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May 28 2015, 5PM

Here. Filed under: Bultmann [Bultmann]
Our daughter is an exceptionally talented writer; she takes after her mother in that regard. She also loves art and history. On this particular assignment followed the reading of The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien and Miss Peregrine’s Home... [Izzy Brady] [literature] [Izzy] [literature]
I posted this hangout incorrectly in my previous post. The Google+ link is now on my own page, and the correct YouTube viewer is below: I apologize for the confusion! [Announcements] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [According to John]


Death by Jim via Zwinglius Redivivus (#56115)
God takes not pleasure in the death of sinners, but rather that they return and live. But men take such pleasure in sin that they will die before they will return. The Lord Jesus was content to be their physician, and has provided them a sufficient plaste... [theology]
Texas by Jim via Zwinglius Redivivus (#56116)
Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


Und der Tod und die Hölle wurden geworfen in den feurigen Pfuhl. Das ist der andere Tod. Und so jemand nicht ward erfunden geschrieben in dem Buch des Lebens, der ward geworfen in den feurigen Pfuhl. (Rev 20:14-15)Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
At Aaron Bady’s suggestion, I read Eve Sedgwick’s classic essay “Paranoid Reading and Reparative Reading, Or, You’re So Paranoid, You Probably Think This Essay Is About You.” It begins with an account of Sedgwick’s con... [blog posts]
Kansiewicz, Kristen, On Edge: Mental Illness in the Christian Context. 2014 [Note: This is the longest book review I have written, but the topics are critical and the discussion is important for the church.] If someone is looking for the definitive guide ... [depression] [Ministry] [Pastoral Formation] [Personal Reflection] [mental illness] [mental illness and the church] [pastoral help] [when to get help]
My friend Steve Jeffery posted a short post on his minister's blog. So short, it's hard to know which bit to quote. And yet so wonderful, so true, and so necessary to be chewed over, that I think I'll just quote all of it. I hope Steve doesn't mind - espe...
Michael Germano is known as the architect of Ambassador University's accreditation - which was a short lived accomplishment with AU being disestablished soon afterward.Following a period in the wilderness he then reappeared on the Living Church of God pay...


The Text-Critical Use of the Septuagint in Biblical Research Completely Revised and Expanded Third Edition EIS – Eisenbrauns by Emanuel Tov Eisenbrauns, Forthcoming, summer 2015 ca. xxvi + 260 pp., English Paper ISBN: 9781575063287 List Price: $47.5... [LXX]
I believe that the figment of purgatorial fire is as much an affront to the redemption of Christ freely granted to us as it has been a lucrative business to its authors. For if it be necessary by punishments and tortures to expiate the guilt of our crimes... [theology] [Zwingli]
Because the answer is so simple.  Which is, evidently, why Universalists can’t come up with it:  what does hell say about God?  It says he keeps his word and doesn’t force anyone to love him, or life. People who don’t want to be in t... [theology]


Luthers Schriften (WA) Bd. 1, 1883 Michigan-USA*, Internet Archive Bd. 2, 1884 New York-USA*, Internet Archive Bd. 3, 1885 Indiana-USA*, Internet Archive Bd. 4, 1886 Michigan-USA*, Internet Archive Bd. 5, 1892 Michigan-USA*, Internet Archiv... [Luther]
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Jim:Congrats, Eric!! Originally posted on The Ackerman Family Bar-Ilan University Expedition to Gath Official (and Unofficial) Weblog: Eric Welch (aka Chris…) has some great news to share: His PhD dissertation, whose title was “God, Oil, and Politics... [Modern Culture]
Tonight I discuss the 15th chapter of Dr. Herold Weiss’s book Meditations on According to John, “Salvation is from the Jews.” You can find more details at the Google+ event, or watch using the embedded YouTube viewer below.   [Announcements] [Bible Passages] [Bible study] [According to John]
I just finished Chaim Potok's novel, The Chosen, perhaps the best baseball novel I have read since A Prayer for Owen Meany. The Chosen is also a sympathetic and insightful portrayal of mid-20th century Ultra-Orthodox Judaism and of traditional Jewish Talm... [Early Judaism] [scholarship]

12 PM

One of the first ideas which came to David and me as we began preparing to take on the role of co-chairs of ALEPH (see A new chapter in my life with Jewish Renewal) was a listening tour. We want to spend our first year as co-chairs doing a lot of listenin... [Jewish Renewal]
If you’re a pastor, you lead a busy life. It’s hard to prepare for the next sermon, stay connected to your congregation, and maintain a balanced family life—all while trying to find time alone with God, to draw close to the one who’s calle... [Apps & Web Tools] [Misc.] [Bible study] [ebooks] [faithlife] [faithlife app] [greek and hebrew flashcards] [logos bible app] [Ministry] [mobile apps] [pastors] [Productivity] [reading plan] [tips] [tips and tricks] [Vyrso]


I like the Prayer of Humble Access found in the United Methodist Service of Word and Table IV, which is itself based upon earlier Methodist and Evangelical United Brethren rituals. I came to know the prayer through hymnals and worship books that were st... [Worship] [communion]
Over at Christian Today, Wesley Hill has a fascinating bio of theologian Kevin Vanhoozer that is worth your time:  Formerly a senior lecturer at Edinburgh University, now a longtime research professor of systematic theology at Trinity Evangelical Divin... [biography] [Books] [seminary] [theology]
W. David Buschart and Kent D. Eilers.  Theology as Retrieval: Receiving the Past, Renewing the Church.  Downers Grove: IVP Academic, 2015.  See here to buy the book. “Retrieval” occurs when Christians draw from the thoughts and practic... [Bible] [religion]


I realize, know, and understand that not everyone has the opportunity to attend college and graduate school in order to learn in great depth and detail what Scripture teaches, theology informs, and church history illustrates.  Not everyone can learn Hebr... [theology]
At the blog Bible Study and the Christian Life, I have started a series on the Synoptic Problem (the literary relationship of Matthew, Mark and Luke as well as their sources) primarily for a lay audience. Instead of going through every technical argument ... [synoptic problem]
Some of you know that I’m a bit of a bibliophile. Some of you also know that I am pretty good at tracking the prices of excessively expensive monographs, patiently waiting, and then swiping up a good deal. For example, I snatched up this pair of ... [Books] [Language] [Linguistics] [Typology]
For some time I have been convinced that Herod Antipas in Mark 6 is intended to stand as a sort of anti-king of a worldly kingdom in contrast to Jesus as king of the Kingdom of God. There are a few ways that Mark signals this. First, Mark juxtaposes Herod... [Bible Thoughts] [Christology] [Herod] [jesus] [Kingdom of God] [Mark 6] [narrative theology]
Zwingli and Luther are enjoying doing it today.  In glorious harmony. Filed under: Luther, Melanchthon, Zwingli [Luther] [Melanchthon] [Zwingli]
Since I will be publicly addressing the issue of state sanctioned public prayer next Tuesday night (June 2) at the Lethbridge Public Library, I though I would republish my Generic Prayer from about 2009. Seems apt. i.  Our parent(s) and/or legal divine ... [fun] [Prayer]


Happy Theme Thursday! Today, welcomes two new free themes to its collection: Apostrophe and Canard. Apostrophe With a pared-down design and bold images, Apostrophe is ideally suited to magazine-style sites, like travelogues, fashion blogs, ... [Themes]


Hendrickson’s forthcoming volume can be examined in a bit more detail now, with potential readers having access to the front matter, here.Filed under: Books [Books]
Let us now define the New Christian Right as people who get more upset about the possibility that they might have to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding than they do about revelations that their own representatives have not only molested children but cover... [Fundamentalism] [morality] [Baptist] [Child Abuse] [Duggars] [gay marriage] [independent] [lgbt] [Molestation] [molested] [molester] [sin] [wedding]
This is fantastically well deserved: Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Angry atheists are too judgmental – and they can be such hypocrites. Like when they say ‘God’.Filed under: War On Atheism [War On Atheism]
By Donald Nwankwo, newly ordained Deacon in the Anglican Church. “I don’t live by faith. I live smart,” I overheard someone say in a group conversation. I recently heard someone else comment on a TV show: “I wonder why Christians choose to live by... [Apologetics]
We Christians owe the world an apology.I, at least, owe the world an apology. So here it is:Dear World, I am sorry.About what?About so many things …… But the one thing I am sorry about the most is presenting to you a picture of God which you f... [Redeeming Church] [Crucifixion] [cruciform] [crucivision] [evangelism] [looks like Jesus] [Theology of God] [Theology of Jesus] [Theology of Sin]


The upcoming 2015 International Meeting of SBL lists three papers on the 1 Timothy. The first looks like the most interesting to me. It would be interesting to see how Graham’s work compares to that of Tim Swinson. Tamez’s title sounds like it may be ... [Pastoral Epistles|1 Timothy]
Chuck Bumgardner continues to place us in his debt by digging up additional items for our 2014 bibliography of PE related publications. Here are four more, which have also been added to the original post. Thanks, Chuck! MacDonald, Margaret Y. The Power ... [Books]
Zwingli’s biographer notes “… the break with Erasmus was accompanied with the loss of the friendship of Glareanus, who was the shadow of Erasmus and shared his religious views. This fact comes out in the letter Zwingli, on May 28, 1525, ... [Zwingli]
Seifrid, Mark A. The Second Letter to the Corinthians. PNTC; Grand Rapids, Mich.: Eerdmans, 2014. 569 pp. Hb; $50.   Link to Eerdmans Seifrid’s new commentary on Second Corinthians arrived about the same time as the second edition of Ralph Martin’s ... [Book Reviews] [2 Corinthians] [book review] [Non-Pauline Letters] [Paul]
The more I’ve learned to properly enjoy earthly things, the more I long for heaven. Because I love this life, eternity in God’s presence has gone from a distant hope to tangible reality, like something right in front of me but just out of reach.&mdash... [Books] [Radically Normal] [theology] [theosis]
Matthew Malcolm shared this map of Romans 1-8, using the rhetorical questions as signposts to the structure. What do you think of it? [Romans] [questions] [rhetorical questions] [Structure]


English: Icon of Jesus Christ (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I keep hearing this tired refrain: “‘Jesus is Lord’ is the earliest creed.” They are pulling this phrase from 1 Corinthians 12.3 although they seem to miss the first part of s... [creeds] [Irenaeus] [tertullian]
In The Kingdom and the Glory, Agamben tries to demonstrate that the concept of oikonomia links together the Trinity and notions of divine governance/providence, but he doesn’t really talk about the Trinity as such, as a theological problem in its ow... [Agamben] [Christian Theology]


Ed Stetzer had an interesting post on his blog last week -  3 reasons for Christians to Engage in Science. This post is a reprint of an essay he wrote for a small booklet recently released by the National Association of Evangelicals: When God and Science... [Adam] [Science and Faith]
The Bible covers a staggering sweep of history. From the rise and fall of kingdoms to the intimate turmoil of families in desperate plights, Scripture tells it all. But that breadth also poses a challenge—how in the world do we keep track of all those p... [Misc.] [Training] [Apologetics] [Biblical Studies] [Church History] [historical theology] [History of Religion] [how to use logos] [logos] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [philosophy] [timeline] [tutorial] [video] [worldview]


Refo500 announces De Gruyter is pleased to announce the publication of the new volume of Perichoresis. Perichoresis is the theological journal of Emanuel University, the only government-accredited Baptist university in Europe. The title of the new volume... [Church History]


PALMYRA WATCH: Islamic State says it won’t destroy Palmyra. Jihadists’ video shows spectacular ancient ruins still intact, though no word on fate of Hebrew inscriptions. It's not clear to me from the content of the article that ISIS have actually said...
ASKING THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: How much of Tanach is in the Talmud? (Lev Israel, The Sefari Blog). Not surprisingly, the answer is complicated, but this blog post makes a good start.Via Ancient Jew Review.
NEWS YOU CAN USE: Articles on Five New Editions of the Hebrew Bible (Peter J. Gurry, ETC).I recently learned two things I didn’t know: there are five editions of the Hebrew Bible in various stages of production and there is a new Hebrew Bible journal w...


H-JUDAIC REVIEW:Ulmer on Lieber, 'A Vocabulary of Desire: The Song of Songs in the Early Synagogue'Author: Laura Suzanne LieberReviewer: Rivka B. UlmerLaura Suzanne Lieber. A Vocabulary of Desire: The Song of Songs in the Early Synagogue. Leiden: Brill Ac...
ELI KAVON: Who were the Pharisees? (Jerusalem Post, Past Imperfect Blog). Corrects the negative stereotypes about the Pharisees, but does so by reinforcing the ones about the Sadducees. Also, there does seem to be a relationship between the Pharisees and ...
During my childhood and adolescence, we didn’t eat out. Of course, food didn’t cost nearly as much then, and it was cheaper to cook raw ingredients at home than it was to buy something exotic that someone else had made. I clearly remember our first ... [Bible] [Just for Fun] [Posts] [Psalms] [Chinese fortune cookie] [Girl Scout cookies] [horoscopes] [Japanese] [McDonalds] [Northwest Pennsylvania] [Prophecy] [Revelation]

12 AM

I’m giving chapter-by-chapter summaries of the contributions to the book All That the Prophets Have Declared. These summaries are taken from my own conclusion to the book, and are not designed to capture all of the content from each chapter, but to ... [Books] [hermeneutics] [jesus]
In a post-Christendom culture, should Christians look different from those around them and keep their distance, or engage with culture and not look too distinctive? This has been a challenge for the church down the ages, but it has a particular edge to it... [Biblical Studies] [Life & Ministry] [Culture] [discipleship] [Ministry] [mission] [Paul]

May 27, 11PM

Στην ιστοσελίδα The Bible and Interpretation έχει αναρτηθεί το κείμενο του Isaac W. Oliver σχετικά με τη στάση του αρχέγονου Χριστιανισμού απέναντι στον Νό... [Ιουδαϊσμός] [Ματθαίος] [Νόμος] [Πράξεις] [αρχέγονος Χριστιανισμός] [κατά Λουκάν]
Over at MRB, is a great review by T.J. Lang on Benjamin White’s book Remembering Paul. An approach to Paul which is attuned to social memory would attend more seriously to the broad impressions of Paul that are reflected in ancient Pauline traditio... [Uncategorized]


[The Next Few Blog posts come courtesy my friend and colleague Philip Jenkins. See what you think. BW3] I Want to Believe May 4, 2015 by Philip Jenkins Last year, Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson published an impressively dreadful book called The Lost ... [Uncategorized]
Gary Leonard over at his excellent post-WCG blog links to a column by Stephen Smith which helpfully provides a checklist so you can determine whether you're a Christian legalist or not.It's an interesting list, but a couple of notes of caution.First Steph...
From A Fellowship of Differents. Imagine you are in Corinth, and imagine you are an Anglican type gathered in Fortunatus’s house church fellowship, when someone brings in  Paul’s first letter to the church. Someone stands to read the whole thing. Al... [Fellowship of Differents]


When parents in the PCA present their children for baptism, they take three vows regarding their children. The first vow recognizes the child’s need of Christ. The second vow recognizes God’s covenant promises to his people and their children. In the ...