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April 11 2017, 8AM

Come close and let me tell you a story. It is a sad one and there are things that happen that tend to disturb people but it is an important story about our times and modes of operation. Make no assumptions because it is not what you might think…… Year... [Other Posts]

March 26, 12 PM

Day 18……#moderndaydesertmother I hang out at a ceramics shop and I do a great deal of painting. One day the owner was given an enormous truckload of items from the family of a woman who had recently died. She had molds, finished pieces, green ware, an... [Other Posts]

February 13, 4PM

Grace. It’s what’s for dinner. It must be chewed slowly and not just bolted down in a hurry. We have done a lot of snacking, a lot of chewing, a lot of spitting out, a lot of selective dieting but we have not digested it well enough to truly use it so... [Other Posts]

February 2, 12 PM

Today there was a birthday party for a two-year-old. There was a cake, Elmo, snacks, singing, playing and laughter. Grandparents and great-grandparents were present. The parents chased after the two-year-old while the baby slept. Moments were captured on ... [Other Posts]

February 1, 5AM

Dust…… gets everywhere. It seeps down into every little crack, nook, cranny, and crevice it can find. It is always there. Some people dust every day while others prefer to collect their ‘protective coating.” We breathe it, sneeze it, wipe it, ... [Other Posts]

January 29, 4PM

I haven’t attended church yet. Even in thinking about it, my stomach clenches and I experience great dread. So, my spiritual advance has yet to include a traditional church service. So, when a person is unable to go to church….how is God encountered? ... [Other Posts]

January 28, 7AM

I received a phone call from an old teacher. I did my chaplaincy internship at the local hospital. She heard I was back in town and asked if I would be willing to help her out as they were short chaplains. I had forgotten what it felt like to be believed ... [Other Posts]

January 27, 9AM

There is irony in advancement as familiar faces show up who haven’t been there in a while. Reconnecting with family and friends is an unexpected bonus when one deliberately seeks the divine. It’s the little things…….the way they hold eye contact, ... [United Methodist Church]

January 26, 8AM

Some bad things happened. Really bad things……I came to understand the agony with which people come to me when they talk about how much they have been hurt by the church. The only difference is that God and I were fine – unlike most of them, God for ... [United Methodist Church]