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October 31 2016, 9PM

Unapologetic offers the Philosophy of Religion the swift, ugly end it has long deserved. This single book will cause the death of a discipline.-- Dr. Peter Boghossian, philosophy professor at Portland State University, and author of A Manual for Creating ...

July 27, 8PM

July 26, 8PM

Here's a guest post on the death of Tim LaHaye, who was a false prophet, written by Robert Connor:   Baptist preacher, weapons grade homophobe, conspiracy theorist—of course the Illuminati wrote your local school’s curriculum! Don’t be silly!...


Machaerus: Where John the Baptist was Beheaded Restoration work gives archaeological context to Biblical scene Megan Sauter  •  01/12/2015 Who beheaded John the Baptist in the Bible? What were the circumstances of his death? This famous Biblical ... [Archaeology]


Jewish Studies Quarterly 23:1 (2016)Matthew Goldstone, "Rebuke and the Self-Acknowledged Limits of Rabbinic Authority," 1-21 (abstract)Jonathan A. Pomeranz, "'Seven Pits for the Good Man': Torah and Popular Wisdom in Rabbinic Babylonia," 22-46 (abstract) [JSQ] [ραββίνοι]
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Eerdmans has just published a volume first appearing in Dutch back in 1940 (and they’ve sent a review copy) that I can only describe with one word: beautiful.  The blurb runs thusly: In the spirit of C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity, this book... [book review] [Books]
A.W. Tozer.  Culture: Living as Citizens of Heaven on Earth—-Collected Insights from A.W. Tozer.  Chicago: Moody Publishers, 2016.  See here to purchase the book. A.W. Tozer was a pastor and Christian author who lived from 1897 to 1963.&n... [Bible] [religion]
“Satan … is … my … friend.” Karl Barth (CD 4/1, pp 9-180)Filed under: Barth [Barth]


I just finished reading Agamben’s Che cos’è la filosofia? (What is Philosophy?), a beautiful and elegant book both conceptually and as a physical artifact. When I ordered the book, I threw in one of his little pamphlet books, just out of cur... [Agamben] [Books] [poetry]


Warren Throckmorton writes Last week, Eric Metaxas had David Barton on his radio show and told the audience that he loved Barton and his work. He also said he used some of Barton’s work to help write his new book If You Can Keep It. That book has been t... [Modern Culture]

12 PM

Archaeologists study ancient cultures through the careful exhumation and examination of artifacts; their work sheds light on important biblical questions. For example, nearly all of pottery unearthed in Galilee came from a single Jewish village and not fr... [Products]


Dødehavsrullane er ikkje ferdig utforska. Dei berømte pergamenta med gamle tekstar blei funne for snart 70 år sidan i holer i ørkenen ved Dødehavet, i og rundt Qumran. Men dei er “fortsatt en tekstsamling som utfordrer gammeltestamentlere, nyte... [Dødehavsrullane] [Israel og dei palestinske områda] [Jødisk religion og kultur] [Dødehavsrullene] [Qumran] [Schøyen-samlinga] [Schøyen-samlingen] [Torleif Elgvin]
A revista internacional de teologia Concilium continua celebrando o 50º aniversário de sua publicação. Lembro que o primeiro número da revista saiu em 15 de janeiro de 1965. No primeiro fascículo deste ano de 2016, que acabo de receber, o de n. 364,... [revistas]


Calvin’s second generation-ism remembered. Old Life John Piper posted for the recent anniversary of John Calvin’s birthday about the origin of Calvinism. He went right to John Calvin and his conversion: He was born in July 1509, in Noyon, France... [Modern Culture]


Pretty much the worst place you can go to find substantive theological books is the local ‘Christian Book Store’.  So the Bee stings such establishments by suggesting they open a new section called ‘the false teaching’ section. GR... [Modern Culture]
I’m offering the PDFs of the intro to Zwingli AND the Devotional for $15.  Get them both and learn about Zwingli and become more spiritual at the same time!  Follow the Paypal link and the PDFs will be sent straightaway. And if you do, you’l... [Books] [Modern Culture]


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Elizabeth Warren's speech at the DNC last night is the one not being talked about as much for a reason. They were all fantastic, but see for yourself. I consider her speech the one that explains the difference between the working class from fat political-...
Two men stormed a parish church in northern France on Tuesday morning and took several hostages, fatally stabbing an 85-year-old priest and critically injuring another person, before the attackers were shot dead by the police, officials said. President F... [Modern Culture]
IO9 just posted a piece about transhumanism and fear of “tampering with nature” in the form of gene editing, brain chips, and other such technologies. What I found most interesting, not surprisingly, was the information about how more devout r... [religion] [science] [science fiction] [artificial] [blood] [brain] [CAPTCHA] [chip] [chips] [comic] [editing] [gene] [genes] [implant] [implants] [IO9] [Robot] [robots] [statistics] [Technology]
Rev. Chris Ritter has preemptly posted a response, somewhat, to the latest statement by Bishop Ough, the president of the Council of Bishops. Ritter still has his plans on the table — and so I’m going to take this moment to reshow mine, although I... [United Methodist Church]
The Grossmunster It had been a nasty June and a worse July in Zurich in the year of our Lord, 1531.  The heat was oppressive and the populace was restless.  Zwingli’s reforms were well entrenched but there was an air of misgiving lingering in the ... [Modern Culture] [Zwingli]
I cannot help but notice how many on the right equate patriotism with the size and number of flags you can cram onto a stage. Far-right conservatives are proud of their American flag: a field of pure whiteness, covered by streaks of red protecting a hand... [politics] [United States] [convention] [democrats] [flag] [idolatry] [patriotism] [republican] [Trump] [United States] [us]
Sam Riviera is a frequent and popular contributor to this blog. Many of his posts on loving your neighbors and ministering to the homeless are consistently among the most popular articles on this blog. Based on his many years of friendship with lots of ho... [Redeeming Life] [z] [homeless] [Letters to Dad] [lgbt] [Sam Riviera]


The latest issue of Review of Biblical Literature is out. Reviews can be accessed by clicking the links below but unfortunately you must be a SBL member.Marvin L. Chaney, Uriah Y. Kim, and Annette Schellenberg, eds. Reading a Tendentious Bible: Essays in ... [Book Reviews] [Review of Biblical literature]
Pete Enns: Every Christian who wants to become a political leader should be forced to study the book of Revelation for a year and then pass a test of one simple question: “True or False: The Christian hope will be realized through political means.” Wh... [Uncategorized]


And in fact I woke up in a house built by blue collar workers because I’m not a member of the oligarchy and have no political ambitions or connections…Filed under: Modern Culture [Modern Culture]
THE ORION CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS AND ASSOCIATED LITERATURE in Jerusalem has published Orion Newsletter 21 (2015). It was actually circulated by e-mail at the end of 2015, but it has recently also been put up as a pdf file on the webs...
I spotted the below piece at The Brothers of John the Steadfast.  Originally written in 1846, Dr. C.F.W. Walther admonishes Lutherans to awake from negligence and indifference to live as the baptized in Christ.  Walther’s assessment is not jus... [church] [revival] [walther]


One of the most glorious truths is the real hope that God offers his people. It's a real, substantial hope of a future on a renewed earth, with renewed bodies, free of suffering, with God himself living among us. Where might we look in the Bible to see th...
BRYN MAYR CLASSICAL REVIEW:Karl Galinsky (ed.), Memory in Ancient Rome and Early Christianity. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2016. Pp. xiv, 406. ISBN 9780198744764. $135.00. Reviewed by Douglas Boin, Saint Louis University (boindr@sl...
Genesis 1 is a marvelous passage – highly stylized literature if not technically poetry. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God w... [Uncategorized]
Do you like commentaries? Do you like saving money? If you do, then the monthly sale is always a good place to look. You can save on both individual volumes and popular commentary collections. And if you’re looking for some bargains, check out these six... [Products]
THIS WEEK'S DAF YOMI COLUMN BY ADAM KIRSCH IN TABLET: Burden of Proof. In this week’s ‘Daf Yomi,’ the rabbis spin out all the hypotheticals—and then some—from a few simple verses from Exodus about open pits and a goring ox to see who might be a...


Just after the 1960 election, my grandfather Harry Shepherd (1883-1963) wrote a book titled, Foundational and Fundamental Truth Concerning the Coming of the Lord. My mother, then married almost fifteen years, typed it up since he couldn't type. He would d... [Harry Shepherd] [modern prophecy]
I thought I would turn something I said in a recent post into an image, in case it helps it circulate more widely. I really do think this is an important point! [Bible] [Inerrancy] [Biblical] [biblical literalism] [fundamentalists] [literal] [literalists] [meme] [plain meaning] [quote]
You’ll want to be aware of this: Accordance is having a sale – Göttingen LXX: Update & Price Reduction! People talk about books being indispensable all the time.  Every book NT Wright pushes out is called indispensable by his marketing s... [Modern Culture] [Septuagint]
Over the past few days, I’ve been slowly digesting a recent large article surveying Greek inscriptions referring to “angels” in Roman Asia Minor:  G. H. R. Horsley and Jean M. Luxford, “Pagan Angels in Roman Asia Minor:  Revisit... [Uncategorized] [Archaeology] [Historical Context] [Important publications] [Roman-era religious environment]


READING ACTS: Book Review: John J. Collins, The Apocalyptic Imagination. Third Edition.Collins, John J. The Apocalyptic Imagination. Third Edition. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Eerdmans, 2016. 456 pp. Pb; $38.I'm planning on using this book as a textbook for my S...
I’ve just finished reading Robert Jenson, A Theology in Outline: Can These Bones Live? (Oxford: OUP, 2016). I really liked his comments about why he believes in the Devil or Satan: The existence of a tempter (i.e., Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, the Ol... [Uncategorized]
CARDO PROJECT: Byzantine-era mosaic to be restored in Jewish Quarter’s Cardo section. Old City beautification project initiated to celebrate 50-year anniversary of reunification of Jerusalem (Daniel K. Eisenbud, Jerusalem Post).To celebrate the 50th an...
by Matt SheedyOn July 3rd I attended the Pride parade in Toronto, which drew increased media attention this year in light of such things as its proximity to the Orlando massacre, a terror threat on a “German-language ISIS fanboy channel,” and ... [Matt Sheedy] [Politics and Religion] [Religion and Popular Culture] [Religion and Society] [Religion and Theory] [Religion in the News] [Sexuality and Gender] [Theory and Method] [Theory in the Real World] [Uncategorized] [black lives matter] [Hayden White] [Justin Trudeau] [LGBTory] [Pride Toronto] [Rona Ambrose]


Carl Theodor Dreyer is rightly revered as a filmmaker of some repute, whose bold and uncompromising films, such as Ordet (1954) and La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc (1928) offer and austere, yet beautiful, exploration of human passions kept in check.S... [intolerance] [Silent Bible Films]
I spend a lot of time thinking about monsters. Could there be any more statement of the obvious? The deeper issue, however, is why. Why am I, among countless others, drawn to the monster? This may not be politically correct—I apologize in advance—... [Current Events] [Monsters] [Posts] [Social Consciousness] [Donald Trump] [education] [Frankenstein's monster] [political correctness] [politics] [populism]

July 25, 11PM

Revue théologique de Louvain 47:2 (2016)Camille Focant, "Paul face à un dilemme éthique complexe: Le cas d'Onésime et Philémon," 161-177Maurice, Gilbert, "La fourmi et l'abeille selon le livre des Proverbes," 178-198Françoise Vinel, "«Inspiration e... [RThL] [Παλαιά Διαθήκη] [Φιλήμονα] [ερμηνεία]
Ένα σύντομο αλλά εμπεριστατωμένο άρθρο για τον τρόπο απεικόνισης της Αρτέμιδος της Εφεσίας έχει αναρτήσει η Margaret Mowczko στο ιστολόγιό της ... [Μ. Ασία] [Πράξεις] [αρχαιολογία] [ελληνορωμαϊκός κόσμος] [λατρεία]


Judges 1 by Bob MacDonald via Dust (#77390)
I suspect this first chapter is intended as formative for the reader by the author. The tribes are reported as compromising with total conquest. Instead of utter destruction, it appears that the Israelites had a policy of enforced service or slavery for t... [Judges]
I was at Tyndale House in the early 80s when a well-known evangelical theologian came by to speak about the importance of inerrancy. It was a good and encouraging address, but after the paper a veteran NT scholar leaned over to me and said something like ... [Uncategorized]
There are a few more items to note from the new Urfa museum and then a few to note from the separate new mosaics museum in Urfa. Firstly, here is a nice depiction of a Roman funeral procession heading to the necropolis…. And here is the sort of Roma... [Uncategorized]


In this indispensable volume, Christianity in the Light of Science, John Loftus and his colleagues demonstrate all the different ways in which science undermines and threatens religious belief. The only way you can rescue God from this book is if you forc...