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September 2 2014, 2PM

La Société Suisse pour l’Etude du Proche-Orient Ancien (SGOA) organise un colloque autour du site de Khirbet Qeiyafa dans la Shephelah (Israël), à l’Université de Berne, le 6 septembre prochain. Les responsables des fouilles ainsi que le... [Archaeology] [Conferences]
I don’t know that what they offer will be of interest to readers here- but there you have it.Filed under: Books [Books]
Right now, you can win Logos 5 Gold (a $1,549.95 value) simply by participating in honest conversations about the Christian life on Christian Discourse, then sharing your insight with your Facebook friends or Twitter followers. It’s simple: the people w... [Misc] [Christian Discourse] [contest] [Logos 5] [logos 5 gold]

12 PM

Rather preoccupied with pressing matters…   [church] [blog] [blogging]
Ever wonder what happened to Adam and Eve after they left the Garden of Eden? There’s an answer, but it was cut from the Bible. Curious about how Abraham discovered monotheism? That was cut too. So was the once-popular Book of Enoch, written befor... [Announcements] [Bible] [Enoch] [The Apocalypse of Abraham] [The Bible's Cutting Room Floor] [The Life of Adam and Eve]
A Commentary on Psalms: Volume 2 (42-89) by Allen P. Ross Content: 5 star, but… Kregel provides a valuable resource in …Continue reading → [Biblical Studies] [Book Reviews] [old testament] [Allen Ross] [Kregel] [OT Commentary] [Psalms Vol. 2]
Get new Bible-verse T-shirts, postcards, and mobile apps (for iOS and Android) featuring our Verse of the Day artwork. We started illustrating new verse art every day in 2011, and the collection has grown to 700+ unique pieces. This Bible art represents a... [Products] [bible art] [bible screen] [mobile apps] [postcard] [T-shirt] [verse of the day]


Various explanations of the possible literary genre of the four gospels have been offered.  Most Christians approach the gospels as biographies of Jesus.  The do have some biography-like elements, but they are not biographies by the standards of the mod... [gospels] [historical Jesus] [Genre] [Synoptic Gospels]
If you haven’t noticed, there is now a second post in the new response series being put on over at Michael Kruger’s blog (see the first one here).  Today’s post was written by Dr. Craig Blomberg of Denver Seminary. The post is a respons... [Uncategorized]
Στη σελίδα του BBC news δημοσιεύθηκε η είδηση για έναν πάπυρο του 6ου αι. όπου γίνεται αναφορά στο Μυστικό Δείπνο και χρησιμοποιούνται χωρία απ... [Αίγυπτος] [ευχαριστία] [μαγικοί πάπυροι]
Jim:Do follow Roberta on the twitter. Originally posted on Faces&Voices: This week the John Rylands Library hosts an international conference on the Rylands papyri: From Egypt to Manchester: unravelling the John Rylands papyrus collection. I am happy ... [Modern Culture]
Call for Papers: Singles and the Single Life in the Roman and Later Roman World Academia Belgica, Rome, 28–30 June 2015Call for Papers:Singles and the Single Life in the Roman and Later Roman WorldAcademia Belgica, Rome, 28–30 June 2015Organizers:Prof... [ελληνορωμαϊκός κόσμος] [συνέδρια]
The US did more harm than good in the mid east by letting the genie of sectarianism out of the bottle corked by tyranny.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Στη σελίδα Bible History Daily έχει αναρτηθεί το κείμενο της Melinda Nelson-Hurst για τη ζωή των γυναικών στην αρχαία Αίγυπτο:Examining the Lives of Ancient Egyptian Women [Αίγυπτος] [αρχαίος κόσμος] [γυναίκα]
Klio 96:1 (2014)Jan B. Meister, "Lachen und Politik. Zur Funktion von Humor in der politischen Kommunikation des römischen Principats," 26-48 (abstract)Katarzyna Balbuza, "The Idea of aeternitas of State, City and Emperor in Augustan Poetry," 49-66 (abst... [Klio] [ελληνορωμαϊκός κόσμος] [ρωμαϊκή αυτοκρατορία] [ρωμαϊκή θρησκεία]
Cambridge Bible Farrar Hebrews 1:1 1–4. Thesis of the Epistle 1. God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake] It is hardly possible in a translation to preserve the majesty and balance of this remarkable opening sentence of the Epistle. It must... [Bible] [Bible Commentary] [Bible study] [commentaries] [esword] [Quotes] [SBC] [sunday school notes] [bible lesson] [explore the bible] [hebrews 1:1-4] [lifeway] [sunday school lesson]
The Foolish From Ripon Farce- because they aren’t really interested in freedom or religion, they’re simply anti-Christian whiners who – lacking any sort of life- spend their days and nights being fools. You see, if the FFRF really cared... [scorn]


[The other day last week, I wrote this as a facebook status, but I wanted to flesh out my ideas more here, and add relevant links. It's a common trope in procedurals and buddy cop movies to have this "good cop/bad cop" routine, where the suspected crimina... [racial harmony] [racism] [Ferguson] [Mike Brown] [Prison-Industrial Complex] [white supremacy]
Hervomde teologiese studies 70:1 (2014)Warren Carter, "Τhe Things of Caesar: Mark-ing the Plural (Mk 12:13–17)"Andrie du Toit, "Galatians and the περὶ ἰδεῶν λόγου of Hermogenes: A rhetoric of severity in Galatians 1–4" Andrie du... [HTS] [Γαλάτας] [Παύλος] [αυτοκράτορας] [κατά Μάρκον]
In a previous post I mentioned that I am currently team-teaching a class called, “Jesus in Contemporary Culture” to a group largely composed of freshmen, most of whom are not intending to be religion majors. Last week we looked at various p... [College] [jesus] [Jesus in Contemporary Culture] [Religion Courses] [Suspicion]


Continuing the previous posts on Religion without God, a very short book (30,000 words or so) by the late philosopher and legal expert, Ronald Dworkin. A great deal of Dworkin's arguments in the first three chapters have to do with the distinct universes... [#bgbg2] [Book Reviews] [personal theology]
Amy Frykholm.  Julian of Norwich: A Contemplative Biography.  Brewster, Massachusetts: Paraclete Press, 2010. Julian of Norwich was a fourteenth century English Christian mystic.  She was an anchoress, which meant that she spent time in so... [Bible] [religion]
Sketch has barely been available for two weeks, but you’d never know it. This clean, cheerful, portfolio-focused theme is already a favorite — and not just for artists and illustrators. Here are three sites we love: All Cats Have Dutch artist... [Customization] [Themes] [free themes] [portfolios]
Sketch has barely been available for two weeks, but you’d never know it. This clean, cheerful, portfolio-focused theme is already a favorite — and not just for artists and illustrators. Here are three sites we love: All Cats Have Dutch artist... [Customization] [Themes] [free themes] [portfolios]


Nice to finally have a copy of my new book in hand now.  This one took more than 10 years (off and on) Philip A. Harland, Greco-Roman Associations Texts, Translations, and Commentary, Volume II: North Coast of the Black Sea, Asia Minor  (Beihefte zur Ze... [Associations]
: United Methodist Church (Photo credit: Wikipedia) While Joel is on vacation, I promised him I would contribute a few original posts this week on here. For the past year, Joel has given more of his energy to the United Methodist Church and the -ism Schis... [Church Government] [Church History] [communion] [Religion and Politics] [United Methodist Church] [American Civil War] [donatism] [Schism]
This is one of the most exciting opportunities I’ve had in my academic career — I’ve not been to the sites of Paul’s journeys and churches or those of the apostle John. Why not get a group at your church to think about this two-wee... [Uncategorized]


When a substantial chunk of the Bible is cited in some ancient work and within the manuscript tradition of this work new variants happen, do they count for anything? Well, at the very least they give us another fresh set of stuff to study. Take this examp...
Here I discuss the expanded story of Adam and Eve that emerged around the turn of the common era as a way of explaining the motivations of Satan (primarily jealousy) in connection with both the creation of humans in the image of God and the serpent in the... [Apocalypticism] [History of Satan] [podcast]
I didn't research to find where these quotes can be found. Nonetheless here are several of them as posted by roedygreen:Read more »
Jim:I love Joe Blenkinsopp. He’s a gentleman, a scholar, and about the funniest guy you’ll ever meet. Originally posted on EerdWord: The following excerpts are taken from The Book of Isaiah: Enduring Questions Answered Anew, a recently publ... [Modern Culture]
The BBC reports A 1,500-year-old papyrus charm thought to be “the first ever found to refer to the Last Supper and use magic in the Christian context” has been discovered in the vaults of a Manchester library.  The fragment was found at the ... [Archaeology]
Jesus said: “Truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.” (Luke 18:17) There's much debate as to exactly what that means. Jesus couldn't mean that adults have to be like children in every sense, as ...
Students of Isaiah might be interested in this upcoming festschrift for Joseph Blenkinsopp entitled The Book of Isaiah: Enduring Questions Answered Anew. An Amazon link is here.Table of Contents: Introduction In Praise of Joe Blenkinsopp Philip Davies Exe... [Books] [Isaiah] [old testament]
Deviant Calvinism seeks to show that the Reformed tradition is much broader and more variegated than is often thought. Crisp’s work focuses on a cluster of theological issues concerning the scope of salvation and shows that there are important ways in w... [Books] [Calvin]
I'm trying to get my head around the magnitude of even the first two volumes of Craig Keener's commentary series on Acts with Baker Academic. I'm jealous that Asbury has biblical scholars of such exhaustive and profound knowledge! The third volume (a... [commentaries] [craig keener]
In the past ten months, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) administration has done two things of note: rejected the American Studies Association (ASA) vote to boycott Israeli universities and fired Arab-American boycott supporter Steve... [Modern Culture] [Total Depravity]


Here is the syllabus for my devil course at Chicago Theological Seminary, which begins on Thursday. As you can see if you compare and contrast on my CV page, it’s substantially, though not totally, different from the Kalamazoo and Shimer iterations... [teaching] [The Devil]
It is impossible to read a text without interpreting the text in some way. The very fact we are converting signs and symbols on a page into thoughts in our mind is an act of interpretation. Every time we read a sentence, we make many decisions about what ... [gospels] [historical Jesus] [Genre] [Synoptic Gospels]
Vic wrote the book titled, The New Atheism: Taking a Stand for Science and Reason.He has a website that has a great many gems on it to be found here. I found this poster there. I'm supposing someone created it for him based on his book. Again, he will be ...
Atrial fibrillation (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Wesley had been on missionary journeys, preached, and taught and yet he did not know the blessed assurance of Christ. He had received this and that advice from pious men, generally to continue on until he knew... [Devotional]
As I was researching a text for my book on Calvinism, I stumbled across the Jewish tradition that David was born as the result of an alleged adulterous relationship. Have you ever heard of this idea that David’s mother committed adultery? I hadnR... [Bible study] [Adultery] [David] [jesus] [Psalm 51:5] [Psalm 69]


I know that this whole swimming-upstream, pursuing-Christ, taking-up-your-cross, counting-the-cost thing isn’t easy. It’s so hard, in fact, that Jesus said the road is narrow and few will actually find it…and fewer still among those who are rich. Li... [Books] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]
A guest post Timothy McGee is a doctoral student at Southern Methodist University, working in the area of systematic theology. His research focuses on 20th century political theologies, especially as they draw on Christological themes in their analysis an... [Apostle Paul] [black religion] [liberation theology] [theology] [Christology] [Epistle to the Romans] [Ferguson] [First Things] [James Cone] [Mike Brown] [R.R. Reno] [Tim McGee] [white supremacy]
An announcement worth sharing.   Midrash Shir HaShirim Rabbah: A Synoptic Edition by Dr. Tamar Kadari, Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies Supported by the Israel Science Foundation     We are pleased to announce that Midrash Shir HaShirim Rab... [Bible] [Rabbinics] [midrash] [Rabbinic] [Song of Songs]
The thrust of the book seems to be to encourage the reader to experience Yahweh in the world. In this sense, it is more about the ‘sanctification’ of the ‘secular’ world than about worldliness.—Toward an Interpretation of the Book of Proverb... [Books] [Proverbs]
Behold, this was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had pride, excess of food, and prosperous ease, but did not aid the poor and needy. (Ezek 16:49)There is no doubt for anyone that, according to the teaching of the Scriptures, their si... [origen] [pride]


Every time I read James I remember what a prat Luther could be.  Anyone who thinks this Letter insubstantial is theologically blind. Woher kommen denn die heftigen Auseinandersetzungen unter euch, woher die Machtkämpfe? Doch von den Begierden, die in eu... [Bible]
Over at the GCBC (God Cannot Be Contained) blog there's the first of two postings attempting to show that atheists and fundamentalists pose a false dilemma vis-à-vis the Bible. It'll be interesting to see how Miller Jones develops this theme in part two....
John H. (Jack) Elliott, Professor Emeritus of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of San Francisco, is one of the founding figures of social-scientific criticism and its application to biblical interpretation as well as to the interpretation ... [Biblical Studies Resources] [Books]
Recently I was linked to a paper, "Lessons learned from fifty years of theory and practice in government language teaching", by Jackson and Kaplan from the FSI. It was a very interesting read and I direct your attention to it. I want to share just two per... [languages]
BE (7 ELUL)Time to decidewho I wantto bethis timearound the wheel.Look:goldenrod sparksand fizzeslike gold dustby the roadside.A new yeara new morninga new lifetimejust aroundthe bend.Will I beplayful todayor severe?What in meenduresno matter howI dresswh... [Elul] [poetry]
Time’s running out to save on 20 resources that will help jump-start your Bible study this fall! Prepare for the new season with commentaries and Bible study guides that will take you deeper in your understanding of Scripture. Save on titles like: H... [Products] [Bible study] [labor day sale]


Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church31st August 2014, 11.00amYou can listen to this sermon here: 16.21-28  From that time on, Jesus began to show his disciples t...
Often times we forget the importance of place and time on the way ideas are received and processed. David Livingstone, Professor of Geography and Intellectual History at Queen’s University, Belfast makes it his business to study the relationship between... [Science and Faith]
Caution was Zwingli’s characteristic. He would move no faster than public sentiment approved. Yet he did his best to form such sentiment. He prepared the way for the change and then quietly let things come to a crisis. So it was with the radical matter ... [Zwingli]


One thing I've noticed searching for my ancestors is a strange thread of the "wrong" biblical names.Pharaoh ShepherdAbsalom ShepherdNimrod ShepherdDelilah ShepherdEli ShepherdYou have to wonder if the people coming up with these names were bitter toward C... [American frontier]
THE JOURNAL FOR THE STUDY OF THE PSEUDEPIGRAPHA has published a couple issues in 2014. The TOC of 23.3 is as follows:Ralph LeeThe Ethiopic ‘Andəmta’ Commentary on Ethiopic Enoch 2 (1 Enoch 6–9)Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha March 2014...


APOCRYPHA WATCH: Carlisle Floyd discusses the narrative dimension of opera (Stephen Smoliar, The Examiner).Yesterday evening San Francisco Opera (SFO) presented the first Insight Panel of the its 2014–15 season. The Panel was hosted by Jon Finck, Direc...
THE BIBLICAL STUDIES CARNIVAL FOR AUGUST 2014 has been posted at the Biblical Studies Blog.
One of the truths of history is that technology has always been with us. Reading Steampunk stories always boosts my historical sense of the interaction of technology and civilization. Civilization, to the best of our knowledge, coalesced around the idea... [Books] [evolution] [Posts] [science] [Social Consciousness] [Antikythera Device] [Big Bang] [Daniel R. Headrick] [science and religion] [Steampunk] [Sumer] [Technology: A World History]

September 1, 11PM

In preparation for teaching biblical Greek again this fall, I am once again thinking about the vocabulary I am asking my students to memorize. Since my students will eventually be getting Bible software, the first argument I need to make is why bother mem... [Greek] [greek instruction] [greek new testament]


One could have called Dallas Willard and Gary Black’s book, The Divine Conspiracy Continued the “divine conspiracy expanded.” The aim of the book is to take kingdom theology of The Divine Conspiracy and expand that teaching into the p... [Uncategorized]


Is it possible the gospel isn't what many of us suppose it to be?  Is it really a historical document?  Is it really about a man named Jesus the son of Mary or Joseph?  Certainly that is the easy answer, the answer which comes down to us from a selecti...


Here’s a little quiz to lighten your day: Who is this person… Is it: A Bond Villain? Dirk Jongkind? Answer here. [theolosilly]
The United States is today observing the civic holiday of Labor Day. According to the Department of Labor, Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American ... [god and country]


Image provided by Crushable So rather than have an actual conversation on race, the editors of Time magazine decided to publish a post on their Web-exclusive online site entitled “Negrophobia: Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and America’s Fear Of ... [racial harmony] [racism] [speaking truth to power] [white supremacy]
Pseudepigrapha Group11/23/20144:00 PM to 6:30 PMRoom: Room 17 A (Mezzanine level) - San Diego Convention Center (CC)Theme: Honoring the Life and Work of Michael E. Stone. And Review of Andrei Orlov, Heavenly Priesthood in the Apocalypse of AbrahamWe will ...


If any of my blog readers have any interest in a hand-crafted Baroque stringed instrument–violin, viola, or cello, my son, Nathan Tabor, who lives in Vienna is one of the best among Luthiers with years of experience and a 100% … Continue readi... [General]
Vincent informs us that Professor Richard Bauckham and Dr Chris Marshall presented a lecture series on the historical Jesus, at Carey College, 7-8 August 2014. Here are a few of the videos.  The rest can be seen at the link above. Filed under: Confere... [Conferences]