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August 17 2017, 1AM

Part of the problem is that I’ve never been fortunate enough to learn Chinese. You see, scholars of religion are often insistent on reading scriptures in their original languages. It has been a long time since I’ve picked up the Daodejing, one of th... [Bible] [Books] [feminism] [Posts] [Sects] [Chinese religion] [Daodejing] [Daoism] [Edmund Ryden] [Lao Tzu] [paradox]

August 16, 9AM

Few are more deserving of such an honor. Finkelstein has done great things and made brilliant contributions to archaeology. Rethinking Israel Studies in the History and Archaeology of Ancient Israel in Honor of Israel Finkelstein Edited by Oded Lipschi... [Archaeology] [Books]


[E]ven after their most grievous offense was pardoned, they continued to be rebellious (cf. Deut 9:22–24). The continuous intercessory activity of Moses indicates, however, that his prayer, though powerful and effective, provides only a temporary soluti... [Books] [Idle Musings] [Intercession] [Prayer] [Standing in the Breach] [theology]