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August 19 2014, 8PM

Photo by Dick Rochester I have been doing a lot of writing in the last few months (one reason for less posts here) much of it to tight word counts, I was delighted to find my own advice still (despite Mike’s comments) rings true – at least to... [publishing] [Study skills] [Writing]


Στην ιστοσελίδα The Bible and Interpretation o Ronald Hendel παρουσιάζει το πρόγραμμα της SBL για την έκδοση  μίας νέας κριτικής έκδοσης της εβραϊκής Βίβλου.A ... [Παλαιά Διαθήκη] [κριτική κειμένου] [χειρόγραφα]
Trove of Jewish Revolt coins discovered near Jerusalem Bronze bits minted months before destruction of temple on Tisha B’Av; ‘Judea Capta’ coin found in north in summer excavations BY ILAN BEN ZION August 5, 2014, 5:56 pm  Email Pri... [Archaeology]
Photo by PBoGS We had just recorded the video for the new CareyMedia DVD, that year it used conversations between small groups of staff, one I was involved in was about worship. So, here I want to suggest that Leviticus (esp. Lev 19:1-2) and Isaiah 6 can ... [Isaiah] [Leviticus] [Worship]


When you tell me that your service tomorrow will be the most powerful of the year I automatically know you to be a fraud. No one can guarantee the Spirit’s working.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
The rule of the bulk of mankind is to go with the stream, to do as others. The true Christian will never be content with such a rule – RyleFiled under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


:: Dilma já enfrentou torturadores piores que os do Jornal Nacional - Eduardo Guimarães: Blog da Cidadania 18/08/2014Mas se Dilma não cedeu nem à tortura física da ditadura, não seriam um mauricinho e uma patricinha de quinta que iriam dobrá-la.:: ... [politica]
Text12 Ἀγαπητοί, μὴ ξενίζεσθε τῇ ἐν ὑμῖν πυρώσει πρὸς πειρασμὸν ὑμῖν γινομένῃ ὡς ξένου ὑμῖν συμβαίνοντος, 13 ἀλλὰ καθὸ κοινωνεῖτε τοῖ... [1 Peter] [exegesis] [Greek]


I don’t know.  I can’t tell.  All I see are the most horrific acts scarcely being denounced by the majority of Muslims.  So I don’t know if the minority are opposed and the majority are in favor of the sickening acts of #ISIS or if th... [Islam]
With the judgment a complete and eternal separation takes place between the ungodly and the godly. The former are delivered over to eternal damnation, a condition which in Scripture is also called eternal death (“eternal death, eternal damnation, is a c... [theology]


Michael Scott tweets Fantastic archive of all the @BBCRadio4 In Our Time programmes to do with ancient Greece: … Enjoy.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


For the past week my wife and I have been traveling in Europe, revisiting some of the places we have enjoyed with groups over the years. Berlin is one of those places. We did some of the typical sightseeing, but the main visit was the museums with Ancient... [Archaeology] [Bible Places] [Bible study] [Biblical Studies] [Egypt] [greece] [Hittites] [New Testament] [old testament] [Photography] [Travel] [Turkey] [Berlin] [Louvre] [Museums] [Neues Museum] [Pergamum Altar] [Pergamum Museum]
The very specific ‘about’ page declares This blog will also look critically at the Bible, culture and politics. So of course I’ve added it to the blogroll.  I would have mentioned it sooner but I only learned of it today.Filed under: bi... [Biblioblogs]
Baptist base packages have arrived, and for a limited time, you can get them for 15% off! These new base packages combine our powerful Bible study tools with a hand-selected library of Baptist resources, offering you an unparalleled research experience fo... [Products]

12 PM

If you have tried to contact me at my normal address the last few days chances are pretty good that your mail is lying in the zone of death somewhere.  The Highland mail server has decided to make life miserable for us all. Please use the gm... [Modern Culture]
"Paul has given that single Abrahamic family a name: Christos." This works well - finally a clear rebuttal of Christ as a second name for Jesus. Anointing, Messiah, and Christ are all the same word. Participation in Christ is key, critical, an... [personal theology]


Freedom… some people wake up and take freedom for granted whiles others wake up and defend it….. Source: SEAL of Honor.   [Culture] [Chaplaincy] [death] [Defence] [freedom] [Life] [Seal] [War]
Over the next few weeks I will be doing final edits of the contributions to the collection I am editing with Brent Landau called New Testament Apocrypha: More Noncanonical Scriptures. At the same time, I have to prepare a bibliography on Christian Apocryp... [More Christian Apocrypha]
Bishop David Russell, was an anti-apartheid activist and the retired Anglican bishop of Grahamstown. Here’s the state broadcaster, the SABC. Tributes are pouring in for the late former Anglican Bishop of Grahamstown, Reverend David Russel. Russel di... [church] [Anglican] [Bishop David Russell] [Christianity] [news] [South Africa]


Where I’m expecting the Swedes to pull out the win- Filed under: soccer [soccer]
I’m presently in the midst of re-arranging some things on the website. If you notice any links or sections disappearing, simply check the rest of the menus as they may simply have moved. Peace, -Steve [News ()]
Source: On 7 August 2014, at the heart of a Middle East soaked in blood, the Patriarchs of the East published a press release condemning conflicts and violence which overwhelm the entire region, and most particularly the persecution of innocents and Chris... [Uncategorized]
In a day when Christian bookstore shelves are loaded with the likes of Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen, it is not surprising if atheists tend to think of Christians as either non-intellectual or outright anti-intellectual. However, it is somewhat surprising t...


Amity Shlaes.  Coolidge.  HarperCollins, 2013. Amity Shlaes is a conservative.  And she appears to be a fairly well-connected conservative: How many Acknowledgements have you read that thank a recent President (in this case, George W. Bus... [history] [Political Philosophy] [politics]
The fact that we know that: 'the fifteenth of Tybi' is a recognized variant of 'the fifteenth of Tiberius' and Marcion is explicitly associated with the Egyptian calendar of twelve months (which includes 'Tybi') by Tertullian (Adv Marc 1.19) It suppor...
From the Jim West, Peter Lang Verlag is launching a new series titled The History of Reception of Biblical Texts. Scholars working in the field of reception history are encouraged to send along their manuscripts to the series Editor, Jim West. The Series... [Other Posts] [jim west]
Peter Lang Verlag is launching a new series titled The History of Reception of Biblical Texts. Scholars working in the field of reception history are encouraged to send along their manuscripts to the series Editor, Jim West. The Series is brand new and ai... [The History of Reception of Biblical Texts]
The latest edition of Themelios is out and available as a PDF or Logos version here. [Journals] [Themelios]
In an essay titled, amusingly, ‘Umm, No He Doesn’t‘ M. writes Who doesn’t what? God. He doesn’t love people just as they are. In fact, he loves people too much to leave them just as they are. People just as they are are sinners alien... [theology]


Volume 9 has appeared.  It’s the best one yet (though the last one will be the awesomest because it will have Zwingli).  Until then, though, read volume 9 (especially the stuff about ‘Free Will’). Filed under: Encyclopedia of the Bible... [Encyclopedia of the Bible and its Reception]
(the Gospel of Life, Social Death, Racism, and Prison Abolition) From the first pages of our Founding documents, the laws of this nation were never intended to protect the lives of First Nations and Black/African peoples. Spawned on the very heels of rape... [black religion] [Black theology] [liberation] [liberation theology] [Ferguson] [Mike Brown] [Prison-Industrial Complex]
Whether you’re a personal blogger, a designer, or an artist, Isola gives you a bright, clean space to showcase your work. Its minimalist design stays crisp across devices and screens of all sizes, with generous white space to keep the focus on ... [Customization] [Themes] [custom menu] [Customizing] [Early Theme Adopters] [featured images] [isola] [post formats]
Whether you’re a personal blogger, a designer, or an artist, Isola gives you a bright, clean space to showcase your work. Its minimalist design stays crisp across devices and screens of all sizes, with generous white space to keep the focus on ... [Customization] [Themes] [custom menu] [Customizing] [Early Theme Adopters] [featured images] [isola] [post formats]
I, like many of you doubtless, have noticed the hashtag used in connection with events in #Ferguson – #WhitePrivilege.  The gist of this hashtag, as I understand it, is that we white folk don’t understand how difficult it is to be Black in Am... [Modern Culture]
Many of my readers may have noticed the lack of activity on this blog over the past five months; maybe even the past year. You might even be wondering why I’ve been so quiet.  I’ve been neglecting you all; for that I apologize.  You are owed an ... [Belief] [Life] [scholarship] [Student Life]
Icon depicting the First Council of Nicaea. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I’ve seen this discussion taking place in the blogosphere (and wider social media venue) so I’ve had some time to think about it. What would happen if the canon wasn’t... [Inerrancy] [canonical theism]
Walking among the starvation cells and gas chambers where more than a million souls perished, it is hard to explain to my 12-year-old son how the free world allowed this happen. Why did the world’s democracies not stop the Nazi … Continue reading ... [church] [Auschwitz] [Christianity] [Culture] [Falleness] [history] [news] [persecution] [War]
From our friend Allan Bevere: With the tragic suicide of actor and comedian, Robin Williams, depression is once again in the headlines and before us in conversation. This morning Forbes has posted on the five common myths about depression. I will list tho... [Uncategorized]
Most people who have never engaged in close combat – the violent, life and death struggle that takes place at close range with weapons ranging from fists to firearms – do not understand the physiological changes that take place in the minds and bodies... [god and country]


Reuters A letter, started by Eleanor Coghill and Alessandro Mengozzi has been published in several places and signed by about 50 Neo-Aramaic scholars. Even as someone who works predominantly in classical Aramaic dialects, I would put my own signature to ... [Aramaic Blog] [News ()] [Iraq] [letter] [neo-aramaic]
I’ve been a fan of Logos’ mobile app for as long as I’ve been using it (roughly two years now). It’s incredibly helpful to have my entire Logos library in hand for any number of reasons. Today, for example, a coworker had a questio... [Biblical Studies] [Technology]
My own love and desire for my kids’ love is so strong that it opened my eyes to how much God desires and loves us. My daughter’s expression of love for me and her desire to be with me is the most amazing thing. Nothing compares to being truly, exubera... [Books] [Idle Musings] [theology]
Thanks, Slate, for linking to my poem about the "next highest turnpike elevation" sign in What Does This Beloved Road Sign on the Massachusetts Turnpike Actually Mean? (The poem is one I wrote in 2007, spurred by a prompt which invited the writing of poe...


Therefore, the special emphasis of wisdom is on long life and the ability to avoid dangerous situations. This emphasis is too little recognised in scholarly discussions, maybe because of wisdom’s special connection with the wise and fabulously rich Solo... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Proverbs] [theology]
Working together with him, then, we appeal to you not to receive the grace of God in vain.  For he says,    “In a favorable time I listened to you,        and in a day of salvation I have ... [chrysostom] [salvation]
This is now my third installment of Paul Ricoeur's Interpretation Theory, a series of foundational lectures on hermeneutics that he gave in 1973 at Texas Christian University.1. Language as Discourse2. Speaking and Writing________________Now for the ... [book review] [Metaphors] [Paul Ricoeur]
The first point of Calvinism’s TULIP is Total Depravity. Total Depravity forms the logical and theological foundation for the rest of the Calvinistic system, and as such, we will spend additional space laying out what Calvinism teaches about Total Depra... [Books by Jeremy Myers] [Theology of Salvation] [Theology of Sin] [Calvinism] [sin] [Total Depravity]


And in front is the very kind Karla Apperloo of Refo500 who has brought along a couple of lithos that I’ve purchased (saving me the international postage!) The Dutch are so nice. The lithos are of Melanchthon and Luther: From the great folk at L... [Modern Culture]


Were Luther alive it isn’t hard to imagine what verdict he would render on the acts presently taking place in #Ferguson.  And it isn’t hard because in his own time he saw the consequences of violent uprisings. In his booklet ‘Against th... [Church History] [Luther]
A couple of weeks ago I got emails from two former PhD student here, Chris Keith and Dieter Roth, alerting me that a multi-author volume dedicated to me had been announced by the publisher:  Mark, Manuscripts, and Monotheism:  Essays in Honor of Larry ... [Uncategorized]
After years of waiting, your dream of hearing Hebrew pronunciations during your original-language studies has finally come to fruition. Now you can hear the language, study the text, and uncover a new layer of linguistic study with Hebrew Audio Pronunciat... [Misc]
Let's just agree to stop it.That is, it makes no sense that Bible translators continue to translate γλώσσαι as 'tongues'. The reason it makes no sense is that we simply do not speak English like that anymore.Across a number of languages, the word ...


Zeitschrift für antikes Christentum / Journal of Ancient Christianity 18:1 (2014)Larry L. Welborn, "Voluntary Exile as the Solution to Discord in 1 Clement," 6-21 (abstract)Cilliers Breytenbach, "The Historical Example in 1 Clement," 22-33 (abstract)Davi... [ZAC] [αίρεση] [αρχέγονος Χριστιανισμός] [αρχαία Εκκλησία] [γνωστικισμός]
The post last Thursday (Pre-adamism and Hermeneutics) focused on the methods of biblical interpretation brought to bear in considerations of Adam and pre-adamic populations, particularly on the role concordism played and the effect of the harmonizing stra... [Uncategorized]


APOCRYPHICITY:Call for Papers: 2015 York Christian Apocrypha SymposiumCONFERENCE ANNOUNCEMENT AND CALL FOR PAPERSYork University Christian Apocrypha Symposium Series 2015“Fakes, Forgeries, and Fictions” Writing Ancient and Modern Christian ApocryphaSe...
MARGINALIA TWEETS: Jew and Judean: Have scholars erased the Jews from antiquity? A Forum coming to MRB August 26. Looking forward to it.Background here.
ROGUE CLASSICISM: Stephen Fine and YU Students Tracking the Temple Menorah.Background on the story is here. More on the Arch of Titus is here and links. And more on the Vatican not having any of the Temple treasures is here and links.
DOROTHY LOBEL KING: Hold Your [& Alexander's] Horses .... Apparently this late fourth century BCE tomb at Amphipolis is call the Lion's Tomb, for reasons made obvious at the post. And no, she doesn't know yet who was buried there.Background here.
Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi, Wikimedia CommonI’ve never been enticed by the cult of celebrity. Becoming famous is frequently a matter of being in the right place at the right time to get noticed. Interviews with stars inevitably come across as lacking i... [Current Events] [Natural Disasters] [popular culture] [Posts] [Social Consciousness] [death] [Mork and Mindy] [Robin Williams] [Suicide] [wounded healer]

August 18, 11PM

[CN: Existentialism; emo] Ok, this is probably the most personal (and rambling) post I’ve written so if you don’t want to read the musings of a 30 year old that could well sound like the emo diary of a 15 year old, you know what to do… I... [Atheism and Religion] [Atrocities and Oppression] [ethics] [history] [philosophy] [society]


The physical stones of the temple were never destroyed or knocked over during the Roman capture of Jerusalem c 70 CE.  Josephus makes this explicit.  All he says is that a fire destroyed and profaned the holy place within the temple.  As such these wor...
  Image: Aramaic Script Styles   According to an article published in Foreign Policy, ISIS, the Islamic militant group that has occupied portions of Iraq and Syria, has murdered thousands of Christians and forced them to flee their villages. ISI... [Assyria] [news] [aramaic] [Assyrian Christians] [Iraq] [Isis]
This post is by T. This is the second post in our series looking at what churches could learn from 12-step groups. Our first discussion talked about how the 12 steps are arguably a tailor-made response to a King-Jesus gospel.  Today I’d like to look at... [Uncategorized]