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February 21 2018, 11PM

What Paul did not believe is that the eschatological situation involved the continuation of the Mosaic covenant but rather he affirmed the inauguration of a new one which incorporated many of the ethical demands of the Mosaic covenant but also incorporate... [Uncategorized]
Can the Kuyperian tradition produce a Mother Teresa? (You might want to read the whole post before you answer that question.) The Neo-Calvinists are a version of modern Kuyperians, and the issue for our post today is how they see the Christian relating to... [Uncategorized]


I take it as given that the Founding Fathers thought it was fine for private citizens to have rifles for hunting and pistols as well (including in some cases for dueling). But there is some nuancing to what they thought about this matter that few if any g... [Uncategorized]


Ryan Burge: Though academics have long wondered whether the US will follow the secularizing trend found in most of Europe, the greatest shifts among believers have occurred within Christianity, not away from it. The three-wave Cooperative Congressional El... [Uncategorized]
I am very very sad to report that Billy Graham has passed away in his 100th year of life. Here is a a nice testimony from last Fall. And here is a report from today. [Uncategorized]