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November 9 2016, 8AM

But… So was everyone else, except that I was predicting in resignation, not attempting to flaunt an expertise I don’t have. However, shame on the pundits and some academics!!!! Here is what I wrote on #facebook “Punditry asks: where did ... [Debate/Discussion] [media] [Religion and Politics]

October 14, 9AM

FORGIVE ME FOR INTERRUPTING YOUR CONVERSATIONS ABOUT THE U.M.C. I believe it is the wise thing for me to do due to my life style, and the way I love to enjoy a free society. Starting with guns, it could be anywhere… I am seeking other ways to defend... [Debate/Discussion] [Religion and Politics] [Society and Religion]

September 13, 7AM

#deplorables comment: Christians should and must be away from this fray of name calling politics. I am guilty as charged of the same! We should be an example to the world of reasoning and moderation and our world vision needs to be such that we “let our... [Other Posts]

July 28, 2PM

Yes, the quotation marks on “conservative” are on purpose! I am a conservative and one of the traits of a conservative is the ability to exercise, at least mildly, critical thinking and be reasonable. At least that’s what I thought! Cons... [Controversial]

July 22, 11AM

A few months ago a man in my contact list who ended up becoming a very good friend amid and ins spite disagreements (he is a Methodist and lean left, I am a Calvinist, and I lean right) said in a commentary in one of his posts something to the effect that... [media] [Religion and Politics] [Society and Religion]

November 15 2015, 6PM

TO JOEL WATTS: “Over the years when I would occasionally hear a hymn, the language was always strikingly foreign, with Ebenezers and bulwarks, diadems and fetters. Which only served to confirm my bias that hymns were simply out-of-date. They had se... [Other Posts] [contemporary christian music] [liturgy] [sacred music] [Worship]

May 21, 8AM

Convert or die! Then learn this peaceful method of persuasion. I love the argument that Christians have to obey the Word of God above the Constitution of the USA. Although I revere the U.S. Constitution, the Bible and The U.S. Constitution are not one and... [Controversial] [Debate/Discussion] [Religion and Politics] [Rhetoric] [Islam] [Muslim]

April 22, 1PM

“…Discouragement: The greatest occupational hazard of the believer…” As I began to read this book for the first time, preparing for my review, I had to stop in the phrase above in total awe of the truthfulness of it! Anyone who is honest about t... [Books] [IVPress] [John Stott]

March 26, 9AM

(Someone asked me if I can’t just be foolish on Facebook… Well, hell, NO! I will be foolish here as well:) 1 – The State of Indiana passing laws that are to allow business to reject service to gays: WRONG. Even with the argument that it ... [Controversial] [Debate/Discussion] [gender issues] [homosexuality] [Society and Religion]

March 7, 9AM

American Flag My Fellow Americans: After reading in a few news outlets that the students of a certain university (mush brains being mushed brained) are removing the glorious AMERICAN FLAG from their campuses to make it MORE INCLUSIVE, I decided, as an AME... [Christian Education] [Controversial] [Debate/Discussion] [democracy] [United States]

February 4, 8AM

Are we any better? CONVERT!!! As we gaze at our TV screens these days and se the barbarities, as we face the capabilities of other humans who share and breath the same oxygen as we do, live under the same bright sky as we do, of committing atrocities agai... [Controversial] [Religion and Politics] [Society and Religion] [lslam]

January 22, 7AM

This article, written by a member of the World Reformed Fellowship (I am a member) serves a full plate of food for thought  about, perhaps, an explanation for the “clash of civilizations”. Read the article here The post What to say about Chr... [Christian Education] [Controversial] [Debate/Discussion] [Religion and Politics] [Christianity and Islam] [Clash of Civilizations] [France] [Paris] [The Clash of Civilizations]

December 10 2014, 8AM

Well, call me controversial… I am indeed attempting to resist the temptation of posting political posts, but this is more a begging for reason and sincerity than anything political although I know I will be accused of being a “political unrea... [Controversial] [Debate/Discussion] [media] [Religion and Politics] [Society and Religion]

December 5, 2PM

Random acts of Racism Many of us, perhaps the overwhelming majority of us, do not carry one ounce of racism in our DNA if we consider racism regarding another person’s race inferior to ours and unworthy of our respect. However we are capable, and, i... [Debate/Discussion] [Race Issues]

November 20, 9AM

I’ve been thinking about this and have been asking the question “why not?” There are a few things to consider here: Watch here Is this or is this not a “freedom of religion” believing country? Why are Christians only the one... [Debate/Discussion] [Religion and Politics] [Society and Religion] [theology]

October 20, 1PM

This is simple and perhaps even simplistic, I admit, but, I guarantee you it is at least one first step to avoid legal problems, that is, if you object to performing gay marriages. (Disclaimer: I have voiced my opinion as to gay marriage plenty of times i... [Controversial] [Debate/Discussion] [gender issues] [homosexuality] [Religion and Politics] [Gay Marriages]

October 17, 12 PM

This research considers people who live in the so called Bible Belt as “Conservative Christians” and also “implies” that anyone who identifies themselves as Religious Conservative, really is any or both… So, if I live near go... [Controversial] [Debate/Discussion] [media]

October 16, 11AM

Dr. Paul R. McHugh “…transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disor... [Controversial] [Debate/Discussion] [gender issues] [homosexuality]

October 6, 9AM

In the eighties when I flew constantly over Brazil and a few countries of below the Southern Hemisphere, I used to notice how many “agnostics” and “atheists” all of a sudden would become “religious” during periods of heavy turbulence or any co... [Controversial] [Debate/Discussion] [Society and Religion]

September 24, 12 PM

I guess that, in the Charismatic capital of the World, this seems to be a very appropriate place for the practice of exorcism. Perhaps Charismatics are not the target, but, I think they should! From the local AM/FM Tulsa station KRMG Read here   My ... [doctrine] [Society and Religion] [theology] [Exorcism] [Roman Catholic Church]

September 5, 10AM

The price to pay for being a former Pentecostal preacher is often high and it comes in all sorts of currencies. People often look upon you as “a little of that, but not much of that other” as in “too Pentecostal for the Calvinist and too Calvinist f... [Controversial] [Debate/Discussion] [Charismatics] [Pentecostals] [superstition]

August 28, 1PM

By now everyone knows and many have participated in the so called “Ice Bucket Challenge” with the intent to help charity. It is absolutely wonderful that someone helps charities and, often, the motivations and ulterior motives for one doing so... [Charities] [Controversial] [Debate/Discussion] [Current Issues]

August 8, 4PM

I struggled to publish this here, but this is from the 90′s when I used to be a TV translator, lip-synchronizer  and dubber. The face is familiar, but ONLY THE VOICE is mine! It was viewed and heard by circa 100 million people around the world, 40 ... [Controversial] [Religion and Politics] [Social Memory Criticism] [Pentecostalism]

August 7, 12 PM

Note the logical fallacy used by this guy on this video. His intention is  nothing more than interfering with the free conduction of a business. If you don’t note the logical fallacy here, you’re hopeless! Here is a man who should know better... [atheism] [Religion and Politics] [Society and Religion]

July 25, 8PM

DOUBLE TALK? Reason with me for a second: Calvin’s quote on Idolatry We Protestants, giving honor to our name protest against relics, the preservation of statues and statuettes (the statutes wives), shrines, or anything that remotely resembles idola... [Controversial] [Religion and Politics] [Society and Religion] [theology] [john calvin]


Read Dr. Jim West, here: I believe that one can make a fair case that Bush’s war in Iraq brought the dreadful law of unintended consequences with a vengeance if we think in terms of Christians and the History of Christianity. There is a tough questi... [Religion and Politics] [Iraq]


Read here If the article linked is true there will be many interesting and rather unexpected results. The immediate one is that some black churches will be hurt the most as they are the ones who invite candidates that not necessarily share their faith,  ... [Charities] [Controversial] [Debate/Discussion] [Religion and Politics] [Society and Religion]

July 24, 10AM

There are rampant protests all over the world and commonly they are against Israel. It all happens because of the current events of the Middle East, which one must be living under a rock if, of which, he is still unaware. A protest, however, is not legiti... [Other Posts]

July 22, 7AM

The left-wing in this country has been very clever in creating what I call “buzzwords” whose purpose is to intimidate people from voicing opinion on almost anything. For example we have the “R” word so that when one voices any opin... [Christian Education] [Controversial] [Debate/Discussion] [Religion and Politics] [Society and Religion]

June 24, 7AM

Time to laugh a little at the expense of the same ol’ Simon Peter: OOOOOOps… My books are now available on Amazon. Praying in God's Theater, Meditations On the Book of Revelation, Mimetic Criticism and the Gospel of Mark: Introduction and ... [Other Posts] [Christian humor]

June 9, 2PM

Dear hearts: Allow me to change the subject here just a bit from the potential schism in the Methodist Church. I am not an attorney; I’ve been offered a few times an opportunity to go to law school and there was no shortage of people to help me in t... [Other Posts]

May 21, 1PM

Reason has more than one side. That which is reasonable and fair has to have other considerations than simply an “imposition” which is what “reasonable” is when it is one sided. A very poor constructed sentence, but it depicts exa... [abortion] [atheism] [Controversial] [Debate/Discussion] [gender issues] [homosexuality] [media] [Religion and Politics]

May 16, 8AM

Now purported to be the 5th or 6th economy of the world… or somewhere in-between. I may be biased here, I warn you. I am a Brazilian by birth who never felt comfortable with the “nanny” state that it represented. Since my youth, even wit... [Other Posts] [Brazil] [International Issues] [world cup]

May 2, 7AM

Numbers 16:32 This is not funny, but leads me to imagine how could the events narrated in the scripture above have occurred. Watch until the end My books are now available on Amazon. Praying in God's Theater, Meditations On the Book of Revelation, Mim... [Other Posts] [Current Events] [sinkhole] [USA]

April 29, 2PM

Storm damage on I-75 near the Huntsville-Oneida exit no more than a few hours ago according to the original picture taker: (so far no news that anyone was hurt, as such it has a humor value to it…) My books are now available on Amazon. Praying i... [Other Posts] [humor]

April 14, 3PM

No matter how this Christian wants to stay away from politics, it seems as if politics refuses to stay away from him and leave him alone! I should either stop reading papers, political blogs, watching news on TV, reading news in the Internet and be a tota... [Controversial] [Debate/Discussion] [Religion and Politics]

April 7, 12 PM

The Five Points of Augustinianism 03-01-2014, 11:33 PM (this article was published in the Predestinarian Web Site by my dear brother and personal friend Robert Higby in March 1, 2014. It is only part of an extensive five part study on Augustine – WA... [augustine] [theology]


Read here I said it once and I will say it again! Those who devise non bibilically prescribed customs and feasts to the Christian faith are the ones who are “doing the work of the devil” reducing Christianity into a “fairy tale” wi... [Christian Education] [Controversial] [Religion and Politics] [resurrection] [Christian] [Christianity] [e] [Easter] [easter bunny] [Egg Hunts] [God] [Islam] [jesus] [Muslim] [Religion and Spirituality] [Santa Claus]

April 2, 1PM

Anyone has comments on this article? Is there a logical and analogous point to what we have been discussing here in other posts? What is the danger for the Church if it would buckle to the pressures of millennials? I love the term “irreparable harm&... [Other Posts]

April 1, 7AM

Great post from Joel Watts in the issue here. If I may to categorize myself into something closer to my beliefs, allow me to elaborate on this: “Mainline Protestants tend to also believe that Jesus is the way to salvation. But many mainline Protesta... [Other Posts]

March 31, 3PM

Make no mistake! Charities are big business in America! From both ends! Often the giver is just trying to “buy” his way to heaven (a business with God), since major religions in America consider “works of charity” as a means of Sal... [Controversial]

March 28, 1PM

Posted by Milton Almeida Read here It proves nothing but the fact that the gay community is not the “Borg”… the Collective Intelligence, as widely believed. Some do think on their own! My books are now available on Amazon. Praying in G... [Controversial] [gender issues] [homosexuality] [Other Posts] [Religion and Politics]

March 27, 7AM

I believe it is time for us to begin to think about these things! Period! Joel Watts last blog in this blog is excellent if one take seriously what he really believes about the Bible! I was going to publish this in there as a reply, but I decided to make ... [Christian Education] [Controversial] [doctrine] [hermeneutics] [Holiness] [Inerrancy] [Other Posts]

March 25, 11AM

Introduction When books on the issue used by Stott to name this book were on demand many of them were written and all proposed to bring back to balance polarized issues within Christian Evangelical thinking. The approach was often the explanation that “... [Other Posts] [intervarsity press] [John Stott]

March 23, 9AM

Must I say more? For those who believe that there can be no majority of people voting their rules over America’s traditions, laws and religion, or for those “cool” people who believe in o tradition, no position taken, that everything is ... [Christian Education] [Controversial] [Debate/Discussion] [Religion and Politics] [Islam] [Islam in America] [Sharia]

March 14, 7AM

I asked this question before about another commonly used term to display the badge of Christian differences by, yes, the Christians,  and was astounded by the combined list of things that people used to define that term. So now, let me come before you an... [doctrine] [Inerrancy] [theology] [Christian fundamentalism]

March 12, 2PM

Okay, you can call this Muslim a nut, you can call this Web site “whatever”-wing. This only means that you live in an comfortable zone where you prefer to act as an ostrich as you sink your head in the sand thinking you can’t be seen, wh... [Religion and Politics]

March 11, 10AM

“…give ye them to eat!” No one can deny that Jesus speaks a lot about the poor. In a few texts one may debate whether Jesus is speaking about a type of poverty that can’t be resolved with anything earthly for it is something relate... [Religion and Politics]

March 6, 11AM

I dind’t say it! Don’t kill the messenger! “Homosexuality is not ‘normal.’ On the contrary, it is a challenge to the norm; therein rests its eternally revolutionary character Queer theorists – that wizened crew of flimf... [Controversial] [gender issues] [homosexuality] [Camille Paglia]


I thought that being a Christian would make one smarter!  Read and be embarrassed of some of your fellow “christians” (small c). BTW, The same chapter extols women wisdom! What an ignoramus! If you do a very simple exegesis in Proverbs 31, ma... [Other Posts]

March 3, 3PM

Often I ran into well-meaning, warm-hearts filled with nothing but good intentions who defend and propose that the USA is big enough for everybody and that we should not shun the poor and that would be a great benefit to us if we had open borders, that is... [Controversial] [Religion and Politics] [Society and Religion]

March 1, 10AM

Who is really lying to you? I tell you the truth! Every Sunday morning from various pulpits in America you will hear a minister saying: “Don’t believe the devil’s lies”. Then they begin to list all the things that the devil said th... [Christian Education] [Controversial] [science] [Society and Religion]

February 25, 8AM

Allow me to be the “contrarian”, but before labeling the author of this article and its main thrust, “anti-gay” or “homophobic”, fundamentalist or a “fun the mentalist”, please, please consider his propositi... [Controversial] [Debate/Discussion] [homosexuality] [Religion and Politics] [Society and Religion]

February 20, 5PM

Some people firmly believe that there is a war on Christianity going on in America today. Many will even present what they consider evidence related to “Christian holidays” and “Symbols” that are not necessarily either essential for Christian livi... [Other Posts]