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December 21 2014, 11PM

One of the usual ploys used to domesticate the teachings of Jesus about non-violence is to point to a couple of texts which might suggest Jesus was perhaps not quite as much like Gandhi (or vice versa) as many have believed. Wendell Berry in his recent bo... [Uncategorized]
The virgin conception is not a Christianized version of pagan mythology, nor an odd tale of God’s one time enterprise of running a Galilean fertility clinic for teenage girls. The virgin conceptions tells us about Israel’s hopes coming true, God’s S... [Uncategorized]
This week is dedicated to Good News stories about women in ministry, some of whom are serving in local churches and others serving in parachurch ministries. This is Christmas week, and these stories are told in the context of the story of Mary. The first ... [Uncategorized]


In Homer the Heretic, Homer Simpson falls asleep on the couch with a lit cigar in his mouth while smugly saying to himself “everyone is stupid except me”. Of course, it’s meant to be an illustration of his hubris. The cigar drops out of ... [Biases and Fallacies] [society]


If Christian mysticism can be faulted for, at times, relying too much on experience, the opposite tendency is, at times, seen in Protestantism, namely, a rationalistic approach to theology and God. Getting one’s theology straight seems to be the highest... [theology]


Сатана Созерцаемый:Апокалиптические роли антагониста в евангельских рассказах об искушении Христа ... Высший князь-обвинитель и главны...


Over at Zwinglius Redidivus, Jim West (a.k.a. the thinking man’s fundamentalist) recently noted that Fortress Press has changed their book review policy, restricting the books they provide for review to just digital editions (available through Edelw... [Uncategorized]


In his lecture on Zechariah 2:7 Luther remarks Luther’s books being burned It is altogether God’s grace and gift when there are obedient subjects, and that God creates and preserves these blessings through His angels in the world against the rebe... [Luther]


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A few days ago the European Association of Biblical Studies committee accepted a proposal by Theodora Panella (ITSEE, Birmingham) for a workshop with the title “Textual Criticism of the NT, the OT and the Qur’an” for the next EABS’ Annual Meeting ... [Call for Papers] [EABS] [Qur'an] [Textual Criticism] [Theodora Panella]
When the recent discovery of a bulla was announced by the media they interviewed the dig director for his view and Israel Finkelstein for his.   In spite of the fact that the report was posted online (and thus had ample room to post the full reply), the ... [Archaeology]
Stephanie Appell: It’s only now, during my second holiday shopping season here at Parnassus, that I realize: The books that changed my life were probably put into my grandparents’ hands by somebody much like myself. Somebody at John Rollins Bookseller... [Books]
You know how bloggers love to follow fads.  Here are some of your favorite bloggers and their elves on shelves and other places: Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Click here to view the embedded video.HT Bible Places Blog [israel] [aerial] [highway] [Jerusalem] [Tel Aviv]


While I was walking to church this morning, I was thinking about Romans 10:9, which states: “if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved” (KJV).I ... [Bible] [church] [religion] [resurrection]
I mentioned this on Twitter but not here. The other day I came home to a surprise package from Eerdmans containing a copy of their newly published NICOT volume on The Book of Psalms. I’ll use it with my ESV Psalter, which I try to read daily. B̶... [In the Mail] [Review Books]

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When Jesus announced that the kingdom had drawn near (Matthew 4:17), that word “kingdom” only made sense if his contemporaries were looking forward to a kingdom. What kind of kingdom was that? The way to answer this question is first to take a... [Kingdom of God]
Laura Geggel: An ancient farmhouse dating back to 2,800 years ago — complete with 23 rooms, wine presses and a grain silo — is no longer lost to the ages. Over the past few weeks, archaeologists have uncovered the sprawling stone house in Rosh Ha-R... [Uncategorized]
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Former “7th Heaven” star Stephen Collins declares he’s not a pedophile, and insists he has molested a minor on just one occasion and engaged in sexual misconduct with only three girls in all. MORE: Which is abs... [Total Depravity]
December 21, 1552: Katie Luther was buried at the City Church (St. Mary’s) in Torgau, Germany. Between the plague spreading through the area and the Emperor waging war against the German princes, it was not considered safe to return Katie’s body to Wi... [Church History] [Luther]


It’s called BABELAO: Electronic Journal for Ancient and Oriental Studies. So, naturally, in my head, I’m calling it ‘babe lo’ because, why wouldn’t I? Le nom BABELAO signifie « Bulletin de l’ABELAO », plus précisément ... [Modern Culture]
Noting in the Journal of the American Oriental Society 134.3 (2014) This project, which draws on a wide variety of materials from surveys as well as excavations, has convincingly established certain aspects of ancient Israelite society. However, it is not... [Archaeology]


Ah yes, the old ‘my perceived needs are the measure of every sermon and if my perceived needs aren’t met it isn’t me myself who has failed but you and everyone else’.   Millenials…  ‘Me, me, me.  Give me what I want ... [Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh]
SORRY FOR THE DEARTH OF BLOGGING. I've been down with a cold and such energy as I have has gone to holiday matters. I hope to be back soon.
Here's now links to my reflections on atonement from a Wesleyan-Arminian perspective. These are in my "theology in bullet points" series.Part 1: God and CreationGod and CreationPart 2: Christ and SalvationThe Doctrine of Christ (Christology... [Atonement] [Christology] [theology in bullet points]
This is the fifth post in a section on atonement in my ongoing series, theology in bullet points. The first set had to do with God and Creation, and I have also finished a section on Christology.________________________A5. In his death... [Atonement] [Christus Victor] [theology in bullet points]


[H]e must select one of the Greek aspects—the one which most nearly expresses what he wishes to say or, perhaps, the one which least obstructs his intentions. Of course, he may go on to qualify or alter this choice of aspect by additional phrases an... [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings]


This episode features a flashback in which Jin is talking with a friend who says he will find love this year, referring to the “destiny book,” a kind of source of astrological wisdom. Jin is skeptical, especially when the friend says that love... [LOST] [children] [others] [teddy bear]
From Father Rob Merola: This story is the gospel at work. There is a family with four young children. The two youngest children, both under seven years old, have autism. The younger of these two is also nonverbal, and another child struggles with an eatin... [Uncategorized]
Er zijn tijden geweest dat ik een overdaad aan Advent- en Kerstvieringen te verwerken kreeg. Dat was vooral tijdens mijn werkzaamheid als geestelijk verzorger in een viertal verpleeghuizen. Een “hoogtepunt” was een Kerstviering in een van die ... [over de Bijbel]


I don’t think I’ll have time for posting this week, so I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I have two or three posts on the burner that should be finished fairly soon after Christmas, though, so you can expect some more reading s... [Other] [Merry Christmas]


I can’t remember the last time I participated in a meme, and generally I’d ignore a tag, but I hold Jennifer Guo in high esteem so when she tags I answer. Here are the rules of this particular meme (which I’ve just learned this year rhy... [memes]


The Antiquities Ministry has suspended an excavation license given to a Brigham Young University archaeology team following a story in The Daily Mail newspaper quoting the team’s leader saying they may have discovered “one million mummies,” a claim ... [Archaeology]
  No.  No.  No.  You can’t ‘train for prophetic ministry’.  These poor folk don’t understand what ‘prophecy’ is or what ‘prophets’ are.  Instead, they’re simply looking to make a ‘profi... [Facebook theology that makes me sigh] [Pentebabbleism] [Pentebabbleists] [pseudo-christianity] [pseudo-theology]
The quote from N. T. Wright, as well as the accompanying picture, came to me via ProgressiveChristianity on Facebook.“The line between good and evil does not lie between ‘us’ and ‘them,’ between the West and the rest, between... [morality] [N. T. Wright] [quote]


I recently read an article about the Druids. The fact is, historically speaking, we know little of them. They are mysterious and silent and irrevocably linked in the imagination with the solstices. Cultures throughout the northern climes of the norther... [Bible] [Britannia] [Deities] [Holidays] [Posts] [science] [cross-quarter days] [Druids] [Hanukkah] [Maes Howe] [New Grange] [Stonehenge] [Winter solstice]
Dead Sea Discoveries 21:3 (2014)Loren T. Stuckenbruck, "“Qumran Aramaic” Today: Reflections on the Contributions in this Issue of Dead Sea Discoveries," 277-288 (abstract)Michael Segal, "Who is the ‘Son of God’ in 4Q246? An Overlooked Example of E... [DSD] [Κουμράν]
When I was in Beijing, a somewhat aristocratic Englishman was asked what he thought of Australia. ‘I have been there only once he said’, with evident disdain, ‘but it struck me as very British?’ I was somewhat nonplussed, wondering... [Australia] [sign of intelligence]


Wekelijks wordt in deze Bijbelquiz een nieuwe vraag over de Bijbel gesteld, wie het antwoord denkt te weten mag deze als commentaar toevoegen. Het antwoord komt dan de volgende week, zodat iedereen de gelegenheid krijgt om mee te doen in deze Bijbel... [Bijbelquiz] [Bijbelquiz2]