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January 18 2018, 6AM

P.Köln VI 255 (inv. 608) → (Image courtesy of the Kölner Papyrussammlung website) One of the helpful trends in more recent palaeography has been marked by a more explicit recognition of virtually impossibility to assign narrow, 'precise' dat...

January 13, 12 AM

The seeming dullness of our subject area inevitably limits the number of books a typical text-critic writes in their lifetime. Article-writing, then, is one of the fundamental ways in which we unleash our groundbreaking ideas onto unsuspecting scholarly p...

August 14 2017, 2AM

It is common knowledge that, at at several places in the book of Revelation, the main text of our standard Handausgabe (i.e. Nestle-Aland, 28th ed.) follows a singular reading of Codex Alexandrinus (GA 02; LDAB 3481). In principle, this is not inadmi... [Codex Aleandrinus] [Nestle-Aland 28] [Rev 5:9] [Scribal habits] [Tregelles] [Tyndale House Greek New Testament]

August 4, 12 AM

The July issue of NTS contains an interesting text-critical offering by Aļesja Lavrinoviča: '1 Cor 14.34–5 without ‘in All the Churches of the Saints’: External Evidence'. The abstract goes like this:The present study of the old... [1 Cor 14:34-35] [Aļesja Lavrinoviča] [external evidence] [Reception History] [Scribal habits]

July 28, 4AM

The latest issue of Novum Testamentum contains two articles of interest:Eldon J. Epp, ‘Text-Critical Witnesses and Methodology for Isolating a Distinctive D-Text in Acts’, pp. 225–96.Abstract:Within the past decade, a few leading New Testa... [apocalypse] [Eldon J. Epp] [Garrick V. Allen] [Novum Testamentum] [Reception History] [Western Text]