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July 24 2014, 8PM

Dr. Graham Oppy just published a book titled, Reinventing Philosophy of Religion. Below is an interview he did about it, where he both defended it as a discipline and expressed a way to reinvent it. Oppy rightly mentions that philosophy gave birth to the ...


A few days ago I quoted a great summary passage from Irenaeus, and it’s sad that we are still struggling with the same problems. Of course, few in churches would explicitly affirm two Gods in the Bible, but the way they describe God’s action ... [Hebrew Bible] [History of Interpretation] [Irenaeus] [Trinity] [angry god] [Creation] [loving god] [Marcion] [salvation]
There is a new book on Ellul’s theology due out within a few months, Dialectical Theology and Jacques Ellul: An Introductory Exposition by Jacob E. Van Vleet. In Dialectical Theology and Jacques Ellul, Jacob E. Van Vleet argues that the work of J... [Uncategorized]

12 PM

One of the most common requests we’ve received from users is the ability to add a logo to your site. While some premium themes have their own type of logo uploader, as soon as you switched your theme, the logo would disappear. But n... [Customization] [Features]
One of the most common requests we’ve received from users is the ability to add a logo to your site. While some premium themes have their own type of logo uploader, as soon as you switched your theme, the logo would disappear. But n... [Customization] [Features]
Interested in the lands of the Bible? Do you enjoy history or maps or archaeology? Planning a trip to any of the lands that are part of biblical history?I would like to invite anyone who is interested to participate in a free, online course I am offering,... [Archaeology] [biblical resources] [Biblical Studies] [elearning]
From Bloomberg News:  Omer Benjoya took a job this summer selling drinks, snacks and postcards on a hill that offers one of the most breathtaking panoramic views of Jerusalem. Now all the 17-year-old needs are customers. Since hostilities flared this ... [church] [Christianity] [Culture] [Falleness] [Gaza] [israel] [news] [Palestine] [Pilgrimage] [Tourism] [Travel] [War]
The following quotations are from Christoph Stenschke's excellent review of Ulrich Wilcken's 4 volume theology of the New Testament:If the study of the theology of the New Testament as an academic-exegetical discipline takes seriously the reality of God a... [hermeneutics]


By a Canadian student: It is tiny in size — measuring only 1.1 inches in width — and its top is broken, but a 400- year-old copper crucifix found at Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula earlier in July has big historical significance, … Continu... [church] [Archaeology] [Canada] [Christianity] [Crucifix] [Discovery] [news]
Lord, keep us in thy Word and work, Restrain the murderous Pope and Turk, Who fain would tear from off thy throne Christ Jesus, thy beloved Son. The first verse of a hymn he composed as the Turkish (Muslim) army moved towards Vienna. Oh Martin…Filed... [Modern Culture]
Researchers took 66 children between the ages of five and six and asked them questions about stories — some of which were drawn from fairy tales, others from the Old Testament — in order to determine whether the children believed the characters in the...
The quote is problematic because it suggests that our acceptance or rejection of Jesus’s lordship in and over our lives somehow actually affects his status as Lord.  That’s rubbish.  It’s sloppy thinking and it’s terrible theolog... [Twitter Theology That Makes Me Sigh]


A friend shared the images below from the book Get to Know Jesus by Nancy I. Sanders on Facebook. The characterization of what Bible scholars have to say in the second image is appallingly dishonest. I am not clear why Sanders thinks it is appropriate to ... [Bible] [Fundamentalism] [academics] [misrepresentation] [scholars]
There are rampant protests all over the world and commonly they are against Israel. It all happens because of the current events of the Middle East, which one must be living under a rock if, of which, he is still unaware. A protest, however, is not legiti... [Other Posts]
As first reported by Yahoo’s Rand Getlin, and just now by multiple other reporters, Ravens RB Ray Rice will be suspended by the NFL for the first two games of the season for beating … his then-fiancée. The NFL has stiffer penalties for smokin... [Modern Culture]


I watched the Robert Reich documentary, Inequality for All, a couple of nights ago.  In this documentary, Robert Reich was arguing that the decline of the middle class in the United States is not good for the economy or society.  When the mid... [Economics] [politics]
Residents of North America can order from ISD, the distributor in this hemisphere of TVZ books. View this document on ScribdFiled under: Biblical Studies Resources, Books, TVZ [Biblical Studies Resources] [Books] [TVZ]
I realize that in light of the world events the past few weeks, this is an insignificant memory. 16 years …Continue reading → [Personal Reflection] [Tentatio] [breakdown] [depression]


The standard liberal objection to religious motivations for political action is that they are unquestionable and not susceptible of disproof, so that they cannot form a part of the ongoing rational dialogue that should ideally characterize the political p... [Christian Theology] [politics of the absurd] [Zizek]
Title: Paul and the Faithfulness of God Author: N.T. Wright Bibliographic info: A gazillion pages Publisher: Fortress Press, 2013. Buy the book at Amazon. With thanks to Fortress Press for the digital review copy! First there was James Dunn’s Larg... [book review]
I recently spotted that Kenneth Leighton set Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s “Hymn to Matter” to music, in a composition for baritone, chorus, and orchestra or piano. I’ve been looking to see if there is a recording of the piece, but ... [music] [Progressive Christianity] [science] [Kenneth Leighton] [Pierre Teilhard de Chardin]


Source: [Love and Marriage]
Jesus humbled himself by taking on the nature of a human. While humility is often seen as a virtue in modern culture, people did not “humble themselves” in the Greco-Roman world. Someone who was humble was lowly and weak, even servile. That man should... [Evening Service Notes] [Philippians] [Bible study] [Paul]
As seguintes resenhas foram recentemente publicadas pela Review of Biblical Literature:Jason D. BeDuhnThe First New Testament: Marcion's Scriptural CanonReviewed by Richard I. PervoJoseph BlenkinsoppDavid Remembered: Kingship and National Identity in Anci... [resenhas]
As seguintes resenhas foram recentemente publicadas pela Review of Biblical Literature:Thomas L. BrodieBeyond the Quest for the Historical Jesus: Memoir of a DiscoveryReviewed by Benjamin I. SimpsonRichard J. CliffordWisdomReviewed by Lawrence M. WillsDav... [resenhas]


Here, at the end of the first section of the Sermon on the Mount, perfection is commanded. By commanding perfection, Jesus suggests the necessity—and possibility—of human transformation, a profound correcting of that which is imperfect, even w... [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology] [theosis]
Intercession is not our attempt to persuade God to do something He would rather not do. Instead, God is looking for someone who will intercede. It is Yahweh Himself who wants to initiate the intercession. Why is that? Why is intercession important? I wish... [Books] [Kinlaw] [theology]
The concept of “soul freedom” (sometimes referred to by other terms, such as “soul competency” and “freedom of conscience”) is an important one in the Baptist tradition (although we see it neglected or even rejected at... [Christianity] [music] [Baptist] [Songs] [soul freedom]
But this is the meaning and substance of this addition: I believe that there is upon earth a little holy group and congregation of pure saints, under one head, even Christ,* called together by the Holy Spirit in one faith, one mind, and understanding, wit... [church] [Holy Spirit]
Contemporary students of the Bible often ignore or disparage older commentators and commentaries. But I try to make them a regular part of my study. While these older works may be bereft of the latest research, they are often rich sources of pastoral wisd... [commentaries] [Jude] [New Testament]
If we define faith as “confidence” or “conviction” based on the evidence presented, and once we recognize that there is no such thing as “degrees of faith,” then this leads to the truth that faith is not a work. Faith ... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Calvinism] [faith]


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The quote from Chris Keith is taken from his contribution to Pete Enns’ series about Biblical scholars’ “aha” moments. In almost but not entirely unrelated news, see Hemant Mehta’s post about a Kickstarter project to make a l... [Inerrancy] [Bible] [Chris Keith] [honesty] [inerrantists] [Peter Enns] [quote]


It can sink no lower. Inside Higher Ed has a story about an Illinois university which has decided to make ‘League of Legends’ a varsity sport and award a number of scholarships to boot: In the latest blow to the nerd-jock distinction, an Illinois univ... [mockery] [Modern Culture]
Although I've said some things repeatedly in the past, it's worth repeating some of them every once and a while. I consider the following claims more or less beyond reasonable dispute:1. All of us see the world from "within our heads." That is to say, we ... [hermeneutics]
Michele has been posting pictures of the papers at SOTS.  Take a look.Filed under: SOTS [SOTS]
Starting this week, we’ll introduce a new weekly deal every Thursday! This week, you can get The Tyndale Bible Dictionary for 20% off with coupon code WEEKLYTBD at checkout. Study 1,000+ topics with top scholars The Tyndale Bible Dictionary is packed w... [Products] [bible dictionary] [tyndale bible dictionary] [weekly sale]


In earlier postings I’ve mentioned that I’d agreed to review N.T. Wright’s massive opus, Paul and the Faithfulness of God (earlier postings here, here, and here).  The review has just appeared as a featured review-essay in the journal T... [Uncategorized] [Important publications] [Paul]
Mary Schweitzer is a paleontologist who specializes in molecular paleontology, that is in the detection and interpretation of original molecular fragments in well-preserved fossil specimens. She is best known for discovering what appears to be biomolecule... [Science and Faith]


BOOK REVIEW: Between Pagan and Christian, by Christopher P. Jones, by Candida Moss in the Times Higher. Excerpt:This is important subject matter and a worthwhile read, and Jones is peerless in his discussions of the 4th century and beyond. For those int...
ARAMAIC WATCH: Purged by ISIS, Iraq's Christians appeal to world for help (Fox).Iraqi Christians are begging for help from the civilized world after Mosul, the northern city where they have lived and worshiped for 2,000 years, was purged of non-Muslims b...


“There ain’t no use in complaining,” Bryan Adams once wrote, “when you got a job to do.” If I may be pardoned from removing rock and roll from its love song context. As a guy who’s suffered unemployment several times, I have to agree that ha... [higher education] [Holidays] [Memoirs] [Posts] [Travel] [Bryan Adams] [capitalism] [New York City] [Transcendentalist]

July 23, 11PM

Addison Hodges Hart Strangers and Pilgrims Once More: Being Disciples of Jesus in a Post-Christendom World Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2013. Available at Pilgrims, but what do we leave behind? A review of Strangers and Pilgrims Once More, Addi... [Uncategorized]
More great material from Losurdo’s book on Stalin. In his long demolition of the myth of Stalin’s anti-Semitism, Losurdo also makes a few observations on Winston Churchill’s racist views. To begin with, in the famous ‘iron curtain&... [politics] [Total Depravity] [racism] [reading Stalin] [Winston Churchill]


Dead Sea Discoveries 21:2 (2014)Jonathan Ben-Dov / Daniel Stökl Ben-Ezra, "4Q249 Midrash Moshe: A New Reading and Some Implications,". 131-149Tucker S Ferda, "Naming the Messiah: A Contribution to the 4Q246 ‘Son of God’ Debate," 150-175Dennis Duke / ... [DSD] [Κουμράν] [Μεσσίας]
The big three sites to go see among the seven churches of revelation are Ephesus, Pergamon, Sardis, to which one must now add a fourth, Laodicea, because of the amazing archaeological work done there in the last five years. In this blog post and the next ... [Uncategorized]
Earlier this year there was an annual arts festival here in Perth. When the catalogue came out, showing all of the plays and films and music and other events, I predicted to myself before reading it, “I bet there will be no productions of Shakespear... [art]
Whatever other meanderings are in this post, be sure to read the music here. This is a very amusing chapter containing David's hobnob with the priest Ahimelek over bread, girls, and Goliath's sword. Et qui rit des curés d'Oc.  Let no one laugh (too muc... [Singing the Bible]
In Luke's Gospel Jesus tells an expert in the law to do what the law says if he wants to inherit eternal life (Luke 10:25). But in Acts Peter declares, "through the grace of the Lord Jesus we believe to be saved" (Acts 15:11). Explaining the relationship ... [Law] [Luke-Acts] [salvation]
If you believe in the immortality of the soul, so it would seem, you would have to believe in endless punishment of the wicked or universalism. In the history of the church, belief in the immortality of the soul has been a constant. Not all, but most have... [hell]


I'm figuring out the best ways to create short (but perhaps up to 20 minute) videos using PowerPoint. I've started using Microsoft's Office Mix, but I'm still practicing with it. It does allow me to record videos with inset webcam video of myself plus nar... [Greek] [greek instruction] [powerpoint]


Are Mormons Christian? Depends. Give me your definition of Christian and I will give you my answer. Are Mormons Christian? This is the type of question that can easily get conservative evangelicals and fundamentalists riled up, especially if you answer, &... [Uncategorized]


A sickening (because true) report on Hagee’s gathering of heretical hatemongers ends this way: What the IDF needed was a total victory. “Rocket factories can be destroyed,” said Anthony. “Weapon factories can be destroyed. Terrorists can be e... [pseudo-christianity] [pseudo-theology]
This is disgusting.  Do the people who make these signs not have any memory at all of the outrage committed against Jews just a few decades back stirred up by exactly this kind of hatred.  It’s sickening.  Jews aren’t to blame for what̵... [Total Depravity]


This weekend, I was on Twitter, and there it was again. Another hashtag, #EricGarner, #JusticeForEricGarner. Much like in the past #Justice4Trayvon, #JusticeForRenisha, #RememberRenisha. I saw the horrorifying, gory headlines, and I was afraid to click th... [Black theology] [empire] [Ethnicity] [liberation theology] [libertarianism] [racial harmony] [theology] [Eric Garner] [Prison-Industrial Complex] [War On Drugs] [white supremacy]


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Trinity Theological College in Perth is looking for an Academic Dean with administrative and lecturing responsibilities. See the college website here and job details here. [Uncategorized]
The main man himself, Jon Bennett, has been writing a fun multiple part review of Beyond Old and New Perspectives on Paul. You really do need to check those out and observe, among other things, his gifting for illustrations! The kind of discussion his pos...


I need to apologise for this horrendously self-promoting post. I’ll go and stub my toes a few times as punishment. But before that: a) Johnny Walker has written a very kind review here. He concludes: Tilling's defense of a divine Christology in Pau...