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July 6 2015, 1AM

I’m just cleaning out some old stuff, and I came across this: Logos 2, from 1996! Ahh those were the days…    [Study]

12 AM

Groet Andronicus en Junia, mijn landgenoten en mijn medegevangenen, die in aanzien zijn bij de apostelen, die al  voor mij in Christus waren. Romeinen 16:7 (AB-vertaling) In Romeinen 16 worden heel wat mensen genoemd, zowel bekenden als minder bekenden,... [Bijbelstudie] [Junia] [Romeinen]
In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Vatican II's Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation, I will be posting twice a month, on Mondays, a paragraph from this important document.  There are a total of 26 paragraphs, so this will take us t... [Dei Verbum at 50]

July 5, 10PM

敬虔なクリスチャンである友人の子供が洗礼を受けると聞きました。 友人家族は八王子に住んでいますが、 車ですぐなのでお祝いを兼ねて日曜日に遊びに行ってきました。 親の信仰に基づ... [福音書]
In a few of his many writings Roger Scruton wags his finger at the deconstructionists, and he’s concerned especially with Foucault and Rorty and in some measure Derrida. He calls the concern oikophobia. (See his A Political Philosophy or The Need... [Christianity] [church]
BEN: Would it be correct to say that Arminius rejects Calvin’s strong distinction between the secret decrees and will of God and the revealed will of God, which allowed for the possibility that God’s revealed will might appear to contradict his secret... [Uncategorized]


I see that my dissertation is now available online:Small, Brian Christopher. "The Characterization of Jesus in the Book of Hebrews." Ph.D. diss., Baylor University, 2012.(I apologize in advance for any typos you may find. I cleaned them up before my book ... [Dissertation]


I have stumbled across this dissertation which has been added to the theses and dissertation page:Filtvedt, Ole Jakob. “The Identity of Israel and the Paradox of Hebrews.” Ph.D. diss., MF Norwegian School of Theology, 2014.I have also added this revie... [Resources] [Updates]


Robert Plummer has a nice description and illustration below of the reverse etymological fallacy. [Biblical languages] [Greek] [New Testament]
The Sunday issue of The Jerusalem Post reports here that the Beit She’arim tombs in Western Galilee have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Beit She’arim, located in the Western Galilee about 20 km. southeast of Haifa, contains a ne... [Archaeology] [Bible Places] [Bible study] [israel] [Jordan] [New Testament] [old testament] [Photography] [Travel] [world heritage site]


Originally posted on The New Oxonian: AN EXHIBITION OF INCOMPETENCE: TRICKERY DICKERY BAYES (c) 2012 by Stephanie Fisher, University of Nottingham Introduction. The purpose of this essay is to make a further contribution to refuting the methods of recent... [Uncategorized]


Since the country has gone all bonkers looney about the Confederate flag- especially the left- here’s a question for ya- now that they’ve uncovered old evidence of Hillary’s love of that symbol- who ya gonna vote for? Because, let’... [mockery]


I have been attending a United Methodist church, and today was the first day that I attended the church’s Sunday school class.  I will write about that later this week.  Today, I have four items about the church service itself. 1.  Las... [Bible] [church] [Daily Quiet Time]


Joel Osteen Ed Young TD Jakes It makes you wonder what’s going on with Christians in Texas that three of the nation’s most heretical pseudo-christians have found large homes there.  Are so many Christians in the Lone Star State so unfamiliar... [Modern Culture]
Young simply wishes to be wealthy and well known.  That’s why he invited Glenn Beck to speak to his cult. A popular megachurch minister in Texas has come under fire for inviting radio host and author Glenn Beck to speak at his church as part of an... [accreditation] [Heresy and Heretics] [pseudo-christianity] [pseudo-theology] [Ed Young] [glenn beck]


Woe to him that is alone. David was alone when Satan drew him to defile his neighbor’s wife. While the sheep flock together they are safe, as being under the shepherd’s eye. But if one straggle from the rest, it is quickly a prey to the ravenous wolf.... [Modern Culture]
A.D. The Bible Continues will not be continuing. NBC is not commenting, but it is understood that the network has opted not to go forward with a second installment ofMark Burnett and Roma Downey’s follow-up to their blockbuster miniseries The Bible. I h... [Modern Culture]
When there are more people who are on the receiving end of taxpayer monies than paying them.  Cheating on taxes, misusing taxpayer money, extravagance… they all create a series of unintended consequences.  But one day those consequences come home ... [Modern Culture]

12 PM

The cartoon above by Mike Lukovich offers an amusing take on a famous painting. It nicely situates Big Oil as thinking of itself as God. One way of understanding it is that Big Oil as God is taking a bribe from the GOP (the Republican Party) to ignore t... [politics] [pseudoscience] [Roman Catholicism] [cartoon] [climate change] [denialism] [Encyclical] [global warming] [infallible] [Michelangelo] [oil] [politicans] [Pope] [republican] [Sistine Chapel]
Dit is de 119de aflevering van de Livius Nieuwsbrief met nieuws over de Oudheid. De nieuwsbrief is gratis; voor adreswijzigingen en afmeldingen volstaan uitsluitend mailtjes naar Jona Lendering (redactie) ===================... [Livius Nieuwsbrief] [LiviusNieuwsbrief]


Things That only happen to Christians on Sunday: -alarms fail to go off -company comes to stay -sickness strikes odd, right?Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
The future for cowards, for those who break their word, or worship obscenities, for murderers and the sexually immoral, and for sorcerers, worshippers of false gods or any other sort of liars, is the second death in the burning lake of sulphur. (Rev. 21:8... [Bible]
A volume in honour of the German Coptologist Peter Nagel has recently been edited by Heike Behlmer, Frank Feder and Ute Pietruschka. The volume contains some of the papers presented on April 26-27 during a colloquium held at the Coptic … Continue re... [Announcements] [bibliography] [Books] [Coptic] [Peter Nagel]


According to the Israeli Kosher Fraud Law-1983 [חוק איסור הונאה בכשרות] (here in Hebrew) all kosher supervision must be done through the Chief Rabbinate, the local religious councils, or one of their appointed agents. If it isn’t ... [Kashrut] [Religion in Israel]
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View this document on ScribdFiled under: Theology, Zwingli Tagged: predestination [theology] [Zwingli] [predestination]


Calvin’s treatise in which he refutes anti-predestinarians: View this document on ScribdFiled under: Calvin [Calvin]


I and my wife, Cindy Avalos, look forward to 2040I have written a newspaper column about what marriage will look like in 2040. I speculate that marriage will be defined as  a committed consensual relationship of two or more adults who love each other i...
This is the fifth post on the Church in my ongoing series, theology in bullet points. The first unit in this series had to do with God and Creation (book here), and the second unit was on Christology and Atonement.We are... [Ecclesiology] [theology in bullet points]
In light of the ruling from the Supreme Court about Gay Marriage, I knew it wouldn’t be long before:The name-calling and back-stabbing among Christians got worse (not better),Lawsuits began to fly between the right of gay people to get married and t... [Redeeming Life] [z] [gay marriage] [homosexuality] [lgbt] [Marriage]


This flag is more important than this flag to this man. Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


Fireworks have been the main event for Independence Day celebrations ever since I was a child. The fourth of July is a day for playing with fire. As a child I remember spending the meager allowance I had on sparklers and snakes. I haven’t seen one of... [Current Events] [Holidays] [Memoirs] [popular culture] [Posts] [Religious Violence] [Social Consciousness] [china] [evil spirits] [fireworks] [Fourth of July] [Independence Day] [New Jersey] [pyrotechnics]
P. Henry remarks concerning Calvin’s view of the salvation of the very young- When some one expressed himself as distressed in his conscience, because his child had died unbaptized, Calvin wrote to him, “Baptism is indeed the sign of salvation, an... [Calvin] [theology]
I felt like I should make some memes specifically for the new Facebook page I created, Progressive Christians of Indiana. And so here is my first.It hopefully works on its own, but since it tries to allude to a lot of things in a short space, let me comme... [Progressive Christianity] [Barack Obama] [Indiana] [jesus] [Joe Biden] [meme] [pizza] [progressive Christians]


Wekelijks wordt in deze Bijbelquiz een nieuwe vraag over de Bijbel gesteld, wie het antwoord denkt te weten mag deze als commentaar toevoegen. Het antwoord komt dan de volgende week, zodat iedereen de gelegenheid krijgt om mee te doen in deze Bij... [Bijbelquiz] [Bijbelquiz2]
By Revd Dr Michael J. Lakey, Ripon College Cuddesdon, Oxford, UK. Michael Lakey’s own new book Academic Vocation in the Church and Academy Today (eds. Shaun C. Henson, Michael J. Lakey) is out later this year. For details visit the Ashgate websi... [Books]
Και πάλι στη σελίδα The Bible and Interpretation η Helen  R. Jacobus (University College London) συζητά τον αστρονομικό χαρακτήρα του 4Q208–4Q20:Reconstructing 4Q208–4Q209 as an Astronomi... [Κουμράν] [αστρολογία]