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October 2 2014, 4AM

A student in my Paul class is making a Facebook profile for Paul the Apostle. And since I sent “him” a friend request, I recently saw this greeting me on Facebook: [Paul and his letters] [apostle] [Facebook] [Paul]
I experienced my first Jewish Renewal Yom Kippur at the old Elat Chayyim in Accord, New York ten years ago. One of the practices which moved me most was a practice of collaboratively writing our own Al Chet prayer. The Al Chet prayer -- "For the Sins (Wh... [Days of Awe] [Jewish Renewal] [Prayer]
Noet is committed to providing classical, ancient, and modern works for a wide range of scholarly application. And now, you can experience the new Noet’s updated site is now here—visit and see what’s new! Navigate with ... [Products] [classics] [Noet] [noet blog] [noet introductions series] [noet scholarly tools]


Chapter three of Iain Provan’s new book Seriously Dangerous Religion explores the Old Testament view of God and the way this view differed from other ancient Near Eastern views and indeed other views past and present around the world. This is a foundati... [Uncategorized]
From the Conference organizer- I am writing to confirm the arrangements for the next Annual Seminar on the Use of the OT in the NT, to be held at Gladstone’s Library Hawarden (, from the evening of Wednesday 25th to... [Conferences]


SALOME (daughter of Herodias, not the disciple of Jesus) is getting some attention in the theatre and in a musical production inspired by an earlier opera and graphic novel.With Salome, Al Pacino returns to London stage after 30-year wait (Ben Beaumont-Th...


LIKE REVENGE: Straight-up Philology, Served Cold (Amit Gvaryahu, The Talmud Blog).Robert Brody, Mishnah and Tosefta Studies, (Jerusalem: The Hebrew University Magnes Press, 2014)Brody might be writing in English, but the book is decidedly Jerusalemite: a...
I am in two minds about Sam Harris’s Waking Up. Literally. I haven’t read Harris since The End of Faith, and I have to admit that I found Waking Up to be a very engaging book. I can’t agree with everything Harris writes—that’s an ... [Books] [Consciousness] [Posts] [science] [A Guide to Spirituality without Religion] [atheism] [buddhism] [meditation] [neuroscience] [sam harris] [Spirituality] [The End of Faith] [Waking Up]
FOR YOU, SPECIAL DEAL: 50 % off for 518 Sources Chrétiennes Volumes (Alin Suciu).

October 1, 11PM

Check out my review of Paul and Scripture for RBL. A very handy resource for those who are interested in Paul’s use of the Old Testament.  [Uncategorized]


The further one goes in Chapter 14 the clearer is becomes just how trenchant Tom’s critique is of Engeberg=Petersen’s work. The latter puts much stress on Paul’s conversion, but one may ask, conversion from what to what? The problem with... [Uncategorized]
The church in the USA (no need to generalize too much here) is being put to the test in a number of ways today. Perhaps the way to look at this test is to see how the church has responded. Mark Labberton, President of Fuller seminary, in his new book Cal... [Uncategorized]
My friend and colleague Scot McKnight has written a thought-provoking post in which he discusses the politics of biblical translation. In his post, “The Politics of Bible Translations,” Scot wrote: “The Bible you carry is a political act. By ‘Bibl... [Bible] [Translating] [Translation Problems] [NIV] [Scot McKnight] [translations]


Jay Milbrandt.  The Daring Heart of David Livingstone: Exile, African Slavery, and the Publicity Stunt that Saved Millions.  Nashville: Nelson Books (An Imprint of Thomas Nelson), 2014. David Livingstone was a nineteenth century English explorer... [history]
As far as I can remember, I have been a lifelong pacifist, at least since I was in second grade. It was then that the first War On Iraq interrupted my morning cartoons to bring the U.S. American audience updates. Upset with the generals that were wasting... [Gender] [Hebrew Bible] [nonviolence] [old testament] [pacifism] [anablacktivism] [anablacktivist] [domestic violence] [Judaism] [MennoNerds] [Rachel Held Evans] [Ted Grimsrud] [The New Pacifism] [the Wisdom tradition]


There has been an awful lot of rubbish written about Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles. Apologists wax eloquent about his theological genius and depth of insight into the human condition. Augustine, Luther and other worthies have cast their own mantle ove...


With thanks to Adrianna Wright of IVP for this review copy. I want to say from the outset that I applaud what authors Christopher Smith and John Pattison are seeking to do in their new book, Slow Church: Cultivating Community in the patient ways of Jesus.... [book review] [Books] [Slow Church]
Content Note: Discussion of depression, mental health issues, ableism “28 When He came to the other side into the country of the Gadarenes, two men who weredemon-possessed met Him as they were coming out of the tombs. They were so extremely violent... [Christianity] [the Gospel] [ableism] [angelology] [Demonology] [Miracles] [political spirituality]


Bruce Fenner will replace Tom Carter as the endorsing agent for the United Methodist Church. Two great Christian gentlemen. The United Methodist Endorsing Agency is a a part of the Global Board of Higher Education and Ministry.   [Strangely Warmed]



Time for a "gut check".  Whatever is "new" is not necessarily true. At the same time, however, that does not mean that real advances are never made.  An authentic Catholic approach to theology can never claim that all that can ...


Each week the Waiuku Post arrives in the mailbox. It's a free community newspaper with the usual features you'd expect in a give-away tabloid. And every week there's a large ad from a group promoting the website.This week there's a tires...
Nothing minimalizes the seriousness of sin quite like calling a sinful act a ‘mistake’. A ‘mistake’ is typing dog when you meant to type doggie. A sin, on the other hand, is a life destroying family ruining relationship shatteri... [theology]


Salon has an excellent, and exceedingly true tale of greed, manipulation, deception, and misrepresentation.  Not from Wall Street but from College Street. In the midst of a fantastic piece you’ll read … higher education is the industry that s... [misery] [Modern Culture]
On his FB page Tim writes In thinking about the abusive, manipulative, and outright bizarre actions of the Dean and President at the General Theological Seminary, as well as the unprofessional and negligent actions of the Board of Trustees, I am aware of ... [Modern Culture]
O título? Guimarães Rosa, Lá nas campinas, em Tutameia.Quero deixar claro que essa concepção que defendo implica desenvolver educação reflexiva e crítica, e não apenas informativa. As informações estão disponíveis nas mídias e redes sociais.... [cultura]

12 PM

Submit an article to this journal Currents in Biblical Research October 2014; Vol. 13, No. 1 ---------------------------...
It’s the most exceptional, accessible, stunning, superb, brilliant, unforgettable, useful, attractive, witty, lovely, nifty, spiffy, godly, accurate, helpful, theological, exegetical, and aesthetically pleasing commentary ever written and that will ... [Books]
If I had been asked two dozen years ago for an example of what Christ forbade when he said ’Use not vain repetitions,’ I should very likely have referred to the fingering of beads. But now if I wished to name a special sort of private devotion most... [theology] [Austin Farrer] [rosary]
Matthew 5:1-2 Now when he saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to him, and he began to teach them, saying… The Sermon on the Mount is the first of five sermons in Matthew.  Notice that the first and the last... [gospels] [historical Jesus] [Dead Sea Scrolls] [jesus] [Synoptic Gospels]
The Cross is one of the most important events in Christian history, only surpassed by the Resurrection. And this October, you can get The Crucified God by Jürgen Moltmann for free! Taking the time to thoroughly examine the theology of the cross, Moltmann... [Products] [+One] [Cross] [Crucifixion] [free book] [free book of the month] [giveaway] [Jurgen Moltmann] [plus one] [resurrection]


Really, Joel? That’s the title you chose to go with? #clickbait This is another quick post (mainly for memory’s sake). In Mark 11.2, Jesus commands his disciples to go and get a colt. Matthew sees this, but expands this passage. In Matthew 21.... [Matthew]
Here's a lovely piece of inter-faith writing from the Velveteen Rabbi. It's about peace and the tension in the Akedah between Muslim and Jewish intrpretations of who it was whom Abraham nearly offered as a burnt offering. I have noted the role of the Heb... [carnival] [personal theology]
The book Religion and Doctor Who: Time and Relative Dimensions in Faith is now available for Kindle from The Kindle price is $9.99, which is significantly less than the price of the print volume. [Doctor Who] [religion] [ebook] [kindle]
We watched Frozen last night.  I actually watched it twice.  Frozen is a 2013 Walt Disney movie about a queen named Elsa who goes off into solitude after people learn about her magical powers—-powers of making ice and snow.  Elsa inadve... [movies] [Once Upon a Time] [Television]
The First Day The work of the Conference began on Friday, the 1st of October, with divine service in the chapel of the castle. Zwingli preached on the providence of God, which he afterwards elaborated into an important treatise, “De Providentia.” It w... [Church History] [Colloquium] [Luther] [Melanchthon] [Oecolampadius] [Zwingli]


Some of you know Laura (my daughter) and I turned the Jesus Creed into a children’s book. The Jesus Creed is from Mark 12:29-31 and urges us to love God and love others. As this was taught to the boys and girls in ancient Israel, so it can — a... [Uncategorized]
Από τον εκδοτικό οίκο του Yale University Press κυκλοφόρησε ένα νέο υπόμνημα για το βιβλίο της Αποκάλυψης. Ο συγγραφέας του, Craig R. Koester, καθ. της ΚΔ στο L... [Αποκάλυψη]
Scriptura 113 (2014)Gavin P. Hendricks, "A Philosophical and Historical Interpretation of the Concept Logos in John 1:1. From the Perspective of Orality and Literacy" Jordan Pickerimg, "Divine Silence: The Significance of Structure in Genesis 12" [Scriptura] [Παλαιά Διαθήκη] [κατά Ιωάννην]
The latest Biblical Studies Carnival has been posted on the Cataclysmic blog. See also Reading Acts for information about future carnivals – and opportunities to host them.Brian Small has the past month’s Hebrews Highlights.There is lots more ... [Biblical Studies Carnival] [biblioblogging] [bibliobloggers] [Biblioblogs] [fired] [General Theological Seminary] [GTS] [Professors]


Στην ιστοσελίδα The Bible and Interpretation έχει αναρτηθεί η έκθεση για τις ανασκαφές στο όρος Σιών κατά τη θερινή περίοδο του 2014. New Archaeological Excavations on ... [Ιερουσαλήμ] [αρχαιολογία]
I'm enjoying teaching the Life and Letters of Paul this semester at Duke.  Today we reached the Epistle to the Philippians and I found a new video which I previewed in class.  It's another of the St John's Nottingham videos, and features Pa... [Apostle Paul] [Bibledex] [NT Gateway Updates] [Paula Gooder] [Philippians] [St John's Nottingham]
By Khristi L. Adams: Not all members of the body of Christ are called to marriage, but all are called to be part of the body of Christ. We are complete in him alone and we are all adopted into one family no matter our place in society or our relationship ... [Uncategorized]
You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.What does this mean?  Answer: We should fear and love God so that we may not deceitfully belie, betray, slender, or defame our neighbor, but defend him, [think and] speak well of him, and put the... [confession] [sin]
At some point soon I hope to return back to blogging. I have been working very diligently over the past few months on a number of projects that have taken up most of my time. While you don’t come here for my whinging (that’s what my locked twi... [Conference announcement]
A year ago or so I was invited to contribute to SBL's project Bible Odyssey which was launched about two months ago. I was told that this week my article on the "Alexandrian Text" is highlighted on the Bible Oddysey home page, together with an article on&... [Alexandrian text] [Bible Odyssey] [early versions] [Pericope adulterae]
A couple of recent posts by fellow United Methodists have caught my attention. Each suggested a better way to say something important. Talbot Davis: “A Living Relationship with Jesus Christ” instead of “a personal relationship.” Matt Lipan: “Lo... [Noted]
Back before I joined the Women in Theology blog, a theologian-blogger friend asked me if I wanted to write something about modern-day Jansenism in the Catholic Church. I told him that I wasn’t yet comfortable making such claims. Part of my discomfor... [WIT Posts]
This is not not new news, but you can download free audio books of some of Josephus' works at LibriVox. Currently available are The Antiquities of the Jews (in four volumes), The Wars of the Jews, and  Minor Works of Josephus which includes Against A... [Audio] [backgrounds] [Josephus]


If we add all this together, we get something like this: a “blessed” person is someone who, because of a heart for God, is promised and enjoys God’s favor regardless of that person’s status or countercultural condition.— Sermon on the Mount,... [Books] [theology]
“Where did joy fit in? Answering that question was the first step on the path to peace. I asked myself why I was not rejoicing in the Lord. I had no trouble answering that question. The circumstance had obscured my view of God. I was not rejoicing becau... [Books] [Vine Ripened Life]
Too long has the church been in the habit of thinking that the great design of the gospel is, to save men from the punishment of sin, whereas its real design and object is to deliver men FROM SIN. But Christians have taken the other ground, and think of n... [Finney] [gospel] [Holiness]
In an unprecedented move, the Dean and President of New York’s General Theological Seminary (GTS), the Rev. Kurt Dunkle, has either accepted the resignations of eight members of the Episcopal seminary’s faculty or flat-out fired them. Which is i... [misery] [Modern Culture]
The Bible seems to present humans as consisting of three parts: body, soul, and spirit (1 Thessalonians 5:23; Hebrews 4:12). This is called the “tripartite” nature of man. Much like the divine Trinity, the three parts of a human make one being. Thoug... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Man] [Theology of Sin] [1 Thessalonians 5:23] [body] [Hebrews 4:12] [soul] [spirit] [tripartite]


According to The Times of Israel more than 40 graves have been vandalized at the Mount of Olives cemetery. You may be able to access the short article here. Jewish graves on the Mount of Olives. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins. The western slope of the Mount of ... [Bible Places] [Bible study] [Culture] [israel] [Photography] [Travel] [mount of olives] [Protestant Cemetery]
I don’t care much about getting into the details of this, but for sometime now the one and only Tony Jones has been held up as someone important in progressive/emergent circles, so much so that you’ll see him on various UMC blogs  (this, I gu... [Controversial] [Julie McMahon] [Tony Jones]
I saw this ad for the upcoming Left Behind movie on the blog Speculative Faith:There is no sense in which Left Behind is “based on a true story” – even one that hasn’t happened yet. It is based on an impressionistic reading of Reve... [eschatology] [Revelation] [Fred Clark] [Left Behind] [movie] [Nic Cage] [theology]
by Eleanor FinneganNote: the following is a commentary on the Reflections on Islamic Studies series, which appeared on the Bulletin blog earlier this year.My department has gained attention on campus for giving out buttons. A recent example boldly read &... [Uncategorized] [Edward Curtis] [Eleanor Finnegan] [Islamic Studies series] [Ruth Mas] [Social Constructionism]


The Friedberg Genizah Project (FGP) is pleased to announce that, following an Agreement with the Oxford Bodleian Libraries, high-quality digital images produced by the Oxford digitization services for all Genizah manuscripts and fragments in these Librari... [judaismo]