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July 1 2015, 1PM

Logos Bible Software partners with Kregel this month to offer Thomas Schreiner ‘s  40 Questions About Christians and Biblical Law (Kregel, 2010) for their “Free Book of the Month” promotion. Schreiner explains the “interplay bet... [bible software] [Brevard Childs] [commentary] [free books] [Free iPad Books] [ipad] [Isaiah] [Jeremiah] [logos] [Logos Bible Software]

12 PM

Richard Twiss.  Rescuing the Gospel from the Cowboys: A Native American Expression of the Jesus Way.  Ed. Ray Martell and Sue Martell.  Downers Grove: IVP Books, 2015.  See here to buy the book. Richard Twiss, who passed on in 2013, wa... [religion]
Es evidente que existen pasajes difíciles de interpretar en la Biblia y que muchas veces puede suponer un reto para la fe del cristiano moderno. Nos referimos, por ejemplo, a aquellos pasajes que narran comportamientos inmorales, o sentimientos de odio y... [antiguo testamento] [General] [Introduccion general] [Nuevo Testamento] [biblia] [inspiracion] [mujer] [violencia]
Conviene dejar claro que desde sus primeras páginas la Biblia muestra la maldad de la violencia humana (Gen 4,8.23-24; 6,11.13), cuyo origen último reside en el rechazo de Dios (Rom 1:28-32). La Biblia denuncia y condena todas las formas de abuso e inju... [antiguo testamento] [Introduccion general] [biblia] [ley del talión] [recursos legales] [violencia]
Canada Day is here, but you don’t have to be from the Great White North to celebrate. We’ve got 30+ resources on sale through July 13! Here are some highlights: Analytical Bible Expositor (27 Vols.) Regularly $479.99—get it for $249.99 (that’s... [Misc.] [Products] [Canada Day] [commentaries] [expository commentaries] [j.c. ryle] [Logos Bible Software] [Products] [sale]


This.  Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Die Bibel ist zentral für den Religionsunterricht. Insbesondere die Übersetzung Martin Luthers zeichnet sich bis heute durch eine starke Präsenz in Theologie und deutscher Sprache aus. Umfassendes Material rund um jenes „Meisterwerk“ bietet Ihnen d... [Luther] [theology]


There has been a significant amount of discussion online in recent days about the way key terms are translated in Genesis 19, what their connotations were when they were written, and how that should impact the way they are rendered into contemporary verna... [Genesis] [Genesis 19] [Hebrew] [know] [Sex] [translation] [vulgar]
Jim:Well? Is there? Originally posted on Daniel B. Wallace: In my last post I mentioned a newly discovered apostolos manuscript, found glued to the inside of the front and back covers of a codex (NLG 2676). This blog is about another manuscript inside an... [Modern Culture]
Rick Jervis: Fires at several predominantly black churches in Southern states the past two weeks — at least three of them attributed to arson — raise concerns about potential fallout from the recent South Carolina church shooting. The fires have all t... [Uncategorized]
Great stuff from Con.  Amidst it he notes The movement for marriage equality was clever not to frame the discussion in terms of “changing the definition of marriage,” because that would surely meet greater resistance than pushing for “equality.” ... [Modern Culture]
One of the most important parts of finding treasure is knowing where to dig. What if you came across a map with 298 x’s? You would have no clue where to even start digging, and even if you did it would take hours before you were able to find what you we... [Misc.] [Products] [Bible Sense Lexicon] [Bible study] [lexicon] [logos 6] [Sermon Preparation] [word meaning]


#BlackLivesMatter.  That’s a fact.  93% of those blacks killed are killed by blacks.  — Andrew Young (former Mayor of Atlanta).  That’s a fact too.  So we have to ask, who is killing who?  And do black lives matter to Blacks?Filed ... [Modern Culture]
Back during the spring semester I was approached by a rep from Cambridge University Press and asked to review their introductory Greek text by Jeremy Duff, for which they are considering a revision. I’m assuming other colleagues who teach Greek we... [Biblical Greek] [Greek] [pedagogy] [teaching] [Textbooks]
The June carnival has been published here at William Ross's site. As you can see, I will be collecting posts for the carnival in August. I would be interested in opinions on the Biblical Studies posts that you see around the blogosphere, and of course in... [carnival]


The best of the best of last month’s biblical studies blogging is now posted for your enjoyment at William Ross’s blog. [+Fellowship] [Bible]
William Ross has posted the latest Biblical Studies Carnival.Phil Long has details about upcoming carnivals, and your chance to host one.See also the month’s Hebrews Highlights, and Peter Kirby’s new biblioblog resource at [Biblical Studies Carnival] [biblioblogging] [Biblioblogs]
Just saw this on Emil Brunner’s twitter (and it’s from his Dogmatics)- All “symmetrical” logically satisfying knowledge of God is fatal.Filed under: Brunner [Brunner]
Ladies, take note.  If you want to find a theologian like Calvin, you have to have certain attributes: Farel,  to Calvin, July 1, 1558  – “I could name to you some young ladies of good birth and well brought up; but as they are very poor, I hav... [Calvin]
The June Carnival has arrived at William Ross’s blog. William has done a great job gathering links to excellent BiblioBlogs in the month of June, on a wide variety of topics. Everyone should find something of interest, go check it out. Click all ... [Biblioblogs] [Biblical Studies Carnival] [Biblioblogs] [carnival] [Huzzah!]


1. The Fightin’ Mushites*Mark Leuchter. Volume 62, Issue 4, pages 479 - 500, 2012 2. Looking for Aphek in 1 Kgs 20* Shuichi Hasegawa. Volume 62, Issue 4, pages 501 - 514, 2012
Source: In a speech last year in Kansas City, President Barack Obama said he received a letter from a nine-year-old girl that included a list of possible women to put on America’s paper bills and coins, “which I thought was a pretty good idea.... [Uncategorized]
Matthew R. Malcolm:See the latest biblical studies roundup here… Originally posted on William A. Ross: Get your party hats on, it’s time for the Biblical Studies carnival. For those not familiar with it, the Carnival is a monthly review of all thi... [Uncategorized]


The Religious Freedom Restoration Act kicks into effect today in Indiana. This is the bill that brought Indiana national attention and made it the butt of a presidential joke. A “fix” amended to the legislation specified that it does not provi... [politics] [Affordable Care Act] [courts] [discrimination] [Law] [legislation] [litigation] [Religious Freedom Restoration Act] [RFRA] [same-sex marriage] [SCOTUS]


Seleção de postagens dos biblioblogs em junho de 2015.June 2015 Biblical Studies CarnivalTrabalho feito por William A. Ross em seu blog. [Biblioblogs]
If the work that anyone has built on the foundation survives, he will receive a reward.  (1 Cor 3:14)Recently, O blindness, I worshiped images produced from the furnace, gods made on anvils and by hammers, the bones of elephants, paintings, wreaths o... [arnobius] [Christ]


From the Saxons on FB- 1523: Johann van Esschen and Henrik Vos were the first two Lutheran martyrs executed by the Council of Brabant for their adherence to Reformation doctrine. They were burned at the stake in Brussels on July 1. Van Esschen and Vos we... [Luther]
(Post by A.D. Riddle)I recently saw an announcement for a brand new volume by David Chapman and Eckhard Schnabel that collects together all extra-biblical texts relevant to understanding the trail and crucifixion of Jesus. The book is entitled The Tr...
The term social justice has become almost a cliche, so it can be hard to step back and ask what it actually means. One way to read it is as an attempt to include “social issues” within the sphere of justice. Another way, which I think is mor... [politics of the absurd] [Race]
Jim:Good material from Anne. Originally posted on The Votives Project: Anne Katrine de Hemmer Gudme is Professor with special responsibilities at the University of Copenhagen. These past couple of weeks, I have been working on a paper on Aramaic dedicat... [Modern Culture]
Two years ago yesterday I wrote, "Anytime I enter a place where my Jewish Renewal community has gathered, it feels like coming home." Have you ever heard anyone say "Welcome home to a place where you've never been?" That was how it felt for me, the fir... [ALEPH Kallah] [Jewish Renewal]
Exciting news! Zondervan brings to Logos the new and ambitious NIV Zondervan Study Bible. Published this year and edited by D.A. Carson, the NIV Zondervan Study Bible provides the best scholarship in short, readable notes for the everyday Christian. Her... [Misc.] [Products] [Andreas Köstenberger] [craig blomberg] [D. A. Carson] [logos] [NIV] [Study Bible] [Tim Keller] [Zondervan]


The danger of parallelomania.  Read it.  Please.  (Kids today…. what with their video games and emergent heresies hardly ever familiarize themselves with previous literature- to their own intellectual harm). I encountered the term parallelomania,... [Biblical Studies Resources]
“There is only one defense against the rising, worldwide, fear-filled fundamentalist tide engulfing all religions (including the intolerant religion of the New Atheists) which once engulfed me: the embrace of paradox and uncertainty as the virtuoso ... [Fundamentalism] [Frank Schaeffer] [love] [paradox] [uncertainty]
I sit on a bench this warm summer day, watching as the sun glistens on the lake making crystals dance in a glorious ballet. The sparkle is so bright that I have to shield my eyes from its splendor. I hear the wind whistle through the trees, rustling the b... [Uncategorized]


THE BIBLE AND INTERPRETATION: The Bible and Ancient Philosophy in Greek Synagogal PrayersThe most fascinating aspect of these prayers, however, is that they testify to the existence of a vibrant Graeco-Jewish culture in the centuries after the destruction...
ARAMAIC WATCH: Sacred Imaginations: New and Ancient Music from the Near East has just been performed in London and Paris, and is on tonight in Berlin. Peter Culshaw has a review of the London performance at The Arts Desk: Sacred Imaginations, Kings Place....
by Sher Afgan TareenThe recent 5-4 ruling in Obergefell vs. Hodges raised Justice Anthony Kennedy to a venerable stature amongst those who vigorously celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision. In arguing why same sex marriage ought to be a constitutional ... [Politics and Religion] [Religion and Society] [Religion and Theory] [Sexuality and Gender] [Theory and Method] [Diotima] [Hussein Agrama] [Justice Anthony Kennedy] [Ken Paxton] [Plato] [Row V. Wade] [same sex marriage] [Sarah Ahmed] [Sher Afgan Tareen] [Socrates] [The Promise of Happiness]


THIS WEEK'S DAF YOMI COLUMN BY ADAM KIRSCH IN TABLET: The Talmud as Fossil Record of Ancient, Everday Jewish Life and Idioms. In this week’s ‘Daf Yomi’ study, why vows are hardly sacred, and why circumcision is the most glorious of rituals.This wee...
AWOL: New Testament Studies, Volume 61 - Issue 03 - July 2015: Assessing the “Jesus' Wife” Papyrus. The new issue is also noted by Christian Askeland and Mark Goodacre. If you don't have a subscription to NTS, the shorter version is that the Gospel of...
BACK IN THE NEWS: How the Talmud Became a Best-Seller in South Korea (Ross Arbes, The New Yorker). I noted this story when it was last in the media back in 2011. This article is much longer and more comprehensive. It's difficult to excerpt and worth readi...
There is a plague upon this nation.  When in one week, let alone one day, I hear about two colleagues being let go from their academic posts for not meeting conservative theological standards, I believe it is time for higher education to take a good soli... [Bibliolatry] [Current Events] [higher education] [Memoirs] [Posts] [Religious Violence] [Sects] [Social Consciousness] [Christopher Rollston] [Daniel Kirk] [Fuller Seminary] [Nashotah House] [Northwest Nazarene University] [Peter Enns] [Thomas Jay Oord]

12 AM

I have now finished writing the article I promised for a Christian Newspaper, on 1 Cor 7:10-11. I found it helpful to examine this passage again, and to do some hard thinking about it. Here’s one of the key paragraphs from my article… What doe... [1 Corinthians] [ethics]
Lamentations has already given us 4 daring and poetic chapters, each one an acrostic, chapters 1, 2, and 4 of 22 verses, and chapter 3 of 66 verses, a triple acrostic. A characteristic of this chapter 5 is that there is no rest throughout. Not one verse ... [Lamentations] [Music of the Bible]
Happy Summer to you!  Every so often I feel the need to giveaway many of the Bibles I have obtained over the years.   The truth is that I continue to have too many Bibles and need to focus on the ones that I actually read.  Or should I say,...

June 30, 11PM

In a guest post, Andrew Goddard reflects on the issues for a possible Christian ethic of same-sex marriage. Last week’s Supreme Court judgment in the US, following swiftly after the Irish referendum, has made the legalisation of same-sex marriage major... [sexuality] [Andrew Goddard] [ethics] [gay] [Marriage] [same sex unions]


BEN: Jacob Arminius seems to be a frequently misrepresented theologian, whose works have been neglected, and lack readily accessible translations into English from the Latin and Dutch. To what would you attribute this neglect, and would you see this as an... [Uncategorized]
In this dialogue we see Socrates doing his usual thing, of showing up the ignorance of experts. The boastful sophist Hippias is shown not to understand his art of Homeric interpretation: technically, the one who acts wrongly voluntarily is better than the... [Plato]
Notice this reading of 1 Corinthians 11 by Lucy Peppiatt in her book Women and Worship at Corinth: The italics are words from those Corinthians with whom Paul is disagreeing, and what you will see here is a proposal that releases the tension that so ma... [Women and Ministry]


Some of the Hebrews highlights for June 2015:I respond to Felix Cortez's review of my book on the RBL blog.Paul Barnett speaks about The Hugenot Heart, basing his talk upon Hebrews 9:26.Matthew Malcolm gives a synopsis of his chapter in All That the Proph... [blogs] [Hebrews 1] [Hebrews 2] [Hebrews 9]
I have added almost a dozen new book links, including my own monograph, to the partial books page. [Updates]
A Catholic Christian named kenneth asked a question:What would the documentary "a day without a christian" be like? Or "a day without religion". Certainly the bombings and violence in the middle east would come to a halt. But who would...
This month’s fun is Chronological:  The best post of each day as determined by a panel of experts are listed here in the order of their appearance.  And some of what follows, especially mid-month, is sure to infuriate.  For that I cannot apologiz... [Archaeology] [Bible] [Biblical Studies Carnival] [Biblical Studies Resources] [Biblioblogs] [Books]


I am not sure how old this article is, but "Ministers Don’t Use Libraries, and Nobody Knows Why" does ask some important questions.HT: Jeremiah Mutie [Books] [pastors]


The Bible Project has a very nice brief video explaining the meaning of the Book of Hebrews:HT: Darrell Pursiful and Ben Witherington [Multimedia]
The first excerpt from Gilbert Highet's Art of Teaching illustrates the tutorial system:And while I am taking examples from my own experience ..., let me pay a debt of thanks to the schoolmaster who taught me Greek. He used the tutorial system because I w... [Biblical languages] [pedagogy] [Teaching Languages]


And people are the same as they have always been- He said to me, “Son of man, stand on your feet and I will speak with you.” As he spoke to me, a wind came into me and stood me on my feet, and I heard the one speaking to me. He said to me, “Son of ... [Bible]


Using the same tactics used by “gay” rights activists, pedophiles have begun to seek similar status arguing their desire for children is a sexual orientation no different than heterosexual or homosexuals. Critics of the homosexual lifestyle have long ... [Modern Culture]


Today I found myself swirling around in the right-wing toilet of the Internet yet again. Last time, the whole controversy centered around tweets that I quickly realized were based on a profound misunderstanding of the situation and just as quickly delete... [politics of the absurd]
Yuval Goren is involved, so whatever they discover you can trust to be accurate. Once the disagreements over who was to be present at the meeting were resolved, the scholars turned to examining the pomegranate. Photo 1 shows the pomegranate under the micr... [Archaeology]


In my Sodomite Challenge, I argued that there is not just one double entendre in Genesis 19:5 but two. One of these double entendres is widely ‘known’. The men of Sodom employ the sexually charged verb ידע (‘to know’, ‘... [angels] [Biblical Giants' relatives] [double entendre] [Genesis 19] [Gomorrah] [Hospitality] [inhospitality] [J. Harold Ellens] [Judges 19] [M. Warner] [sex in the Bible] [Sodom] [Sodomite Challenge] [sodomy] [באו אליך הלילה]
Therefore although Peter, Paul, and the other apostles were indeed children of God, righteous according to the Law, and, finally, even ministers of Christ, they were not declared righteous in the sight of God on this account. For if you bind all these tog... [Uncategorized]