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November 2 2014, 5AM

Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church2nd November 2014 11.00Living Wage SundayMatthew 23:1-12  Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples,  2 "The scribes and the Pharisees sit on Moses' seat;  3 therefore, do whatever they teach you an... [sermon]

November 1, 2AM

II Chronicles 5:9 states (in the KJV): “And they drew out the staves of the ark, that the ends of the staves were seen from the ark before the oracle; but they were not seen without. And there it is unto this day.” II Chronicles 5:9 states that the... [Bible] [II Chronicles] [religion] [Weekly Quiet Time]

12 AM

Yesterday was Halloween, the one evening of the year when the front door gets barricaded against marauding bands of munchkins on a demonic sugar fix.And it's also Reformation Day, commemorating the day in 1517 that Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door ...
For some reason my wife doesn’t seem keen to go see the awesome Canadian band Anvil when they play in Perth next week (6th November). So if anyone wants to go, I’m in. And if you haven’t seen the movie Anvil! The Story of Anvil, you sho... [Uncategorized]

October 31, 10PM

Medicine in antiquity was one part home remedy, one part common sense, and one part Hippocratic let the body heal itself. But the desperate also would go to the gods and the healers, and what passed for ancient doctors and medicine. Such treatments as lis... [Uncategorized]
Fantastic piece by Mark Taylor: Fast-forward 100 years. During the latter half of the 20th century, information, communications, and networking technologies expanded rapidly, and transmission speed increased exponentially. But more than data and informati... [Weekly Meanderings]


Chuck Grantham continues to assemble antique commentary quotes: Hebrews 4:14–5:6, Hebrews 6:1–8, 7:23–28, 8:1–13, 9:11–15.David L. Allen gives some Lessons on Preaching Hebrews . . . from Hebrews. [blogs] [Hebrews 4] [Hebrews 5] [Hebrews 6] [Hebrews 7] [Hebrews 8] [Hebrews 9] [Preaching]
This month’s Carnival is a chronological overview of the best posts of not just the month, but of each day of the month.  And they all lead up to the ginormous festival we lovingly call the SBL Annual Meeting.  It’s the glorious event we all... [Archaeology] [Biblical Studies Carnival] [Biblical Studies Resources] [Biblioblogs] [Books] [Reception History] [Zwingli]


Since the cool pope, Francis, made his recent statements about evolution, the internets have been abuzz. Voices like Ken Ham has argued that this is another indication that the pope is undermining Biblical authority. Others have rightly poi...


I recently received an email from the Westminster Bookstore advertising a book on a troubling subject that it all too often neglected in the church, namely that of sexual abuse against children. We all know it happens but we’d prefer to never think ... [Books (Misc.)] [Church Stuff] [Just Ordered]
Well, it's time for a change and time for a move. After 6 years, 648 posts, around 195,000 pageviews, I have decided this blog should move on. If you are a regular reader I strongly encourage and urge you to head over to and check out t...


It really is an exciting time. Inspired by bell hooks, as I wrote at ecclesio, excitement can be the source of transgression, and ultimately resistance versus White Supremacist Kyriarchy. It is my hope that emergence of the Killjoy Prophets and AnaBlackti... [ethics] [random] [anablacktivism] [anablacktivist] [Community] [KillJoy Prophets]


I’ve just finished my Romans commentary for the SGBC series. Had lots of fun, learned a bunch, and it made me think a heap about application in places like Romans 14. FYI, should be out Jan 2016, so don’t wait up for it! So it is Halloween ri... [Uncategorized]
Jonathan Huggins Living Justification: A Historical-Theological Study of the Reformed Doctrine of Justification in the Writings of John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, and N.T. Wright Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2013. Available at Calvin, Edwards, ... [Uncategorized]



A projeção triunfalista de que Aécio ganharia as eleições presidenciais com grande folga em Minas acabou se transformando na principal debilidade do PSDB. Ao contrário dos piores prognósticos tucanos, o candidato perdeu na sua terra natal por mais ... [politica]
When Jesus condemns the Temple as a “den of thieves,” is he launching an attack on the aristocratic priests who ran the Temple? Were the priests actually corrupt in the Second Temple Period? The commentary on Habakkuk from the Qumran Community refers ... [gospels] [historical Jesus] [fig tree] [jesus]


Yup- exactly right- Filed under: Zwingli [Zwingli]
He observes It may be that some young people will find their way to genuine faith through such ghoulish shenanigans, but their overall import is a distortion of the Gospel. Those who indulge in such displays are taking something serious, eternal, and cons... [theology]
via Filed under: Church History [Church History]


Joel Pett is our local pundit cum political cartoonist in the Lexington newspaper…… [Uncategorized]
Free audio from the 2014 Advanced Expository Preaching Workshop focusing on the book of Jonah has just been posted. You can access the audio page here or click the individual messages below.Jonah 1 – David Allen Jonah 2 – Steven Smith Jonah 3 – Vern... [Audio] [Bible Exposition] [Expository Preaching] [Jonah] [Minor Prophets] [old testament] [Preaching] [Prophets]
Despite my supervisor's encouragement, I never submitted the Ph.D. thesis that I defended 10 years ago this month for publication as a monograph. While the topic of prophecy in early Christianity and early Judaism remains an ongoing research interest, a... [Luke-Acts] [Prophecy] [Writing]

12 PM

‪#‎ReformationDay‬ is trending on twitter – above trick or treat and above Martin Luther!!!! I’ve WON! Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
The Christian Post reports The Seattle-based megachurch Mars Hill, once led by pastor Mark Driscoll, has begun the process of dissolving, and its 13 regional congregations have been asked to either go independent, merge with another church, or disband ent... [theology]
Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no one has gone before. [Source] If you're a Star Trek fa... [media] [Torah]
Tim Henderson has posted his summary of the next essay in Martin Hengel’s Between Jesus and Paul: “‘Christos’ in Paul.” [New Testament] [theology] [Christology] [Martin Hengel] [Paul]
Charlotte v. Kirschbaum- Barth’s Secretary (and author of a good chunk of the KD) Via Little wonder old Karl spent so much time admiring the beauty of the Bergli…  Barth wrote so much because it was penance for his Bergli visits.Filed under: ... [Barth]
via Jeff Carter Filed under: Church History [Church History]
The fourth essay in Martin Hengel’s Between Jesus and Paul examines Paul’s use of the term “Christos” (Χριστός). Even more than in the previous articles this one has a disjointed feel, as Hengel frequently jumps from one topic t... [Books: Reviews and Notes] [early christology] [Hengel, Martin] [Paul] [Uncategorized]
On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of All Saint’s Church in Wittenberg: the catalyst for the Protestant Reformation. What better way to commemorate that day than with a bundle of 95 books that explore the history and doc... [Products] [crossway] [Fortress Press] [j. i. packer] [Joel Beeke] [Jonathan Edwards] [logos 6] [Martin Luther] [martyn lloyd-jones] [Oxford University Press] [Reformation Day] [Reformation Day Bundle] [Reformation Day sale]


What are you doing in Winnipeg? Visiting grandson Oliver and translating when not busy, and watching Raonic beat Federer - good game! Here's my first cut at Isaiah 53:2 He grew up as a sapling, in his presence as a root from arid earth. Neither handsome... [Isaiah] [translation]


Sirach 32:17 states: “The sinner will shun reproof, and will find a decision according to his liking” (NRSV). When I read this verse yesterday, it got me thinking about Christian reproof. Here’s my problem with it: A lot of time, it amounts to Chris... [religion] [Sirach]
This is how we dress for meetings on October 31th at Butler University. I liked that the redshirt t-shirt had a warning label on the back: [Star Trek] [Butler University] [Elizabeth Mix] [halloween] [James McGrath] [redshirt] [Starfleet]
From T&T Clark- In this podcast Dominic Mattos, Publisher for T&T Clark, talks to Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou about her books Land of Our Fathers (T&T Clark, 2010) and Religious Diversity in Ancient Israel and Judah (T&T Clark, 2... [media] [Modern Culture]


One of the more unique books that I have had the pleasure of receiving arrived on my doorstep this week. The Acts of the Apostles: A Newly Discovered Commentary (IVP Academic) by the legendary J.B. Lightfoot, has been compiled and edited by the capab... [Book Notice; InterVarsitypress]
This volume provides the most comprehensive documentation of German controversies about pictorial images in the 16th century. It includes texts by 47 authors from different religious denominations along with commentary, an afterword, and detailed name and... [Books] [Church History]


So, thought I to myself, I’ll go look… with trepidation.  And alas, that fear was justified for once more it isn’t at all the case that the Reformation in its fullness is presented: it’s the reforming efforts of just Calvin and Lu... [Pseudo-scholarship]
A German essayist writes Halloween – einer der dümmsten Importe aus den USA. And then it gets really good- Plärrende Kinder, doofe Drohungen und dämliche Dekoration – Halloween zählt zu den dümmsten Importen, die je den Großen Teich überwunden ... [Modern Culture]
As I continue my series on Calvinism, it is important to state what I believe about free will. Here is my best attempt at explaining my beliefs on this controversial and difficult subject. What are your beliefs about free will? Does it exist? Is it a myth... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Man] [Theology of Salvation] [Theology of Sin] [Calvinism] [free will] [Total Depravity] [Tulip]


In evidence that Zwingli was a nicer person than Luther (in the same way that I’m nicer than anyone you know) - Allusions to Luther in the Zwingli correspondence in 1519 in chronological order: February 22, 1519. Zwingli to Rhenanus: “Thanks for w... [Church History] [Zwingli]
Mind you, not a fatal nail- just a roofing nail or a railroad spike, for the effrontery perpetrated against the sainted memory of the greatest of the Reformers, Zwingli, by lumping him in with new age pseudo-Christians and pentebabbleists.  For shame, Jo... [Friends] [Heresy and Heretics] [humor]
“Abiding is more than drawing upon resources outside of ourselves. To abide is to commune with our personal, living Lord. Without ceasing, we seek His care and wisdom and strength in the trenches of life. We engage Him in sweet fellowship, expressing to... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Vine Ripened Life]
If you tell those rushing to war that their hatred of enemies and their plan for the organized killing of enemies is evil, the crowd will hate you. War is sacred. It lies beyond critique. To critique it is blasphemy. The crowd hates blasphemy. The crowd w... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [Idle Musings] [pacifism] [theology]


Happy Reformation Day!  On October 31, 1517, Luther nailed 95 debate points on the door of the Wittenberg Cathedral, and the rest is history.Wittenberg Door, October 2011However, it would not befit the spirit of the Reformation if we took the develop... [Luther] [Protestant Reformation] [quadrilateral] [sola fide] [sola scriptura]
Many, unawares, seek themselves in the things they do. They seem even to enjoy peace of mind when things happen according to their wish and liking, but if otherwise than they desire, they are soon disturbed and saddened.—Thomas à Kempis [Thomas à Kempis]
It seems strange that there were vendors set up in the Temple courts selling animals.  Usually Christians think of these people in a very negative light, since Jesus does run them out of the place and calls then a bunch of thieves.  Christian preachers ... [gospels] [historical Jesus] [Diaspora] [jesus] [moneychangers] [Passover] [temple]
These are answers to an online interview forthcoming with Seumas Macdonald.   1. Randall, I wonder if you’d share a little about the environment and methods you were exposed to when first learning the biblical languages yourself? Before the bib... [blog] [Greek immersion] [Greek Pedagogy] [Hebrew alive] [Hebrew as second language] [Koine Greek] [Koine pronunciation] [Living Koine] [Modern Hebrew] [Reading biblical languages] [Uncategorized]
What are your expectations/hopes for the Didache Bible? [Didache Bible]


By 1506 he [Zwingli] had earned a Master of Arts at Basel’s famous University and then shortly after celebrated his first Mass at his hometown before moving to Glarus to take up his priestly office. It was while he was in that picturesque village that Z... [Zwingli]
My chapel team has been doing services at the Seminary this week, and my sermon Wednesday, 10/29/14, was on Deuteronomy 34, the Death of Moses. It is about ten minutes long. To listen, or to download the MP3 file, click here. Enjoy!
(Post by A.D. Riddle)I recently discovered a mapping resource hosted by the University of Arkansas, the CORONA Atlas of the Middle East. The CORONA Atlas is not a brand new website (it was reviewed in 2012), but it says it is still in BETA stage. Sim... [Resources]
Wolfgang (d. 994) + Bishop and reformer. Born in Swabia, Germany, he studied at Reichenau under the Benedictines and at Wurzburg before serving as a teacher in the cathedral school of Trier. He soon entered the Benedictines at Einsiedeln (964) and was app... [Church History]
Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha September 2014; Vol. 24, No. 1 Articles -----------------------------------------------------------------...
For Reformation Day, some of my photos from the Wittenberg Castle Church, Luther’s house in Wittenberg,  Schloss Wartburg in Eisenach and the city of Worms. Related: Reformation Day A Catholic Spirit and the Reformation Classical P... [Church and Theology]


Ein schöner Band, nicht nur zum Reformationstag ist Luthers Schrift “Wie man beten soll“.  Martin Luthers Schrift »Wie man beten soll« ermöglicht einen Blick in die persönliche Spiritualität des Reformators wie nur wenige andere seiner ... [Luther]
The white middle class family in America has grown ever more paranoid over the course of my lifetime. Children once roamed free after school, but now it’s virtually a crime to leave a child unattended in public. It’s not clear to me that the... [family values]
Logos 6 is the most exciting, innovative software we’ve ever created. It boasts more coherent and centralized information than ever before, offers dozens of interactive and visual tools to give you new ways to learn, and helps you share your insights in... [Products] [base packages] [delivering insight] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software]