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February 1 2015, 12 PM

Mohr Siebeck is launching a new journal this year that might be of interest to some of you: Religion in the Roman Empire (RRE) The publisher presents it thus: “Religion in the Roman Empire (RRE) is bold in the sense that it intends to further and do... [bibliography] [Diaspora] [journal]
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From the CS Lewis Society, where you can read the full article: Prof. Thomas Nagel has published an important essay entitled, “Public Education and Intelligent Design”, in the Wiley InterScience Journal Philosophy & Public Affairs, Vol. 3... [Science and Faith]
Has been written by the greatest Septuagintalists of our time.  And I must read it. The Septuagint is the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible and the scriptures read by early Christians. Septuagint studies have been a growth field in the past twenty ye... [Books]


Yes, this is Zephaniah 3 - hot out of the translator's strange mind. The discipline I have imposed on the Psalms has been imposed here. I have also recently imposed it on Jonah and Ruth, and will shortly impose it onto Job, the Song, Lamentations (the las... [translation] [Zephaniah]


And pays an awful price. An American toddler shot his father and his heavily pregnant mother with a single bullet after reaching into her purse for an iPod but pulling out a loaded handgun instead.  Seconds after grabbing the 9mm pistol, the three-year-... [Modern Culture]
The decision not to base the analysis of tense on discourse function does not, however, mean that the study of tenses is discourse is not a relevant study, indeed it is often the case that the investigation of the meaning of tense (or of some other gramma... [Books] [grammar] [Greek] [Idle Musings]
Grammars of many languages claim that the language in question has a special form for indicating situations that occur in sequence, or for distinguishing sequences of situations from simultaneously occurring in situations. However, in nearly every case, i... [Books] [grammar] [Idle Musings]
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  DAY 10: JOURNEYThe tenth day:fortune cookie says, find balancewithin constraint. Even boundto the count, you're freeto stargaze while you wait.Are we thereyet? Do we even know where thereis? Once a cloud by day,a fire by night showed us when to waitan...



The episode begins with a flashback of Claire being in a car accident. She comes around, but her mother has been thrown through the car windshield and is lying on the street. The mother ends up on life support, and Dr. Woodruff says the cost of her treatm... [LOST] [birds] [Charlie] [Christian Shepard] [Claire] [Mikhail Bakunin] [pylons] [sonic fence]
Seleção de postagens dos biblioblogs em janeiro de 2015.Biblical Studies Carnival–January 2015Trabalho feito por Vincent S. Artale Jr. em seu Talmidimblogging.E há também The January Carnival of Biblical Studies Goodness: Remembering the Days of Yor... [Biblioblogs]
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a friend of mine from Seminary posted the following on his Facebook wall!  I loved it and wanted to pass it along.  Hope you get a good chuckle from it too: I’ve decided to add another element when I teach my Bible classes. “5 Ways You Know ... [Uncategorized]


First-time Carnival host Vincent Artale has posted the latest collection of biblical-scholarly goodness for your reading pleasure. Well done, sir! [+Fellowship] [Bible]


Wekelijks wordt in deze Bijbelquiz een nieuwe vraag over de Bijbel gesteld, wie het antwoord denkt te weten mag deze als commentaar toevoegen. Het antwoord komt dan de volgende week, zodat iedereen de gelegenheid krijgt om mee te doen in deze Bijbelq... [Bijbelquiz] [Bijbelquiz2]
By having a workshop called ‘How to be Brilliant in Bed‘…  Well there ya go Vandy… there ya go.  That’ll do it… I bet the kids in the workshop are all married too…  Promiscuity is the problem, so let’s t... [Total Depravity]
I'm returning today to the Pearlstone retreat center outside of Baltimore for the Rabbis Without Borders Fellows alumni retreat. This will be my second year attending the alumni fellows retreat (fellows alumni? alumni fellows?  people who've completed th... [Rabbis Without Borders]


I really loved a phrase that Leigh Ann Hildebrand used on Facebook recently, when she said that someone thinks a particular Southern Baptist leader is “the best thing since sliced scripture.”But it also got me thinking about what sliced scri... [Bible] [cake] [scripture] [sliced] [verses]
Acronyms are useful in a complex world, although they are frequently opaque to outsiders. Taking a new job you’re found constantly swimming in an alphabet soup of abbreviations that can drown you as easily as ABC. Each the church has them. As an unde... [Just for Fun] [Posts] [Sects] [Irresistible Grace] [Limited Atonement] [MAD Magazine] [PARSNIP] [Perseverance of the Saints] [publishing] [Sex] [taboo] [Total Depravity] [Tulip] [Unconditional Election]
Almighty and everlasting God, You govern all things both in heaven and on earth: Mercifully hear the supplications of your people, and in our time grant us your peace. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one G... [Uncategorized]


PUNIC WATCH: 2,200-Year-Old Moat Discovered in Spain (Archaeology Magazine). Better yet, the moat had Carthaginian artifacts in it.More details here: Found in Spain: traces of Hannibal's troops. Spanish archaeology students have discovered a 2,200-year...
ALIN SUCIU: International Summer School “The Coptic Bible and Coptic Literature in the Digital Age” (Göttingen/Hamburg, July 20 – August 1, 2015).The Institute for Egyptology and Coptic Studies at the University of Göttingen and the Corpus of Cop...
Scriptura 113 (2014)Christo Lombaard, "Jacob Come Lately? Hosea 12 and the Problem of Dating the Patriarchs of Ancient Israel"James Metzger, "Taking Paul Seriously"Jeremy Punt, "Imperialism in New Testament Films" [Scriptura] [Παλαιά Διαθήκη] [Παύλος] [κινηματογράφος] [πρόσληψη]


I am going to continue this series of comparing one of the Sunday readings from the lectionary, using the Knox Bible and The Message.  While done in different ways, I think both Knox and Peterson desired to make the Bible more accessible to the avera... [Knox vs. The Message]

12 AM

Στην ιστοσελίδα The Bible and Interpretation έχει αναρτηθεί του Lauren Ingeno σχετικά με την ανασκαφή ενός χαναανιτικού παλατιού στο Tel Kabri και την εικόνα που ... [Ισραήλ] [βιβλική αρχαιολογία]

January 31, 11PM

Stanley E. Porter has a book coming out on Constantine Tischendorf and T&T Clark has a podcast talking to Porter about it. Listen to it here. [Uncategorized]


Ken Schenck argues for the Gentile audience of Hebrews. He further argues that Rome is the most likely destination for the book.Matthew Montonini discusses Tom Schreiner on Hebrews.Andrew Perriman comments on The glory of the builder of the house in Hebre... [Audience] [blogs] [Hebrews 3]
The most iconic scene in Life of Brian is, of course, the opening post-credit scene in which Jesus is delivering the Sermon on the Mount to assembled thousands (In Judea. AD 33. Saturday afternoon. At around tea time).  Such is the success of Li... [Greatest Story Ever Told] [Jesus Films] [Jesus of Nazareth (1977)] [King of Kings] [Life of Brian]
I’m taking the unusual and unprecedented step this month of, rather than posting a new Carnival,  reposting one from exactly one year ago today.  It will allow us, I think, to see things from a bit of a different perspective and remind us that new... [Biblical Studies Carnival] [Biblioblogs] [Modern Culture]


Someone named Bryan on Twitter said this to me: "Your chapter in your new anthology on slavery is a faith-destroyer. Well done." Music to my ears of course, since, well, I agree. ;-) Go get it, now! Christianity Is Not Great: How Faith Fails.And since you...


Early Christianity 5:3 (2014)Jens Schröter, "Frühchristliche Heilungen und antike Medizin," 267-272Reinhard von Bendemann, "Die Heilungen Jesu und die antike Medizin," 273-312Annette Weissenrieder, "What does "σωθήσεται διὰ τῆς τεκν... [early christianity] [αρχέγονος Χριστιανισμός] [αρχαίος κόσμος] [ιατρική] [ποιμαντικές επιστολές]
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Jim:Vince has put together the Carnival and it’s online already! Originally posted on Talmidimblogging: Hi there ladies and gentlemen, this truly is a baptism of fire for me hosting my first carnival while working thru my inexperience with WordPres... [Modern Culture]
In his commentary on Luke 13 he writes … “this disease is almost natural to us, to be too rigorous and severe in judging of others, and too much disposed to flatter our own faults. The consequence is, that we not only censure with excessive se... [Modern Culture]
Until God reveal himself to us, we do not think that we are men, or rather, we think that we are gods; but when we have seen God, we then begin to feel and know what we are. – John CalvinFiled under: Calvin [Calvin]


This one is the ‘best’ one of all…. Do you see it there at the bottom?  ‘Due to the Superbowl Party our Sunday service has been cancelled’…  Not the evening service when the game actually will be played.  Sure, they... [pseudo-christianity] [pseudo-theology]
We are planning a day filled with fun and fellow- ship along with the football game for Super Bowl Sunday, on February 1ST. Pre-game events get underway that morning when we encourage eve- ryone to invite friends and wear their favorite team apparel to ch... [pseudo-christianity] [pseudo-theology]


“Girls begin to talk and to stand on their feet sooner than boys because weeds always grow up more quickly than good crops. So girls who are fourteen years old are nubile while boys of that age are not mature enough for marriage.” – Martin Luth... [Luther]
English: Statue of St. John of the Cross at Carmelite Monastery, Varroville, NSW, Australia (Photo credit: Wikipedia) No new revelations are to be admitted in the matter of that once made, beyond what may be consistent with it, lest we should go astray by... [John of the Cross]
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The T & T Clark blog has a brief post here by Daniel Smith discussing his new book Into the World of the New Testament. Here is the table of contents. Contents Preface Chapter 1: What is the New Testament? Part 1: The Setting Chapter 2: The King... [backgrounds] [Books] [New Testament]


No, I’m not. It’s a fact! I’m even a Seahawks fan, to the extent that I’m a fan of any sport. I’ll check the results a couple of times during the evening, but I won’t be watching. Now don’t fit me out for a halo. ... [Christianity] [religion] [church] [revival] [Super Bowl]