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December 13 2017, 7AM


I’m pleased to see that the PhD thesis of one of my recent students has now appeared, which offers an original contribution to our understanding of the christology reflected in the GJohn:  Joshua J. F. Coutts, The Divine Name in the Gospel of John... [Uncategorized] [Christology] [Gospel of John] [Jesus-devotion]


The Parable of the Lost Sheep, by David Ayers Associate Preacher at the Golf Course Road Church of Christ. The crisis began when one sheep went missing. There seemed to be no reasonable explanation for the disappearance, which made it all the more distur... [Uncategorized]


With apologies to readers fed up with the “mythical Jesus” discussions, I simply note a newly published article comprising a careful, fair, and incisive critique of Richard Carrier’s book:  Daniel N. Gullotta, “On Richard Carrier&... [Uncategorized] [historical Jesus]

December 12, 11PM

Some people have the theory, ‘if some is good, more is better’ and this notion has affected, or perhaps infected, the comic book movie universe— the X Men, the Avengers, and from the DC universe the Justice League. It has to be said that... [Uncategorized]
For those of us who grew up in an Augustinian narrative of who we are, our identity is bad, sinful, corrupt, evil and rebellious. James Bryan Smith, in his new book The Magnificent Story, does not deny original sin but instead contends there’s a n... [Uncategorized]