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March 28 2017, 3AM

I have been reading through, leading a discussion class, and occasionally posting on Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels by Richard Hays. I am sure that no one will agree with every connection and echo of the Old Testament Hays finds in the Gospels (he oft... [Uncategorized]


The Gospel of Matthew was the church’s favourite book. It was the most quoted, most copied, most read, and the most preached Christian book of the early centuries. The immense popularity of Matthew can easily be accounted for. First, Matthew was a great... [Uncategorized]

March 27, 10PM

When people demanded a sign from Jesus he refused point blank. He refused because they were asking for something incontrovertible, something by which God would compel persons to accept Jesus as his Son, his Chosen One, something that would fetter their re... [Uncategorized]


Bilde #9 frå vandringa på Jesus trail Dette bildet viser terrenget på Hattins horn, eit vulkansk fjell i Galilea. Det me ser her, er det som kan minna om eit krater. Staden er kjent for slaget som stod her 4. juli 1187 mellom Saladin og korsfararane. ... [blogging] [Galilea] [Jesus trail] [Uncategorized] [Hattins horn]
Students in Dr. Richard Newton’s Signifying Religion: An African American Worldview course were invited to employ tools and theories from religious studies to explore how meaning making works. Miriam Balasundram took a phenomenological approach to... [religion] [Signifying Religion: An African American Worldview] [Uncategorized] [#AARSBL] [#sblaar] [AAR] [aesthetics] [chance the rapper] [Five-percent nation] [Hip Hop] [NOGE] [phenomenology] [senses]


Jeff Guo: In rich countries, death rates are supposed to decline. But in the past decade and a half, middle-aged white Americans have actually been dying faster. Princeton economists Anne Case and Angus Deaton first pointed out this disturbing trend in... [Uncategorized]