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April 25 2017, 2PM

This post is adapted from the transcript to Dr. Daniel Block’s Mobile Ed course on Deuteronomy. To a lot of people, the only disease worse than Leviticus is Deuteronomy. We don’t like this book, we don’t understand this book, we don’t get the ... [articles] [Products]

March 27, 4AM

This post is adapted from the transcript of Dr. Mike Licona’s Mobile Ed course Philosophy of History (CS151). Toward the end of my graduate work, I started to have questions about my faith. It wasn’t because I’d heard some arguments against Chr... [articles]

August 19, 4AM

When we think about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we often do so with an image or a set of biblical passages and categories in mind. Much like the score in a movie, those categories help us make sense of Jesus’ death. For that is what doct... [articles]

August 9, 4AM

Some people will never tire of spreading a transparency of the text of Revelation over today’s newspaper to look for coincidental correlations, or of gazing into it as though it were some window into an as-yet-future (or in-progress) “seven last years... [articles]

July 5, 4AM

When interpreting Scripture, it’s all too easy to impose our own ideas onto the text, rather than drawing out what the biblical author and the Holy Spirit intended to convey. Sound biblical exegesis is all about getting back to the original autho... [articles] [Products]

June 22, 4AM

On May 25, 2016, Professor John Webster, one of the world’s great contemporary theologians, suddenly and unexpectedly entered glory. Within hours memorials began to appear. Following his training at the Bradford Grammar School and the University of Camb... [articles] [tributes]

June 3, 4AM

This is a guest post by Peter Krol. A reader of my blog recently emailed to say, “I was never intentionally taught how to lead a Bible study, and, when the time came for me to teach others how to do it, I had no idea even where to begin.” Do you know ... [Misc.]

May 31, 4AM

In my town we had a radio station that called itself “the new 102.” The name was short. It rhymed. They added a catchy tune. Ten years later, they were still calling themselves “the new 102.” The New Perspective on Paul is just a little like that.... [Misc.]