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December 3 2016, 5PM

Now how should I spell all these various names. Nebu whatever his name is is the same fellow so matter how his name is spelled. So is Isaac, and Yitschaq, but they have varied spellings in the various books. And there are so many names and places, 1000s,...


Die Reformation hat die Welt so tiefgreifend verwandelt wie kein anderes Ereignis seit dem Ende der Antike – auch der Katholizismus war danach nicht mehr der gleiche. Thomas Kaufmann erzählt souverän und auf dem neuesten Forschungsstand die Geschichte... [Church History]
I have some news and opinion links for this week!  I post left-wing links and I post right-wing links, and some of my links fall into neither camp.  My favorite links, though, concern people who say or think differently from people’s expect... [Current Events] [Political Philosophy] [politics]
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CHAOS E KOSMOS XVI - 2015Elena Bianchi, "Joseph Roth: la dimensione religiosa"Ugo Bianchi, "Riscatto e palingenesi: gli attori umani. Momenti di storia religiosa"Corinne Bonnet, "Il volto e il nome. Riflessioni sulle interfacce divine alla luce della docu... [Chaos e Kosmos] [Εγγύς Ανατολή] [αρχαίος κόσμος] [μετάφραση]
Why is the Hebrew word for "president" נשיא nasi? I'm not entirely sure, but I'll share my ideas with you. Let's start out by looking at the history of the word.The word appears in the bible 129 times (not including four other cases where it mean...

12 PM

Em 25 de julho de 2016 publiquei uma apresentação do livro de CHAPMAN, H. H. ; RODGERS, Z. A Companion to Josephus. Chichester, West Sussex, UK: Wiley Blackwell, 2016, XVI + 466 p. - ISBN 9781444335330. Hoje li uma resenha do livro, feita por Matthew Kr... [historia]


The tomb believed to be the place where Jesus was laid has been opened for the first time in centuries.  For decades, archaeologists and theologians have debated over whether the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem is the site where Christ was su... [Archaeology]
Here is the video recording of the conversation I had with Anthony Buzzard yesterday about Christology, monotheism, and related subjects. I talk about how I came to a personal faith and ended up studying the things that I did, and explaining my views on t... [1 Corinthians] [Christology] [Gospel of John] [Monotheism] [Christ] [Divine] [Divinity] [jesus] [Jewish] [Messiah] [Messianic] [monotheist] [monotheistic] [Paul] [shema] [Trinity] [Unitarian]
The Heidelberg Catechism is one of the most profoundly helpful introductions to the Christian Faith that has ever been composed.  For the next 129 days I’ll be posting one of the questions and answers (along with the scriptural supports).  Enjoy. ... [Heidelberg Catechism]
I don't normally moan online about things, but I think there's a cautionary tale here that's worth broadcasting. You see something you can buy online, and you have no way of knowing whether it's a reliable purchase until you try it. In our case, the amoun...


SAVING THE BIBLE FROM OURSELVES Glenn Paauw is a founding Director at the Institute for Bible Reading. Historian Mark Noll and Old Testament (or as Glenn likes to say First Testament) scholar, Walter Brueggemann, offer praise for Paauw’s book. David Geo... [Uncategorized]
Archaeologists have finally discovered the port of ancient Byblos. Philippe Bohstrom looks at the history of the city of Dan and the tribe of the Danites in a well-illustrated Haaretz article. Wayne Stiles beat me to the new Virtual Reality tour at the ... [Discoveries] [forgery] [Galilee] [Jordan] [Judah] [Lebanon] [Samaria] [Weekend Roundup]
Many of you will be familiar with Jason Micheli, whose sermons — slightly irreverent at times, always insightful, full of narrative art and at times colorful language — sometimes appear on this blog. I have spoken in Jason’s church in Vi... [Uncategorized]


Timothy George has some interesting tidbits here from the the forthcoming Reformation Commentary on Scripture, volume covering 1–2 Samuel, 1–2 Kings, and 1–2 Chronicles. [1 Chronicles] [1 Kings] [1 Samuel] [2 Chronicles] [2 Kings] [2 Samuel] [commentary]
Today is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. The annual observance of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3 December was established by the International Year for Disabled Persons (1981). The Day aims to promote a better ... [theology]


Trump may think he’s king of the world but he’s about to discover he’s no one but the court jester.‬Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]


Our daughter turns 30 today.  She’s, I have to say, one of the best people I know.  Top two, actually.  I remember everything she’s been through since the day she was born and I couldn’t, I just couldn’t be more proud of her. Ha... [Modern Culture]
This is vile. Diners aren’t just great places for an affordable bite to eat. Specifically here in Philadelphia, they’ve long been places for community members and politicians of all stripes to gather, talk and debate, with a civil tongue. But the 2016... [Total Depravity]


Free live webinar, December 13th, 4 p.m. (PT) Getting started with anything new can be a challenge. And with powerful software like Logos, we understand that jumping in can feel intimidating. That’s why when we created Logos 7, we wanted to make it... [Misc.]


I thought I would try to clarify the point I was making when the webinar last Friday got interrupted. I don’t at all dispute the interpretation of Psalm 110 as involving Yahweh saying to another distinct figure, whom the author of the Psalm refers t... [Christology] [Psalms] [Divinity] [God] [LORD] [Messiah] [Psalm 110:1] [vowels]
I confess, it was a moment of weakness. Or I could say that it was dedication to research. In either case, I subjected myself to watching the remake of the 1973 classic, The Wicker Man. The reviews that I’ve read over the past decade since its releas... [Classical Mythology] [Current Events] [feminism] [Goddesses] [movies] [popular culture] [Posts] [Religious Violence] [Social Consciousness] [2006] [Celtic Mythology] [misogyny] [New Religious Movements] [The Wicker Man]


BRYN MAYR CLASSICAL REVIEW:Honora Howell Chapman, Zuleika Rodgers (ed.), A Companion to Josephus. Blackwell companions to the ancient world. Malden, MA; Oxford; Chichester: Wiley Blackwell, 2016. Pp. xvi, 466. ISBN 9781444335330. $195.00. Reviewe...
H-JUDAIC: TOC: Jewish Social Studies 22.1. One of the articles deals with Talmudic material.


I’m currently reading through Helmut Koester’s  History and Literature of Early Christianity, where I came across a new proposal on the provenance of 2 Timothy which I had never heard before. According to Koester, Paul’s second letter t... [Uncategorized]
ETC BLOG: Dead Sea Scroll Forgeries in Your Favorite Bible Software? (Peter Gurry). It seems the answer is yes, although they are very few and it is not clear exactly how many. Also, note the importance of peer-review publication for the discussion.
EXHIBITION: (R)EVOLUTION IN BERLIN: GOLEM Ushers in the Shadow Dialectic (Lisa Paul Streitfeld, Huffington Post Blog).GOLEM opened on 23 September 2016 at the Jewish Museum Berlin. Curated by the German American female duo, Martina Lüdicke (German) and E...
THIS IS SAD. AND OUTRAGEOUS. Biblical Jewish fortress vandalized once again. Fortress built in 800 BCE vandalized in Sebastia National Park, a Jewish and Christian heritage site; culprits smashed a 2,000-year-old marble pillar buttressing the palace in th...

December 2, 11PM

In an age of self-centered everything, it is not surprising that a lot of self-centered religion, and in particular self-centered Christianity has emerged. Pastors seeking to minister to people’s felt needs, because of course they are the center of ... [Uncategorized]
[MSH: When readers finish this essay, they will recognize its internal consistency with my argument in The Unseen Realm that salvation was the same across the board in both testaments. The issue was believing loyalty to Yahweh. Dr. Johnson raises the ques... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [NakedBible] [Soteriology] [Atonement] [Cross] [Gentiles] [israel] [jesus] [Messiah] [New Testament] [old testament] [sacrifices] [salvation]
Wow, this is some crazy stuff: fake news generated so one can denounce those who like the fake news story! Tell me a little about why you started Disinfomedia? Late 2012, early 2013 I was spending a lot of time researching what is now being referred to as... [Uncategorized]


Unfortunately, my conversation with Anthony Buzzard got interrupted by an internet outage in my building. So we’re planning to resume the conversation next Friday, a little later than we started this evening (or a little earlier than we got interrup... [Christology] [Monotheism] [adonai] [Anthony Buzzard] [jesus] [LORD]
Rick Osborne.  At Work Within: Be Transformed into All God Created You to Be.  Impartation Idea, 2016.  See here to buy the book. In At Work Within: Be Transformed into All God Created You to Be, Rick Osborne talks about how Christians can... [Bible] [religion]