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April 24 2014, 10PM

In the wasteland that is American TV which has become, as Bruce Springsteen once said ’57 channels and nothing on’ (or words to that effect), it is difficult to find substantive TV series that involve: 1) issues that matter; 2) good acting; 3)... [Uncategorized]
Here is a fact: the median church size in America is now at 108 (down from 140). Churches are shrinking, the Nones are rising. So, James Emery White asks in his book The Rise of the Nones: Understanding and Reaching the Religiously Unaffiliated, how do w... [church] [gospel]


"In most management contexts, product, rather than process, is the first measure of value. A risk in courting product over process in education is that one confuses education with vocational training. In humanities quantitatively, susceptible administrato... [pedagogy]


None at all. It’s past time to call a spade a spade and for King and other supporters of this fraud to admit they were duped. Otherwise their credibility as scholars will take a beating. It’s easy to say ‘ I fell for a clever hoax&#... [Modern Culture]


Via Bobby K of Hendrickson who sends along these pages from the soon to appear UBS5: Filed under: Bible [Bible]


In the Catholic liturgical calendar, this Sunday--the first Sunday after Easter--is known as "Divine Mercy Sunday". Not surprisingly, God's mercy and the forgiveness of sins is a major theme in the readings that will be proclaimed. Let us take ...
Suzanne is making some pretty important observations about our human classifications for humans. She has noted, for example, specific places where the Hebrew Bible writer(s) won’t necessarily keep separate the (1) male humans from the (2) not male, or f... [Epistemologies] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Hebrew Bible] [Septuagint] [Anne Carson] [aristotle] [Carl Schimmel] [Simon Baron-Cohen]


Kregel Publications recently sent me Robert Chisholm’s A Commentary on Judges and Ruth to read and review on this blog. Robert Chisholm is a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, though I never had the privilege of sitting under him in any of my cla... [Bible study] [Books I'm Reading] [commentary] [Judges] [Ruth] [violence]
Ellen Painter Dollar has an interesting post critiquing some of what passes for “reviews” on Amazon or various websites (HT Joel Watts who also called attention to the Facebook discussion and wrote his own blog response).  Specifically, she o... [About Me/The Blog] [blogging]
First, my operating premise: Christian rock bands are comprised of people who aren’t talented enough to make it in pop music so they market themselves as Christians and garner an audience thereby (since many Christians are happy to have some enterta... [Pentebabbleism] [Pentebabbleists]


David Murray has created another helpful collation of online resources. See here for his listing of online resources for how one can see and communicate Christ in Proverbs. [Christ] [New Testament] [old testament] [Preaching] [Proverbs]
Over at Evangelical Textual Criticism blog, Christian Askeland writes that photos of the Gospel of John fragment, allegedly purchased together with the Gospel of Jesus Wife papyrus, are available here (click on “read the full report”) Christia... [apocrypha] [Christian Askeland] [Gospel of Jesus' Wife] [Gospel of John] [Papyri] [Papyrology]
You can see quite clearly the face of Jesus in the portion I’ve circled and to which the arrow points!  The face is, naturally, at an angle appropriate to the cushion.  Look, you can see it… It’s an Easter miracle!  And yet, appalling... [humor]

12 PM

English: (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Most of you know my story. I was raised a fundamentalist. I was educated, indoctrinated, and carbonated. Well, not that last bit. However, the time came for a needed change. So, when I went looking for a place where I co... [United Methodist Church] [chad holtz]
A Faculdade da Arquidiocese de Ribeirão Preto (FARP), situada em Brodowski, SP, promove de 2 a 4 de junho de 2014, a V Semana Teológica, com o tema As mudanças de época e a revelação na Constituição Dei Verbum.Dia 2 às 08h00: Abertura - Dom Moaci... [teologia]
comes out next month – and  you can learn more about it at Abe’s blog: Words on the Word.                   there is a sample PDF as well. [Biblical languages] [NT Greek]
In 1831, a French aristocrat named Alexis de Tocqueville came to America to understand its culture. The resulting portrait, Democracy in America, is one of the all-time great works of political philosophy—not to mention probably the most famous book abo... [Products] [america] [Culture] [tocqueville]


The essay is here. Filed under: Bible, Biblical Studies Resources [Bible] [Biblical Studies Resources]
As I remarked on the FB The paltry pseudo-theology pimped by the HuffPo with its stench of Osteenism and its Oprah-esque New Age ‘spirituality’ is tedious and tiresome and meaningless and you have hit the nail on the head with your remarks ab... [pseudo-christianity] [pseudo-theology]
You can read a pdf of the review here: Review of Matthew D. Jensen, Affirming the Resurrection of the Incarnate Christ: A Reading of 1 John. I was invited last year by Joel Williams, the book review editor at the Journal of … Continue reading U... [Book Notices] [Reviews] [1 John] [docetism] [First John] [incarnation] [Johannine Epistles] [Matthew Jensen] [SNTS]


Chisholm, Robert B. A Commentary on Judges and Ruth.  Kregel Exegetical Library; Grand Rapids, Mich. Kregel, 2014. 697 pp. Hb; $39.99. Link. Long time Dallas Theological Seminary professor Robert Chisholm wrote Interpreting the Historical Books for Krege... [Book Reviews] [book review] [commentary] [Hebrew Bible] [Judges] [old testament] [Robert Chisholm] [Ruth]
Whether you're looking for a theme for your blog, online magazine, or collaborative project, this week's crop of new themes comes packed with great features. [Themes] [Alto] [Collective] [theme] [worldview]
Whether you're looking for a theme for your blog, online magazine, or collaborative project, this week's crop of new themes comes packed with great features. [Themes] [Alto] [Collective] [theme] [worldview]
recto, Jn 5:26-30Through Gregg Schwendner and Malcom Choat, I have just become aware of something that I should have seen much earlier.  I read all of the Harvard Theological Review articles about the Gospel of Jesus's Wife, and assumed that the link...


  Free Book: R. Albert Mohler Jr., ed. God and the Gay Christian? A Response to Matthew Vines. Louisville: SBTS Press, 2014.     A just published book, God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships (New ... [free book] [homosexuality] [same-sex marriage]


Bust of Julius Caesar from the British Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I’m finalizing my AAR regional paper and it is going as well as any paper has previously. I found it. Maybe you don’t know what I mean. There is this moment in writing som... [Publications and Papers] [C.K. Barrett] [Julius Caesar]
by BenStanford. Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.   [Books]
Over at First Things, there is an article by Anna Nussbaum Keating on Why Can’t My Son Receive the Eucharist, which gives a catholic case for children participating in the Lords’ Supper/Eucharist/Communion. Gotta love this quote from Augustine... [Uncategorized]
(Post by A.D. Riddle)Two days ago, we highlighted the brand-new maps which are included in the revised Pictorial Library of Bible Lands. Today, we will illustrate some of the steps involved in creating the maps.The key to making a map is layers. One layer...
Atheism is partly the result of bad theology, an unpaid bill resulting from failures in depicting God. How often have people been given the impression of God as a being exalting himself at our expense! One might be afraid of such a God, but no one would b... [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]
If God’s will that his people be holy in their behavior is to be realized, it is not, above all, a matter of trying harder. That is “the flesh” about which Paul had just warned the Galatians, and about which he was shortly to warn the Romans. No, if... [Books] [Holiness] [Idle Musings] [theology]
The true convert chooses, as the end of his pursuit, the glory of God and the good of His kingdom. This end he chooses for its own sake, because he views this as the greatest good, as a greater good than his own individual happiness. Not that he is indiff... [Finney]
El Dr. Decker generosamente ha publicado en su blog de internet ( el borrador de un proyecto ( que tenía acerca de una gramática del verbo griego. Es un material útil para estudiantes de gramática in... [gramática] [griego] [Rodney Decker]
Recently I introduced Genesis: A Theological Commentary for Preachers. Today I want to share an interview with the book’s author, Dr. Abraham Kuruvilla. Abe is Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministries, at Dallas Theological Seminary and has a particul...


CAESARIA MARITIMA The vaults of the sky arched overhead.Beneath, men on scaffolding tucked blocks of sandstone tight. Once the keystone took its placethey hauled the wooden bolster freeand the stones stayed taut.Pressure makes them motionlesseven after tw... [israel] [NaPoWriMo2014] [poetry]
I was watching some sermons yesterday.  The first one was by Joel Osteen.  The second was by Kenneth Copeland.  And the third was by Charles Stanley. I liked the first two sermons.  The third, however, troubled me immensely.  C... [Alcoholism] [Bible] [Life] [religion]
One of the obvious differences in chronology between John’s gospel and the ‘Synoptics’ (Matthew, Mark and Luke) is that John gives an account of Jesus in Jerusalem on four different occasions, two during a Passover (John 2.13, 12.12), on... [Biblical Studies] [Easter] [history] [jesus] [John's Gospel] [reliability]


The volume is a bit pricey, but hey, chapter 2 looks really interesting!  ISBN: 978-0199856497
Ben C. Blackwell:This is sure to be an interesting conference. Originally posted on A Word in Edgewise:   A friend of mine Edward Fudge is hosting a conference this summer, July 11-12, at the Lanier Theological Library.  The title is “Rethinking Hel... [General]
The first chapter of Amir D. Aczel’s recent book Why Science Does Not Disprove God gives a brief (very brief!) overview of the development of religion, from the very early fertility representations and cave drawings  tens of thousands of years ago to t... [Problems for Faith]
My wife and I decided that as part of our Easter celebration this year, we would begin watching the History Channel TV miniseries “The Bible” with our three daughters.  I am sure people have reviewed this miniseries to death on other blog... [Bible study] [When God Pled Guilty] [jesus] [violence] [When God Pled Guilty]


Via 22 Words, I learned of the existence of TL; DR Wikipedia, which condenses Wikipedia entires to short, humorous explanations. Some examples follow below. What other religion-related ones can you come up with?     [humor] [TL; DR] [Wikipedia]
Continuing my summary/evaluation of Grudem's chapter on providence. Again, this is the chapter where Calvinists differ most from Wesleyan-Arminians.___________________B. ConcurrenceSummaryGrudem defines divine "concurrence" as follows: "God cooperates wit... [book review] [John Piper] [predestination] [systematic theology] [Wayne Grudem]
Hitchhiking used to be commonplace. Now we think of it as dangerous, but studies have shown that one was no more likely to be a victim of a crime while hitchhiking than in any other situation. And it makes sense — when you do a favor for someone, ... [neoliberalism]
Read this: “Memo to Tim Challies: The War Is Over” Tim Challies represents the mindset of far too many Protestant Christians who have little understanding of the Roman Catholic church and who continue to recycle old, tired, and often incorrect... [Mere Catholicity] [theology]
You reap what you sow. Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
As far as I have been able to discover, no American has been killed by either North Korea nor Iran- our ‘enemies’. On the other hand, countless Americans have been killed by Pakistan and Afghanistan, our ‘allies’. So who, really, ... [Modern Culture]
One of my Israeli friends on Facebook alerted me to a recent AP article: In West Bank, teen offenders face different fates. Here's how it begins: BEIT UMAR, West Bank (AP) - The boys were both 15, with the crackly voices and awkward peach fuzz of adole... [israel] [Palestine]
Knox Theological Seminary’s Master of Arts programs aim to prepare you to carry responsible exegetical skills into a lifetime of ministry. These specialized tracks emphasize language and orient the training around Logos. Here are five reasons you sh... [Misc]


I was thrilled to receive this commentary in the new Teach the Text series in the mail today from Baker Publishing Group. I like the way in which this series aims to listen to the texts in a way that is attuned to their relevance for the people of GodR... [1 Corinthians] [Books]
MUSIC: Legendary 'Lilith' inspires edgy folk opera (Janos Gereben, The Examiner). Excerpts:“Producers of the show, which opens next week across the Bay Area, call it an “edgy folk opera” and “bawdy alternate Jewish story of Creation.” [...]The...
DISCOVERY NEWS: Ancient Chisel Used to Build Western Wall Found (Rossella Lorenzi).A 2,000-year-old stonemason’s chisel that may have been used in the construction of Jerusalem’s Western Wall has been unearthed at the bottom of the structure along wi...
It’s almost inevitable that a recently discovered tool be connected somehow to Jesus. And then there will be a book and then a tv mockumentary. This chisel will then become yet another trinket in the maximalist toolbox which though it says nothing... [Archaeology]
INNA LAZAREVA: Postcard from... Mount Gerizim (The Independent).There is a cry as one priest raises a large knife and then swoops it down sharply on the sheep’s neck. Cheers erupt as others lean in to slaughter the lambs. Moments later, everyone embra...


HAPPY BELATED ST. GEORGE'S DAY! It was yesterday, 23 April. I thought of it but didn't have a chance to post on it. St. George is the patron saint of England and a hero to Palestinian Christians. He was also martyred in Palestine c. 300 C.E. and repute...
So I’m standing at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 29th Street, gazing at Marble Collegiate Church, of the Reformed Church in America.  A cold breeze is blowing, and I wish I’d thought to dress a bit more warmly.  Although the building in front of me... [Posts] [Religious Origins] [Sects] [Travel] [Calvinism] [Huldrych Zwingli] [john calvin] [Marble Collegiate Church] [New York City] [Presbyterianism] [Reformed Church] [Reformed Church in America] [University of Edinburgh]
Here I have assimilated two posts into one, looking at the idea that Yahweh, and the claims made about him, do not make a lot of sense with regard to the philosopher's god which developed over the next several thousand years.Many people believe ridicu...

April 23, 11PM

In a new article at Books and Culture, Philip Jenkins identifies a new novel as the inspiration for Morton Smith’s alleged forgery of The Letter to Theodore.  Tony Burke, who called my attention to the article, argues that the parallels are tenuous... [Secret Mark]