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October 12 2017, 10AM

The creation account is one of the most debated and discussed passages in the Bible. Scholars and theologians have wrestled with the nature of Genesis 1–2 for years. There are a variety of different ways to read and understand the creation account from ... [articles] [Products]

September 7, 4AM

One of the most useful aspects of Logos Bible Software is its suite of original language tools. Logos makes it easy to look up and search Greek lemmas in a variety of ways. If you don’t know Greek, though, you probably aren’t getting the most out of t... [Products] [Greek]

December 13 2016, 5AM

Most of us who study the Bible understand the importance of archaeology. It shows us glimpses of what life was like in the ancient world and provides us with important background information on the Bible. While we recognize its importance, we don’t know... [Misc.]

November 29, 5AM

A Jewish proverb says, “Reading the Bible in translation is like kissing your bride through a veil.” You can still get the message, but there is something missing—you are more removed from the text. Learning Hebrew gets you closer to the text. It ma... [Misc.] [Hebrew] [last chance] [learning] [mobile ed] [Pre-Pub]

November 14, 5AM

The books are long and complex. They include strange visions, speak of skeletons come to life, and frequently describe God’s wrath and judgment. Studying the Major Prophets can be intimidating to say the least. The language, imagery, and poetry of Isai... [Misc.] [last chance] [mobile ed] [old testament] [Prophets]

March 29, 12 PM

When we read the Bible, we bring a whole host of ideas and assumptions to the text that have been filtered down to us through two-thousand years of biblical interpretation. Of course, it doesn’t feel that way— we’re just reading, interpreting, an... [Products]

December 1 2015, 1PM

We’ve recorded more than 200 courses for Mobile Ed on topics ranging from biblical studies and theology to preaching and discipleship. A number of these courses are on Pre-Pub, where you can pre-order them at a significant discount (often around 40% off... [Products] [mobile ed]

October 6, 4AM

Something that constantly excites me about Mobile Ed is that we are able to get some of today’s top Christian scholars and professors to teach on the topics they are most passionate about. This gives you the opportunity to learn directly from people who... [Misc.] [Products] [commentaries] [Exodus] [Hebrews]

August 25, 12 PM

The Gospels are central to the Bible. Their description of the birth, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus provide the very foundation of Christianity, and this importance is underlined by the fact that there are four separate Gospel accounts. Howev... [Misc.] [Products] [gospels] [hermeneutics] [Interpretation] [Miracles] [mobile ed] [sermon on the mount]

April 14, 12 PM

The life of Jesus—his ministry, death, and resurrection—lies at the very heart of Christianity. The fact that we have four different accounts of Jesus’ time on earth emphasizes its prominence. Clearly, for effective preaching and teaching, you need ... [Products] [Craig Evans] [gospels] [John] [logos mobile ed] [logos mobile education] [mobile ed studies in the gospels bundle]

April 7, 2PM

New Testament theology is a vast subject. It can be daunting to even know where to begin. The New Testament includes writings in several different genres by several different authors. Each book was written for a specific situation and has its own unique e... [Products] [Biblical Theology] [douglas moo] [logos mobile ed] [logos mobile education] [New Testament] [New Testament Theology] [reformed biblical theology]

March 31, 4AM

Easter Sunday is coming up this week, and churches all over the world will be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Resurrection is the central event of the New Testament—an event that is still transforming the world and calling for a respon... [Products] [Craig Evans] [Darrell Bock] [gospels] [holy week] [logos mobile ed] [logos mobile education] [Mark Strauss] [mobile ed] [New Testament] [resurrection]

March 18, 4AM

Paul’s letters are among the most beloved books of the Bible. Their balance of both deep theological insights and practical advice makes them invaluable resources for the church today. In the Mobile Ed: Paul’s Letters Bundle, leading experts like ... [Products] [douglas moo] [logos mobile ed] [logos mobile education] [Lynn Cohick] [mobile ed] [Pastoral Epistles] [paul's letters bundle] [Pauline Epistles] [pauls letters] [Pre-Pub] [pre-publication]

March 3, 5AM

Apologetics can be narrowly defined as “a defense of the faith.” More broadly, however, apologetics involves communicating the truth of Scripture to those around you. This will, at times, involve defending the claims of the Bible, but it may also inv... [Products] [Apologetics] [apologetics bundle] [carl ellis] [Jim Belcher] [k. scott oliphint] [logos mobile ed] [logos mobile education] [mobile ed] [Pre-Pub] [pre-publication]

February 17, 1PM

What would someone be talking about if they said, “The Cowboys are going up to the frozen tundra to melt the Cheeseheads”? Any football fan will easily understand that sentence: the Dallas Cowboys are going to play a road game in Green Bay against the... [Products] [Acts] [Darrell Bock] [gospels] [logos mobile ed] [logos mobile education] [mobile ed] [New Testament] [Pre-Pub] [pre-publication]

February 3, 1PM

“It’s easier to catch a baseball than a handful of sand.” Dr. Bryan Chapell uses this example in his new Mobile Ed courses to illustrate the importance of keeping a unified theme in your sermons, rather than presenting a handful of scattered ideas.... [Products] [byran chapell] [logos mobile ed] [logos mobile education] [mobile ed] [Pre-Pub] [pre-publication] [Preaching] [preaching bundle]

January 15, 5AM

Logos Mobile Ed’s Preaching and Discipling Foundations Bundle is a 10-course bundle that covers a wide array of topics related to ministry. It provides great teaching by leading speakers on topics like preaching, discipleship, ethics, and specific areas... [Products] [discipleship] [discipling] [individual courses] [logos mobile ed] [logos mobile education] [mobile ed] [pastoral ministry] [practical theology] [Preaching] [preaching and discipling foundations bundle]

December 20 2014, 11AM

Mobile Ed has had a busy year. We have close to 50 courses available right now with even more in post-production! In addition, four courses are about to ship, which means this is your last chance to save 40% on each of them. Here’s a brief look at what ... [Products] [counseling] [evangelism] [logos mobile ed] [logos mobile education] [mobile ed] [pastoral care] [shipping soon] [western civilization]

December 11, 5AM

Dr. Craig Evans is an expert in the background of the New Testament, the historical Jesus, and ancient manuscripts. He is also an excellent communicator. In the six-course Mobile Ed: Craig A. Evans New Testament Backgrounds Bundle, Dr. Evans provides valu... [Products] [12 days of logos] [biblical history] [Craig Evans] [jesus] [logos mobile ed] [logos mobile education] [mobile ed] [New Testament] [new testament backgrounds bundle]

November 27, 5AM

Part of living the Christian life is discipling others. In the Great Commission, Jesus commanded his disciples to go and “make disciples” (Matt. 28:19). This is an intimidating mandate. When we’re still in the process of growing in our walk with Jes... [Products] [discipleship] [discipleship training bundle] [discipling] [logos 6] [logos mobile ed] [logos mobile education] [mobile ed]

November 20, 5AM

The Bible is the foundational text for all Christians. We read it, study it, and hear sermons on it, but many Christians don’t think about how we got it. We take for granted the 66 books—39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New—that make up our Bib... [Products] [Bible study] [Bible Translation] [Craig Evans] [Greek] [Hebrew] [logos mobile ed] [logos mobile education] [Mark Strauss] [Michael Heiser] [mobile ed] [New Testament] [old testament] [text of the bible bundle]

October 3 2013, 2PM

When you own a book in Logos, you’ll receive periodic updates—absolutely free. These revisions offer more than just corrected typos. You get more recent data, new milestones for better navigation, links to new resources, and increased functionality. U... [Misc]