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April 22 2017, 12 PM

I think you’ll all enjoy this interview with my friend David Limbaugh, author of The True Jesus: Uncovering the Divinity of Christ in the Gospels. Check out the lead blurb on the back of the book! This is a good read for anyone who wants a readable... [jesus] [Naked Bible episodes] [New Testament] [podcasts] [Reviews, books] [gospels] [Limbaugh] [True Jesus]

April 21, 8PM

This film documentary is about UFO incidents involving multiple military witnesses at U.S. nuclear weapons facilities. It is based on the research of Robert Hastings, one of the serious people in ufology. The documentary — widely praised for the qua... [UFO Religions] [UFO Sightings, Cases] [UFOs] [bases] [Hastings] [Military] [Nuclear] [nukes]


This post over at the information-rich UFO Chronicles website drew my attention for reasons I can’t fully divulge right now: “Questioning Alien Abduction Research Methodology.” The post leads to another post by Dr. Ellen Tarr, accurately... [UFO Religions] [UFOs] [UFOs, Alien Abduction] [abduction] [alien] [edgar] [encounter] [free] [Mitchell] [Spiritual] [survey] [transformation]
I recently found an article on how the recent YouTube Ad / Monetization policies have rocked the “Secure Team 10” UFO Hoax site and came across a list of “related links” that was too interesting to pass up. Seems the UFO Hoaxing co... [UFO Religions] [UFO Sightings, Cases] [UFOs] [aliens] [hoaxes] [orbs] [video]

April 20, 4PM


April 18, 11PM

I came across this article tonight — it’s accessible online: D. M. Mulhern, “A Probable Case of Gigantism in a Fifth Dynasty Skeleton from the Western Cemetery at Giza,Egypt,” International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 15 (2005): ... [Fringe History & Archaeology] [Giant PaleoBabble] [Paleobabble] [Uncategorized] [acromegaly] [Egypt] [Giant] [giza] [pituitary] [skeleton]


This is the first of four installments on this topic, all written by David Burnett. This series is based on a paper David read at the Society of Biblical Literature. — MSH Paul’s Use of Genesis 15:5 in Romans 4:18 in Light of Early Jewish Deifica... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [David Burnett post] [Genesis] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [NakedBible] [New Testament] [Romans] [Septuagint] [theosis] [Uncategorized] [Use of OT in NT] [Abraham] [Covenant] [Deification] [Genesis 15] [Judaism] [Paul] [Romans 4] [sanctiifcation] [seed] [stars] [theosis]

April 17, 12 PM

This has been quite a while in coming, and I had to keep it under wraps. My employer, Faithlife (makers of Logos Bible Software) has a relatively new streaming TV channel called Faithlife TV. They’re about to launch a documentary featuring some of m... [Aliens as Demons] [ExoPolitics & Disclosure] [Roswell] [UFO Religions] [UFO Sightings, Cases] [UFO Theories] [UFOs] [UFOs & religious beliefs] [UFOs, Alien Abduction] [aliens] [Christianity] [crash] [Demons] [extraterrestrials] [religion]

April 15, 4PM

I was recently interviewed by Shaun Tabbat about my new book, Reversing Hermon: Enoch, the Watchers, and the Forgotten Mission of Jesus Christ. Have a listen for some insights into the book and what it’s about! [Ancient Texts & Manuscripts] [Enoch, Books of] [Reversing Hermon] [Reviews, books] [Uncategorized] [Enoch] [Heiser] [Hermon] [jesus] [mount]

April 8, 7PM

This follow-up to Part 1 on these popular and controversial chapters focuses on the interpretation of the Gog-Magog invasion as a whole. Special attention is paid to how Rev 20:7-10 re-purposes Ezekiel 38-39 and how that re-purposing is consistent with a ... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [Eschatology / End Times] [Ezekiel] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Naked Bible episodes] [podcasts] [Day of the Lord] [end times] [eschatology] [Ezekiel 38] [Ezekiel 39] [Gog] [Magog] [millennium] [Revelation 20] [second coming]


In a couple of weeks I’ll be filming three courses for Faithlife (my employer; aka Logos Bible Software) that revolve around content threads in my book The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible. The idea is not to go t... [Afterlife / Sheol / Hades] [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Divine] [encounter] [oak] [tamarisk] [theophany] [tree]

April 3, 10PM

A few months ago my PEERANORMAL podcast did an episode on the phenomenon of sleep paralysis. As is our format, I and the other hosts read several peer-reviewed articles about the topic and discussed them. Below is an article we didn’t discuss, as th... [sleep paralysis] [UFO Religions] [UFOs, Alien Abduction] [abduction] [alien] [paralysis] [sexual abuse] [sleep]
Another solid review by Jason Colavito. If you’ve ever read one of Jason’s lengthy reviews you know it’s not just an essay informing his readers about what’s in a particular book or a simplistic “liked it … hated itR... [ancient astronauts] [Fringe History & Archaeology] [Paleobabble] [Sitchin] [aliens] [ancient] [astronauts] [DeLonge] [extraterrestrial] [gods] [UFOs]


Apologies – I forgot to post this episode! Ezekiel 37 is one of the most familiar in the entire book, but that familiarity really extends only to the first fourteen verses. The chapter actually contains two oracles which telegraph the same ideas and... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [Eschatology / End Times] [Ezekiel] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Naked Bible episodes] [podcasts] [corporate] [dry bones] [Exile] [ezekiel 37] [israel] [national] [resurrection] [return]

April 1, 3PM

As was the case with Ezekiel 37, these chapters are among the most familiar in the entire book of Ezekiel. This first of two episodes on these chapters focuses on the terminology: Gog, Magog, Meshech, Tubal, and Togarmah. It also addresses the fallacies o... [Eschatology / End Times] [Ezekiel] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Naked Bible episodes] [podcasts] [end times] [Ezekiel 38] [Ezekiel 39] [Gog] [Magog] [Meshech] [Prophecy] [Russia] [Togarmah] [Tubal]

March 31, 6PM

There have been dozens of documented cases where the recipient of a transplant, often involving the heart, apparently take on the personalities of the organ donor. Recipients also report memories of the donor, and memories that belong to the donor, despit... [Paranormal Phenomena] [Peeranormal episodes] [podcasts] [behaviors] [Cellular] [donor] [habits] [heart] [memories] [organ] [personality] [recipient] [traits] [transplant]

March 26, 9AM

I’ve blogged about the problem of how the peer review process in the sciences has been compromised by laziness and money. Here we go again: “Sting Operation Reveals Science’s Insane Fake News Problem.” As the article’s autho... [Fringe History & Archaeology] [Paleobabble] [Research Tools & Resources] [fake news] [Fraud] [Journals] [peer review] [research] [sting]

March 24, 11AM

Just a brief follow-up on the subject of whether fallen angels can be redeemed. One of the curious points to me in this matter has been how some refer to the idea of angelic salvation as a “doctrine.” That word conveys the impression (intentio... [Ancient Texts & Manuscripts] [angels] [baptism] [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [Gnostic Texts, Gnosticism] [Uncategorized] [angels] [early church] [Gnosticism] [redemption] [salvation]

March 23, 9PM

I don’t know which answer is the correct one, but those are your options. Click here for a short-but-telling proof-positive indictment of De Longe’s “insider access to UFO truth” by Lorin Cutts (hat tip to Jack Brewer at the UFO Tr... [ExoPolitics & Disclosure] [UFO Religions] [UFOs] [UFOs and Hollywood] [disclosure] [secret machine] [Tom De Longe]

March 22, 8AM

That’s the opinion of early reviewers. Reversing Hermon isn’t my planned sequel to The Unseen Realm, but it does continue the conversation. I’ll take it! Hope you’ll read it! [Announcement] [jesus] [New Testament] [Reversing Hermon] [Uncategorized] [book of the giants] [Enoch] [Heiser] [Reversing Hermon] [watchers]

March 21, 9PM

A bit of a personal aside for this post. Most readers know I’m busy (that word actually doesn’t begin to describe the situation). But I sometimes get asked why I don’t do certain things. For example …  Mike, why don’t you /... [Announcement] [Uncategorized]

12 PM

Many of you know about the digital version of the Faithlife Study Bible. I contributed a good bit of content to it. A trimmed (for space, naturally) version of that study Bible is now available from Zondervan, editorially tailored to the NIV, the translat... [Announcement] [Biblical Study & Translation] [faithlife study bible] [FSB] [NIV]

March 18, 9PM

These two chapters seems intrusive. The oracles against the nations ended in Ezekiel 32, followed by the announcement of Jerusalem’s fall (ch. 33) and a transition to the future hope of Israel (ch. 34). Chapters 35-36 are an oracle against Edom (“Moun... [Ezekiel] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Naked Bible episodes] [podcasts] [Acts 2] [Edom] [Ezekiel 35-36] [israel] [Judah] [new covenant] [Restoration] [Seir] [spirit]


Everyone – my new book, Reversing Hermon: Enoch, the Watchers, and the Forgotten Mission of Jesus Christ, is now shipping on Amazon! The book is also part of a collection available via Skywatch TV. [Ancient Texts & Manuscripts] [Announcement] [Enoch, Books of] [Reversing Hermon]

March 15, 11AM

This may be controversial in terms of the illustration I’ll use to, but I find the illustration has explanatory power. I think our real problem isn’t how darkness has adapted, but how believers have changed (i.e., their thinking). I’ll t... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [NakedBible] [Satan and demons] [Unseen Realm] [evangelism] [mission] [spiritual warfare] [Unseen Realm]

March 14, 1PM

I’ve blogged once before about this point of pseudo-research as it relates to using the Talmud for its justification. In biblical thinking and history, however, the nephilim (who were unusually tall) died out in biblical times. That means there were no ... [Fringe History & Archaeology] [Giant PaleoBabble] [Paleobabble] [america] [double rows] [elongated] [giants] [native] [Nephilim] [newspaper] [reports] [skeleton] [skull] [teeth]

March 13, 1PM

Well, this took a year, but my three 60-Second Scholar books are now available on pre-pub. They are being sold as a set. “Pre-pub” pertains to Logos Bible Software editions of the books, not print or Kindle. This is a different digital versio... [Biblical Study & Translation] [Reviews, books] [Bible] [Books] [Context] [doctrine] [Heiser] [hermeneutics] [Interpretation] [scholar] [Study]


As I mentioned in the recent episode of the Naked Bible Podcast, the subject of angelic redemption seems to be percolating on the internet. I’m not sure of the reason. I am sure, as we discussed on that podcast episode, that the idea has led to disastro... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [NakedBible] [Satan and demons] [Soteriology] [Uncategorized] [angelic] [angels] [Asia Minor] [churches] [humanity] [letters] [redemption] [Revelation] [salvation]

March 11, 11AM

This episode follows episodes 68 and 120. Fern, Audrey, and Beth minister to trauma victims whose trauma has produced DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) or involved Trauma-based Mind Control (TBMC).  If those terms and associated concepts are unfamilia... [Naked Bible episodes] [podcast] [podcasts] [Christian] [counsel] [did] [healing] [mind control] [MKULTRA] [survivors] [Trauma] [treatment]

March 4, 9PM


Most Christians are interested (and many absorbed) by the topic of the future of Israel and how, in the wake of the New Testament emphasis on the Church as the people of God (Gentiles included), Israel still matters. The New Christian Zionism: Fresh Persp... [biblical history] [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [NakedBible] [Reviews, books] [book] [Christian] [end times] [eschatology] [history] [israel] [replacement] [Review] [supersessionism] [Zionism]
I just discovered that ARCE (American Research Center in Egypt) has a video series on the history of Egyptology. Enjoy! [Ancient Civilizations & Technology] [Ancient Egypt] [Research Tools & Resources] [educational] [Egypt] [Egyptology] [history] [videos]
For real. The site is called Elyonim veTachtonim. Here’s the description from the site: Elyonim veTachtonim project web site. As of today the first version of the database is finally available on-line and: covers the Babylonian Talmud [BT]; bases... [NakedBible] [Research Tools & Resources] [angels] [database] [Demons] [ghosts] [literature] [Rabbinic] [Talmud]


That’s the title of an essay by Robert Hastings. It’s well worth the read, as it does more than beat a dead horse. It has a number of salient details that should convince any clear-thinking person that the Majestic documents should not be trus... [conspiracy theory] [ExoPolitics & Disclosure] [Roswell] [UFO Religions] [UFO Sightings, Cases] [UFO Theories] [UFOs] [UFOs, man-made] [conspiracy] [documents] [doty] [government] [hoax] [majestic] [MJ-12] [moore]
Back in November I posted about an essay (Part 1) by Robbie Graham, author of the intriguing book, Silver Screen Saucers: Sorting Fact from Fantasy in Hollywood’s UFO Movies. Robbie’s post was about the misguided saga of Tom DeLonge, rock m... [conspiracy theory] [ExoPolitics & Disclosure] [Roswell] [UFO Religions] [UFO Sightings, Cases] [UFOs] [DeLonge] [disclosure] [documents] [doty] [government] [majestic] [moore]
The title of this post corresponds to an excellent post by Dr. Jennifer Raff on her personal blog. Dr. Raff is an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Kansas, and director and principal investigator at the University of Kansas laborato... [ancient astronauts] [Fringe History & Archaeology] [Giant PaleoBabble] [Paleobabble] [DNA] [elongated] [Nephilim] [paracas] [skulls]

February 28, 7AM

Here’s a link to an experimental talk show on Faithlife TV (my employer). It’s an intentionally provocative TV talk show that focuses on questions or topics that Christians think about but don’t bring up so as to avoid controversy. I&#... [Announcement] [aloud] [Christianity] [church] [Controversial] [pastors] [provocative] [questions]

February 27, 8AM

Ezekiel 33-34 finalize the destruction of Jerusalem and the covenant failure of its leadership and people as the cause. But there is more than meets the eye. The notion of a “watchman” prominent in Ezekiel chapter 33 is found elsewhere and has possib... [Ezekiel] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Naked Bible episodes] [podcasts] [believers] [ezekiel 33] [Ezekiel 34] [good shepherd] [israel] [Israelites] [leaders] [sheep] [shepherds]

February 19, 12 PM

Ezekiel 32 is a lament for the empire of Egypt, whose hubris was compared to a rebellious divine council member in the previous chapter (one of the “trees” of God’s garden in Lebanon/Eden). This episode focuses on two items in the chapter. Early in ... [Afterlife / Sheol / Hades] [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [Ezekiel] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Naked Bible episodes] [podcasts] [chaos] [Dragon] [Ezekiel 32] [gibborim] [hades] [Lion] [Rephaim] [sheol] [Underworld]
I was recently interviewed by Josh and Christina Peck about this aspect of my forthcoming book, Reversing Hermon: Enoch, the Watchers, and the Forgotten Mission of Jesus Christ. Enjoy!   [Archaeoastronomy] [jesus] [New Testament] [Revelation] [Reviews, books] [astral] [Bethlehem] [Enoch] [Hermon] [Prophecy] [stars]

February 13, 8PM

Everyone — I did this interview a week ago. It’s always fun to talk about my novels. A sweet torture, as I really want to be into the third one. Hopefully I can say that I am this summer. [Novels by Dr Heiser] [UFO Theories] [UFOs] [UFOs, man-made] [conspiracy] [Facade] [Heiser] [novels] [paranormal] [portent] [science fiction]
Ezekiel 31 is part of the prophet’s oracles against Egypt (chs. 29-32). The chapter strikes an analogy between the mighty nation of Egypt and a great cedar tree in Eden, the envy of other glorious trees in the garden of God. The symbol of the “world t... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [Ezekiel] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Naked Bible episodes] [podcasts] [cosmic tree] [divine council] [Eden] [Egypt] [Ezekiel 31] [omphalos] [Pharaoh] [rebellion] [world tree]

February 12, 10PM

Short answer: nobody knows because the scans of the walls don’t agree. Anyone interested in this current debate and what might be done to prove or disprove the idea should read this excellent article. Covers all the bases. [Ancient Civilizations & Technology] [Ancient Egypt] [Paleobabble] [Archaeology] [chamber] [Egyptology] [nefertiti] [penetrating] [radar] [tomb] [Tut]

February 11, 12 AM

This book is an important, though slightly dated, contribution to understanding the OT in its ancient Near Eastern context. It is also quite useful for addressing a range of attacks on the integrity of the OT. Prof. Kitchen was for many years an Egyptolog... [Bible and Archaeology] [biblical history] [Research Tools & Resources] [ancient Near East] [Archaeology] [Bible] [Egypt] [history] [kitchen] [old testament] [orient]

February 8, 11AM

Someone sent me an email a week ago that my new book, Reversing Hermon: Enoch, the Watchers, and the Forgotten Mission of Jesus Christ, was available for pre-order. Sorry I forgot to blog it then. It’s been number 1 in the angels and demons new rele... [Ancient Texts & Manuscripts] [Announcement] [Biblical Study & Translation] [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [Enoch, Books of] [jesus] [New Testament] [Satan and demons] [Theodicy] [1 Enoch] [2nd temple] [academic] [book of enoch] [book of the giants] [Judaism] [scholarly] [theology] [watchers]
I’ve created a short survey (six questions) that, to a significant extent, will influence what I spend my work hours writing this year. It should take you about 10 minutes. Lexham is looking for guidance (and so am I, truth be told). Click on this link ... [Announcement] [Lexham]
If you listened to my ETS interview with Randall last November, there were inklings of this in between the lines. News was recently announced about the new Cave 12. Read it here. [Ancient Sites & Archaeology] [Ancient Texts & Manuscripts] [NakedBible] [Qumran & Dead Sea Scrolls] [Cave 12] [Discovery] [pottery] [price] [Qumran]

February 4, 7PM

This episode focuses on entheogens—psychedelic drugs that are known to cause “mystical states” of consciousness. Our hosts discuss Rick Strassman’s work on DMT, but that is merely a subset of entheogen study. Current research in the fields of brai... [Paranormal Phenomena] [Peeranormal episodes] [podcasts] [altered states] [DMT] [drugs] [entheogens] [mystical experiences] [Mysticism] [paranormal] [psychedelics] [religion] [research] [science] [Strassman] [visions]
Ezekiel 29-30 are the first two of four chapters that preserve a series of oracles against Egypt and her Pharaoh. As in the case of the oracles against the prince of Tyre, Ezekiel’s imagery of cosmic, non-human forces of chaos that resist God’s order ... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [chaos] [Ezekiel] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Naked Bible episodes] [podcasts] [chaos] [Dragon] [Egypt] [Leviathan] [oracles] [Pharaoh] [tannim] [tannin]

February 1, 7PM

The Voice of Olympus is a podcast show hosted by Hercules Invictus, a modern follower of the gods of Olympus. From the podcast’s website: The podcast explores the many manifestations of Greco-Roman mythology in our present day and age. We invite you... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [angels] [Canaan] [daimon] [Demons] [divine plurality] [gods] [greece] [Hebrew Bible] [Monotheism] [polytheism] [Rome] [Yahweh]

January 29, 12 AM

The focus in this episode is Ezek 28:1-19. As readers of my book, The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible know, this is a controversial passage.  All scholars agree that this is an oracle and lament against a human prince of ... [divine council] [Ezekiel] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Naked Bible episodes] [podcasts] [cherub] [Divine] [Eden] [Ezekiel 28] [Genesis 3] [Hebrew] [helel] [Isaiah 14] [Lucifer] [LXX] [masoretic] [rebellion] [Satan] [Septuagint] [stones of fire] [Ugaritic]

January 26, 12 PM

Stuart is on a roll. Fresh off this three-part series on the flat earth nonsense, here’s an episode on the goofy Mandela Effect. Needless to say, I can hardly wait to listen. [conspiracy theory] [Fringe History & Archaeology] [Paleobabble] [debunk] [effect] [mandela]
Larry Hurtado recently posted some thoughts on this  “new” Greek-English lexicon. It’s actually an English translation of a lexicon formerly only available in Italian. Hurtado explains: This is the English translation from the 3rd edit... [Ancient Texts & Manuscripts] [NakedBible] [New Testament] [Research Tools & Resources] [Brill] [GE] [Greek] [lexicon]


The Bible Places blog has just begun a series on the historical reliability of the books of Luke and Acts. The first installment can be found here. Here’s the opening paragraph: This ongoing series of posts considers the historical reliability of th... [Acts] [Ancient Texts & Manuscripts] [biblical history] [Luke] [NakedBible] [New Testament] [Greco-Roman] [historicity] [history] [sources]
ASOR (American Schools of Oriental Research) has a free newsletter — I recommend it for anyone interested in archaeology and the lands of the Bible. Here’s the description from the ASOR site: This monthly e-newsletter disseminates ideas, insig... [Ancient Civilizations & Technology] [Ancient Sites & Archaeology] [biblical history] [NakedBible] [Research Tools & Resources]

January 22, 5PM

Five of the seven nations that are the target of judgment oracles were found in Ezekiel 25. Tyre takes its position in the prophetic crosshairs next. Over the course of three chapters (26-28), God has Ezekiel pronounce Tyre’s dire future in the wake of ... [Ezekiel] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Naked Bible episodes] [podcasts] [ezekiel 26-27] [Gentiles] [judgment] [nations] [oracles]

January 16, 2PM

I will be speaking in Heber Springs, Arkansas on February 18, 2017, from 9am-5pm. This will be a day event focused on Unseen Realm content. The event will be held at the Quality Inn in Heber Springs, AR. 3450 Highway 25B North Heber Springs, AR Phone: (50... [Announcement] [NakedBible] [Unseen Realm] [Heiser] [speaking] [Unseen Realm]

January 12, 4PM

You’ve heard of fake news? (Who hasn’t?) How about some fake exegesis? Some time ago I blogged about the nonsensical idea that the Hebrew particle את has an amazing hidden meaning in Gen 1:1 (that’s an aleph and taw, read right-to-left... [AAG] [Ancient Texts & Manuscripts] [Fringe Bible Interpretation] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Paleobabble] [aleph] [Genesis] [Hebrew] [meaning] [tav] [taw]

January 9, 1PM

I’m happy to announce that there are two new Kindle books available: Notes on Leviticus from the Naked Bible Podcast ($0.99) Notes on the Book of Acts from the Naked Bible Podcast ($0.99) As you might guess from the titles, these are edited version ... [Acts] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Leviticus] [Naked Bible episodes] [New Testament] [podcast] [podcasts] [Research Tools & Resources] [Bible] [commentary notes] [Study]

January 7, 7PM

Chapter 24 is a turning book in the book of Ezekiel. After Ezekiel’s call (Ch. 1-3), the book has, to this point, been a series of gloom-and-doom pronouncements to the exiled Jews in Babylon subverting their expectations that Jerusalem, the temple, and ... [Ezekiel] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Naked Bible episodes] [podcast] [podcasts] [Babylonians] [death] [destruction] [Fall] [Jerusalem] [meat] [parable] [pot] [prophet] [temple] [wife]

January 5, 4PM

The ASOR blog posted a short essay today entitled, “Early Philistine Religion in Text and Archaeology.” Check it out! [Ancient Sites & Archaeology] [Ancient Texts & Manuscripts] [biblical history] [Archaeology] [inscriptions] [Philistines] [religion]

January 4, 2PM

Hard to believe, but the Planet-Xers are still out there making more bogus predictions. David Meade says Planet X will crash into the earth in October, destroying us all. How is it that real astronomers don’t see this happening? Good question. Meade... [conspiracy theory] [Fringe Bible Interpretation] [Paleobabble] [2017] [astronomy] [Bible] [Interpretation] [nibiru] [October] [planet x] [Prophecy] [wormwood]

December 31 2016, 7PM


I’ve been intending to review Jack Brewer’s book, The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community, for some time now. I’ve linked to some of Jack’s research posted on his blog The UFO Trail before. Jack has devoted co... [Hypnotic Regression] [Mind Control programs] [Reviews, books] [UFO Religions] [UFOs, Alien Abduction] [abductions] [Abuse] [alien] [brewer] [extraterrestrial] [government] [grays] [greys] [hopkins] [hypnosis] [Jacobs] [McGill] [memory] [mind control] [MKULTRA] [UFOs] [woods]

December 30, 10PM

I’d recommend this interesting essay to readers. It was published by the Christian Research Institute. The essay has some deficiencies, in that there are other important differences (and nuances within the differences noted). For example, the OT la... [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [NakedBible] [Pentateuch] [differences] [Koran] [Law] [old testament] [Quran] [Sharia]

December 25, 12 PM

On what day was Jesus actually born? What year? Does the timing matter? Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25, but virtually all Christians know that day isn’t the real birth date of the messiah. While that is certainly the case, has th... [biblical history] [jesus] [NakedBible] [New Testament] [Birth] [born] [Judah] [Lion] [Messiah] [moon] [Revelation 12] [Romans 10] [Sept 11] [stars] [virgin] [woman]

December 24, 1PM

Guy Malone, organizer of the 2017 Roswell conference at which I’ll be speaking, recently sent me this link: Leading Researcher Shocks, Debunking Own Roswell Story The article is by Bill Turner, but it draws heavily on an interview between Randle and... [ExoPolitics & Disclosure] [Roswell] [UFO Religions] [UFO Sightings, Cases] [UFO Theories] [UFOs] [UFOs, man-made] [alien] [Bodies] [craft] [crash] [Randle] [recant] [Review] [sheaffer] [UFO]

December 19, 12 PM

Below is a video interview I did a week ago. The channel’s focus is (obviously) Wormwood and Planet X stuff, but we spent nearly all the time talking about other things. Wormwood came up (it was no secret to the hosts that I don’t think the Pl... [Ancient Texts & Manuscripts] [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [Enoch, Books of] [Eschatology / End Times] [Fringe Bible Interpretation] [NakedBible] [New Testament] [Satan and demons] [angels] [burning] [Enoch] [fire] [Isaiah] [Jeremiah] [mountains] [planet x] [Revelation] [stars] [wormwood]

December 17, 8PM

If you listen to episode 137 of the Naked Bible Podcast you’ll find out that Trey has come up with an idea to promote the podcast. It sounds like fun. From now until the end of January, Trey will be tracking social media channels for anyone who shar... [Ancient Texts & Manuscripts] [Announcement] [Enoch, Books of] [Naked Bible episodes] [podcast] [podcasts]


Ezekiel 23 essentially takes up where Ezekiel 16 left off. The latter chapter is perhaps the most sexual explicit in the entire Bible, as its theme is to present Jerusalem and Judah as a whore to telegraph her spiritual betrayal of Yahweh. In this chapter... [Ezekiel] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Naked Bible episodes] [podcast] [podcasts]

December 12, 6PM

Here’s a link to a short essay that outlines the basic “techniques” for pseudo-archaeological analysis. While the essay notes the flawed thinking of Glenn Beck in regard to the Newark Earthworks, the essay ought to be a cautionary piece ... [Ancient Sites & Archaeology] [Fringe History & Archaeology] [Giant PaleoBabble] [Paleobabble] [Archaeology] [earthworks] [giants] [moundbuilders] [native american] [Nephilim] [North America] [pseudo-archaeology]

December 10, 7PM

Those interested in ufology and the propensity of too many of within its investigative community to posture for self-importance and sabotage efforts to do objective research will find this telling narrative about the targeting of Isaac Koi (a pseudonym). ... [Roswell] [UFO Religions] [UFOs] [Isaac] [koi] [research] [slides] [Target]


If you’ve wanted to learn biblical Greek or Hebrew (or maybe something even more adventurous, like biblical Aramaic or Ugaritic), now is the time. The end of registration for the first 2017 module of MEMRA (midnight, December 25) is fast approaching... [Announcement] [Biblical Study & Translation] [Research Tools & Resources] [aramaic] [Bible] [course] [Greek] [Hebrew] [online] [Study] [Word]


These two chapters of Ezekiel beat a familiar drum: Jerusalem is doomed (21) because of her unrelenting wickedness and apostasy (22). Chapter 21 consists of four oracles “clarifying” for hard-of-hearing Israelites what fate awaited them as Nebuchadnez... [Ezekiel] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Naked Bible episodes] [podcast] [podcasts] [Ammon] [apostasy] [evil] [Jerusalem] [Judah] [Nebuchadnezzar] [parable]

December 9, 9PM

Those who have never read my first novel, The Facade, may find this interview interesting.  It was fun — got me more in the mood than ever for book 3. Hope to start writing that in May. The centerpiece of the novel is a simple, but profound, ques... [ExoPolitics & Disclosure] [ExoTheology] [Novels by Dr Heiser] [Roswell] [UFOs] [UFOs & religious beliefs] [extraterrestrial] [Facade]


John Ventre is the Pennsylvania MUFON Director and has been a member of that MUFON chapter since 1998. He recently interviewed me about UFOs, alien abduction and, of course, my thoughts on Zecharia Sitchin’s work. Here is Part 1 of 2. [Aliens as Demons] [ancient astronauts] [Bible UFOs] [ExoPolitics & Disclosure] [Fringe History & Archaeology] [UFO Religions] [UFOs] [UFOs & religious beliefs] [UFOs, Alien Abduction] [abduction] [aliens] [ancient] [astronauts] [Demons] [extraterrestrial] [religion] [Roswell] [Sitchin] [ventre]

December 4, 9PM

These two chapters in Ezekiel rehearse parts of Israel’s tragic history in different ways. This episode discusses both chapters, but devotes more attention to several controversial and difficult passages in chapter 20. Ezekiel 19 is a lamentation that u... [Ezekiel] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Naked Bible episodes] [podcast] [podcasts] [apostasy] [child sacrifice] [israel]

December 2, 11PM

[MSH: When readers finish this essay, they will recognize its internal consistency with my argument in The Unseen Realm that salvation was the same across the board in both testaments. The issue was believing loyalty to Yahweh. Dr. Johnson raises the ques... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [NakedBible] [Soteriology] [Atonement] [Cross] [Gentiles] [israel] [jesus] [Messiah] [New Testament] [old testament] [sacrifices] [salvation]

December 1, 9PM

Sleep paralysis can be defined in several ways. In terms of the experiencer, it can be described as “a visitation by a malevolent creature which attacked its victims as they slept” (Cox). More clinically, sleep paralysis is understood as “a transien... [Peeranormal episodes] [podcast] [podcasts] [sleep paralysis] [UFOs, Alien Abduction] [Alien Abduction] [apnea] [brain] [Demons] [neuroscience] [night terror] [old hag] [science] [Supernatural]

November 30, 1PM

Many readers will be familiar with my friend Brian Godawa and his work since he utilized and re-purposed a lot of divine council research (my own included) in the creating his fantasy series, The Chronicles of the Nephilim. If you listen to my Peeranormal... [Announcement] [Research Tools & Resources] [Reviews, movies] [course] [film] [Godawa] [Hollywood] [movies] [online]


Follow the link below to what, in my experience, is the most lengthy scholarly treatment of the relevant primary sources for the meaning of baptizein (“baptize”) availablable. The article just appeared online for free, though it was published ... [baptism] [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [NakedBible] [baptism] [baptizein] [baptizo] [baptizw] [bapto] [baptw] [Christian] [classical] [Greek] [Immersion] [Jewish] [New Testament] [sprinkling] [washing]

November 28, 10PM

I posted my ETS paper (“The Divine Council in the Pentateuch”) in PDF form a few days ago. It’s now available in Kindle format. [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [Research Tools & Resources] [Angel of the Lord] [divine assembly] [divine council] [Pentateuch] [plurality] [Torah]


During the recent annual meetings for biblical studies scholars held in San Antonio, Dr. Heiser interviewed a number of scholars about their recent work. In Part 6 of those interviews, we chat with Stephen Huebscher (PhD candidate at Clarks Summit Univers... [Naked Bible episodes] [podcast] [podcasts] [ETS] [Interviews] [SBL]

November 26, 6PM

This was our first live episode. Trey, myself and David Burnett got together with podcast listeners and a live Q & A broke out! Thank you to everyone who came and joined us in San Antonio! [Naked Bible episodes] [podcast] [podcasts] [ETS] [naked bible] [podcast] [San Antonio] [SBL]

November 25, 10PM

During the recent annual meetings for biblical studies scholars held in San Antonio, Dr. Heiser interviewed a number of scholars about their recent work. In Part 5 of those interviews, we meet Dr. John Walton (Old Testament professor at Wheaton College), ... [Naked Bible episodes] [podcast] [podcasts] [ETS] [Interviews] [SBL]

November 24, 1PM

A week ago I presented this invited paper in the ETS Pentateuch section: ets-2017-divine-council-in-the-pentateuch The paper isn’t an academic work per se. It’s more conversational. I took that route because of the time limitation. However, it... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [NakedBible] [Angel of the Lord] [assembly] [council] [Divine] [Genesis 1] [Genesis 4:8] [Image of God] [syntax]
During the recent annual meetings for biblical studies scholars held in San Antonio, Dr. Heiser interviewed a number of scholars about their recent work. In Part 4 of those interviews, we chat with Dr. N. T. Wright (former Bishop of Durham and Canon of We... [Announcement] [Naked Bible episodes] [podcast] [podcasts] [ETS] [Interviews] [SBL]

November 23, 3PM

In past years, those who follow the Naked Bible blog have asked about obtaining recordings of ETS sessions. Here is the link to the few hundred papers given at ETS that are now available at MP3s can be purchased individually or as a package. [NakedBible] [Research Tools & Resources] [Bible] [Biblical Studies] [conference] [ETS] [listen] [mp3] [recordings] [theology]

12 PM

I’ve been invited to speak in Roswell (I am responsible for five sessions) as part of the 70th anniversary festival. I just got permission to post the schedule and the details of the event. Please note that the organizer is offering a very affordabl... [Announcement] [ExoPolitics & Disclosure] [Roswell] [UFO Religions] [UFO Sightings, Cases] [UFO Theories] [UFOs] [UFOs & religious beliefs] [festival]
During the recent annual meetings for biblical studies scholars held in San Antonio, Dr. Heiser interviewed a number of scholars about their recent work. In Part 3 of those interviews, we hear again from David Burnett, a familiar voice on the podcast, and... [Naked Bible episodes] [podcast] [podcasts] [ETS] [Interviews] [SBL]
During the recent annual meetings for biblical studies scholars held in San Antonio, Dr. Heiser interviewed a number of scholars about their recent work. In Part 2 of those interviews, we meet Dr. Andy Naselli (New Testament professor at Bethlehem College... [Naked Bible episodes] [podcast] [podcasts] [ETS] [Interviews] [SBL]

November 21, 9PM

Well, I’m on my way back home from ETS and SBL. The week is always fun (sort of my Bible geek recharge for the year), but this year it was more so because Trey was along. We took the Naked Bible Podcast on the road. We wound up interviewing nearly t... [Naked Bible episodes] [NakedBible] [podcast] [podcasts] [ETS] [naked bible] [podcast] [SBL]

November 13, 6PM

For the previous post and links to earlier parts of this series by Stephen Huebscher, click here. -MSH   SUMMARY OF TEXTS. After surveying the most common biblical and Second Temple texts (together with a few older ones from the ancient Near East), ... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [NakedBible] [assembly] [celestial] [council] [Divine] [Worship]

November 12, 7PM

If you live in or near San Antonio, TX, Dr. Heiser and Trey Stricklin, hosts of the Naked Bible Podcast, want to invite you to an informal meet-and-greet Saturday, Nov 19, at 7pm. The location has yet to be determined. To RSVP, email Trey. If enough peopl... [Announcement]
Ezekiel 18 focuses on one central idea: individual accountability for one’s own sinfulness. The chapter opens with God’s rejection of the pervasive Israelite idea that the suffering of one generation is the result of the sins of previous generations. ... [Ezekiel] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Naked Bible episodes] [podcast] [podcasts] [achan] [blessing] [corporate] [Ezekiel 18] [individual] [Joshua 7] [responsibility] [sin]

November 5, 3PM

Everyone interested in the study of Scripture wants to feel adequate to the task. But there are many obstacles—real and merely imagined—to being competent in Bible study. In this episode, I interview my long-time friend and colleague, Johnny Cisneros.... [Biblical Study & Translation] [Naked Bible episodes] [podcast] [podcasts] [Research Tools & Resources] [Bible] [Bible study] [Biblical] [Concordance] [dictionary] [Greek] [Hebrew] [lexicon] [method] [Tools] [word studies] [Word Study]

12 PM

[Note: This post continues where Part 3 left off.  It includes the rest of the main biblical as well as non-biblical ancient Jewish texts.– MSH]   Psalm 97:7–9. “All worshipers of images are put to shame, who make their boast in worthles... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [NakedBible] [assembly] [celestial] [council] [Divine] [gods] [Hebrew Bible] [hekalot] [liturgy] [Qumran] [Worship]

November 3, 11PM

Robbie Graham, author of the intriguing book, Silver Screen Saucers: Sorting Fact from Fantasy in Hollywood’s UFO Movies, has an excellent piece on the (continuing) saga of Tom DeLonge, rock musician turned UFO Disclosure advocate. Mr. DeLonge emai... [ExoPolitics & Disclosure] [UFO Religions] [UFO Theories] [UFOs] [UFOs, man-made] [aliens] [DeLonge] [ETH] [extraterrestrial] [government] [podesta] [secrecy] [Wikileaks]


The Naked Bible Podcast recently hit # 24 on the iTunes Most-Listened-To Christianity Podcasts: It’s kind of amazing to see the Naked Bible Podcast — intentionally stilted toward serious biblical studies content — ranking right up there... [Naked Bible episodes] [podcasts] [Bible] [Biblical] [Christianity] [naked] [podcast] [teaching] [theology]

October 30, 5PM

Go ahead, tell me that old wives tale again. Question: What do you get when you cross a Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Oxford, an associate of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, and a young man who grew up in rural Afr... [science and religion] [Theoretical Physics] [ard Louis] [Christianity] [faith] [God] [physicist] [physics] [theism] [theoretical]


Listeners to the Naked Bible Podcast will recall the appearance of Rick Brannan, a friend and colleague of mine at Logos Bible Software. Rick is an expert on New Testament textual data and has had a sustained interest (as long as I’ve known him) in ... [New Testament] [Research Tools & Resources] [1 Timothy] [commentary] [lexical] [Paul] [Semantics] [Word Study]
Ezekiel 17 presents a riddle or parable of two eagles about the treachery of Zedekiah, the puppet governor appointed by Nebuchadnezzar to replace Jehoiachin, the Judahite king taken captive in an earlier wave of exile of which Ezekiel had been a part. Zed... [Ezekiel] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Naked Bible episodes] [podcast] [podcasts] [eagle] [israel] [Jehoiachin] [omphalos] [parable] [Zedekiah]

October 26, 2PM

Peeranormal’s inaugural Halloween episode focuses on academic research into vampires and ghosts with special guest Dr. Judd Burton from Our hosts take a look at vampirism as centuries-old myth and modern phenomenon. Where did the vampi... [Paranormal Phenomena] [Peeranormal episodes] [podcast] [podcasts] [ghosts] [paranormal] [vampires] [vampirism]

October 25, 11AM

Ezekiel 16 is known for being the most sexually explicit chapter in the Bible. Some scholars even consider it pornographic. The prophet casts the city of Jerusalem as a whore when articulating why God has condemned it and marked it for destruction. This e... [Ezekiel] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Naked Bible episodes] [NakedBible] [podcast] [podcasts] [apostasy] [explicit] [Ezekiel 16] [graphic] [israel] [prostitution] [sexual] [sexually] [whore]

October 18, 6PM

The words of Ezekiel 14-15 were addressed to Jewish elders in Babylon who had come to Ezekiel for a word from the Lord. Knowing they were still idol worshippers in their hearts, God refused to give them comfort. Instead he lowered the boom: Jerusalem’s ... [Ezekiel] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Naked Bible episodes] [podcast] [podcasts] [israel] [judgment] [Leviticus 26]

October 11, 1PM

Note: This had been posted earlier, but was taken down after a few minutes due to an error. There’s also been a scene added to this rendering.     Did you know the Bible says that God destroyed Leviathan when he created the heavens and ea... [Ancient Texts & Manuscripts] [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [Genesis] [Genesis 1] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [NakedBible] [Baal] [Creation] [dragons] [Leviathan] [Psalm 74] [sea monster] [tannin] [Yahweh] [Yamm]
[This is Part 3 of Stephen Huebscher’s series on the divine council and heavenly worship. See Part 1 and Part 2. — MSH]     We now move on to the second group of texts relating to our topic, the OT biblical texts. Over the next seve... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [angels] [Deut 32] [divine council] [heavenly] [Isaiah 6] [liturgy] [Worship]

October 10, 1PM

[Editor’s note: Ronn Johnson’s post will remind those who listened to the Naked Bible Podcast series on Leviticus of the discussion of kaphar, how it referred to purgation — not from moral sins, but from ritual impurity. Consequently, it... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Leviticus] [Soteriology] [Atonement] [blood] [israel] [Israelite] [Relationship] [sacrifices] [salvation]

October 8, 10PM

Here’s a link to a Breitbart story, part of which reads: “Iraqi transportation minister Kadhem Finjan al-Hamami asserted that Sumerians, the members of an ancient Iraqi civilization, built ‘the first airports’ and ‘Sumerian... [ancient astronauts] [Fringe History & Archaeology] [Paleobabble] [Sitchin] [al-hamami] [aliens] [ancient] [Iraq] [minister] [spaceships] [Sumerian]


Registration for MEMRA ancient language courses is now open. Please bookmark the registration page. There is plenty of time to register, as registration ends on Christmas day. MEMRA ancient languages modules are 52 weeks (one year) in duration, beginning ... [Announcement] [MEMRA] [ancient] [aramaic] [Biblical] [Courses] [education] [Greek] [Hebrew] [languages] [online] [Ugaritic]


The prophet Ezekiel has telegraphed the doom of Jerusalem in a series of visual re-enactment signs, visions, and prophetic oracles. Chapters 12-13 continue with more sign acts, but shifts to God’s assessment of objections by the exiles as to the certain... [Biblical Study & Translation] [Ezekiel] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Naked Bible episodes] [NakedBible] [podcast] [podcasts] [doom] [Ezekiel 12] [Ezekiel 13] [False Prophets] [Jerusalem] [oracles] [sign acts]
Our non-profit ministry, Miqlat, is now listed on AmazonSmile — Amazon’s service to help customers send part of their purchase costs on Amazon to the non-profit of their choice. Here are the details: Unique Link Miqlat has a unique AmazonSmile... [Announcement] [MIQLAT] [amazonsmile] [charity] [donate] [Ministry] [MIQLAT]


Podcast listeners and newsletter subscribers recently heard about how Miqlat, our non-profit ministry, has begun a project to translate my book, Supernatural, into various translations. Our emphasis is on languages spoken in places where the believing Ch... [Announcement] [MIQLAT] [Unseen Realm] [Heiser] [Ministry] [MIQLAT] [Supernatural] [translation]
Many readers will know who “Fern and Audrey” are because of the Go Fund Me campaign to help finance the survivors of ritual abuse to whom they minister. Anyone who listened to the recent update of their ministry on the Naked Bible Podcast will... [Announcement] [MIQLAT] [deliverance] [MIQLAT] [ritual abuse] [Survivor]

October 4, 11PM

Part 1 of this series can be found here.   To introduce the topic and get things moving, there are two points to remember. First, the responsibilities of the divine council include (1) administrating Yahweh’s will to the nations, (2) administering ... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [divine council] [liturgy] [Worship]
Editor’s Note: This is the first post in a series by my friend Stephen Huebscher. Stephen is a doctoral student in Hebrew Bible and is very acquainted with my work and the divine council in general. I hope you enjoy his contributions to the blog! &#... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [divine council] [liturgy] [Worship]


We now have a schedule and a venue. I will be speaking from 8:30 am-11:30 am in North San Diego County, Saturday, October 15. The location is: Horizon Prep School 6233 El Apajo Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 I’ll be speaking for about 1.5 hrs about the ... [Announcement] [1 Enoch] [Heiser] [Hermon] [watchers]


I blogged a short time ago about Stuart Robbins’ podcast series on modern flat earth belief. Stuart is a PhD in geology whose dissertation was on the geology of Mars. His podcast is, as its title suggests, about debunking nonsensical beliefs tied to... [conspiracy theory] [Fringe Bible Interpretation] [Paleobabble] [astronomy] [Bible] [conspiracy] [flat earth] [pseudoscience] [science] [unscientific]


Here’s the story. Here’s how the piece begins: An ancient city gate and shrine that King Hezekiah ordered to be destroyed during the eighth century B.C., according to the Hebrew Bible, are seeing the light of day following an excavation in Isr... [Ancient Sites & Archaeology] [Bible and Archaeology] [biblical history] [NakedBible] [Archaeology] [Biblical] [Excavation] [gate] [Hezekiah] [shrine]

October 2, 6AM

October 1, 6AM

Fern and Audrey return with an update on their work with ritual abuse survivors, and introduce a colleague (“Beth”) who does the same work. Beth tells listeners her own story of growing up in “traditional” deliverance ministry, and how her approac... [Naked Bible episodes] [NakedBible] [podcast] [podcasts] [deliverance] [did] [Ministry] [SRA]

September 29, 7PM

Yes, you read that correctly – 9 parts. I’ve been out of commission for about a week with grading, travel time, and now in an intensive teaching week with “Fern and Audrey” and a dozen other folks. So … I fell behind keeping ... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [Doctrine of God] [Reviews, books] [Satan and demons] [Unseen Realm] [Heiser] [Patheos] [Review] [Unseen Realm] [Witherington]

September 26, 12 PM

You bet it will. People will erroneously conclude that water on Europa means there was or is life on Europa. Maybe … maybe not. They’ll say it invalidates a biblical creator (uh … why?) and all sorts of other points of theology. It would... [extraterrestrial life] [Panspermia] [science and religion] [UFO Religions] [alien] [Christianity] [Europa] [extraterrestrial] [Life] [logic] [reason] [religion] [water]

September 24, 10PM

Ezekiel 10-11 are the concluding chapters to a prophetic vision that began in chapter 8. In this episode we discover how these chapters provide more Godhead talk from the Old Testament and the departure of the glory of God from the temple. The episode is ... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [Doctrine of God] [Ezekiel] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Naked Bible episodes] [NakedBible] [podcasts] [cherubim] [departs] [glory] [merkabah] [temple]
This episode of Peeranormal takes a look at some of the sparse academic peer-reviewed research on crop circles to discuss if they are man-made, created by an unknown natural force, or something paranormal. The episode is now live. [Fringe History & Archaeology] [Paranormal Phenomena] [Peeranormal episodes] [podcast] [podcasts] [bent] [crop circles] [haselhoff] [levengood] [nodes] [research] [Review] [stalks]

September 23, 2PM

September 22, 10AM

[Editorial, MSH: Listeners to the Naked Bible podcast series on Leviticus will recall that nearly all the sacrificial language of Leviticus had to do with disinfecting or protecting sacred space from impurity – the blood was not applied to the one bring... [biblical history] [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [Leviticus] [NakedBible] [Soteriology] [Atonement] [blood] [faith] [gods] [ritual] [sacrifice] [salvation] [Yahweh]

September 21, 10AM

Just a brief note to let everyone know that I will be speaking in North San Diego County on Saturday, October 15. I’ll be speaking a couple of hours with Q & A. The exact time and location has yet to be determined. To confirm your interest / RSV... [Announcement] [NakedBible] [Paleobabble] [Unseen Realm]

September 20, 2PM

I’m grateful that Dr. Ben Witherington has taken the time to not only read my book, The Unseen Realm, but also to blog about it. Here is the first installment of his review, which took the form of an interview/exchange with me. Ben is a well-known... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [Doctrine of God] [NakedBible] [Reviews, books] [Unseen Realm] [Biblical Studies] [Heiser] [Review] [theology] [Unseen Realm] [Witherington]

September 17, 7PM


Well, the demon fairy is a hoax. Just like I said I expected it would turn out to be. On August 9, 2016 I wrote: The point of wanting the “fairy” specimen tested under transparent peer review is to make sure it isn’t an example of this (anything ... [Fringe Bible Interpretation] [Fringe History & Archaeology] [Paleobabble] [demon] [fairy] [hoax] [marzulli] [research]

September 16, 4PM

Stuart Robbins just posted an 18-minute “bonus” segment of the PseudoAstronomy podcast about this. Not surprisingly, Planet X nonsense is still nonsense. [conspiracy theory] [UFO Religions] [12th planet] [astronomy] [marshall masters] [nibiru] [planet x]


Just a note — I’ll be on the radio with Dr. Michael Brown on his show, The Line of Fire, Sept 26, 2-4 EST.   [Announcement] [Bible] [Brown] [Heiser] [line of fire] [Michael] [Radio] [Unseen Realm]


You read that correctly. I’m going to try live streaming on YouTube. It’s an experiment. For those that don’t know about live streaming, it’s just what it sounds like — chatting with people and taking Qs LIVE via my webcam on... [Announcement] [Heiser] [live stream] [YouTube]

September 15, 12 PM

Logos is publishing a compilation of George W. Buchanan’s works. Why do I mention this item out of the 3-4,000 items Logos publishes each year? Because I helped put this on the radar. Buchanan is one of the few serious NT scholars who is open to an alte... [biblical history] [Research Tools & Resources] [Books] [Buchanan] [history] [israel] [Jewish] [Josephus] [New Testament] [temple]

September 14, 4PM

This is the first post on Naked Bible by my friend Dr. Ronn Johnson. Ronn has extensive teaching experience in biblical studies (PhD, Dallas Seminary) and many years of pastoral experience. To get acquainted with him, listen to this episode of the Naked B... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [Doctrine of God] [NakedBible] [Satan and demons] [Soteriology] [angels] [believing] [Christology] [elohim] [God] [gods] [idolatry] [loyalty] [Monotheism] [righteousness] [salvation] [Trinity]

September 11, 3PM

Many readers will know that I believe the actual birthdate of Jesus was Sept 11, 3 BC. This isn’t based on any original research of my own (here’s a short YouTube video of me discussing the date). Rather, it is based on the work of E. L. Marti... [Astral prophecy] [biblical history] [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [Eschatology / End Times] [jesus] [NakedBible] [New Testament] [astral] [Birth] [celestial] [Herod] [Prophecy] [Rev 12:1-7] [Revelation] [Sept 11] [signs]

September 10, 11PM


Dean Radin just recommended (on Twitter) this new (in progress) reference tool: The PSI Encyclopedia. The “Learn More / About” page reads, in part: ‘Psi’ is the modern collective term for the psychic functions of telepathy, clairvoyance, ... [Paranormal Phenomena] [Peeranormal episodes] [podcast] [podcasts] [Research Tools & Resources] [Encyclopedia] [paranormal] [parapsychology] [podcast] [psi]


Short answer: Who cares? Really.  This is poster material for “much ado about nothing.” I got a recent email about this issue. The controversy is whether the Greek word translated “cross” (stauros) refers to a pole or the object t... [jesus] [New Testament] [Paleobabble] [Cross] [Crucifixion] [pole] [shape] [stauros] [Tradition]

September 9, 11PM

Jason Colavito has written a fascinating post entitled, “Documents Detail the FBI’s Theory That Science Fiction Editor Ray Palmer Helped Create the Flying Saucer Myth.” It’s well worth your time. No one would deny that, in the mid-... [UFO Religions] [UFO Sightings, Cases] [UFOs] [Air Force] [fbi] [kenneth arnold] [ray palmer] [Roswell] [science fiction] [shaver]


Back in February I caused a minor brouhaha (have to love that word) when I blogged, “Christians Who Believe the Earth is Really Flat — Does It Get Any Dumber Than This?” I’m a Christian and biblical scholar who has a grasp of the fact ... [Fringe History & Archaeology] [Paleobabble] [astronomy] [Bible] [conspiracy] [curvature] [earth] [fallacy] [flat] [logic] [science]


Those of you interested in demonology will want to be aware of this emerging resource: the ancient Egyptian “demonbase.” The landing page description reads in part: For the first time, we bring you a sample of supernatural beings—some fully ... [Ancient Egypt] [Paleobabble] [Research Tools & Resources] [ancient] [database] [Demons] [Egypt] [religion]

September 6, 12 PM

Hi everyone.  I just wanted to leave a note for Google’s searchbots about my appearances on Paul E. Stevenson’s Revolutions Radio show. I won’t be appearing on it again. An unfortunate but necessary decision. This past week I was alerte... [Announcement] [conspiracy theory] [Fringe History & Archaeology] [911] [anti-semitic] [conspiracy] [Heiser] [Jews] [stevenson] [zionist]

September 4, 2PM

September 1, 10AM

Jack Brewer recently posted a short, cogent essay defending the reality of UFO “mirage men” — government disinformation agents whose work propelled (propels?) UFO interest and inquiry in decades gone by. His post most immediately defend... [conspiracy theory] [Roswell] [UFO Religions] [UFO Sightings, Cases] [UFOs] [disinformation] [documents] [government] [mirage men]

August 28, 4PM

August 25, 3PM

Listeners to the Naked Bible Podcast will recall that I had Rick Brannan on as a guest. Rick has produced a short (82 pp), 12-week introduction to the Apostles’ Creed that is available on Amazon and Kindle. While I’m not a fan of creeds, the A... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [Reviews, books] [apostles creed] [Christianity] [guide] [primer] [Study] [theology]

August 22, 11AM

August 17, 3PM

I just wanted to extend a thanks to John Piper for his recent essay on his Desiring God blog. Dr. Piper’s short essay on Psalm 82 was entitled, “Putting the Gods in Their Place.” I hope you’ll all give it a read. (Thanks to those w... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [Doctrine of God] [Unseen Realm] [divine council] [elohim] [gods] [Heiser] [Piper] [powers] [principalities] [Psalm 82]


Last week I did a two-hour interview with the Light for Souls Ministry on The Unseen Realm. The ministry is out of Alberta (Edmonton). Both of the hosts had read the book, which allowed us to spend some time talking about the impact of the content, as opp... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [Satan and demons] [Unseen Realm] [Demons] [divine council] [Heiser] [Interview] [Possession] [Satan] [Unseen Realm]

August 15, 10PM

A couple of weeks ago I posted three of my conference papers that have been converted to Kindle format. Here are four additional papers for Kindle: Michael S. Heiser, “Thinking Clearly about the Jesus Family Tomb: A Conference Paper” Michael S... [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [Doctrine of God] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [jesus] [New Testament] [Pentateuch] [Criticism] [Deities] [El] [Israelite Religion] [JEDP] [John 9] [reincarnation] [talpiot] [tomb] [Torah] [Yahweh]


I’m happy to announce and recommend this article by Ed Glenny: “The Septuagint and Biblical Theology.” I’m even happier that it’s freely accessible to all of you. Ed was my first Bible teacher way back in the day at Bible college... [Ancient Texts & Manuscripts] [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [NakedBible] [Septuagint] [Biblical] [canon] [Glenny] [Hebrew Bible] [Interpretation] [Septuagint] [theology]

August 14, 4PM

I’m writing this as vaguely as possible due to privacy interests. The following testimonial comes from someone in the ministry I met during one of my Unseen Realm events. This pastor and his wife needed Fern and Audrey’s help as they are work... [MIQLAT] [Abuse] [did] [dissociative disorder] [mind control] [ritual] [satanic] [SRA] [tbmc] [trauma based]
Someone sent me this editorial today from the NYT: “Is God Transgender?” The article is by a rabbi who (intentionally? ignorantly?) thinks that metaphor and the “inconsistencies” of grammatical gender in the Hebrew Bible mean that God is ... [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [NakedBible] [biological] [Editorial] [Gender] [grammar] [transgender]

August 13, 7PM


August 10, 10AM

August 9, 10AM

I’ve begun to move some of my academic papers to Kindle format. To this point, I’ve been selling them as PDF files. I’m going to phase those out and move what I can (by publishing permission) to Kindle. If you go to this link on the Kind... [Announcement] [Biblical Theology & Doctrine] [divine council] [Hebrew Bible (OT)] [NakedBible] [Panspermia] [Research Tools & Resources] [Divination] [divine council] [extraterrestrial life] [Heiser] [Monotheism] [polytheism] [SETI]

March 21 2014, 4PM

This will be the last post on this blog site. Please visit my new homepage and bookmark the blog’s new home. I plan to take down this site sometime after July 4. [Uncategorized]

March 20, 1PM

Those of you who have gone to my homepage in the last day or two have already noticed the changes, but I need to make an official announcement. For the past year a professional designer has taken my site on as a gratis project (Joseph Fioramonti of POSTM... [Announcement]

March 15, 10PM

Noted Greek grammarian and textual criticism scholar (and all-around nice guy) Dan Wallace recently posted a three-part treatment of the Great Commission. This is what pastors should be doing on any given Sunday. No, pastors don’t need to be Greek s... [Greek NT] [New Testament] [commission] [great] [Greek] [wallace]


I just came across this new journal. It’s rationale is as follows: The Journal of Inductive Biblical Studies intends to promote the hermeneutical approach to the study of the Scriptures generally known as Inductive Biblical Studies. By Inductive Bib... [Announcement] [Bible study] [online resources] [access] [Bible] [free] [journal] [open] [Study]

March 12, 5PM

In view of the recent post on the antediluvian genealogies, I thought some readers might be interested in mathematical attempts to decipher them. Here is a summary of the numbers in the genealogies in Genesis 5, excerpted from the Word Biblical Commentary... [Genesis] [Genealogies] [mathematical]

February 24, 8PM

Over at the Patheos blog, Pete Enns has been posting about this short video series by Dennis Lamoureux. You’ll recall that Dr. Lamoureux was one of the contributors to the 4 Views on the historical Adam book. His position was “no historical Ad... [Adam] [Genesis] [Hebrew Bible] [Patriarchs] [Pentateuch] [Bible] [Genealogies] [jesus] [kings] [old testament] [Patriarchs] [Sumerian] [video]

February 12, 12 PM

It’s Wednesday and, wouldn’t you know it, someone sent me a link to the following article: “Will Camel Discovery Break the Bible’s Back?” In case you’re not up on the problem of camels for the Bible (shame on you), here... [Archaeology] [Bible and Archaeology] [Genesis] [Patriarchs] [Abraham] [Abram] [Bible] [Camels] [DNA] [Isaac] [Jacob] [old testament] [osteology] [Patriarchs]

January 25, 2PM

I came across this post today on Bill Mounce’s blog. I sent it to my MEMRA Greek students. Bill is the author of a leading Greek Grammar and a friend. It’s a post illustrating interpretive options for the simple conjunction kai. Hope you all r... [bible translations] [Eschatology (End Times)] [Greek NT] [Rapture Idea] [ascensive] [church] [Galatians 6:16] [israel] [kai] [rapture]

January 24, 5PM

This new effort looks very worthwhile. It’s goal is simple: “The goal of Biblical Studies Online is to provide both biblical scholars and the interested wider public with ease of access to quality biblical scholarship, as it comes available on... [Announcement] [online resources] [Research Tools] [Biblical] [online] [Resources] [scholarship] [Studies]

January 18, 10PM

As promised, I want to post a few thoughts on Nijay Gupta’s posted reviews of the four views book on the Historical Adam. These comments presume you have read the reviews (here and here). On Lamoureaux’s view (“Evolutionary creation and ... [Adam] [Biblical Anthropology] [biblical history] [Genesis] [book] [Creation] [creationism] [evolution] [four] [genetics] [historical] [historicity] [Review] [views]

January 17, 9PM

Here is the fourth review posted by Nijay Gupta. It’s on Bill Barrick’s position (historical Adam and young-earth creationism). I’ll likely post something tomorrow about my impressions on the views and reviews. Technorati Tags: Adam, ... [Adam] [biblical history] [Book Reviews] [Genesis] [Barrick] [creationism] [Review]

January 11, 5PM

I’ve blogged before about the new Zondervan book, Four Views on the Historical Adam (ed. Matthew Barrett and Ardel Caneday). New Testament scholar Nijay Gupta has posted reviews of the first three of these views. They’re fair and thoughtful. T... [Adam] [Book Reviews] [depravity] [Genesis] [Barrick] [Collins] [historical] [historicity] [Lamoreaux] [Review] [walton]

January 7, 8PM

This is a bit off the normal beaten path of Naked Bible, but this essay (courtesy of Alexandre Afonso’s blog and a James McGrath tweet) is too good to pass by — and all too true: “How Academia Resembles a Drug Gang.” The article is... [Announcement] [Academia] [Culture] [Job] [prospects]


You have to love this. Well known NT scholar Richard Bauckham’s essay on the (Winnie the) Pooh community — a satirical jab at what NT historians do to the gospels and Jesus study. A sample: Such insight into the tensions between various facti... [jesus] [New Testament] [Christians] [Early] [gospels] [historical] [pooh] [winnie]

January 5, 6PM

I recently received a question from a reader asking me to comment about the NT phrase “born again” with respect to its relationship to “saved” language in the NT. What follows are a few thoughts. Here was the question: “My qu... [Biblical Theology] [divine council] [Greek NT] [Hebrew Bible] [Soteriology] [born again] [born from above] [jesus] [New Testament] [old testament] [salvation] [saved]

January 1, 2PM

Time for the annual review of how this blog did for the year. Of my three blogs, this one is in the middle for traffic (a bit behind PaleoBabble). This year 190,378 people visited this blog. All time (a little over five years’ running) there have be... [Announcement] [ancient] [Bible] [council] [Divine] [east] [languages] [MEMRA] [near] [Two Powers]

December 24 2013, 9PM

I’m not that familiar (or interested) in the Hebrew roots movement, but in the past month or so I’ve gotten several emails about it and its ideas. I’m presuming that not everyone associated with the movement thinks as poorly or oddly as ... [Doctrine of God] [jesus] [God] [Hebrew] [houck] [roots] [skiba] [Trinitarian]

December 16, 12 PM

Just a reminder. Enrollment for the module beginning January 6, 2014 ends on Christmas day. There’s a little over a week left. I’m not sure when the next module would be. Available courses are: Beginning Biblical Hebrew Beginning Biblical Gre... [Announcement]

December 15, 10PM

Well-known Greek grammarian and NT professor Dan Wallace recently posted his endorsement of A New Reader’s Lexicon of the Greek New Testament on his blog. For those who don’t have Bible software (like Logos) where you can make your own vocab l... [Announcement] [Book Reviews]

December 12, 12 AM

I just wanted to post a short heads up about changes I made tonight over at my divine council site. Many of you have poked around there and know that I had some excerpts from the draft of my book (in process), The Myth That Is True. All that has been take... [Announcement] [Biblical Theology] [divine council] [angels] [assembly] [council] [Deut 32] [Divine] [elohim] [gods] [Heiser] [Monotheism] [Psalm 82]

December 7, 3PM

It’s been two weeks since I attended the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society (held this year in Baltimore). The theme this year was inerrancy. I know it’s a tired subject for many, but it’s still quite current within ET... [Adam] [Announcement] [biblical history] [Bibliology] [Genesis] [evangelical] [historicity] [Inerrancy]


Thanks to all those who alerted me in the comments and by email that they were praying for my request. The meeting I alluded to in the earlier post went amazingly well. Really all I could have hoped for. I can’t share specifics, but I can tell you t... [Announcement]

December 3, 9AM

I’m nearly home from being away for two weeks at the annual meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society, Society of Biblical Literature, and the American Academy of Religion (and some family reunion time). I’ll be blogging about some of what I... [Announcement]

November 20, 9PM

Thanks to Nijay Gupta’s note on Twitter that directed me to this review by Craig Keener. I’ve not followed the controversy over John MacArthur’s “Strange Fire” conference (a pugnacious criticism of the charismatic movement), ... [Book Reviews] [fire] [keener] [MacArthur] [Review] [strange]

November 15, 5PM

What follows is the pre-edited version of an article I wrote for Bible Study Magazine a couple years ago.1 As the publication title suggests, the magazine is aimed at the lay person. I usually contribute two pieces to each issue (roughly sixty articles s... [bible translations] [Biblical Theology] [Hebrew Bible] [angel] [census] [Chronicles] [David] [Samuel] [Satan] [Yahweh]

November 11, 2PM

It’s that time of year again! SAGE is offering open access to a list of solid journals until Nov 30. All you need to do is register. Important journals of relevance to biblical studies that are available include: JSOT (Journal for the Study of the ... [Announcement] [Bible study] [Biblical Theology] [divine council] [Hebrew Bible] [online resources] [Research Tools] [access] [elohim] [Heiser] [Journals] [online] [SAGE]

November 8, 1PM

I did an interview a few days ago with The Resurrection & The Revolution podcast show. They interviewed me about the divine council. I think it’s a good introduction to the major ideas. You can listen to it here. Technorati Tags: council, div... [Announcement] [Biblical Theology] [divine council] [council] [Divine] [Heiser] [Psalm 82] [sons of God]

November 7, 4PM

There are only three weeks left to register for MEMRA language courses at a discount. Thanksgiving will be the last day to save money on registration. Enrollment will remain open until Christmas, however. If you’re thinking about registering to lear... [Announcement] [Greek NT] [Hebrew Bible] [online resources] [Greek] [Hebrew] [Language] [online] [Study] [Ugaritic]


I recently offered a distilled response to the question of what’s going on in Leviticus 16, the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) chapter, which mentions (correctly) in some translations that one of the goats was “for Azazel.” Azazel, the co... [bible translations] [Biblical Theology] [divine council] [Hebrew Bible] [Leviticus] [Pentateuch] [ark] [Atonement] [Azazel] [blood] [goat] [high priest] [ritual] [Yom Kippur]

October 23, 11AM

I blogged recently about Joseph Atwill’s research, which asserts that Jesus was a Roman invention. Now that his PR launch (disguised as a conference) is history, I decided to post an update of some reviews of Atwill’s work. Joel Watts asked, ... [biblical history] [Book Reviews] [jesus] [New Testament] [Atwill] [Caesar] [Josephus] [Review] [Roman]

October 18, 2PM

First it was the Josephus Code. Now I’m getting emails about Bill O’Reilly’s new book, Killing Jesus. Let’s take a deep breath. O’Reilly’s book is just another book on Jesus written by someone who doesn’t know muc... [Book Reviews] [jesus] [book] [gospels] [killing] [O'Reilly] [Review]

October 15, 9PM

The ASOR (American Schools of Oriental Research) blog by archaeologist Steven Collins entitled, “Has Archaeology Gone Overboard in Throwing Out the Bible?” It’s an interesting take on the tense and terse relationship between biblical max... [Archaeology] [Bible and Archaeology] [Bible] [maximalism] [Minimalism]

October 14, 11PM

A couple books by well known Judaic scholar Lawrence Schiffman are now available for open access: download or read online: The Jews in Late Antiquity download or read online: Challenge and Transformation: Second Temple and Rabbinic Judaism [online resources]

October 12, 1PM

One of the questions I get with some frequency concerns the phrase “(bright) morning star.” The gist of the question usually concerns some presumed relationship between Jesus and Lucifer (the question, as we will see, is something of a misnome... [Biblical Theology] [divine council] [Greek NT] [Hebrew Bible] [jesus] [Eden] [helel] [kingdom] [Lucifer] [morning star] [Satan]

October 11, 12 PM

I’ve gotten a half dozen emails about the new (it’s not really new) Joseph Atwill book and “Covert Christianity” PR launch (er . . . conference). The big media event is really about Atwill’s rehashing of his material in a 200... [biblical history] [Book Reviews] [jesus] [New Testament] [Atwill] [conspiracy] [Emperor] [flavius] [Josephus] [Roman] [Rome]

October 7, 9PM

Nothing to do with David Letterman here. The Biblioblog Top 50 List came out recently. This blog is in the top ten. I can’t say it’s deserved, since I’ve been so distracted lately. The good news is that I finished my novel sequel draft t... [Announcement] [biblioblog] [Heiser] [naked bible] [Ranking]

October 4, 12 PM

A book of this nature is a bit tangential to what I normally do on this blog, but this book has gotten a lot of recent attention. In fact, it’s own history is a good object lesson. When Moss’s book was published months ago, the popular media p... [Book Reviews] [New Testament] [Candida] [Christianity] [martyr] [martyrdom] [Moss] [myth] [persecution] [Review]

September 13, 4PM

In this last post on the issue of the Bible, poverty, and social justice, I want to remind readers of several of the basic conclusions we reached in this series. The following conclusions were readily discernible in the biblical text after looking at the... [Biblical Theology] [ethics] [New Testament] [social justice] [1 Thessalonians] [2 Thessalonians] [disorderly] [eat] [idleness] [Justice] [Poverty] [Social] [welfare] [Work]


I just wanted to alert readers that Logos is still hiring. Seems like it’s never stopped. When I started there in 2004 there were 85 employees. Now we are over 300. There are thirty or so openings company-wide, but I thought I’d post on a coup... [Announcement] [bible software] [content] [digital] [hiring] [innovation] [jobs] [logos] [maps] [media]

September 3, 4PM

It may seem amiss for this blog to recommend the reading and study of books external to the Bible – anything “non-canonical” or “uninspired.” Actually, it isn’t. This blog is called the Naked Bible because I want to pre... [Bible study] [Literary Study] [Research Tools] [apocrypha] [Josephus] [non-canonical] [Philo] [pseudepigrapha]

August 28, 4PM

Mail was good to me today.  just got my copy of the new biblical Hebrew grammar by my former grad school classmates, Rob Holmstedt and John Cook: Beginning Biblical Hebrew: A Grammar and Illustrated Reader. Rob and John started this pedagogical journey w... [Book Reviews] [Hebrew Bible] [Research Tools] [cook] [grammar] [Hebrew] [holmstedt]

12 AM

That’s the question proposed for consideration in a post by a friend of mine, Gabe Martini (“Is the Septuagint a Divinely Inspired Translation?“). Nothing like a provocative headline! I thought you Septuagint fans out there would like ... [bible translations] [Bibliology] [Greek NT] [Hebrew Bible] [Septuagint] [Inspiration] [LXX] [Masoretic Text] [MT] [translation]

August 26, 10AM

Stupid question? To anyone thinking clearly it is. There are, naturally, exceptions. It’s just unfortunate that you can find them in Christian ministries. Readers may recall that I have posted several items about the grammar and syntax of Genesis 1:... [bible translations] [Biblical Theology] [Genesis] [Genesis 1:1-3] [Hebrew Bible] [Creation] [grammar] [Hebrew] [Heiser] [holmstedt] [Stanhope] [syntax]

August 15, 8PM

My colleague at Logos, Dr. Steve Runge, told me today that his article critiquing certain points of Stanley Porter’s work in Greek grammar (having to do with tense forms) has been accepted for publication by a scholarly journal that will appear in 2... [Greek NT] [New Testament] [contrastive] [grammar] [Greek] [historical] [Porter] [present] [Runge] [substitution] [wallace]

August 11, 9PM

Mark Goodacre passed along this note about a new website dedicated to Father Brown. Check it out. I also recommend going to that part of the site that includes several PDFs of Brown’s work. He was a major force in NT scholarship and Jesus studies. ... [Announcement] [Greek NT] [jesus] [New Testament] [Research Tools] [Virgin Birth] [Brown] [Raymond]
In light of the discussion on this blog some time ago about recent research in human genetics and the historical Adam, I thought readers might find two recent items on “genetic Adam and Eve” of interest. “Genetic” Adam and Eve Coul... [Adam] [Genesis] [Eve] [genetics] [nature]

August 5, 10PM

I’d encourage readers to check out this worthwhile post from Todd Bolen of the Bible Places blog. It’s a measured, coherent response to a sensationalist claim reported by CBN. The archaeologist involved (Ami Mazar) and epigrapher Stephen Pfann... [Archaeology] [biblical history] [Hebrew Bible] [Elisha] [house] [Inscription] [Mazar] [pfann] [rehov]


We’re close to the end of our series on social justice. Thanks to all those who’ve stayed with it, as it’s taken quite a while. In this post I want to share some thoughts about the parable of the talents (minas). The next and last post w... [Greek NT] [New Testament] [social justice] [Economics] [interest] [Justice] [parable] [Poverty] [Social] [talents]

August 2, 10AM

By now many of you will have heard about the controversial new book by Reza Aslan on Jesus (Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth). The book has generated controversy since Aslan is a Muslim and inflated his credentials for writing the book on ... [Book Reviews] [jesus] [Aslan] [Review] [zealot]

July 31, 12 PM

I was alerted to this new program on the web today that I’m sure many readers — and MEMRA students — will want to get. I’ve experimented with it and it works like a charm. The utility generates a wide range of quizzes on all the Gr... [Announcement] [Bible study] [Greek NT] [Hebrew Bible] [Research Tools] [forms] [grammar] [grammatical] [Greek] [Hebrew] [paradigms] [quizzing] [software] [utility]

July 22, 10AM

Here’s one answer. The link leads to the Oxford University Press website and points to a new book on the LXX. But it also contains a good overview answer to the question that I’d recommend to readers. Here’s a related answer that I wrote... [Bible and Archaeology] [Bibliology] [Hebrew Bible] [Septuagint] [Christianity] [early church] [Greek] [Hebrew] [old testament]


Just a quick heads up. Several Naked Bible readers have tried to connect me with Dr. Michael Brown over the years. That connection has finally happened. I’ll be on Dr. Brown’s Line of Fire radio show tomorrow from 2:00-2:55 EST. I think the sh... [Announcement] [Dr. Michael Brown] [Heiser]

July 13, 9AM

That’s the title of this post by Mark Hoffman over at the Bible Studies and Technology blog. I thought I’d post a link to it for those who don’t really know what Logos Bible Software does (or can do) – or, perish the thought, who a... [Bible study] [Greek NT] [Hebrew Bible] [Septuagint] [Greek] [Hebrew] [logos] [New Testament] [old testament]

July 11, 2PM

Registration (pre-pub pricing) for Logos Mobile Education’s first bundle of courses opened today. The first bundle contains 9 courses (“Bible and Doctrine Foundations”). You can read about it here and watch the video. (Truth be told, I&#... [Announcement] [Bible] [doctrine] [logos] [mobile ed]

July 9, 7PM

In this installment of our series, we want to consider a passage in Acts 2 that is often brought into the discussion of a biblical view of social justice: Acts 2:42-47. 42 And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the ... [Biblical Theology] [New Testament] [social justice] [Acts] [Bible] [common] [Communism] [jesus] [political] [Poverty] [social justice] [socialism] [wealth]

July 8, 10PM

Course registration for MEMRA 2014 is now live. I’ll be offering four online courses, all of them 52 weeks in duration: Beginning Biblical Hebrew Beginning Biblical Greek Beginning Ugaritic Beginning Aramaic The last one in the list is new this year... [Announcement]
It’s that time of year again – the Naked Bible Fantasy Football league has openings. This is the fourth year running. This year’s *LIVE DRAFT* takes place on Saturday, August 24, at 9:30 am *Pacific* time. If you are interested in joinin... [Announcement]

June 28, 9AM

My employer, Logos Bible Software, announced a new brand today – Noet, the beginning of our effort to do for classical Greek and Latin literature what we did for biblical studies. You can read our CEO’s blog post about the launch to get intro... [Research Tools] [classical] [classics] [Greek] [Judaica] [Latin] [Noet] [philosophy] [Shakespeare]

June 24, 9PM

In the preceding eight posts on this topic, we’ve focused on defining key terms so as to reveal how the Bible defines poverty and justice with respect to the poor. A lot of the discussion has been “negative” in the sense of focusing on w... [Hebrew Bible] [New Testament] [social justice] [Bible] [Economics] [old testament] [poor] [Poverty] [rich] [wealth]

May 25, 9PM

This past week Logos Bible Software announced the creation of a new division at the company: Logos Mobile Education. I’m involved in that division. Logos Mobile Education is producing seminary-level courses that are delivered completely within Logos... [Bible study] [Research Tools] [Courses] [distance] [education] [logos] [mobile] [video]


As readers know, every once in a while some items that we’re working on at Logos Bible Software are in need of a a little push to get them into production. There are hundreds of such items on the Logos website, but these are near and dear to someone... [Archaeology] [Hebrew Bible] [Research Tools] [book] [giants] [grammar] [Hebrew] [old testament] [Qumran] [samaritan] [Ugaritic] [Verb] [verbal]


In the last installment of this series we got into the NT vocabulary for the poor. My focus was the first of two essays I linked to earlier: “Poverty and Poor: New Testament” from Anchor Bible Dictionary “Rich and Poor” from the Di... [Biblical Theology] [New Testament] [social justice] [jesus] [poor] [Poverty] [social justice] [state] [wealth]

May 13, 7PM

Earlier today I saw something come up in my Twitter account that I appreciated. It was a tweet from New Testament professor Will Varner. The link Will provided led me to this online post at the Gospel Coalition site: “Does Abba Mean ‘DaddyR... [bible translations] [divine council] [Greek NT] [New Testament] [abba] [aramaic] [daddy] [translation]

May 2, 4PM

According to my blog’s records, this week marks five years since I started the Naked Bible. Hard to believe, I know. As many of you know, I have three blogs. As far as a five-year track record for this blog, here are some stats: Number of Posts: 583... [Uncategorized]

April 20, 4PM

Those of you who listened to the podcast have already figured this out. I haven’t been able to really do anything with it for quite a while. The reason is that basically all my free time is being absorbed by the sequel to my novel. That’s good... [Uncategorized]
Ever wonder how folks like Aquinas, Luther, and Calvin thought about Genesis 6:1-4? This essay I came across today provides a decent overview. I’m thinking some readers will find it interesting. Technorati Tags: Aquinas, Calvin, Christianity, Gen... [Genesis] [Hebrew Bible] [Pentateuch] [Aquinas] [Calvin] [Christianity] [Genesis 6] [Luther] [Nephilim] [sons of God]

April 11, 9PM

Check out this link from the Biblical Studies and Technology blog. It’s cool, but also a bit creepy. I still care about not living in a Google bubble. Technorati Tags: earth, Google, Jerusalem, street, tour, view, virtual [Research Tools] [earth] [Google] [Jerusalem] [street] [tour] [view] [virtual]

March 30, 2PM

Time to get back to this series! Review of Earlier Part 6 It’s been a while since I posted Part 6 of this study/discussion. Hopefully by now many of you have read the two items I linked to in Part 6: “Poverty and Poor: New Testament” fro... [ethics] [New Testament] [social justice] [Soteriology] [Bible] [gospel] [old testament] [poor] [Poverty] [social justice]

March 18, 10AM

When I was in college and grad school friends and I would often joke about whether books or food were a higher priority. Sure, it was funny, but every once in a while there was something that actually turned the conversation serious. Some of us literally ... [Greek NT] [jesus] [new perspective on Paul] [New Testament] [Research Tools] [billerbeck] [commentary] [Judaism] [midrash] [strack] [Talmud]

March 16, 12 PM

The Logos Bible Software blog announced a pre-pub today for a four-volume book series (with ample visuals and info-graphics) that I’m excited about. Its aim is to educate (in plain language) non-specialists in the methods of biblical criticism schol... [Bible study] [Genre study] [Greek NT] [Hebrew Bible] [Literary Study] [Biblical] [book] [Criticism] [form] [literary] [redaction] [rhetorical] [source] [structuralist] [textual] [Tools] [Tradition] [volume]

March 13, 4PM

The Evangelical Textual Criticism blog recently drew attention to some useful resources and strategies for detecting and researching citations of the Greek NT in the Greek church fathers. Have a look! Technorati Tags: church fathers, citations, greek, ... [Greek NT] [Research Tools] [church fathers] [citations] [Greek] [New Testament] [patristic] [quotations]

March 10, 6PM

I’ve added an archive page devoted to the nephilim discussion to try and arrange those items. It includes comment material. [Uncategorized]

December 31 1969, 5PM

Remember the demon fairy fiasco? If not, read that link first. Although “peer review” in this case (below) isn’t about submission to an academic journal, the principle is the same. Anomalous objects, experiences, events, etc. should be s... [UFO Religions] [UFO Sightings, Cases] [UFOs] [airplane] [chile] [chilean] [UFO] [video]