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March 27 2017, 6AM

Indeed, in light of the social and, increasingly, the political consequences of being a Christian in these early centuries, one might well wonder that the movement grew and why people became Christians. But, obviously, those who did so under those circums... [Books] [Church History] [Destroyer of the gods] [gospel] [Idle Musings] [theology]
Instead of serious discipleship we have virtual fan clubs revolving around the mega-church leader. Seldom is worship an encounter with the awesome God; it has become an occasion for cheap thrills and continuous festivity dubiously called ‘praise and wor... [Books] [theology]
In diesem Buch werden die Hauptthemen reformatorischer Theologie beleuchtet, die für die evangelische Kirche grundlegend sind, eine starke Wirkungsgeschichte entfaltet haben und bis heute das kirchliche Handeln wie das gesellschaftliche Leben prägen. Da... [book review] [Books] [Luther]