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November 2 2014, 5AM

Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church2nd November 2014 11.00Living Wage SundayMatthew 23:1-12  Then Jesus said to the crowds and to his disciples,  2 "The scribes and the Pharisees sit on Moses' seat;  3 therefore, do whatever they teach you an... [sermon]

October 30, 9AM

Sometimes I get the impression from students, and also sometimes from certain scholars and publishers, that reference works are treated as especially trustworthy because they are “objective.” For example, students (and even scholars) will appe... [Uncategorized]


Die Emder Johannes a Lasco Bibliothek hat den ersten Schritt eines bedeutsamen Projektes zur Erforschung der weltweiten Kirchengeschichte gemacht. Sie stellte gestern (29.10.) den ersten Band einer kritischen Ausgabe der Akten und Dokumente der Synode von... [Church History]
In a previous post I explained what Calvinists believe about total inability. Here is what I believe about total inability as it relates to faith. While I would agree that people cannot take the first step toward God, I believe that God has taken steps to... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [believe] [Calvinism] [faith] [Total Depravity] [total inability] [Tulip]


“We need to learn to abide—to rest in, remain, and regard our Lord in all things, at all times. We want to sit at His feet to learn both what He says and the heart by which He says it. We want to grow in submission to Him, dependence upon Him, and del... [Books] [gospel] [Vine Ripened Life]
The cross is shock therapy for a world addicted to solving its problems through violence. The cross shocks us into the devastating realization that our system of violence murdered God!— A Farewell to Mars: An Evangelical Pastor's Journey Toward the ... [Books] [Farewell to Mars] [Idle Musings]
If God were the sole object of our desire, we should not be disturbed so easily by opposition to our opinions. But often something lurks within or happens from without to draw us along with it.—Thomas à Kempis [Thomas à Kempis]


Though I’m not sure why, since I love them.  Anyway, Bryan Bibb was surfing at his local Chik and when he tried to visit this lovely patch of internet brilliance he got this warning message: Bryan then adds in explanation- On a serious note, IR... [humor]


In my last post, I wrote about why the church needs a theology of pop culture. Today I want to discuss a part of a theology of pop culture, political theology. Specifically, I will be discussing US Politics as it relates to political theology. Some might ... [Christianity] [politics] [theology] [Political Theology] [religion]


I’d add one to Brian’s fine list (a list, I have to tell you, which is just -fantastic). #11- It’s a stupid holiday. Go see Brian’s 10 reasons why he doesn’t celebrate the stupid holiday.Filed under: mockery, Modern Culture [mockery] [Modern Culture]
I appreciated the reading and comments of my previous post, and wanted to respond a bit more formally — though also perhaps too tangentially. The operation that my criticism tried to indicate is one that often seems to be associated with the need fo... [blog posts]
Here they are in their costumes… Filed under: biblioblogs [Biblioblogs]
John Piper in 2012 takes the remarkable and certainly very difficult position, that the scholars are probably right, that the passage doesn't belong in John's gospel, but was probably added later, and yet, he finds that the passage is entirely consisten... [John 7:53-8:11] [John 8:1-11] [John Piper] [Pericope adulterae] [Pericope de Adultera] [Textual Criticism] [Woman Taken in Adultery]
So, take note! EABS Annual Conference Research Grants   If you have a well-defined research project, and would like to present a paper at the European Association of Biblical Studies Annual Conference in Cordoba (12-15 July 2015), but do not have access ... [Conferences] [EABS]
Just in time for SBL!!!!  What. A. Coincidence! In a startling follow-up to the New York Times bestseller The Jesus Family Tomb, a historical detective story that unravels a newly translated document filled with startling revelations and fascinating deta... [pseudo-archaeology] [Pseudo-scholarship]
My world … and welcome to it. (HT James Thurber) I’m not churchless or secular, but by far the majority of my friends, peers, and coworkers are. Although my university community is not yet the norm for the country as a whole, it may reflect a ... [Uncategorized]
Paraphrasing Wesley's sermon, "Means of Grace" in contemporary English.Part 1Part 2___________________...6. Experience shows how easily this idea spreads and insinuates itself into the minds of people. And it happens especially to those who have been awak... [John Wesley] [sacraments] [sermons of John Wesley]


What a glorious day!!!!Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
PUNIC WATCH: Archaeologists Recover Artifacts from 2,200-Year-Old Roman Shipwreck ( archaeologists and divers from a Florida-based group called Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) have recovered a wide range of artifacts from an ancien...
POLITICS: Israel Antiquities Authority taps politician with ties to rightist NGOKadima’s Israel Hasson has links to Elad, which administers the City of David archaeological site in Jerusalem's Silwan neighborhood. (Nir Hasson, Haaretz). The Israel Ant...
The Studia Philonica Annual, Studies in Hellenistic Judaism, Vol XXVI (2014) is about to be published! As usual the editors are David T. Runia and Gregory E. Sterling, now with Sarah J.K. Pearce as Associate editor, and Ronald Fox being … Continue r... [bibliography] [book] [Diaspora] [Egypt] [Philo]


EXHIBITION: Hong Kong to get a glimpse of largest of the historic Dead Sea Scrolls (Elizabeth Cheung, South China Morning Post).A copy of the largest of the Dead Sea Scrolls, some of the oldest and most significant texts ever discovered, will go on displ...
Don't get me wrong, I don't regret the decision to come here for three years, nor am I feeling any kind of self-pity or bitterness about it. I do however feel like some people misunderstand our situation.See, if you're back home, you just think, "oh, thos...


Just as it is appropriate for news sources to carry religious stories without ridicule in weekend editions, October is the month when strange things might be reported with a degree of seriousness. I have often noted in the past that “paranormal” (thi... [Holidays] [popular culture] [Posts] [science] [1938] [1954] [BBC News Magazine] [Florence] [Grover's Mill] [Italy] [New Jersey] [October] [Orson Welles] [paranormal] [Richard Padula] [sports] [UFOs] [X-Files]
A few recent web articles have mentioned a Latin text that records a miracle of Jesus. Supposedly the text is from a Marcus Velleius Paterculus from the first century. However, usable pictures of the text do not seem to be available and what is posted doe...
Κυκλοφόρησε από τον εκδοτικό οίκο de Gruyter ο τόμος με τα πρακτικά της 10ης Διεθνούς Συνάντησης για τα δευτεροκανονικά βιβλία που έλαβε χώρα στ... [δευτεροκανονικά] [κανόνας] [συνέδρια]

12 AM

Journal for the Study of Judaism 45:4/5 (2014)Magnar Kartveit, "Samaritan Self-Consciousness in the First Half of the Second Century b.c.e. in Light of the Inscriptions from Mount Gerizim and Delos," 449-472 (abstract)Hans Debel, "Anchoring Revelations in... [JSJ] [Διασπορά] [Ιουδαϊσμός] [Ιώσηπος] [Παλαιά Διαθήκη] [Σαμαρίτες] [Ταλμούδ]
Στη σελίδα The Bible and Interpretation έχει αναρτηθεί η κριτική του James F. McGrath για το νέο βιβλίο του Richard Carrier σχετικά με τον ιστορικό Ιησού:Did Jesus Die in Oute... [βιβλιοκρισίες] [ιστορικός Ιησούς]

October 29, 10PM

The last main chapter in Craig’s book deals with the subject of miracles, both ancient and modern. Craig relies not only on the various analyses of the Biblical miracles available in scholarly works, but also the recent large compilation of modern t... [Uncategorized]
According to Roger Olson, in his The Journey of Modern Theology, the “ultimate modern theologian” is Rudolf Bultmann. His words: “No one embraced modern naturalism and rationalism more fully, except that he cordoned off Christian faith ... [liberalism] [theology]


Upstate Gospel Quartet Member Accused of Soliciting Minor Boy for SexGREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) A former baritone singer in a local gospel quartet sits behind bars, accused by Greenville Co. deputies of soliciting sex from who he thought was a 15-...


Israel’s crossing of the Jordan recapitulates its crossing of the Red Sea, except now the crossing is closely associated with elements of the temple cult. Instead of Moses and his staff (Exodus 14:16) opening the way for Israel to cross through ... [Reflections]


via Science Cat on the twitterFiled under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
This just in- Luther’s feelings about AAR.  Beware, he’s pretty blunt. Are you not mad, and crazy, and crass Nestorians, not knowing when you say yes and when you say no, stating one thing in the premise and another in the conclusion? Away wi... [Luther]


By now, everyone with an internet connection is aware of the appalling video depicting a woman being harrassed on the street over 100 times in a single day. What’s striking to me is the reaction on the part of men who presumably would never partici... [feminism]


Marcion is one of the truly under appreciated (and I would argue most misrepresented) characters in early Christian history. Good news, Daniel Gullotta (Australian Catholic University) has just posted his Masters' project - Marcion, a Gnostic without Gnos...


Cambridge Bible Hebrews 9:11 11–14. Assurance of Conscience, the condition of access to God, was secured through Christ alone 11. being come] “Being come among us.” a high priest of good things to come] Another and perhaps better reading is “of th... [Bible] [Bible Commentary] [Bible study] [commentaries] [esword] [Quotes] [SBC] [sunday school notes] [bible lesson] [explore the bible] [hebrews 9:11-15] [lifeway] [sunday school lesson]
Did you see the movie Noah? I for one found it a let down. I mean, oh brother, get a load of those bizarro 'watchers'! And I'm still confused about the exact nature of Ham's unforgivable indiscretion after the ark grounded on Ararat. As for the acting, we...

12 PM

This Sunday is the Commemoration of All Souls. The message of the readings, then, is really thus summed up by a line in the Second Reading: "Hope does not disappoint." I hope these reflections will prove helpful in your own preparation for Sun...
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They won’t use it for the reasons they tell you. Within hours of Superstorm Sandy slamming the East Coast two years ago, Americans opened their wallets to help — donating millions to the first charity that came to mind: the American Red Cross. Pre... [Modern Culture]
When Jesus is walking to Jerusalem, he is hungry and finds a fig tree by the side of the road. He expects to find a bit of fruit, but there is none. Remarkably Jesus pronounces a curse on the tree, saying it will not bear fruit again “until the end of t... [gospels] [historical Jesus] [fig tree] [jesus]


I was listening to an atheist podcast yesterday.  I was initially hesitant to do so.  Why?  Was it fear that they might persuade me to abandon my belief in God?  It’s not as if I hadn’t heard their sorts of arguments before, in ... [atheism] [religion]