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December 26 2017, 9PM

A sermon preached at St. Peter Dynevor Anglican Church in Selkirk, Manitoba. With thanks to my parish for letting me preach and preside every other week and for being a source of grace and healing.  “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with... [WIT Posts]

October 12, 2PM

I cannot think of a comedic piece that prompted greater discomfort than Tina Fey’s now infamous “sheet caking” sketch in the immediate aftermath of Charlottesville. Fey, the one-time darling of political satire, fell spectacularly flat when she took... [WIT Posts]

August 14, 10AM

I am an Anglican priest, but most people do not know this. It’s not that I am ashamed to be a priest per se, but it is a fact that one’s identity as a Christian leader is far too easily misunderstood, including by oneself. In my country, the priesthoo... [WIT Posts] [Charlottesville] [Christian Identity]

May 31, 12 PM

This past week, I participated in a panel on women in theology in Canada at the annual meeting of the Canadian Theological Society. I was asked to speak on the current state of affairs for women in theology in Canada, which, according to my research, is n... [WIT Posts]

March 9, 10AM

Even as I write this, I worry about the appropriateness of a straight, white woman offering commentary upon the extraordinary and visionary movie that is “Moonlight.” How will my appropriations of this film distort (yet again) black and queer ... [Reviews] [WIT Posts] [blackness] [Moonlight]

November 16 2016, 8AM

It seems fitting that Leonard Cohen—one of the world’s greatest lovers of beauty—slipped away the night before America’s grotesque election. Unfortunately for us, we are left to sort through the rubble with one fewer beautiful dreamer to call upon... [WIT Posts] [American Presidential Election] [democracy] [Donald Trump]

September 14, 5AM

This week a warm and gentle southern breeze blew like grace through my (already) chilly northern city: the incomparable Dolly Parton came to Winnipeg as part of her “Pure and Simple Tour.” There are so many ways that she exploded all expectations, as ... [WIT Posts]

August 13, 4AM

The novelist, Marilynne Robinson, has garnered an impressive array of accolades (Pulitzer Prize for Gilead in 2005, National Humanities Medal in 2012, Library of Congress Medal for American Fiction in 2016, to name a few), but I would wager that posterity... [WIT Posts] [Calvin] [providence] [US election]

July 10, 1PM

Elie Wiesel’s death, like his writing, is unassimilable. It resists any attempt to summarize his significance, his purpose or his meaning. We know that the world is less beautiful and less humane since this man of peace has died, but to summarize the le... [WIT Posts] [supersessionism] [Theodicy] [Wiesel]

June 7, 12 PM

‘The Fur Queen disappeared, leaving her cape and crown, and the ghost child drifting in the womb of space, the wisps of winter cloud its amniotic fluid, turning and turning with a speed as imperceptible yet certain as the rhythm of the spheres. And slow... [WIT Posts]

March 31, 6PM

(An earlier version of this article was posted on  For those not familiar with the case, Jian Ghomeshi is a Canadian radio celebrity who hosted the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC) highly popular entertainment... [WIT Posts]