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October 13 2015, 4PM

Well, I didn’t do it alone, but I don’t think I can plead completely “not guilty.” Tonight at 7 pm (about a half hour from when I’m posting this), I’ll be interviewing Lee Wyatt, author of the new book The Incredible Sh... [Christian Mission] [Christianity] [religion] [evangelism]


For breaking her wrist when he jumped up happily greeting her.  That’s how they roll up in Connecticut. Driven by nothing but greed. Disgusting.  Poor thing has trouble holding her plate at parties….  INRI.Filed under: Total Depravity [Total Depravity]
Chloe Valdary's name isn't one I'd heard of till recently. A young black women, she is a vigorous pro-Israel, anti-Palestinian activist: "a hardcore advocate of what she calls a “Jewish one-state solution” -- of total Jewish dominion over all of histo...


So, naturally, that’s just what happened in South Carolina– A 2-year-old accidentally shot his grandmother with a revolver in South Carolina on Sunday after finding the weapon in the back seat of his great-aunt’s car, police said. The 40... [Total Depravity]
In an effort to move beyond recent controversy, Planned Parenthood announced Tuesday that it will no longer accept reimbursement for any fetal tissue it provides to medical researchers. The organization has been the subject of negative attention in recent... [Total Depravity]


Where else do cafes offer free wifes? Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
  The Norwegian Professor  in New Testament Studies, dr. Turid Karlsen Seim, turned 70 on last Thursday,  and yesterday she was honored and celebrated by a reception at the Faculty of Theology, University of Oslo, and a great Festschrift was presen... [book] [Christianity] [Persons] [scholarship]
You can’t buy that kind of publicity for $1000 but what kind of ‘charity’ is it when the cameras are rolling and the single pizza is delivered during the service? Publicity stunts ill suit the Gospel. Do these churches have no theologia... [Total Depravity] [Publicity stunt]
Click here to view the embedded video.I wasn’t able to attend this public lecture at Butler University due to a scheduling conflict, and so I am glad that the video of the event is now on YouTube, and thought I’d also draw attention to it here... [religion] [African-American] [Butler University] [Center for Faith and Vocation] [Lecture] [public] [Race] [seminar]

12 PM

My sermon at Church of the Ascension from October 11th 2015 is here. 
© Tonyd | Dreamstime Stock Photos I have been asked whether I accept open theism or process theology. The fact is that I accept extreme uncertainty about the way God relates to space and time, but that I think the process theologians come closer to the w... [Christianity] [Openness of God] [religion] [Arminianism] [Calvinism] [open theism] [process theology]
No, havoc is not being wreaked in the Holy Land. Yes, you can come on pilgrimage. The Custody of the Holy Land is not ignoring the wave of violence that is taking place around the country. However, it calls pilgrims to try to understand what is truly happ... [church] [Christianity] [holy land] [israel] [news] [Pilgrimage] [Tourism] [Travel]
eNCA: The circumstances surrounding a shooting at a Cape Town station on Tuesday remain unclear, but what has been confirmed is that a man died during the incident from a self-inflicted gunshot. Western Cape police spokesperson, Lieutenant Colonel Andrè... [Culture] [Cape Town] [evil] [Falleness] [news] [Shooting] [South Africa] [Suicide] [Terror] [Train]
If you’ve yet to subscribe to Logos Now, October is a great time to jump on board. Here are three reasons why: Preview content from R.C. Sproul, J.I. Packer, Tremper Longman III, and others. Each month, Logos Now members get month-long, full-access pre... [Misc.] [Logos Now]


Don’t you think this is timely? The story of the birth of the Religious Right is a familiar one. In the 1970s, mainly in response to Roe v. Wade, evangelicals […] The post In the Mail, @OUPAcademic’s “” appeared first on Unse... [Books] [Neil J. Young] [Oxford University Press]


And look who comes first… that’s right, Zwingli!  Well done, Berlin.  Well done. Filed under: Calvin, Luther, Melanchthon, Zwingli Tagged: Berlin [Calvin] [Luther] [Melanchthon] [Zwingli] [Berlin]
Buried away in Calvin’s biography is this often overlooked historical fact:  Calvin’s 1536 Institutes were published not only in Latin, but in French. The French edition is lost, and the Latin now before us is the translation, which appeared ... [Calvin] [institutes of the christian religion]
This is my most recent idea for the title of a work coming out of my recent writings and talks on suffering. (See the page A Biblical Theology of Suffering for those links.) The quote comes from Frederick Buechner and is oft cited. I have used it for year... [Bible] [Christianity] [death] [Devotional] [grief] [Lament] [Life] [Mack] [Theodicy] [theology] [suffering]
This week’s LectioCast is live. Tune in for some conversation around some of the most important verses in Mark’s Gospel: James and John’s request for glory and Jesus’ response. Walk with us through God’s rebuke of Job and th... [Bible Thoughts] [LectioCast] [#LectioCast] [Hebrews 5] [Job 38] [Mark 10] [Psalm 104] [Revised Common Lectionary]


It's fall. Definitely fall. We still haven't had a frost, which is extremely unusual. The leaves are at/near peak, but today we had winds that blew a good number of them onto the ground. That's disappointing, because we were/are planning on going for a hi... [Garden] [Idle Musings] [MacArthur House Cabins]
A fourth characteristic of practice, closely intertwined with the features situationality, strategy, and misrecognition, has to do with the motivational dynamics of agency, the will to act, which is also integral to the context of action. It addresses the... [Books] [Idle Musings] [ritual]
Record 1. TI: Jesus and Memory: The Memory Approach in Current Jesus Research AU: Schröter, Jens JN: Early Christianity PD: 2015-09-01T00:00:00 VO: 6 NO: 3 PG: 277-284(8) IS: 1868-7032 URL:
Looks to be a very interesting issue of CBR published this month (Oct, 2015). Especially interested in the articles by Samuel Emadi (intertexuality), Mark Boda (Hebrew poetry and ethics), Darian Lockett (Catholic Epistles), Steve Walton (Gospels genre), ... [Uncategorized]
Kabbalat Shabbat feels like coming home. Or it can -- and this past Friday night, it did. I was in Boston for the ALEPH / Jewish Renewal Listening Tour (note the spiffy new webpage!) and was blessed to daven with a shtibl (home-based minyan) which met in ... [Jewish Renewal Listening Tour] [Shabbat]
A moving story of someone — Donel Clark –  granted clemency, and someone who illustrates restorative justice. A 51-year-old who has spent more than two decades behind bars, Clark is one of 22 nonviolent drug offenders whom Obama granted cleme... [Uncategorized]
Have you ever wondered why God doesn’t make Himself more obvious? Have you wondered why He doesn’t write His name in the clouds so they say, “I Am God and I Exist! Believe in Me!” or call out to us with a booming voice from heaven,... [Redeeming Theology] [z] [forgiveness] [grace] [Prayer] [Theology of God] [Theology of Man]


The Crossway blog has a list here of 50 books that  J. I. Packer thinks you should read. [Books] [j. i. packer]
In 1 Corinthians 1-2, Paul argues God has inverted the thinking of the world by choosing the foolish to humble the wise; by choosing the weak to humble the strong. The one who is in Christ has the Spirit of God and the Mind of Christ and ought to be think... [Galatians] [Paul] [1 Corinthains] [Divisions in the church] [Pauline Theology]
Face of the Greek God Pan Pan mask uncovered at Hippos, Israel Megan Sauter   •  10/12/2015 GREEK GOD PAN. The Pan mask unearthed at Hippos, Israel, depicts a youth with horns, pointed ears and strands of a goat beard. Photo: M. Eisenber... [Archaeology]
Jim:Neat! Originally posted on Newman Research Centre for the Bible and its Reception: What is the Jewish Pseudepigrapha and why is it important? What are these texts about and who read them? Susan Docherty (Head of Theology and  Professor of New Testame... [Modern Culture]
For the bibliophile, there is barely anything more joyful than a finely pieced book. Yes, it is about the interior, but so too the exterior. In fact, bibliophiles know you […] The post Review, “@TyndaleHouse Select NLT: Select Reference Editio... [Books] [NLT] [tyndale house publishers]


Hooray!  There are few days as exciting as the day the new volume of Zwingliana arrives.  There may be a day when the courage of men fails, but that is not this day! Filed under: Zwingliana [Zwingliana]
TEMPLE MOUNT WATCH: One of the scholars interviewed for that New York Times article on the Temple Mount and the Judean/Jewish temples thereon, archaeologist Jodi Magness, has published a letter in the Times in response to the article: The Temple Mount in ...
Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  (Mt 11:29)He was oppressed, and he was afflicted,    yet he opened not his mouth;like a lamb that is led to the slaug... [arnobius] [Christ] [humility]


As I’ve mentioned earlier this year, I’m teaching the medieval half of a course on Medieval and Reformation Europe this year. We’ve now finally finished the syllabus and module handbook for the course, which started this week (PDF of my ... [syllabi]
Putting together a PowerPoint on the Trinity in John. Here's what I've come up with.God the Father1. John 3:16 seems like a good place to begin: "God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son." God's fundamental disposition toward the world is love.2.... [John] [Trinity]


The next passages Walter Moberly considers in his excellent, thought-provoking book Old Testament Theology: Reading the Hebrew Bible as Christian Scripture are two of the Psalms – 44 and 89. Although the Hebrew name for the book of Psalms is transla... [Uncategorized]
LARRY HURTADO: “Re-Hebraization/Judaization” Among Roman-Era Jews.In short, the analysis in the CPJ suggests strongly that an increasing expression of Jewish ethnic and religious particularly began much earlier than Collar proposes. Even the increase...


It is obvious to anyone who has thought about the matter that the Bible is not the “words of God.” It includes words attributed to Satan, to say nothing of words to which human authors like Paul have explicitly assigned their names.But even wh... [Bible] [Inspiration] [Karl Barth] [Word of God]
THIS WEEK'S DAF YOMI COLUMN BY ADAM KIRSCH IN TABLET: When Making a Vow, Consider Where You Stand. Because a corpse is always a source of ritual impurity, and because on a geological timescale corpses are everywhere under our feet, aren’t all religious...
If your pastor says unpleasant things about you to others in your church, do you have any redress? What if you end up excommunicated (disfellowshipped)? Must you just "take it on the chin"?It seems these issues will get tested in Minnesota after an elderl...
POLITICS: Settler Group Wins Right to Run Jerusalem Archaeology Park After Appeal. Court rules against state, allows Elad to operate site adjacent to West Wall (Nir Hasson, Haaretz).The right-wing City of David Foundation, better known as Elad, will be al...


IN PENNSYLVANIA: Magdala Stone replica to be displayed at two Delco churches (Patti Mengers, Delaware County Daily Times)St. Mary Magdalen Church in Upper Providence this week will become the temporary home of what some believe could be the replica of an ...
Science fiction, when I was a child, constituted my fantasy life. I read such science fiction books as were available to a kid in a small town with no actual bookstore, and I watched what I could on a television with three or four channels. Star Trek an... [Just for Fun] [Memoirs] [popular culture] [Posts] [Sects] [Battlestar Galactica] [Cylon] [Glen A. Larson] [L. Ron Hubbard] [Mormonism] [Orson Scott Card] [science fiction] [theology]
I would like to thank the wonderful people at ACTA Publications for providing me the following new books for this contest.  The theme for this contest is The Message: Catholic/Ecumenical Edition.  The winner will receive a paper back edition of ... [contest] [The Message]

12 AM

Earlier this year, I took part in a consultation on the current conflicts in the Church of England, particularly on sexuality, and whether it is possible to disagree well. Out of that discussion has come the book Good Disagreement? edited by Andrews Ath... [Life & Ministry] [sexuality] [Andrew Atherstone] [Andrew Goddard] [Church of England] [Justin Welby] [sexuality] [Tom Wright] [truth] [Unity]

October 12, 11PM

Over at B&I, Judith Lieu gives a summary of recent research on Marcion and what it means for NT studies and Christian origins: Marcion and the Idea of Heresy. Well worth a read. Her new book is Marcion and the Making of a Heretic: God and Scripture ... [Uncategorized]
The Abbott government introduced a new page in Australian tax assessments that provides a breakdown of where your taxes go. I’m not sure whose idea it was but I really like the concept. It might be one of the only positive achievements of AbbottR... [Biases and Fallacies] [Charity and Philanthropy] [Resources, Food and Environment] [society]


As it turns out, some this series of mysteries by Ellis Peters focus on George, some on Dominic, and at least one on Bunty Felse. This one is entirely focused on Dominic and his girl Tossa, and their impromptu trip to India, free of charge, in exchange fo... [Uncategorized]
Christian prayer is adaptation of Jewish prayer so understanding Jewish prayer is vital to understanding Christian prayer. Andrew McGowan tantalizes (only slightly) when he opens his chapter on prayer with this: A minority religious group provokes curiosi... [Prayer and Formation]


2015.10.19 | József Zsengellér. Rewritten Bible after Fifty Years: Texts, Terms, or Techniques? A Last Dialogue with Geza Vermes. JSJSup 166. Leiden: Brill, 2014. €135,00. ISBN: 9789004268159.  Review by Pieter B. Hartog, KU Leuven Many thanks to Bri... [Brill] [Geza Vermes] [József Zsengellér] [Pieter B. Hartog] [Qumran]