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November 26 2015, 2PM

In 1961 Karl Barth wrote a letter to one of his theological students, whom he had recently supported in a grant application for funding to study in Edinburgh, to chastise him about his general outlook on life and his attitude to theological study in parti... [admonishment] [Barth] [theology]
For those interested in the story of the lead books found in Jordan, there is now a Centre for the Study of the Jordanian Lead Books, with a website Area 51 also has a website for those interested in UFO-ology and I hear that even J... [Modern Culture]
Now there’s a new category of sexual orientation called ‘asexual’ for the discriminating millennial who is neither male nor female but, instead, like the angels of heaven… Isn’t that cool….  So, next time you feel lik... [Modern Culture]


Isn’t graduates from business schools but biblical scholars and theologians occupying its pulpits and fewer occupying academic chairs.  The tragic consequences of ignorant ‘from plow to pulpit’ clergy are visible to all with an eye beca... [Modern Culture]
Esther 10 by Bob MacDonald via Dust (#65699)
Moving right along. I had done a bit of Esther before. I think chapter 1 is drafted. I was, however, shocked at the farcical nature of that chapter, so in earlier days, I did not continue my work completing the five scrolls. So I won't start with chapter ... [Esther]
Almost four years to the day before I came to serve the church as a Logos Pro at Faithlife, I wrote a post on my personal blog, “How to Pronounce ‘Logos’ in ‘Logos Bible Software.’” And since a big part of our mission is to turn you into a Log... [articles] [Training] [Bible study] [How to] [Logos Bible Software]

12 PM

While at SBL this last week I noticed that Brill has a major new resource in development called the Textual History of the Bible which is being published both in print and online. The preview describes the new series as follows:As a new type of refer... [book notes] [Brill] [Old Testament Textual Criticism] [Textual History of the Bible]
I guess we all know what we can expect to see in San Diego. Thanks, Kim, thanks a lot… Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


During my prayer time last night, the subject of thanksgiving entered my mind because, well, it is Thanksgiving!  Philippians 4:6 came to my mind: “Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your ... [Bible] [Daily Quiet Time] [Holidays] [John MacArthur] [Life] [Prayer] [religion]


Rachel Feltman: And finally, everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving feast side effect: snoozing. You might think that your post-turkey nap is caused by the bird itself, but this is actually just a myth. It’s true that turkey meat contains tryptophan... [Uncategorized]


No serious theology posts today! Just some funny thanksgiving pictures. Enjoy! Please share this post with others! [Redeeming Life] [z] [humor] [laugh a little] [Thanksgiving]


Here are the articles to the latest issue of the Journal for the Study of the New Testament. The links will take you to an abstract.Where is Philemon? The Case for a Logical Fallacy in the Correlation of the Data in Philemon and Colossians 1.1-2; 4.7-18 V... [Journal for the Study of the New Testament] [Journals]
I am a veteran of online discussions about Žižek. My constant refrain, for over a decade now, has been that Žižek’s critics have not actually understood what he is saying. And until that can be clarified, I refuse to enter into a discussion of... [politics of the absurd] [Zizek]
WWZD Those who have ears will hear.  Those who don’t will never get it.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


In contrast to the false teachers, Paul lists his own suffering as an example of what will happen to anyone that wants to live a godly life (vv. 10-12).  This is somewhat surprising for contemporary Christians who are fed a steady diet of “health a... [Pastoral Epistles] [doctrine] [Paul] [Pauline Theology] [suffering] [Tradition]
In this year’s Society of Biblical Literature annual meeting I took part in a session focused on the question of whether Paul believed that fellow Jews should put faith in Jesus.  Three scholars gave three quite different views of the matter, and I... [Uncategorized] [NT religious ideas] [Paul]


In the United States today is Thanksgiving, a day for cultivating gratitude and giving thanks. I'm a big fan of both of those things. And I also know that there are times when I haven't been able to access gratitude -- and that feeling cut-off from gratit... [depression] [gratitude] [pastoral care] [Thanksgiving]
I’m thankful for… The constant, overwhelming, amazing grace of God. Family who love me. Friends who care about me. A warm home to live in. The turkey in the oven. The theory of general relativity. Panda Express. Sale prices at academic confer... [Who? Me?] [Thanksgiving]
Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht have published two new books that I think will be of interest to many: Teufel, Tod und Trauer: Der Satan im Johannesevangelium und seine Vorgeschichte and Introduction to Wolfhart Pannenberg’s Systematic Theology (which is n... [Books] [Modern Culture]


To wrap things up- here’s the last photo from the conference.  It’s of the bloggers get-together.  A good time was had by all. Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
... for this moment in time. My children are well. My wife is well. My wife's family and mine are well. I have a church. I have a job. I have coffee. I have purpose."I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances...  I can do all this throug... [Thanksgiving]
Journal for the Study of the Old TestamentDecember 2015; Vol. 40, No. 2 F...
The Journal of Theological Studies Table of Contents Alert Vol. 66, No. 2 October 2015 Articles ----------------------------------------------...
I hope you all have a pleasant and thanks-filled day.Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
Logos 6 base packages give you the best of what Logos has to offer: innovative Bible study tools combined with a great library of commentaries, theological works, reference materials, and more. Every Logos base package features thousands of dollars worth ... [Products]


Brian Fulthorp:this si something many people in the world need to think about. I feel its worth sharing with you all (or reminding you). Blessings, and my y’all have a Happy Thanksgiving! Originally posted on Dr. Jeremiah Gibbs: This is a simple ... [Uncategorized]
I recently found myself reminded of the famous sermon, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.”And for some reason, it occurred to me to reverse the phrase. And when I did so, I found that it made more sense.One can talk about a supposed future... [Fundamentalism] [anger] [angry] [Jonathan Edwards] [Puritans] [sermon] [sinners]


HAPPY AMERICAN THANKSGIVING to all those celebrating!
The opponents in Ephesus stand in contrast to Paul’s record of suffering (v. 13) It is Paul and Timothy’s opponents who are the imposters. The noun (γόης) Paul uses here is a common way to describe an opponent in a philosophical debate. The noun o... [Pastoral Epistles] [doctrine] [Paul] [Pauline Theology] [suffering] [Tradition]
BIBLE HISTORY DAILY: What Is Coptic and Who Were the Copts in Ancient Egypt? A short history of ancient Egyptian language (Megan Sauter). This essay introduces a BAR article by Leo Depuyt which is behind the subscription wall, but the essay is informative...
TECHNOLOGY WATCH: The Future Of Archaeology Is Not Digging Anything Up. The 2016 TED Prize winner is reinventing how we discover—and preserve—the past (Jessica Leber, Fast Company).Most archaeologists can be happy to uncover a small handful of importa...


(ANCIENT) TECHNOLOGY WATCH: Written on Beasts (Bruce Holsinger, NYR Daily).Parchment, a medium that came into widespread use beginning in late antiquity, has for many centuries held a special place in the cultural imagination. “When you want to have the...
Thanksgiving remains one of the few relatively uncommercialized holidays. Not tied to a specific religion, but with a general sense that gratitude is important, there’s nothing really to sell. Grocery stores may see a bump in profits, but we need to e... [Holidays] [Posts] [Religious Origins] [Social Consciousness] [black friday] [capitalism] [starvation] [Thanksgiving]
HISTORY: Ancient Jewish community endures on Tunisian isle (Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff).The Jewish community on the Tunisian resort island of Djerba traces its roots back to the Babylonian exile of 586 B.C.E., and is one of the few communitie...
REVIEW OF A NEWLY TRANSLATED NOVEL: Zelig in Jerusalem. Uri dines with Pontius Pilate and is thrown into a cell with a certain Galilean rabble-rouser (WSJ).Hungarian novelist György Spiró’s monumental “Captivity” (Restless Books, 860 pages, $29.99...
Exodus 1 by Bob MacDonald via Dust (#65671)
Names - Shemot (שׁמות) - is the name of the book of Exodus. Appropriate that it should happen while I was struggling in the red mud of 1 Chronicles. Exodus 1 וְאֵ֗לֶּה שְׁמוֹת֙ בְּנֵ֣י יִשְׂרָאֵ֔ל הַבָּא... [Exodus]


I took a break from the regular meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature last week in order to attend an ‘affiliate’ organisation meeting where David Gushee was talking about his change of mind about sexuality. Gushee isn’t that we... [sexuality] [David Gushee] [gay] [Good Disagreement] [hermeneutics] [Ron Sider] [same sex unions] [sexuality]
NTS 62.1 (2016) is here: Karl-Wilhelm Niebuhr Jakobus und Paulus über das Innere des Menschen und den Ursprung seiner ethischen Entscheidungen  David Luckensmeyer and Bronwen Neil Reading First Thessalonians as a Consolatory Letter in Light of Seneca ... [Uncategorized]
"I give thanks to my God always for you because of the grace of God that has been given you in Christ Jesus,  for in every way you have been enriched in him, in speech and knowledge of every kind— just as the testimony of Christ...

November 25, 11PM

There never would have been a stadium like AT+T in all likelihood, had there not been a very successful Cowboys franchise for Jerry Jones to buy. He does not own the stadium, or better said, he is a minority owner of it along with the town of Arlington Te... [Uncategorized]


Today I want to express the gratitude I experience all year long.I’m grateful for being alive now in this era, rather than in the barbaric past, or what looks like the coming worldwide religious wars, and/or global disasters in the future. I’m also th...


There’s a new grammar coming to town and it looks like it’s going to be a big one! A Morphosyntax and Syntax of Septuaguint Greek by Takamitsu Muraoka (Amazon) Here’s the blurb from the publisher (Peeters-Leuven): Summary: This is the fi... [Books] [Greek] [Historical linguistics] [Language] [Linguistics] [Morphology] [syntax]



As a result of a discussion during the recent SBL/AAR, I decided to investigate the assertion I heard: that there is little evidence for Jewish women before the 3rdCentury in Asia Minor. 1) Women as leaders of the synagogue. Inscriptional evid...