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July 7 2015, 1AM

Just as I was awaking from a night of loud fireworks and multicultural bonhomie, my wife showed me a full-page ad in the New Jersey Star-Ledger. A red, white, and blue page entitled “In God We Trust,” the ad wants nothing more than to convert... [Bible] [Bibliolatry] [civil religion] [Holidays] [Posts] [Psalms] [Sects] ["Founding Fathers"] [Christian nation] [Deism] [Hobby Lobby] [In God we trust] [New Jersey Star-Ledger] [Psalm 33]

12 AM

I have just edited my chapter for a forthcoming volume from Lion Hudson on reconciliation, due out in the Autumn. The first part explores the language of reconciliation in Paul, and its importance in his theology. The middle section looks at reconciliati... [Biblical Studies] [Alan Spence] [conflict] [disagreement] [Michael Gorman] [Paul] [peace] [reconciliation] [Tom Wright]

July 6, 11PM

[CN: Sexual assault etc.] Last year, the idea of affirmative consent was first put into place by some US college campuses. This sparked a lot of discussion, some good and some, ahem, “sub-optimal”. Maybe we’ll remember 2014 as the year o... [Atrocities and Oppression] [ethics] [Feminism and LGBT] [Sex]


BEN: In regard to the old chestnut about God’s knowing and willing it seems clear that Calvin would say God knows it because he wills it, and therefore Calvin makes God’s will (and its exercise in sovereignty) logically prior to God’s knowledge, whe... [Uncategorized]
John M.G. Barclay’s about-to-appear book on the apostle Paul (Paul and the Gift) is the next big Paul book, and it will undoubtedly become a major book for all Pauline scholars and all students who are in touch with the vanguard of scholarship, and ... [Uncategorized]


Some additional resources added this evening: Ribbens, Benjamin J. “Levitical Sacrifice and Heavenly Cult in Hebrews.” Ph.D. diss., Wheaton College, 2013. Langenhoven, Hanno, Eliska Nortjé, Annette Potgieter, and Yolande Steenkamp. “The Day of Aton... [Updates]


Ricerche storico bibliche 27:1 (2015)Gian Luigi Prato, "Israele fra le genti in epoca ellenistica : un popolo primogenito cittadino del mondo," 5-16Lucio Troiani, "Le linee della ricerca attuale sulle interconnessioni tra il mondo ellenistico e il mondo g... [Ricerche Storico Bibliche] [Αλεξάνδρεια] [αρχαίος κόσμος] [σοφιολογία]
Novum Testamentum 57:3 (2015)Bärbel Bosenius, "Kann man die neutestamentlichen Briefe der Gattung „Apostelbrief“ zuordnen?," 227-250 (abstract)Christoph W. Stenschke, "“Your Obedience is Known to All” (Rom 16:19): Paul’s References to Othe... [NT] [Εβραίους] [κριτική κειμένου] [προς Ρωμαίους] [χειρόγραφα]
It is not too late to join us July 19th through 25th…Full details are here. The BAS Summer Vacation Seminar at St. Olaf is back by popular demand! This year, the tranquil campus of St. Olaf College will welcome two … Continue reading → [Archaeology] [Christian Origins] [Event] [Hebrew Bible]
Bob Becking, ed., Reflections on the Silence of God: A Discussion with Marjo Korpel and Johannes de MoorReviewed by Ulrich BergesKathryn D. Blanchard and Jane S. Webster, eds., Lady Parts: Biblical Women and The Vagina MonologuesReviewed by Janet Everhart... [RBL] [Εβραίους] [Παλαιά Διαθήκη] [Παύλος] [Ψαλμοί]


Discussion among Christians (especially Christians who found their faith on Scripture) of “gay marriage” have been bitter and acrimonious. This issue cuts deep. There are of course for some participants personal reasons why this issue is emoti... [Marriage]
I want to again thank everyone who contributed to the GoFundMe Campaign: Cambridge Greek Verb Conference. The response was both astounding and generous. Thank you all so much. Here’s what has been happening so far: Rachel and I have been diligently... [grammar] [Greek] [Language] [Linguistics] [Book Reviews] [cambridge verb conference] [GoFundMe] [grammar] [Linguistics]
Brian Small recently noted that his doctoral dissertation “The Characterization of Jesus in the Book of Hebrews” is available online. I’m saving it in my dissertations folder immediately! B”HFiled under: Biblical Studies, News [Biblical Studies] [news]


From the twitter @Jonnie_W: So glad we left crummy old England 200 years ago to start our own country, one without unfair taxes and corrupt leadership. Looking back it’s hard to see what was really gained.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


The Review of Biblical Literature has two new reviews on books pertinent to Hebrews study:Peeler, Amy L. B. You Are My Son: The Family of God in the Epistle to the Hebrews. Review by Scott D. Mackie.Whitlark, Jason A. Resisting Empire: Rethinking the Purp... [book review]
We had an interesting experience yesterday when my wife opened a newly-purchased sack of Bakers Roses flour (formerly labeled Bakers Five Roses flour), produced by ADM. It has been the best flour for baking bread and much else. But this time, we had a s... [Uncategorized] [ADM] [bakers] [Bakers Roses] [bulk] [Complaint] [drywall] [Five Roses] [flour] [refund] [strange]
NZZ has a great essay on Hus today- and it includes this fun- Filed under: Jan Hus [Jan Hus]


Over at New Testament Perspectives, Matthew Montonini reviews my newest book, Reading John. I appreciate his detailed and substantive review which, I should add, is quite sympathetic. [Uncategorized]


With plenty of valuable introductions available on the Fourth Gospel (e.g. Anderson's, Burge's, Edwards' [2nd edition, forthcoming], Köstenberger's, Kysar's, etc.), and another forthcoming from the pen of renowned NT and Johannine scholar, Rich... [book review] [Christopher Skinner; Reading John]
I quote the best tweet of forever- Chris Rosebrough Rick Warren’s theology of hearing God’s voice has a weird understanding of how God communicates. It’s sorta like this  Click the link.  The exact same sound is ... [pseudo-theology]
Liftin, Duane. Paul’s Theology of Preaching: The Apostle’s Challenge to the Art of Persuasion in Ancient Corinth. Downers Grove, Ill.: InterVarsity, 2015. 392 pp. Pb; $40.00.   Link to IVP In recent years interest in Greco-Roman rhetoric has... [Book Reviews] [book review] [Paul] [Pauline mission] [Preaching]


Hus Burning Read them, online, in English, for free, here.  And among them is this gem- Hus’s final declaration- written 1 July.  5 days before his death. I, John Hus, in hope a priest of Jesus Christ, fearing to offend God, and fearing to fall i... [Jan Hus]
The Senate there has voted to remove the Confederate flag from State buildings!   The end of racism has come!!!! Thank God such gestures change hearts and minds…Filed under: mockery [mockery]

12 PM

Bryan Litfin.  After Acts: Exploring the Lives and Legends of the Apostles.  Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2015.  See here to buy the book. Bryan Litfin teaches theology at Moody Bible Institute, and he has a Ph.D. in ancient church history f... [Bible] [religion]
Title: Linguistic Analysis of the Greek New Testament: Studies in Tools, Methods, and Practice Author: Stanley Porter Bibliographic info: 448 pp. Publisher: Baker Academic, 2015. Buy the book at Amazon This volume is a collection of studies, many of whic... [book review]
2015.07.16 | Elvira Martín-Contreras, Lorena Miralles-Maciá. The Text of the Hebrew Bible: From the Rabbis to the Masoretes. JAJSup 13. Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2014. Review by Pieter B. Hartog, KU Leuven. Many thanks to Vandenhoeck &am... [Elvira Martín-Contreras] [HB/OT] [Hebrew Bible] [Lorena Miralles-Maciá] [Pieter B. Hartog] [V&R unipress]
And once you argue, as SSM advocates have and as the majority has agreed, every citizen has the right to equal treatment under the law howsoever they define ‘love’, then the court abandons any privilege to define love and marriage. Hence- the ... [Modern Culture]
“Dr. Boice’s commentary series is a treasure for the church and for her pastors. No expository preacher can afford to be without it.” So says R.C. Sproul regarding James Montgomery Boice’s Expositional Commentaries. James Montgomery Boice received... [Misc.] [Products] [commentaries] [commentary] [expositional] [homiletical] [james montgomery boice] [PCA] [Preaching] [presbyterain] [Sermons] [tenth presbyterian church]


Today’s post is from Morris Proctor, certified and authorized trainer for Logos Bible Software. Morris, who has trained thousands of Logos users at his two-day Camp Logos seminars, provides many training materials. As I show Logos users at Camp Logos ho... [Misc.] [Training] [factbook] [how to use logos] [logos 6] [Logos Bible Software] [Morris Proctor] [software tutorial] [tutorial]


Motivated by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing homosexual “marriage,” a Montana polygamist has filed for a second marriage license, so he can be legally wed to two women at once. “It’s about marriage equality,” said Nathan Co... [Total Depravity]
HUS AND THE HUSSITES The reformation in the Kingdom of Bohemia … began with JOHN HUS, who was influenced by the doctrines of Wycliffe, and who carried with him the greater part of the population, the Slavic Czechs. He was condemned by the œcumenic... [Church History] [Jan Hus]
Sarah Larimer: Here’s what happened, according to court documents. Back in February 2014, Andrea Cammelleri was cited for a violation when she left her pickup truck parked on a street in West Jefferson, Ohio. That was because an ordinance in the villag... [Uncategorized]
One of my friends is the local Lutheran Pastor.  We get together from time to time for lunch and it’s always great.  Today we discussed, like we always do, everything.  And in the course of the discussions he mentioned the existence of these meda... [Modern Culture]


Add captionI recently read something that I found quite amusing that I would like to share. I downloaded this little gem titled "How to Answer a Jesus Critic" by Scott Sullivan PhD.  for free, so I took a glance, and in no time at all I found a blat... [contradictions] [fallacy] [Scott M Sullivan]
… Bison roam! By Ted Gregory: Once wild bison were reintroduced to an Illinois prairie after being absent from the region for nearly two centuries, the animals have been multiplying a bit like another more prevalent prairie mammal: rabbits. A total ... [Uncategorized]


We rightly respond to God’s revelation when our words about God, whether many or few, are placed into the matrix of worship. When we see the relationship between theology and worship we are moved beyond intellectual curiosity to an engaged encounter wit... [Books] [theology]
Hemant Mehta drew attention to angry outbursts on Twitter, from conservatives who are upset that president Obama did not mention God in his 4th of July address. These two particularly baffle me:@BlissTabitha He’s an atheist with Muslim tendencies.... [atheism] [Islam] [politics] [4th of July] [address] [Antichrist] [atheist] [Barack Obama] [God] [Muslim] [speech]
Via.Filed under: Church History Tagged: Jan Hus [Church History] [Jan Hus]
Dane Ortlund has a great post here asking the question, "What's the Message of the Bible in One Sentence?" and then listing answers from "a handful of thoughtful scholars and pastors." HT: Justin Taylor [Bible]
Whenever I think of those saintly men, John Hus and Jerome of Prague, I reflect with the greatest admiration on their great courage; for these two men withstood the verdicts of the entire world—the pope, the emperor, the bishops, the princes, all the un... [Hus] [Luther] [Jan Hus]
The John William Wevers Prize in Septuagint Studies The International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies (IOSCS) offers an annual prize of $350 to be awarded to an outstanding paper in the field of Septuagint studies. The prize has been named... [Septuagint] [John William Wevers Prize]


My book is provocatively titled How to Defend the Christian Faith: Advice from an Atheist.You love it, don't you? Go ahead, say you do! It's introduced by my publisher (not me) as follows: The first book on Christian apologetics written by a leading athei...


Leading Sunday morning prayer with a dear friend. (Gift #5.) 1. One of the blessings of my Shabbat morning was davening with Hazzan George Mordecai. He has a beautiful voice, of course. Also a beautiful presence. And he frequently brings melodies I've n... [Deep Ecumenism] [Jewish Renewal] [minor fast days]
Journal of Semitic StudiesVol. 60, No. 2 Autumn 2015 Obituary Professor Clifford Edmund Bosworth ---------------------------------------------...


In fall of 2014 I participated again in #blogElul, posting each day on themes relating to teshuvah (repentance / return) and inner growth during the month leading up to the Days of Awe. Last year, for the first time, I wrote poems in response to each of t... [Elul] [poetry] [teshuvah]
Every month, we feature discounts on a wide range of products: commentaries, biblical and theological studies, preaching resources, and more. With more than 100 products, you’re sure to find something you’ll want. Here are eight of this month’s best... [Misc.] [Products] [commentaries] [logos 6] [monthly sale]