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March 13 2018, 10AM

A friend of mine sent me a copy of Holy Roar by Chris Tomlin and Darren Whitehead. He asked me to write a review of it. My friend is a worship leader and his church has been using Holy Roar as a guide for their worship. My friend did not feel comfortable ... [Bible Translation] [old testament] [Chris Tomlin] [Darren Whitehead] [Holy Roar] [praise and worship] [tax evasion] [Worship]

October 26 2016, 4PM

Accreditation can be a sore topic for some Christian academics. I remember hearing speeches from undergrad professors who resented the fact that their service to the Lord had to be approved by some faceless and probably godless group of strangers. Still, ... [scholarship] [Society and Religion] [jonathan welton] [Vision International University] [VIU] [welton] [welton academy]

November 27 2014, 8AM

SBL 2014 was great and I had the opportunity to interview three scholars for MAP. Dr. Yael Avrahami is the author of the award-winning book Senses of Scripture: Sensory Perception in the Hebrew Bible. In our discussion, she addresses why the 5 senses alon... [Bible Translation] [Books] [Doctoral Work] [Linguistics] [old testament] [Publications and Papers] [scholarship] [grammaticalization] [sensorium]

August 14, 1PM

I had the privilege today of interviewing Dr. Ryan Stokes of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He told me about his research on satan (both a noun and a verb in biblical Hebrew). Stokes has concluded that the Satan in the Hebrew Bible is not an ... [Bible Translation] [doctrine] [Enoch] [old testament] [Demonology] [Devil] [MAP] [Satan] [SWBTS]

July 2, 10AM

Dagesh Forte is the blogger pseudonym of a scholar in biblical Hebrew. You may recognize him as a regular contributor of posts to the blog unsettledchristianity, including a provocative piece noting how “biblioblogs creep into places that maybe they... [music] [Rap] [translation] [Dagesh Forte] [Guest Post]

April 2, 7AM

Here’s the full paper from the HBU Theology Conference. To be read at SBL2014.   My books are now available on Amazon. Praying in God's Theater, Meditations On the Book of Revelation, Mimetic Criticism and the Gospel of Mark: Introduction an... [Isaiah] [New Testament] [old testament] [Romans] [scholarship]

March 18, 9AM

Dr. Yancy Smith of BLI has written an article on the usefulness of “equivalence” in Bible translation in the Missio Dei Journal. “Since the era of Eugene Nida, evangelical Bible translation has been revolutionized by his notion of dynami... [Bible Translation]

October 29 2013, 1PM

Bible League International will release The Prison Bible in January 2014. The Prison Bible is the Easy-to-Read Version with 52 lessons made especially for inmates. In addition to Scripture lessons that walk through various parts of the gospel of John, r... [Bible Translation] [ERV] [Bible] [inmates] [prison ministry]

October 17, 5AM

BT2013 just finished up in Dallas, TX. Bible translators and consultants, ethnologists and musicologists, and biblical studies scholars all met and presented papers on topics ranging from the history of Indonesian Bible translation to translation strategi... [Bible Translation] [Bible] [Bible League International] [Bible Translation] [Christianity] [Dallas] [God] [Religion and Spirituality] [translation] [wycliffe bible translators]

August 7, 3PM

My church has bought something a lot of churches are buying— videos that teach so you don’t have to. I’m sure you can tell I’m not too excited about the proposition, but I understand the need. Most folks aren’t scholars so having... [Society and Religion] [Bible] [God] [iPhone] [jesus] [Margaret Feinberg] [matt chandler] [Norman Geisler]

July 3, 9AM

The second edition of the New Living Translation (NLT) and the Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) are both low-reading level Bibles used by kids and adults all over the English speaking world, although the  NLT enjoys much more popularity than the ERV. But does ... [Bible Translation] [ERV] [NLT] [Psalms] [aaron] [Bible] [Easy-to-Read Version] [God] [Mount Hermon] [New Living Translation] [shamless promotion]

June 25, 3PM

Douglas Campbell’s Deliverance of God has generated lots of discussion, especially on Romans 1:18-32. The γαρ in 1:18 has been a problem for interpreters long before Campbell came to it. But Campbell’s work is making folks take another l... [Bible Translation] [Church History] [Debate/Discussion] [Isaiah] [Rhetoric] [Romans] [Septuagint] [Bacchae] [Campbell] [dionysus] [Euripides] [God] [Koine Greek] [LXX] [Pentheus]

June 24, 8AM

MAP stands for Modular Aggregation of Principles for Bible Translation. It is an online learning community created by the Nida Institute. MAP is a collection of videos, PDFs, MP3s, TED and YouTube links, and original content created by community members. ... [Bible Translation] [scholarship] [Technology] [ANE] [Bible Translation] [MAP] [Nida]