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February 11 2016, 11PM

I am beyond delighted that Jason, who has spent the year in cancer treatments and healing, is back on the Jesus Creed blog. I consider Jason a friend and a gifted Methodist pastor. Inside the 16th St Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama hangs a stained g... [Atonement]


Je suis de retour en Israël pour travailler sur de nouveaux ostraca araméens découverts à Marésha. Le site archéologique de Marésha a livré plusieurs centaines d’ostraca araméens. Parmi eux, un lot semble particulièrement difficile à déchiff... [Projets] [araméen] [archéologie] [épigraphie] [histoire] [judaïsme] [religion]
I am back to Israel to work on new Aramaic ostraca discovered in Maresha. The archaeological site of Maresha has yielded hundreds of Aramaic ostraca. Among them, a group seems especially difficult to decipher. My Israeli colleague, Esther Eshel, director... [Projects] [aramaic] [Archaeology] [epigraphy] [history] [Judaism] [religion]


A YouTube bit of glorious Zwingli stuff.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Back in November I sat down in Atlanta with the peeps from Wipf and Stock to record a long interview about my recent book, Reading John (Cascade, 2015).  Here’s a short snippet (video #1) followed by the full interview (video #2). Ultimately the in... [My book] [Reading John]


W.onderful W.orld of W.adholms This may seem a bit radical for my fellowship (Assemblies of God), but I would like to go on the record as saying that  ordination ought to be the aim of every pastor and not because of education, credentials, or prestige, ... [Uncategorized]


Previously I've noted a number of parallels between the Church of God and the Latter Day Saint traditions. One post on that subject, Cross Pollination: The Community of Christ and Grace Communion International, continues to turn up via search engine hits ...


Parents who have removed their children from the Moloch schools could be facing the beast once again if this bill backed by Ted Cruz passes. Introduced by Mike Lee (R-UT) and co-sponsored by Cruz, S.306 would define a “home school” as a “private sch... [Modern Culture]
I’m continuing with the dream of Daniel 2 and hopefully connecting it to the golden image of Daniel 3. I’m grotesquely short of time, so will spend it both reading and doing what has to be done! Google+ Event Page YouTube: [Bible study] [Christianity] [religion] [apocalyptic] [Daniel] [eschatology]
My pastor emailed me this morning and offered a pushback of his own concerning my assertion that Christians and all Jews don’t necessarily worship the same God. His basic premise was that Jews who deny that Jesus is the Son of God and do not believe... [theology]
True confession: I turned off the Logos home page within the Logos desktop software when it came out in Logos 4. I lazily assumed there was nothing there I wanted to see. I was, to use a word favored by theologians and exegetes everywhere, wrong. I now ch... [Training] [articles]

12 PM

My church’s Life Group is not meeting today, since one of the leaders and her husband are on vacation.  This post is about last week’s Life Group. As I’ve said before, I like how the group gives everyone a chance to talk and to share what is... [church]
It turns out that Radio Reka, the division of Israel Radio whose broadcasts are in non-Hebrew languages and are geared towards immigrants has a daily broadcast in Aramaic. The programs can be found here. Most of the fifteen minutes is devoted to music. [aramaic]


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One of the shared experiences amongst all Bible scholars is that at one time or another we are called upon to teach introductory courses. Finding a suitable textbook is not always easy. There are a wealth of single volume intro textbooks covering each Tes... [Book Reviews]


Northern Seminary is sponsoring a tour to Turkey and Greece to visit the sits of the apostles Paul and John. And I will be the lead teacher. Our tour will be nearly two weeks long and we will visit major cities and sites. The due date for registering to g... [Uncategorized]


Today’s Bizarro cartoon takes a look at how we depict important figures. What do you think about this topic when considered in a more serious way? How has the openness of Buddhists and Christians to depicting the key figures in their traditions impa... [buddhism] [Christianity] [humor] [Islam] [art] [Bizarro] [blond] [Buddha] [comic] [depiction] [fat] [image] [images] [jesus] [Muhammad] [white]
Caitlin Dewey: Clay Kohut’s pitch for his new app, Ameego, is so absurd that it’s best to let him deliver it. “With Uber, you rent a stranger’s car,” he begins. “With Airbnb, you rent a stranger’s home.” Mhmm. “With Ameego … you rent ... [Uncategorized]


About ‘Evangelicalism’ or ‘American Evangelicalism’ or ‘American Christianity’ as though such labels were either honest or accurate.  Christianity in America, even among evangelicals (whatever that means) is not a mono... [Modern Culture]
joekeysor: I have read off and on some of the leading Christian apologists, but have not found them very helpful. They do have some good arguments I suppose, but it seems they rely too much on reason and logic, trying to meet the unbelievers on their own ...
I was appointed as a Democratic Delegate for the State of Indiana! My political career just started. I'm super excited, and grateful they noticed my superior intellect and political skills, having observed me here on FB for about month or so. That makes m...


Dallas Theological Seminary held their annual W. H. Griffith Thomas lectures last week. This year’s speaker was Walt Kaiser and he spoke on the Psalms. Here are links to his presentations. The Structure of the Psalms The Message of Book III The People o... [Dallas Theological Seminary] [old testament] [Psalms] [Walter Kaiser]
Tom Diaz says the firearm is less a utilitarian tool than an icon, so laden with implicit values its hold over its devotees approaches the mystical. In this context, guns are not simply mechanical devices to be used as means to such ends as self-defense, ... [Books] [Gun culture] [Idle Musings] [idolatry]
NASA must have a significant announcement to make in the press conference they will be holding later this morning. As a Facebook friend pointed out, this is probably the first time that they have ever taken the step of replacing the Astronomy Picture of t... [astronomy] [physics] [Albert Einstein] [APOD] [Astronomy Picture of the Day] [conference] [drum roll] [gravitational waves] [gravity] [NASA] [National Aeronautics and Space Administration] [news] [picture] [placeholder] [Press] [press release]


The point was recently made that there are to many complaint type posts about the church and not enough posts about diversifying the culture of the church, or encouraging people to get into the mission field. The point is good, and because of that, I will... [United Methodist Church]
O mito é uma narrativa que pode ser contada por qualquer pessoa, com infinitas variações, e ainda assim ser reconhecida.As linhas gerais dos mitos são reapropriadas por cada nova geração. O mito é um instrumento que possibilita às pessoas simplifi... [metodos]


You pentebabbleists just simply know nothing of Scripture.  Do you even own a Bible? Filed under: misery, Pentebabbleism, Pentebabbleists, pseudo-christianity, pseudo-theology [misery] [Pentebabbleism] [Pentebabbleists] [pseudo-christianity] [pseudo-theology]
Disgusting. A British boy believed to be aged four and nicknamed “junior jihadi” has been filmed blowing up three prisoners in the latest grisly execution video released by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).  In exploitative footage t... [Modern Culture] [Total Depravity]
At Faithlife, our team works tirelessly to create and distribute the best Bible study resources on the planet—but we put out so many each year it’s hard to pick our favorites. The great news is, we don’t have to. We’ve pulled together a list of ... [Products]


The heavens declare the glory of God;     the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech;     night after night they reveal knowledge. They have no speech, they use no words;     no sound is heard from them. Yet th... [Uncategorized]
“Christianity has always been diverse, and has long been plagued by a tendency toward reciprocal condemnation and exclusion of others who have different opinions than our own, as we have proved time and again to be unable to apply the demand of Jesu... [Progressive Christianity] [Christianity] [Christians] [Diversity] [enemies] [foreword] [love]


BELATEDLY, ON LAST NOVEMBER'S SBL MEETINGS: Garry Jost Presents at National Conference (Marylhurst University).Dr. Jost presided over the Ethiopic Bible and Literature session with the theme: The THEOT Project (Textual History of the Ethiopic Old Testamen...
SYRIA AT WAR: 9th-century synagogue in Aleppo sustains minor damage in Syria fighting.(JTA) — An ancient synagogue in Syria’s largest city, Aleppo, sustained minor damage in fighting, according to photos provided by locals to an Israeli-American peace...
The Religion, Media, and Culture Group invites individual presentations, paper/multimedia research presentation sessions, and roundtable proposals on the following themes:1) Media, Secularity/Non-religion, and the Performance of Secularities (possible co-... [Call for Papers] [AAR] [and Culture] [Andrew Aghapour] [media] [religion] [Sarah Taylor-McFarland]


TEMPLE MOUNT WATCH: VIDEO: Revealing the Buried Treasures of the Temple Mount (Israel Today). The title might make you think this was more speculation about those lost Temple treasures, but it is actually about the important work of the Temple Mount Sifti...
SURPRISINGLY, MAYBE. SORT OF: Thomas Jefferson: Jewish Student Of Talmud? (Saul Jay Singer, The Jewish Press). Excerpt:Jefferson was not a particular friend of the Jews, and he certainly wasn’t an admirer of Judaism, but his passionate and influential a...
Materialism can be defined in a number of different ways. One of the more common is that people desire material things. We want stuff. Now, we all need things to survive. My sympathies are always with the poor for whom each decision can be a potentia... [civil religion] [Just for Fun] [Posts] [Social Consciousness] [dollar store] [economy] [five and dime] [Materialism] [one dollar Mary] [Roman Catholic]