at Oxford University. Harrison is currently Professor of History and Theology of the Lat... [Modern Culture]


Source: Most scientists believe Darwin got it right: Single-celled creatures evolved into complex ones, a process of natural selection and genetic adaptation that over eons turned a primordial swamp into shape-shifting cells, into ape-like primates, into ... [Uncategorized]
I’ve just become aware of a new study of Zwingli’s eucharistic theology. Naturally, I’ve asked my supplier to send along a copy. It looks fantastic. Zwinglis reformatorische Theologie ist ganz der Ehre Gottes verpflichtet; auch seine Leh... [Books] [theology] [Zwingli]
Stupidity is a more dangerous enemy of the good than malice. One may protest against evil; it can be exposed and, if need be, prevented by use of force. Evil always carries within itself the germ of its own subversion in that it leaves behind in human bei... [Uncategorized]
Scot McKnight: Inerrancy is a disruptive child in the theological classroom. He or she gets all the attention of teacher and students. A biblical view of inerrancy demotes it under the word true, all as part of God’s choice to communicate efficiently an... [Bible] [theology] [Inerrancy]
But we cannot forget that the default mode for schooling (from Early Childhood to HigherEd) is pen and paper...When we talk digital note-taking and other electronic engagement, we must consider that most students--let alone, teachers-- are picking up skil... [teaching] [Academe] [Academia] [computers] [digiped] [edtech] [education] [higher ed] [pedagogy]
Scot McKnight wrote a very interesting post on inerrancy today. I have long rejected use of the term biblical inerrancy, yet have watched as people more liberal (another dangerously slippery term) than I am claim to be inerrantists. This article is very h... [Biblical Inerrancy] [Biblical Inspiration] [Books] [religion]


[Talking about the parable of the sower, Chan says:] My caution to you is this: Do not assume you are good soil.I think most American churchgoers are the soil that chokes the seed because of all the thorns. Thorns are anything that distracts us from God. ... [Books] [gospel] [theology]
The transition from industrial society to post-industrial societies . . . brings a polarization between Survival and Self-expression values. The unprecedented wealth that has accumulated in advanced societies during the past generation means that an incre... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Proverbs]
It’s time we threw a bucket of cold water over the latest self-congratulatory celebrity fad, says Michael Hogan Right here. He’s absolutely spot on. These displays have become abhorrent self aggrandizement.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
I saw a Facebook post that claims that in the light of the beheading of U. S. journalist James Foley our only option is to hunt down and kill every one of them as soon as possible. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a pacifist. I belie... [politics] [Iraq] [War]
The word “tithing” has undergone quite a substantial change in meaning over the course of my life. Growing up as a Seventh-day Adventist, it meant giving precisely 10% of one’s income to the church. This money had a special use in the SD... [Books] [Christianity] [discipleship] [religion] [grace] [Tithing]
Yesterday we introduced the Calvinist concept of Total Depravity. We saw that in general, the basic understanding of this idea is pretty sound. However, when most Calvinists speak of “Total Depravity” what they really have in mind is something they ca... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Theology of Sin] [Calvinism] [sin] [Total Depravity] [total inability]


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Today marks the anniversary of Rudolf Karl Bultmann’s birth.  There’s enough Bultmann here to keep you busy all day.   If you don’t know Bultmann, have a look. And if you do, have a look anyway. And here’s an appreciation of the ... [Bultmann]


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1- How do you know Jesus never wrote a book?  Just because we don’t have it doesn’t mean he didn’t do it.  The argument from silence doesn’t hold water.  Or, as I am prone to say, absence of evidence is evidence of nothing at al... [Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh]
Through August 28, you can get three free Bible studies when you order the Not Your Average Bible Study Series. You’ll get nine volumes for only $24.95, plus three more volumes that are still in production. The story behind this series “Why has ... [Misc]


This post is by Jonathan Storment. You can follow him @Stormented. “I’m sorry I’ve got to take this call, it’s Kent Brantly.” This is what my friend Randy Harris said, right before excusing himself from our living room, to step outside, leaving ... [Uncategorized]


(MODERN) ARAMAIC WATCH: Letter by Neo-Aramaicists regarding Iraq situation (George Kiraz, the Hugoye list).Background here and links.
RONALD HENDEL: A New Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible (Bible and Interpretation). Excerpt:The HBCE ["The Hebrew Bible: A Critical Edition”] text will not reproduce a single manuscript (as is the case with the other critical editions, BHQ and HUBP)...
TORAH DOCTOR: Maintaining an ancient tradition, female scribe repairs Jewish academy Torah (Jeff Kunerth, Orlando Sentinel).The Torah used at the Jewish Academy of Orlando is marked with water spots, smudges, discolorations and rips."It's not just a boo...
Biblical literalists make strong claims for selectively obeying the Bible. It isn’t so hard to do in the short term, as numerous books on people “living biblically” have shown. You can get by for a year without trimming your beard or going out on ... [Bible] [Bibliolatry] [civil religion] [Posts] [Social Consciousness] [Bible and politics] [biblical literalism] [Jubilee] [Leviticus 25] [native american] [Social Consciousness]