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November 2 2014, 5AM

Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church2nd November 2014 11.00Living Wage SundayMatthew 23:1-12  Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples,  2 "The scribes and the Pharisees sit on Moses' seat;  3 therefore, do whatever they teach you an... [sermon]

October 31, 6AM

Happy Reformation Day!  On October 31, 1517, Luther nailed 95 debate points on the door of the Wittenberg Cathedral, and the rest is history.Wittenberg Door, October 2011However, it would not befit the spirit of the Reformation if we took the develop... [Luther] [Protestant Reformation] [quadrilateral] [sola fide] [sola scriptura]


By 1506 he [Zwingli] had earned a Master of Arts at Basel’s famous University and then shortly after celebrated his first Mass at his hometown before moving to Glarus to take up his priestly office. It was while he was in that picturesque village that Z... [Zwingli]
My chapel team has been doing services at the Seminary this week, and my sermon Wednesday, 10/29/14, was on Deuteronomy 34, the Death of Moses. It is about ten minutes long. To listen, or to download the MP3 file, click here. Enjoy!
(Post by A.D. Riddle)I recently discovered a mapping resource hosted by the University of Arkansas, the CORONA Atlas of the Middle East. The CORONA Atlas is not a brand new website (it was reviewed in 2012), but it says it is still in BETA stage. Sim... [Resources]
Wolfgang (d. 994) + Bishop and reformer. Born in Swabia, Germany, he studied at Reichenau under the Benedictines and at Wurzburg before serving as a teacher in the cathedral school of Trier. He soon entered the Benedictines at Einsiedeln (964) and was app... [Church History]
Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha September 2014; Vol. 24, No. 1 Articles -----------------------------------------------------------------...
For Reformation Day, some of my photos from the Wittenberg Castle Church, Luther’s house in Wittenberg,  Schloss Wartburg in Eisenach and the city of Worms. Related: Reformation Day A Catholic Spirit and the Reformation Classical P... [Church and Theology]


Ein schöner Band, nicht nur zum Reformationstag ist Luthers Schrift “Wie man beten soll“.  Martin Luthers Schrift »Wie man beten soll« ermöglicht einen Blick in die persönliche Spiritualität des Reformators wie nur wenige andere seiner ... [Luther]
The white middle class family in America has grown ever more paranoid over the course of my lifetime. Children once roamed free after school, but now it’s virtually a crime to leave a child unattended in public. It’s not clear to me that the... [family values]
Logos 6 is the most exciting, innovative software we’ve ever created. It boasts more coherent and centralized information than ever before, offers dozens of interactive and visual tools to give you new ways to learn, and helps you share your insights in... [Products] [base packages] [delivering insight] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software]


Saving My Dog, by John Frye Let’s have a little fun on All Saints’ Eve. The other day I was reading the grand vision of the renovated cosmos (cf. Revelation 21-22) to Mia, my Shi Tzu Maltese. Mia listened intently and with some amount of awe at the sp... [Uncategorized]
Een van de bekendste teksten in het Oude Testament is “En dat bloed zal ulieden tot een teken zijn aan de huizen, waarin gij zijt; wanneer Ik het bloed zie, zal Ik ulieden voorbijgaan; en er zal geen plaag onder ulieden ten verderve zijn, wanneer ... [Bijbelstudie] [Numeri] [Zoenoffer]
This one's not as long as earlier chapters. I decided not to get into uncles and aunts at this stage, is the main reason. Anyway, enjoy! Chapter 4 coming: whenever it's ready.All three chapters are in one pdf: Greek Natural method.I made a few corrections...


Another wonderful snippet from our good friend, Comrade Joseph. Now it is Lenin and the ‘rock of salvation’ of Christianity: The fact that Russia, which was formerly regarded by the oppressed nationalities as a symbol of oppression, has now, a... [Lenin] [Stalin] [jesus] [reading Stalin]
I'm making myself finish a novel on Fridays.Excerpt from chapter 1Excerpt from chapter 2_____________________________Like I said, I grew up dreaming about superheroes. Several novels fell into that category. "The Year of Jubilee" was about two kids that b... [novel]
One of Weber’s key theological mistakes concerns the doctrine of election. I know this point has been made before, but it is worth repeating – not least since I keep coming across it in other works as though it were a self-evident truth. Weber suggest... [theology] [Calvin] [doubt] [Weber]
TIMOTHY MICHAEL LAW: Visiting Fellowships in Oxford: Israel in Egypt / Egypt in Israel: An investigation of the land of Egypt as concept and reality for Jews in Antiquity and the early medieval period.For Jews in ancient and medieval Palestine and the Di...


TALES RETOLD: Elijah's women (Caren Schnur Neile, Florida Jewish Journal).The Talmud is the written record of the spoken conversations and questions, teachings and stories of the Sages. It documents a Jewish oral tradition that continues in one form or a...
CULTURAL ICON WATCH: Don't go breaking my heart - Taylor Swift opens up. The Dead Sea Scrolls come up in the most unexpected places:Taylor Swift, however, is very much a big deal. Her every utterance and action is world news or at least trending on Twi...
THE JOURNAL BIBLICA, a longstanding staple of biblical studies, is online for free (for reading but not downloading) and archived back to 1979. I haven't mentioned it in years. Thanks to AWOL for the reminder.
Halloween, when you think about it, is an odd holiday. I know many who claim it as their favorite although you get no presents and not even a day off work. I suspect that part of the mystique comes in the form of Halloween representing autumn in miniatu... [Books] [Holidays] [Monsters] [popular culture] [Posts] [Bob Powers] [Christmas] [halloween] [Rich Duncan] [The Werewolf’s Guide to Life] [werewolf]

October 30, 10PM

The Kunst Museum in Vienna in fact houses several museums, including the papyrus museum in a small room in the basement, and the Ephesos museum in one of the upstairs great halls. Despite both being rather small, there were some very important items in ea... [Uncategorized]
From Claire Bonner, in Mutuality (Autumn, 2014): 15-17. Mutuality is a publication of the Christians for Biblical Equality. Follow @CBEInt and and I became curious about how single adults were b... [church]
As all Dr Seuss fans, past and present, know; it was the Grinch who stole Christmas.But there have always been oddball Christians, usually inheritors of thin-lipped, bloodless Puritanism, who have condemned the seasonal frivolities. Then there are literal...


‘Reformation Day’  Nope!’ ‘The Reformation’ is a misnomer if ever there were one, for in fact there was no ‘one’ Reformation any more than there was just one Reformer. ‘The Reformation’, when used by students and the general... [Church History]
Or as I like to call it- Second Reformation Day Initiated by the Third Reformer, Luther, Who Wasn’t the First Reformer (That Was Zwingli, Already in 1515) or the Brightest Reformer (That Was Calvin).  But that’s an awfully long title and it hasn’t ... [Church History]


Other reviews of "Christianity is Not Great" have appeared. Here is one written by Andrew Atkinson: LINK.
Torrey Seland mentioned on his blog that the app for the upcoming AAR/SBL conference is available on the Apple store. There is a notice in the app that it is not yet in its final form, as data is still being added. So it is up to you whether to download ... [American Academy of Religion] [Society of Biblical Literature] [#AARSBL] [#sblaar] [AAR] [App] [mobile] [SBL]


The 2014 Temple on Mount Zion Conference in memory of Matthew Brown, held October 25th was an enormous success. It brought together many great minds who took various creative and insightful approaches to the topic of the ancient temple. I was very happy t... [Scholarly Conferences] [temple] [Christianity] [Deification] [Early Judaism] [gates] [Heavenly Ascent] [Hekhalot] [Initiation] [Jehovah] [passwords] [Psalm 24] [Psalms] [Two Powers] [Yahweh]


Of course, there are all sorts of factors, but here’s one: get better at systematics. I frequently encounter the view that it’s somehow more noble to stick with the messiness of biblical studies than to taint our analysis with systematic formu... [Uncategorized]
I was interviewed for a piece on the rise of Christian Domestic Discipline. Here is a part of it: Right. But where does CDD fit in here? Is CDD a particularly Fundamentalist thing? “Not all Fundamentalists use CDD,” says Watts. “I would wage... [Controversial] [domestic discipline]


We don’t need ‘allies’ with a mindset like this. Filed under: Total Depravity [Total Depravity]
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht aren’t troubled though, they have a German company to deliver their volumes- Bei Amazon wird wieder gestreikt.  Zeit also, auf unsere zuverlässige Verlagsauslieferung Brockhaus Commission hinzuweisen, die unsere Bücher ... [Books] [publishers]


An episode of Freaks and Geeks records the turning point. Mrs. Weir has lovingly prepared Halloween cookies, just like every year, and when the first group of trick-or-treaters show up, one of the moms shames her for her presumption. This more attentive... [boredom]
But in these troubled times, who are we to say what love is????  [That's the argument, right?] Jenna Louise Driscoll, 25, appeared in Brisbane Magistrates Court yesterday charged with trafficking, possession of a dangerous drug, two counts of possession ... [Total Depravity]


We’ve spent the last two days with the installation of carpet and linoleum and as those of you who have ever experienced such things know- it’s basically emptying the house to move and then moving back in. So, the explanation for my slight eng... [Modern Culture]
A while back, Shimer was planning to refurbish its classrooms, and they asked the faculty whether they preferred chalkboards or dry-erase boards. I put in an impassioned plea to retain chalkboards, though I was sadly overruled in the end. In my view, cha... [Academia] [teaching]


It was a privilege to travel down to Union Seminary in Richmond on Tuesday, to be part of a panel reviewing Sam Adam’s new book on society and economics in Judah, especially in the Second Temple era. The Forum was videotaped and is available free on...
Part 1, Proposition 4 – The Bible contains no new revelation about the workings and understanding of the material world Here Walton essentially argues that God did not give the Israelites advanced understanding of the natural world; rather, he communica... [Biblical Studies] [old testament] [John Walton] [The Lost World of Scripture]
Logos 6 is smarter, easier, and faster. Get precise answers with new search tools, visualize the biblical world with stunning media, explore the cultural perspectives from which the Bible was written, and get streamlined tools for preaching and teaching. ... [Misc.]

12 PM

The SBL/AAR Annual Meeting App for iphone/Ipads is now available on Apple’s AppStore (for free). It has not been announced on the SBL or AAR website yet, and I am not sure if it is quite finished yet. Mine froze … Continue reading → [conference] [iPhone] [software]
Encontro dos Movimentos Sociais com o Papa produz Carta dos Excluídos aos Excluídos - Cristina Fontenele: Adital 30/10/2014O histórico Encontro Mundial dos Movimentos Sociais (EMMS) com o Papa Francisco debateu três temas principais – pão, terra e ... [politica]


For reasons I can’t quite explain, I love horror films. The first movies I ever saw that scared me were Poltergeist and Friday the 13th, Part IV: The Final Chapter. Ever since, I’ve loved scary movies! Every year when summer’s brutal grip final... [Entertainment] [movies] [A Nightmare on Elm Street] [Eden Lake] [halloween] [horror movies] [Saw] [Silence of the Lambs] [Silver Bullet] [The Amityville Horror] [The Exorcist III] [The Omen] [The Ring]
When it is an app in iOS 8 apparently. I was skeptical when I first read the title of this article: “The New Health App on Apple’s iOS 8 is Literally Dangerous.” I was ready to pass right over it and move on, but then I realized the author had an e... [Apple] [health] [iOS] [Life]


I read a post by Arminian theologian Roger Olson this morning entitled, Is It Possible to Be Forgiven (Reconciled) but Not Born Again (Regenerated)?  It’s a long post, and that was daunting to me, at first.  But I am glad that I stuck with it.... [religion]
Starting in 2014, the EABS are making available two annually awarded research grants of 400 Euros each.The EABS Research Grants are intended to support well-defined research projects of high quality in Biblical Studies and related areas, by enabling their... [EABS] [συνέδρια]
David Allen has another helpful post on preaching. In this case, he makes some helpful comments and observations related to preaching the prophetic book of Amos. You can check it out here. [Amos] [Bible Exposition] [old testament] [Preaching] [Sermons]
Early Christianity 5:2 (2014)Hans Förster, "Patrick Sänger, Ist unsere Heimat im Himmel? Überlegungen zur Semantik von πολίτευμα in Phil 3,20," 149-177 (abstract)," Lorne R. Zelyck, "Recontextualizing Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 840," 179-198 (ab... [early christianity] [Φιλιππησίους] [απόκρυφα] [πάπυροι]
In Mark, the Temple incident is framed by the curse of the Fig Tree and provides the clues we need to fully interpret that parabolic action. In fact, this action is also symbolic. Jesus arrives at the Temple as the messiah, inspects the Temple and finds ... [gospels] [historical Jesus] [fig tree] [jesus]


Sometimes I get the impression from students, and also sometimes from certain scholars and publishers, that reference works are treated as especially trustworthy because they are “objective.” For example, students (and even scholars) will appe... [Uncategorized]
“Let the one who is taught the word share all good things with the one who teaches.” —Galatians 6:6 The anticipation has been building all month long: all 23 Pastor Appreciation Month deals are now live! But October is coming to a close—you only ... [Products] [Baker Academic] [free book] [George Whitefield] [John Piper] [N. T. Wright] [New Daily Study Bible] [new testament for everyone] [pastor appreciation month] [William Barclay]


Die Emder Johannes a Lasco Bibliothek hat den ersten Schritt eines bedeutsamen Projektes zur Erforschung der weltweiten Kirchengeschichte gemacht. Sie stellte gestern (29.10.) den ersten Band einer kritischen Ausgabe der Akten und Dokumente der Synode von... [Church History]
In a previous post I explained what Calvinists believe about total inability. Here is what I believe about total inability as it relates to faith. While I would agree that people cannot take the first step toward God, I believe that God has taken steps to... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [believe] [Calvinism] [faith] [Total Depravity] [total inability] [Tulip]