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November 24 2014, 6AM

‘Joy’ isn’t a word that gets used much in a straight-faced way any more. We can conceive of ‘pleasure’ easily enough, but I wonder if we’re impaired in our ability to conceive of joy. I’ve been reading The Lord of... [art]
One year ago today, I went on one of my Twitter rants about higher education in America. Along the way, it morphed into a rant about the disproportionate burdens we put on young people, as crystallized in the following tweet: We ask 18-year-olds to mak... [boredom]
One of the more difficult lines in the Gospel of John is Jesus’ reaction to Mary: Do not cling to me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father” (verse 17). What does Jesus mean? It may be the case that he has only just resurrected, and cannot be touc... [Gospel of John] [gospels] [historical Jesus] [John] [jesus] [Magalene] [mary] [Mary Magdelene] [resurrection] [theology]


“The Bible is not God, nor is it a substitute for God, and to treat it as if it were God or a surrogate of God is to treat it in the very way that it itself condemns over and over again.”– Peter J. Gomes, The Good Book: Discovering The ... [Bible] [God] [idol] [idolatry] [Peter J. Gomes]
Attending the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting is a bittersweet experience. There is nothing as awe-inspiring as being in the presence of ideas. Whether it is meeting friends who have grown old with me over ... [Consciousness] [higher education] [Posts] [Travel] [AAR/SBL] [American Academy of Religion] [california] [dead languages] [San Diego] [Society of Biblical Literature]
Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. Just like the CIA publishes The World... [Training] [Bible study] [factbook] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [tutorial]


By Allan Bevere. I like nice… nice is…well… nice. To Quote Major Frank Burns inM*A*S*H, “It’s nice to be nice to the nice.”But nice is really boring.Jesus wasn’t boring. The crowds didn’t follow him all ove... [Uncategorized]
De afgelopen dagen hebben we een aantal Bijbelgedeelten geplaatst op onze website van onze eigen vertaling en we kregen dan ook verschillende reacties van “Mooi initiatief. Heel leerzaam.” tot “Moet dat nou?”. Ook waren er opmerkingen dat er al zo... [Bijbelvertalingen] [Website news] [AB-vertaling] [Vertalingen] [website]
by Charles McCraryThis post’s titular sentence, quoted in Winnifred Sullivan’s new book A Ministry of Presence, is how a hospice chaplain summarized the purpose of his job (185). Sullivan brilliantly explains how, through legal and cultural history, s... [Charles McCrary] [Politics and Religion] [Religion and Society] [Religion and Theory] [Theory and Method] [Theory in the Real World] [Uncategorized] [Hugh Urban] [John Modern] [Kolby Knight] [L. Ron Hubbard] [Mike Graziano] [Winnifred Sullivan]
Richard M. Hannula.  Samuel Rutherford.  Grand Rapids: EP Books, 2014. Samuel Rutherford was a seventeenth century Presbyterian minister in Scotland.  In Samuel Rutherford, which is part of the series Bitesize Biographies, Richard Hannula ... [history] [religion]


AMUSING: 'Relics' sees the present as the past, set in the future (Graydon Royce, Star Tribune).It is the year 2314 and we are ushered through exhibits that purport to show what life was like back in 2014. Something called “The Great Wipe” had destro...


NEW BOOK FROM VANDENHOECK AND RUPRECHT:Sean BurtThe Courtier and the GovernorTransformations of Genre in the Nehemiah Memoir1. Edition 2014230 pagesISBN 978-3-525-55076-2Vandenhoeck & RuprechtJournal of Ancient Judaism. Supplements -99,99 €incl. VATplus...

12 AM

We gaan verder met onze (concept)vertaling van Ruth, deze keer het eerste gedeelte van hoofdstuk 4. 4:1 En Boaz ging naar de poort en ging daar zitten en zie, de losser over wie Boaz had gesproken kwam voorbij. En hij zei: “doe een stap opzij en ga ... [Bijbelvertalingen] [AB-vertaling] [Ruth] [Vertalingen]
Wekelijks wordt in deze Bijbelquiz een nieuwe vraag over de Bijbel gesteld, wie het antwoord denkt te weten mag deze als commentaar toevoegen. Het antwoord komt dan de volgende week, zodat iedereen de gelegenheid krijgt om mee te doen in deze B... [Bijbelquiz] [Bijbelquiz2]

November 23, 11PM

I’ve been at the Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting in San Diego. (I have been staying in the squat tower on the right.) It is an extraordinary global gathering of around 7,000 academics running over five days, and alongside are 5,000 aca... [Psephizo] [Acts] [hermeneutics] [Holy Spirit] [Luke's gospel] [Prayer] [SBL]
After WWII, there was a lot of reconstruction in Vienna. But the town fathers decided they wanted to rebuild in a classical style. And so, we have an Austrian Parliament building modeled on a building you should recognize—- the Parthenon!! Here̵... [Uncategorized]


This time the nice folk at Mohr Siebeck got photo-ed and Sasson lectured on ancient texts. Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
If you’re ever in the mood for great stories and tons of humor just spend a couple of hours with these two. Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
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Oecolampadius’ statue in Basel (my photo) At the very time that these flourishing churches were falling to the ground, the Reform witnessed the extinction of its brightest lights. A. blow from a stone had slain the energetic Zwingli on the field of ... [Oecolampadius]


In response to our recent sunset photos on the Sea of Galilee Mark Hoffman sent a beautiful photo of a sunrise from Ein Bokek, a resort site located on the southern end of the west shore of the Dead Sea. When I asked Professor Hoffman for permission to e... [Bible Lands] [Bible Places] [Bible study] [israel] [Jordan] [old testament] [Photography] [Travel]


H.H. Drake Williams has given a generous review of my monograph in Themelios. He kindly says: Paul and the Rhetoric of Reversal in 1 Corinthians contributes significant data to the question of the coherence and arrangement of the epistle. It rightly accen... [Books] [Reviews]


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Who are shepherding our (myself and 2 others) book to publication this Summer. Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
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And we are halfway through. Here are some more folk I’ve run into. Oh, and the papers have been quite good too. Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


That is, I am reading his paper (or have done) because he hurt his back line dancing… Photo by David Creech.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


The allegations against Bill Cosby are shocking. He has long been a cultural icon whose name has been nearly synonymous with morality (a bald morality devoid of Jesus, mind you, but morality by the world’s standards nonetheless). But 15 women accusi... [news]


... As we look at the dialog these past decades since Sanders, some features of the discussion seem more directly relevant to the interpretation of Hebrews than others. In the next chapter, for example, we will look especially at Hebrews 6:1-2. There we w... [Hebrews] [new perspective]
Christina sent me this great quotation from William Pietz’s prescient article, ‘The “Postcolonialism” of Cold War Discourse’ (Social Text 19/20, 1988): ​This [a 1951 book which lent an academic respectability to the new the... [socialism] [Hannah Arendt] [reactionary]
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We don’t talk a whole lot any more about the last days. When I first became a Christian in the 90’s churches were often filled with end-times charts and end end-time preachers with big sticks or laser-pointers meticulously outlining the coming of the ... [ben witherington iii] [death] [end times] [grief] [New Testament] [suffering] [sermon]
Cambridge Bible Hebrews 13:1 Let brotherly love continue] Not only was “brotherly love” (Philadelphia) a new and hitherto almost undreamed of virtue but it was peculiarly necessary among the members of a bitterly-persecuted sect. Hence all th... [Bible] [Bible Commentary] [Bible study] [commentaries] [esword] [Quotes] [SBC] [sunday school notes] [angels unawares] [bible lesson] [entertain strangers] [explore the bible] [hebrews 13:1-8] [lifeway] [sunday school lesson] [the same yesterday today and tomorrow]
At church this morning, the pastor preached about Thanksgiving.  He told us about the 1965 movie Shenandoah, in which Jimmy Stewart played a farmer during the American Civil War.   Stewart’s character was named Charlie Anderson, and he was t... [church] [movies] [religion] [Television]
According to John 20:1, the first witness to the resurrection is Mary Magdalene, who visited the tomb very early on Sunday morning. Who is this Mary? The name “Magdalene” indicates she was from a town in Galilee, Magdal about a mile north of T... [Gospel of John] [gospels] [historical Jesus] [John] [jesus] [Magalene] [mary] [Mary Magdelene] [resurrection] [theology]
See this post by J. Carl Laney on Isaiah 14 and its possible connection to Satan. Whether one agrees with Laney or not, he does raise textual issues that need to be considered. [Isaiah] [old testament] [Satan]

12 PM

Myself and my EBR essay: and a pre-order.        Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


Mark is very brief and concise as he describes the crucifixion. The whole of Mark’s gospel has led up to the first phrase of verse 24, a simple line, “they crucified him.” He did not need to go into great detail, everyone in the Roman world knew wha... [gospels] [historical Jesus] [Crucifixion] [jesus] [Mark] [Passover] [theology]


Mr. Jeff Lowder provides a nice write-up about his debate with Mr. Kevin Vandergriff, along with instructions for listening to it right here. I haven't listened to it yet, but I suspect Jeff did very well since it's his forte, so kudos to him! The issues ...
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I was reading Lamentations this morning when I noticed that "God" doesn't appear very often. In fact, in the CEB that I was reading, it occurs only twice, but "lord" and "LORD" occur frequently. "Most High" occurs a couple of times as well. So, I thought ... [Hebrew] [Idle Musings] [Lament]
By Eerdmans. Give it a look.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


Jim:Double ha! Originally posted on Amazing Lookalike!: On the left is Dr. Nathan MacDonald, Lecturer in Hebrew Bible at the University of Cambridge. On the right is Kenneth “Ken” Ham, prominent Young Earth Creationist and president of Answers in Gen... [Modern Culture]
Jim:Ha! Originally posted on Amazing Lookalike!: On the left is Bart D. Ehrman, James A. Gray Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. On the right is Booker Prize-winning novelist Salman Rushdie. ... [Modern Culture]